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Jun 20, 2008
They turned down a quiet, elegant street filled with mature trees and large homes.

"Here we are," Hunter said, touching Luna's arm to lead her to one of the pristine residences. It looked like a colonial governor's mansion.

"Wow, this is you?"

"Yeah," Hunter blushed.

He should have taken her to his apartment, not the house. Her mouth made a shape like the letter O.

"It's gorgeous. This has to be hundreds of years old."

"Only two, give or take a few decades."

Luna blinked. "I love it."

Hunter laughed. "You haven't even seen inside yet."

Inside was all deep mahogany blended with a combination of antique and surprisingly modern furniture. Luna half expected a butler to pop out at any moment.

"Do you live with family?"




"Psychotic wife you've locked in the attic?"

A laugh. "No."

"This is all you? Only you?"

Hunter shifted uncomfortably. "You don't have to make it sound quite so depressing."

"I just mean, you seem to be doing really well for yourself. Most cafe owners don't live in beautiful mansions and give yoga studios to their friends."

"This isn't a mansion."

If she wanted a mansion, she should come see the Prescott Estate in Charleston.

"Gigantic, gorgeous house. Better?"

Hunter laughed. "Much."

He reached a hand for her yoga mat, and put them both in the hall closet under the staircase. He caught Luna looking around, mouth agape.

"Real estate up here isn't what it is in Phoenix, and definitely not what it is in Charleston. Especially not a few years ago when I bought this place."

He felt he needed to justify himself.


" family's pretty well off."

"Yes, I gathered that." Luna was running her finger up the ornate bannister.


Hunter remembered the solemn call on his twenty-first birthday from the family's accountant.

His grandfather, who had died too early to find Hunter disappointing, made arrangements for him to inherit substantial sums held in trust until age twenty-one.

As the eldest grandchild and only boy - Grandpa Prescott was an incorrigible misogynist - Hunter was left a far larger portion of the Prescott fortune than Iris and her younger sister Emma.

On his twenty-first birthday he would inherit all the years of interest the trust fund had earned, and continue to pull paychecks from the fund's dividends for the rest of his life.

When Hunter learned how much he inherited, he sat down so heavily he almost broke his tiny apartment's tinier chair.

"Elodie!" He called her breathless, moments after hanging up on the accountant. "Come over right away."

He waited what seemed like an eternity for his girlfriend of four years to remove her peacoat and scarf.

"I have big news. Huge news. Life changing news."

Elodie settled her plush body onto the mattress he had pushed against the wall of his small studio apartment. Her comfortable elegance was a welcome addition to his stark, undecorated room.

"Bigger than mine?" she asked, tucking her fingers under her chin. She was still riding the high of her acceptance to the law school at McGill days before.

"Way bigger than that. You don't have to go to law school. I - we - we're rich! We never have to work again!"

She looked amused. "So what will we do all day?"

"Travel the world, build an orphanage, buy a movie theater and sit in it all day, just the two of us. Whatever the hell we want!"

"And if what I want is law school?"

"Yeah, I mean, you can do that too."


“It’s not a big deal, really” Hunter told Luna, blushing furiously. “I can afford to preserve some historic buildings in a city with a relatively low cost of living. I’m not some prince or anything.”

She laughed. “I know we’re in Canada, but you’re forgetting I’m from Phoenix. We practically invented crass materialism. I’m not going to hold being rich against you. Besides, now I don’t feel bad at all for making you pay for tapas tonight.”

Hunter looked at her awkwardly. “Are you...into the idea of me having money?”

He didn’t think he’d be able to take it if Luna turned out to be the stereotypical Arizona trophy wife type. Some men might want to marry their mothers, but not him. Not by a long shot.

Luna laughed, but her eyes were hard.

“My dad was in construction. My mom runs a daycare. We were always so lower middle class it was boring. After my dad died, we never had anything that looked like money again. We lost our house - we lost everything. I promised myself I’d grow up to be rich. Not marry rich. Me, myself. And I’m so close I can taste it. I make....well, it’s a lot of money compared to what either of my parents ever did. And I’ve worked my ass off to make sure I’m on track to be a tech executive before I’m forty.”

She looked at him intently. It was almost a glare.

“So what I’m saying, I don’t get off on you being rich. I’d rather get off on me being rich instead.”

Hunter felt a strong urge to kiss her. He gathered from her social media posts that her father had been killed in a car accident when she was a teenager. He wished he’d known her then. He wanted to hold her in his arms and tell her it would be all right.

Of course, Luna was probably some teen queen who wouldn’t have stood for that.

“You’re a remarkable woman, Luna.”

He wanted to say more, but couldn’t verbalize “I wish I could have loved you when you were a teenager” in a way that wasn’t deeply disturbing.

