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Mar 8, 2011
SSBBW, WG Formula, Revenge, ~XWG - Competitive athlete is sabotaged by rivals

by Cardboardboxer​

Stepping down from the treadmill Julia Renner brushed her short auburn hair out of her eyes as she wiped the sweat from her brow. 6 and half miles in under an hour. Not bad, but not nearly fast enough to compete on the same level as the rest of the Olympians. The 2020 Olympics were 2 years away and she had already placed for the short distance sprint preliminaries, but her goal was to get the gold in the 26 mile marathon.

Exhausted and sweaty, she adjusted her track shorts on the laborious walk to the locker room when she was approached by a tall, thin black woman harboring inviting eyes and pretty, pulled back hair.

"Excuse me, I don't normally do this, but are you Miss Renner, New York State mile run record holder?" She had an excited look on her face and smiled with her eyes at the recognition.

"Uh, yeah! Hi! I usually just go by Julie, or Jules, but yes. I am she, haha!"

Julie met the woman's eyes with an equally surprised expression, as even in running circles she wasn't so widely known as to be approached on the street or even in a gym.

"How can I help you? Nobody's ever recognized me from my running career outside of my parents and my coaches. Nice to meet you...?" She stuck her hand out with a quizzical, semi apprehensive look on her face.

"Melody, pleased to meet you. Yeah I've run in some of the same races you did and they put your face up where mine was supposed to go, haha! Just thought I'd say hi and compliment your work, you're a great runner." She placed her hand on her hip and relaxed her shoulder, leaning toward her like she was sharing a secret.

"Word is, you are aiming for the 2020 marathon gold at the next Olympics..." After finally whispering the last part she shot her brown eyes side to side and motioned Julie to follow her the remaining distance to the locker rooms.

As they approached the locker room door Julie began to question her new fan, "Melody, yeah, what's-"

She stopped her. "Not yet, wait til we're in here, Julie and I'll explain
everything. And call me Mel."

The two young running fanatics entered the locker, Julie with a quizzical look on her face and Mel with a look of restraint on hers as if she were about to burst if she didn't share her secret.

Melody checked to make sure nobody was in the room before she locked the door. "Alright, coast is clear. I think it's safe to share, now."

Her bright smile widened.

"Umm... Share?" Julie raised an eyebrow and looked the roughly 5'9", mocha skinned, exuberant fan.

"Julie, how much exactly do you weigh and what's your height?"

"Listen, Mel. I'm flattered, really. But I'm not a lesbian, I have a boyfriend."

Melody's smile disappeared instantly as her head jerked back with a surprised look, then relaxed and burst out laughing. "Haha, no. No dear, hahaha! Listen it's nothing like that. I want to let you in on a little secret a few runners like you and I have been participating in lately. I want to make sure you're an ideal candidate, because I think you could really benefit.
Congratulations, though, he must be a great guy."

"Ideal candidate? What do you mean by that? Why did you have to lock the door? You aren't talking about steroids or nanoenhancements are you? That shit is for the birds and besides, if you get caught with either of that crap you never get to enter the Olympics ever again."

The auburn haired athletic looked offended and was ready to storm out of the room when Melody grabbed her wrist."No, no, no. Listen it's nothing like that, just give me five minutes to explain. I promise, this is legitimate and you'll never get kicked out of the olympiad."

Julie raised her eyebrow and took a body stance that screamed nothing but doubt. "Alright, 2 minutes. Only because I like you."

Melody then went on to explain she works in experimental neuroscience with 3 other prolific runners. She gave a quick and dirty on the process which leads to effortless muscle enhancement and all seemingly in the blink of an eye. It had worked, the two minute laymans explanation bought her 5 more minutes, then an hour and a meeting. The two agreed to meet at Melody's laboratory the next week so she could further elaborate on the complicated process.

Julie pulled in to the parking space in front of the 3 story concrete, indowless
building. The sign out front was embossed with a bright silver name with an arrow going though the lettering "Melner Neuroclinic."

