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My wife is finally willing to gain

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New Member
Jul 15, 2007
ok no novel but i have to be honest. i have been a member for a while and mainly read posts to find a reason to accept my preference. i have been with very large woman (500 plus)and it never worked out mainly because of guilt on my part but i joined the US NAVY 5 years ago and have 2 kids. i have been married for 5 years and the woman i am with is thick (plus sized in every area especially the booty) she accepts the fact i like ssbbws, but has explained she didnt want to be that big and didnt really like when i showed her pictures of Patty. I know what i like but i know she is the woman i want to be with. she is a wonderful mother to the kids i cant live without. the thing is, after years of compromise, i have reenlisted for 5 more years and for that she has decided to gain until i go on deployment for 10 months in july. i am excited but since she has started i find myself (over doing it) with her out of excitment. she is not a big eater but a snacker. she is not turned on by the gaining process but isnt bothered by the gaining either. so i dont know how to find the medium and when i ask for things like weighing or eating extra she gets put off. right now she is about 300 and her top weight since i have known her is 320 before she had our 2nd, she said she is willing to hit 400 but not much more, and i know that is very hard and dangerous in the time frame giving but she is willing to give it everything, the advice i am asking for is how to approach the situation. please community. i have been with 500 plus and they hated life, i have finally found a woman i love that will gain only because the military will pay for the surgery she has always wanted so in a year she will get the gastric and i WILL be fully supportive because i want her to be healthy to raise my kids and be with me which i know is frowned upon in this community so i am sorry. i have been a fan since carolyn, betsy(even on feederfantasy), patty and even thru kelly ash, and golden. but this will be the last chance i get and i dont want to loose it. please help me with things to say and things to approach her with, ideas to make her enjoy it more and not to turn her off. i will keep u updated and she is enjoying the freedom of eating what she wants, i just want advice on how to speak to her to keep her involved. please no disrespectful comments. i have been with ssbbw's and this is the 1. she is a good woman and i love her. i am serving my country to support my family and once she looses it i HOPE i can handle it and i want to, it will be hard but please give me some advice to make this the chance of a lifetime. she understands the fetish but the other night we got some donuts and she tried eating them in bed(3) before (grown folk) and she didnt get turned on so i realize it wont be like i have always imaged but she eats alot more now and loves snacking knowing i like it so i know the weight will come, i guess i should just sit back and watch but its hard when u want to encourage and say more. help please before i ruin things.

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