~NEW HERE~ Oops I gained fifty pounds... :)

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How many pounds should I add to my figure?

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    ~NEW HERE~ Oops I gained fifty pounds... :)

    I've always been attracted to larger women and all things fat related around them, and I could talk for weeks about that, however I am here to discuss my attraction to my own fat growing body :) ever since I was a little kid I would stuff my clothes with other clothes so as to appear enormous, then I would roll around on top of my action figures as if I was a giant squashing them, eating them and putting on weight as a result of their demise lol. I would also get turned on when I would use the rest room and I would catch a glimpse of my reflection in our shiny door knob which much like a hall of mirrors would warp my belly into looking huge and ballooned. When I was little I was teased for years for being too skinny so on one frustrated occasion when I was about twelve years old, I intentionally over ate an entire box of kudos bars to see if I could put on any weight, however my desperate efforts were no match for my adolescent metabolism, though the feeling of being stuffed turned me on in a way I wasnt to experience or understand again for another ten years. Fast forward to when I was twenty or so, I was still skinny as ever for my height at 6'2 and 175 lbs. At this time I was keeping a weight gain log book for myself as i was hellbent on gaining some size which was why I would drink weight gain shakes in an attempt to gain some muscle mass. I got lazy with them and became discouraged until one day I chugged a whole blender full of weight gain shake until my belly was bloated and bulging out like I had never felt before. I was so stuffed my nipples got hard and I felt fat and vulnerable and to my surprise I liked it. Fast forward four more years when I started work out supplements and put on 30 pounds of muscle bringing me to age 27 where after years of heavy drinking, smoking pot, over eating high calorie junk food at night and a relatively sedentary lifestyle, I put on another 20 pounds, this time pure fat which has given me my current shapely belly and nicely developing breasts :) I love knowing I can at any time grab a donut and stuff myself with the potential of eating myself heavier and softer. When I was a little boy I would wear a ponytail on top of my head and I think it has something to do with the fact that the bigger I get, the more feminine I feel because I associate fat with raw female power. I am here because I was tall and skinny once, but now I have to my own surprise grown pretty plump and I am open to potentially growing softer & heavier with the right encouragement :) So far I've gained fifty pounds and want to know who wants to see me put on another yummy fifty?















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