When Melody gave her the name of the company she did a little research on the business. She had discovered that the company, run by Melody Perrish, had received a government grant for several programs in development designed to help medical science as well as practical military implications such as muscle enhancement and pain nullification. It was all very interesting brain candy to Julie, a practicing nurse.

The door slid open as she approached the building and was immediately greeted by Melody in a lab coat, glasses and that same uplifting, warm smile, which Julie returned.

"Hey Jules! Welcome to my lab! This is where the magic happens. I'm going to walk you through, show you the machines and tell you how they work. If you decide to join us in the program-free of charge-I'll need you to fill these forms out."

Melody held up a clipboard before she placed it on the lab desk and motioned with a nod of her head to follow her. Melody took another look at Julies runners frame; thin waist, long, toned legs, medium muscle content in arms and back as well as a perky B cup, resting just under her thin neck and rounded chin.

Julie was a very pretty woman, with big bright eyes to compliment her short auburn hair and button nose. A mischievous smile brought itself to Melody's lips that she couldn't suppress behind Julie backside-soon this whole image was going to change and there would be one less US Olympian to compete with.

Melody pointed to a large machine that looked similar to a large MRI machine with a place for the body to rest on, similar to a cot, which rolled into a cylindrical mechanism with all sorts of lights and switches.

"This here is the neurological extraction and insertion machine. Like I explained to you briefly at the gym, it essentially extracts the core of your consciousness, which we hold in a semiconscious state in a-in layman's terms-a biological hard drive, kind of a robobrain, hah! After that we bring your body to this apparatus!" Melody motioned in a Vanna White game show style to a mechanical looking exoskeleton with a treadmill underneath and various weights, diodes, and tubes.

"This is an extreme work out device for your body, we connect your arms and legs to this, connect the diodes and tubes and drip bags, then tell your subconscious to work out! Almost nonstop. The reason for the extraction is this will put the subjects body in great pain, more than the consciousness could ideally handle without repercussion. It is totally safe, as there won't be any permanent damage to your mind or body. Best of all, given a month the subjects body will be in it's best shape!"

"I don't know Mel, this is kind of... I don't know... Mad science-y? This is safe, you've performed this before?" Julie had a look of interest, her body language said she was interested, which was all Melody needed. This was in the bag.

"We've done this several times! We're actually about to start going into production! Here are some success photos." Melody handed her a portfolio with photos of several before and after shots of men and women augmented with the process, each with rippling muscles and toned bodies. Some of the before pictures even contained slightly overweight subjects that turned into hulks of their former selves.

Julie was sold. "Alright, I'll bite. I need every edge I can get if I'm to shave off enough time for the upcoming trials. Where do I sign!"

Melody was cackling inwardly as she gave the clipboard back to Julie to fill out, giving her the details necessary for the experiment she was actually going to run. They had tried everything related to the body except the one she wanted to most: experimental weight gain.

Julie handed the clipboard back to a smiling Melody, "When can we start?"

Melody flipped through the papers on the clipboard, "Hmm. Mm-hmm. 5'7", 108 pounds, blood type O-, no allergies, no neurological issues... Sister we can get started now, but you need to clear up your schedule for the next month, at the least. Perhaps longer. I'd say you need to arrange 6 weeks for the whole shebang."

Melody gave her a sense of shared enthusiasm, and covering her excitement very well.

"Easy. Give me a few minutes and I can get this arranged in no time." Julie grabbed her cellphone and dialed her boyfriend first, she explained that she had to take a last minute plane for her job to attend a conference and it could take six weeks. She told a little white lie that it was a cruise line resort and due to the secrecy of the meeting she wouldn't be able to keep contact other than through email.

She next called up her job at the advertising agency and told them about her poor mothers car accident, and would have to help her out for an unforeseen amount of time, but that she'd keep in contact and would have to use up her vacation and sick time for it.

"Ok Mel, I need you to do me a favor. I'm going to keep this all hush-hush. Everyone I know thinks I'm either on vacation, at work, or unavailable, but I need you to do me a small personal favor and make up some correspondence with my boyfriend. Here's my email and password, if he starts asking about what I'm doing or personal stuff, just tell him it's company policy and you can't divulge any secrets." Julie new she was putting a lot of trust in her new friend, but she wanted that gold medal so bad she could taste it, and a few sacrifices needed to be made.

