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new,bigger clothes!!!!

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Mar 13, 2014
Hi there everyone. Couldnt wait till i got home to post. I got sick of trying to fit in clothes that are small on me and it hurt my growing belly. never had to wear 22-24 2X. i love gaining i feel so sexy (hubby doesnt mind either) bigger bras n undies too. OMG im just so happy. i dieted for 45years of my life. have lost n gained soooo many times. 2 years ago i was a size 8. i thought for sure that i would be happy. Got so many compliments from every one But........ i was miserable inside. i was this size for maybe 4 months. 2 yrs ago i weighed 140 Now i weigh 228. before i started Dims i hated my weight gain, would not go out of the house in fear of getting judged. i started cutting,hitting myself. I dont do that anymore actually i feel beuatiful now and let my soft,bouncy belly hang at all times i even play with it soooo sensual. My boobs are getting huge. i want to be 300ish. would love to send pics but i dont have a smartphone. just need to take n upload into my laptop from my camera. i love this site, i also browse fantasy feeder. im a gainer and love to look at BBW. Thanks for reading.

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