Luna rolled her eyes.

"You're a hell of a guy - one moment you're worried I won’t be interested if you have money, the next you're worried I'm too interested? Give me a break."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that."

Her expression softened slightly. "It's all right. If I was a Canadian Batman I'd be careful, too."

Hunter ran his hands through his hair. "Will you accept tapas as an apology?"

Luna laughed. "No fair, we were already getting them. I'll accept a post dinner drink, how about that?"

"You have yourself a deal."

Hunter excused himself to the restroom before they left, taking a long look at himself in the full length mirror. His face was still an unappealing shade of pink from the workout and the cold.

His clothes were tighter than he remembered, and he debated undoing the top button of his jeans. Damn it.

Of course he'd meet someone beautiful and engaging and miles out of his league the same month he'd surpassed even his highest post-divorce weight. Perfect timing Hunter, you fat fuck.

He’d caught her eying his body as he'd been trying to eye hers at the studio. She hadn't looked completely repulsed, but she could just be polite. He'd tried to wear some of his tighter clothes to minimize the risk of them rolling up on him during yoga, but they'd managed to do so anyway.

His cheeks burned as he remembered her eyes on his big stomach after his shirt rode up. Humiliating.

He'd hoped bringing her along to yoga would paint him as someone who wasn't a lazy slob despite his size. But having his fat belly hanging out for her to see felt more like he'd achieved the opposite.

Luna was in such good shape - he flushed red hot again thinking of her sexy getup earlier - it seemed unlikely she'd find anything about his body interesting, even at his fittest. He was way out of his comfort zone here.

"Did you fall in?" Luna called from the hallway.

"Be right out." He made a face at his reflection. This is as good as it's going to get, he thought. Unfortunately.
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Jun 20, 2008
The restaurant was nearly empty when they entered. The Spanish man behind the bar waved and smiled broadly at Hunter as they found a seat. "Hola, Mr. Prescott!"

"Don't tell me you own this place, too."

Hunter had to laugh at Luna's suspicious expression. "Just an enthusiastic customer," he assured her.

They shared a carafe of sangria, and skimmed the menu. "Any favorites?" Luna asked. "I'm pretty hungry and not very picky, so I can go for anything."

"The patas bravas are amazing." Fried potatoes, again? "The spicy shrimp is so good. And the chorizo croquetas are some of my favorites."

"All sounds good!"

"Oh, and the paella, obviously. And the flank steak with pesto."


"The honey figs here are the best in the city."

"Let's do it."

"Oh, and - " Hunter stopped himself. This probably explained the upward trajectory of his weight. How could he be so self-loathing one minute, and ready to eat a mountain of food the next?

Luna laughed. "Let's order what we have here, and then decide on the rest." Hunter noted she didn't just leave it at 'let's order what we have here'.

It was a lot of food. Hunter crossed from feeling comfortably full to...uncomfortably so by the time he finished the last croqueta.

"There was something else you wanted to get?"

Luna was all innocence, as if she hadn't just watched him demolish the majority of their dinner.

"Well, I mean, the tortilla Espanola is definitely worth having. But we ate so much."

"I'm game if you are."

Luna was perhaps less game than she claimed, as she let Hunter eat most of the eggy concoction. Their sangria carafe was refilled and she sipped thoughtfully, her large eyes on Hunter's mouth. There was something almost predatory in her gaze.

"Dessert?" the young Spanish waitress asked cheerily. A law student at Dalhousie who frequented Hunter's coffee shop. She had seen him come in so many times that the amount of food he put away did not faze her anymore.

"I'd love a cup of coffee," Luna said. "Hunter?"

"Yeah, sounds great." Coffee would help settle his stomach.

"And an order of the churros y chocolate."

Hunter's mouth dropped open. Was she screwing with him?

The waitress nodded, walking briskly away.

"You can't possibly still be hungry," Hunter objected.

"I'm hyperactive and I work out twelve times a week," Luna shrugged. "I'm almost always hungry."

It was true. She'd let Hunter have most of their tapas, and her insides were screaming at her for it.

"Well, those churros are all you then," Hunter placed a hand on his stomach. "I'm tapping out."

He did look full. He was sitting back in his chair, round tummy pushing forward toward the table. His pullover was tight enough to perfectly outline its circular shape.

You can probably fit just a little more in there
, Luna thought deviously.

They chatted as they waited for dessert to arrive.

"So...what is it you do, again?"

"I'm a technical trainer. Mostly focused on large enterprise these days."

"What does that mean, though?"

Luna laughed her distinctive barking laugh. "It means people pay a lot of money for a program that is going to make it easier to do business. But they're business people, not software engineers. So they buy the product, but they don't know how to make it work the way they want. I come to visit, and show them how to use what they just bought. Or at least, that's what I've been doing."