"Jules, I consider it an honor. And thank you for the secrecy, too. My contracts would dry up if my clients found out I let my friends use the expensive experimental lab equipment they helped purchase, hah!"

The groundwork was laid and Melody was ready to increase her chances for the gold medal. The lab preparation was quick, and they were able to get started that day. The other lab technicians Melody mentioned before, fellow running enthusiasts, came in and began work.

Julie had been a bit put off by them, as they would joke and talk with each other and respond coldly to her questions or ignore her altogether. Julie chalked it up to lab geeks being shut-ins and elitists, but didn't realize that they were all competitors she had beaten out of first place prizes in the past.

Melody handed her a medical gown and gave her a handful of multicolored pills to take, as well as a liquid to ingest. The pills she recognized as several different multivitamins and anaesthetic. However the liquid was a mystery but she didn't question it. Julie walked out in the drafty dress and laid on the neuro extractor as Melody directed her.

"Alright, we're going to get started here in a bit. You're going to drift off to sleep and we'll extract your consciousness where you'll essentially dream for a while. When you wake up, you'll be in your new big body and you won't remember a thing! Goodnight, future fatty!"

The last words echoed slightly as Julies heavy eyelids closed slowly. Future fatty?

The edges of her mind's eye kept quickly flowing images past her. Some she recognized but most of them she merely got a feeling for, images like fast food, doughnuts, soda pop, cookies and several things she avoided constantly. The images began forming into a more solid state and she imagined herself outside of her body, watching an obese woman sitting
on a couch, eating ice cream with a spoon out of a large tub, wedged between her flabby arm and large breasts, bringing her eyes to the protruding belly with a fold flowing over her sweatpants and causing the tight t-shirt to ride up.

A silent scream was echoing in her head at the image, because she knew she wasn't fat-couldn't be fat! And certainly never that fat! The extremely unfit and overweight version of Julie on the couch took the spoon out of her mouth as she look over at the space where her mind's eye was floating and
smiled a double chinned, chubby smile, "Oh it is you. This is you from now on, fatass!"

"Ooh, she's stirring. I have some movement here, look. Finger twitch and inward bicep stretch." Julie heard Melody's voice, which was sounding as if she were speaking through a pipe. Slowly opening her heavy lidded eyes the light stung her. It was hard to move and everything felt off about what little she could feel.

"Well good morning, sleepy-head! Welcome to your new life. How do you feel?" She could hear Melody and the other lab technicians from before snickering and that was making Julie very nervous.

"F-fine... I guess. I feel strange... groggy. I can't see very well and everything feels so..."

"Squishy?" Melody finished for her, causing everyone but Julie to burst out laughing.

"What have you... done to me?..."

"Oh, nothing, 'sister' we just did to you what you've been doing to us for years: put you out of first place!" Melody arched her head back and cackled maliciously.

This caused panic in Julie, making her sit up as best as she could and rub her eyes into vision. It was only now that she registered the great weight that was on her chest surging forward onto a large unfamiliar belly. This sent more waves of panic into Julie and she could feel the life and energy come back into her as urgency became her foremost thought.

As she sat up she saw first the laughing lab techs and Melody pointing at her, then noticed second the mirror laid out in front of her and gasped.
She saw that she was naked on the medical bed and just how much she had changed; her belly was wide, flabby and supported her E sized breasts on two large, flowing belly rolls, which took her line of sight to what spread beyond her belly, was her wide, sloping ass.

With great difficulty she pushed herself off the side of the bed and before
she could face front with the mirror she got a view of her profile and gasped again. The extent was worse than she thought and tears rolled down her doughy cheeks into her double chin as the mirrored image grabbed one of her large, flabby, dimpled, shelving cheeks causing a ripple that followed up to her rolls of fat on her back.

