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NJ bash SHIRTS!!

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Active Member
Feb 25, 2008
To all NJ mini bash attendees:

Commemorative t-shirts are currently in production for the bash later this month; made to order. These shirts, priced at $20, will be white-on-black print, will be available in sizes L-5XL, and will be designed and silk-screened by one person (made with love, of course). It'll have the dates written in there somewhere along with the Gen XL slogan..."live large, take charge" and will feature some artwork that will closely resemble what you see here...


If you're interested in picking one of these up, then here's how it's gonna work...please copy the following order form below and send it to me via private message. It'll be cash-on-delivery (at the bash); a booth will be open on Saturday afternoon in the hospitality room before the dinner. The shirts will be ordered for printing later this week, so please, if you want one of these, I need to be notified before Saturday, March 8th!!

The Order Form

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Email Address:

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