The coffee came, and Luna poured a generous amount of cream into both ceramic cups.

"Now it's my job to make sure everyone we hire with the Canadian expansion knows exactly how to use the software they are going to work on."

"Sounds like kind of a niche market. How'd you get into that?"

Luna grinned. "I was a massive computer dork in high school. Coding was the only thing that didn't bore the crap out of me. I majored in CS in college, and started out as a developer - the more back end technical stuff. I worked for a few years bouncing between start ups that all failed. I realized I wanted to work for a more established company, and that I liked people too much to be shut away working on endless lines of code. I got hired as a junior trainer at my company, after a few months they paid for my CTT+, and it was off to the races from there."


"Certified Technical Trainer. Basically you can prove that you're not a complete social recluse but you also know your shit technically."

"You don't strike me as the type of girl who was a massive any kind of dork in high school."

Luna grinned. "Well, I'm twenty-nine now, it'd be kind of sad if I was still hanging on to any of my high school attributes."

She took a sip of coffee. "But no, I was not a cool kid. Not even close. I was always distracted, and a little off. My dad died my freshman year, and after that I had a hard time giving a shit about anyone in high school. I started coming to my senses around junior year, in time to nail the SATs and such, but it was too little too late. The only thing I really liked were my computer science classes. Didn't help my case too much in terms of popularity. Do you want to know what kids called me in school?"

"All right."

"Losena. A portmanteau of 'Loser' and 'Luna'."

Hunter laughed so hard he almost choked on his coffee.

"Hey now! I reveal my adolescent trauma and you laugh? Heartless."

"Losena, really?" He tried and failed to stifle a snort.

She grinned. "It was public school in Arizona. They tried. Plus it was really hurtful at the time."

"How'd you get into computer science?"

"It was the only thing that was challenging and made sense all at once. I loved it from day one."


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Jun 20, 2008

Of course, that wasn't all she loved.

Evan Johnston, the twenty-six year old computer science teacher, started Luna's freshman year.

She remembered his round face, spotted with freckles, and intelligent, expressive eyes. His voice was unexpectedly deep and smooth.

"I'm not taking this stupid class with that fat nerd," declared Heather Klein, mastermind behind 'Losena’, after the first Intro to Computer Science class. “He's probably still a virgin."

She managed to switch out of the class in favor of a student government elective.

A class without Heather Klein? Luna was determined to take every class Mr. Johnston taught.

She began eating lunch in the classroom with Mr. Johnston, finding his conversation about philosophy and female technology pioneers far more fascinating than the vapid drivel of her peers. It didn't hurt that she also got to watch him put away large quantities of homemade lasagna or casserole.

Her mother cautioned her against forming too close a bond with a male teacher, but also suspected Luna might simply be searching for a father figure.

Despite the entirely innocent nature of their friendship, Luna credited Mr. Johnston and his wide body with her sexual awakening.

Her senior year - the year Luna began to transform from spindly little girl into curvy-fit woman, Mr. Johnston replaced his usual home cooked lunches with sad grocery store salads.

"Maybe it's not my place to pry, but what's with the one-eighty on lunch?"

Mr. Johnston had been gaining weight aggressively since his first year at her high school. Luna had watched with a fascination that melted into pleasure as he outgrew his khaki pants and button down shirts at an increasingly rapid pace. Maybe he'd begun to panic a little.

"It's not your place, DiAngelo. Are you set on that scholarship application to ASU?"

"Just a little more tweaking."

"This is a big deal, Luna. The first full ride scholarship for a female CS major. I need you to focus."

"I am focused. I swam two hours this morning."


"So will you tell me what's up with the salad kick?"

"I'm your teacher first, DiAngelo. Don't ask impertinent questions."

Luna continued to ask impertinent questions until Mr. Johnston let out a sigh - exasperation mixed with amusement.

"If you must know, I'm getting married over the summer, so I'm trying to get in somewhat better shape."

Luna felt her heart and stomach drop simultaneously.

" never told me you had a girlfriend."

“Once again - I'm your teacher first. My private life is not relevant to your academic success."

"You could have told me!" Luna worried she might cry.

"That's not what our relationship is, Luna. I don't ask about your boyfriends. It wouldn't be appropriate."

"I don't have boyfriends," Luna pouted.

"Girlfriends? I didn't mean to assume."

"None of those either."

Mr. Johnston's face softened. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you. It's good for adults to have separate lives from their students. It’s important to keep those boundaries defined. Now let's go over the choices you made in this coding exercise. Can you explain why you went the direction you did?"

"Do I have to?"