Julie waddled and wobbled her way closer to the mirror, feeling her large fleshy thighs rubbing against each other and surprised herself as she felt the cool surface of the mirror before she expected and gasped. Her auburn hair was longer and blocked some of the view of her chubby face.

"What have you done?!" Julie screamed as she twirled around to face Melody and the other lab technicians, her body stopped moving a few seconds after the motion, her large breasts drooping slightly and resting on her large gut.

"Hah, sorry we didn't have any medical gowns big enough for you here, so we decided to leave you open to the air." Melody remarked with a smug look on her face.

"You know what I mean! Why am I... Why am I..." She trailed off as the realization hit her once again and got a sad, knowing look on her face.

"Why are you a FAT COW you mean? Oh that's easy. After we extracted you we set your body on a flow feed, sped up your digestion and slowed down your metabolism, all while giving your body appetite suppressants and you conscious and subconscious the need to eat, be lazy and most importantly make you very, very fat."

"But... Why?! What did I do to you?! You can't get away with this! You're through! I'm suing you into oblivion!" Julie angrily stated, pointing her sausagey fingers, accentuating each point with a jab of her flabby arm, causing her breasts and belly to jiggle as her large ass swayed.

"Haha, oh you dumb, fat bitch. You didn't recognize any of us, did you? All of us here were prominent runners until you kept ousting us and taking our prizes. None of us could make nationals because of you. Now we have nothing to worry about, hah! Oh and as for repercussions, there won't be any for us, but feel free to try. Take a look at the paper you signed. You don't read the small print much, do you? Here's a copy for you to keep,
it states everything that happened was in the clause and your signature states you wanted it and were privy to it. Oh, and if you wondering how much your flabby self weighs there is an industrial scale over there on the other side of the room." Melody smirked and pointed at the large metal platform with a digital reader mounted on the wall.

Julie grabbed the sheets off the bed and wrapped it around her shoulders as best she could but couldn't cover all of her belly with it. Standing on the scale Julie whimpered as the numbers rocketed upwards until they settled on 480 and fluctuated between the two numbers on either side.

"Well, close enough. With the amount of time we were given we were trying to get you up to 500. You'll get there on your own in no time, fat stuff. Oh, and another reason we'll get away with this? Ask yourself this, are you seriously going to tell people that you checked into a clinic to muscle-fy yourself through pseudo-science only to have a vindictive, competitive runner turn you into a blob through no fault of your own? Fat
chance, fat ass." Melody snickered looking at the bed sheet around Julie's flabby shoulder draped down but resting on the shelf of her large, wide backside.

"We got you some XXL sweats, I hope they don't fit. We got them from a running supply store, just for good measure. Oh and thanks for your boyfriends email, I made you break it off with him and we've been going steady for 3 weeks now, hah! Now get your clothes and get out. Enjoy your life as a fatty."

The clothes did not fit, but there was no way she was getting in her car wearing an ill fitting bed sheet. True to her word, all the clothes were from a running supply store, and the jogging shorts would not button and in fact ripped down the back. The running tights squeezed her dimpled thighs as she struggled to get them up, eventually squishing her butt in and resting under her belly fold. The bra fit, but only just, as her cleavage flowed over just a bit, but the top was not as forgiving. The windbreaker zipped up after
some struggling, grunting and sucking in and once it was gaps had formed showing flesh oozing between the zipper teeth. Her belly still showed, quite a bit actually, as she huffed her way out of the building, waddling and jiggling.

She felt despair, dread and about 1 foot tall as she squeezed into her compact. Her belly and breasts pressed tightly against the steering wheel, even with the seat all the way back. The zipper gave up the ghost as she slammed the door, as did the back of the jogging tights as the door smushed her wide butt.

Julie told herself she was going to beat this. She had the willpower to do it! Winning races and conditioning her body was a career for her! But all she could think about was how hungry she had been since she woke up and decided the closest McDonald’s would benefit her more at the moment.


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Aug 25, 2007
An excellent story, if only I could write one this small and this good.


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Sep 29, 2005
Great start! I love the situation, but what I really want to read is how Julie adjusts to her new life... and maybe keeps growing?

Very well written, thanks for posting it!