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Hello lovely ssbbw ladies
Feb 14, 2006
Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This is Sven. And this is a the first part. Of my series. My thoughts on current issues. The other night I was on curvy shrines YouTube page. And he was explaining. That he is no longer going to. The term plus size BBW or SSBBW. He's going to use the term curvaceous. And I think he went woke. I think he went politically correct because he doesn't want to offend anybody. To make a long story short. He cancelled into cancel culture. He went woke. And now he probably will go broke. On his channel. About a year ago. I took his advice. But it backfired on me. Big time. And he didn't respond to me. But the women left comments like oh your so handsome. And they said. Oh if I saw you. And you asked me to a date. They wrote. What are you a psycho? Me go out with you. Don't make me laugh. So what I did was unsubscribe to his channel. And walked away. I want to thank you for your attention and support.

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