"Yes. I care about you. That's why I'm going to make sure you win this scholarship. That's what this" he gestured between the two of them "is supposed to be."

Luna felt heartbroken, but complied.


“Just one churro,” she coaxed Hunter. “You’re really missing out.”

Hunter’s dark blue eyes had a somewhat glassy look to them. He shook his head. “I can’t, I ate most of everything else.”

Luna dipped a churro in the melted spicy chocolate and took a bite. “This is fantastic,” she grinned. "But I can't finish all of them. Seems like a waste."

Hunter took a sip of his coffee and blinked at her. “Hey, I said those were all you. You knew what you were getting into.”

“Very true, more for me. Which is too bad, since I know you’d love these.” Another bite. Hunter licked his lips.

“I'm almost three hundred pounds. It doesn’t take a psychic to guess I’d love any dessert.”

Luna laughed. "Don't be a drama queen. You're not anywhere near that."

"I will be if I keep eating churros."

Luna said nothing, but placed a churro dripping in warm chocolate on a small plate in front of him. “Well, if you change your mind it’s there.”

Three hundred pounds?
She knew it was an exaggeration, but wondered how much of one. She suspected he was hovering somewhere in the high 270s or 280s.

Hunter took a tentative sip of coffee. One bite couldn’t hurt, and he’d eaten so much already. To make matters (better? worse?), Luna hadn't seemed particularly bothered by his allusion to weight gain. Why?

“All right, just one bite though.”

Ten minutes later, he’d demolished most of the sweet, warm churros. He was definitely going to need to unbutton his pants.

“I’ll be right back,” he excused himself.

Fumbling for his jeans button in the bathroom, Hunter ran a hand over his stomach. It was so overfilled that it had lost its usual softness and felt hard. He made a face. Disgusting.

At the same time, he felt a familiar twitch in his lower regions. Suddenly his belly wasn’t the only thing that felt hard. Damn it. What was it about feeling embarrassed and fat that turned him on?

He briefly imagined Luna, wearing her scandalous yoga outfit and dripping with sweat, shoving churro after chocolatey churro down his throat and into his belly, giving him the same intense look she’d had at dinner. Eat up, fat boy, she teased him with a slap to his overstuffed gut. You’re turning into such a pig.

He splashed cold water on his face. Keep it together, Hunter. This is not the time for your screwed up fantasies.

He yanked on the lower half of his top, hoping to hide his undone button. Luna watched him sit back down with a smile.

“You’re very handsome, you know that?”

"You think so?" he asked, bewildered.

"Oh yeah, definitely."

He paid their bill, trying to hide how flustered he felt.

"You're absolutely gorgeous, but I bet you don't need me to tell you that."

She grinned. "It's nice to hear that you think so."

"I mean, it's obvious. You're stunning." He got up to put on his coat.

Luna looked him up and down, very slowly. Hunter was deeply aware of how he was physically unable to suck in his oversized stomach.

"As are you."

Hunter rubbed the back of his neck. Was she being serious? Did she mean in spite of his weight, or was his size part of the equation? He was too embarrassed to ask, and worried he wouldn't like the answer.

"I think I still owe you a drink if you're still interested."

Luna ran a hand up his arm. "Oh, very interested."


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Nov 26, 2010
You know it’s illegal in Poland to not update a story that’s THAT good for so long? And I’m in Poland so we’re on polish law here


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Jun 20, 2008
Hunter wrapped his arm around Luna's as they walked into the chilly night. She looked up at him with a half smile, but said nothing. He was happy she didn’t try to push him away.

It was still fairly early, and the bar Hunter picked was bustling with trendy young people. Luna pointed out a small table at the back of the bar, out of the way of the throngs of hard-bodied twenty-four year olds.

"What're you having?" he asked.

“I’ll probably stick with wine. A glass of white is great, whatever they have."

Hunter nodded and made his way to the bar. The bartender, a heavyset fellow named Owen, rented one of the houses Hunter owned - a charming historic carriage house that held Owen, his boutique manager wife, and their young daughter.

"Hunter! Always nice to see you."

"Busy tonight, eh?"

The 'eh' was one of many bits of slang Hunter picked up in his almost decade and a half as a Canadian. His ex-wife had always hated the way it clashed with his Southern accent.

"It's the time of year - people are anxious to get out of the cold, but they haven't stopped leaving their homes entirely yet. What'll it be?"

"Alexander Keith's for me, and a glass of your house white."

Owen's eyebrows lifted slightly. "Are you with the blonde lady in the back?"


"She’s cute - a new girlfriend?"

Hunter shrugged. "Hell if I know."

Owen grinned and handed the drinks over. "On the house."

Hunter smiled his thanks, slapping a twenty on the bar top anyway. "For your trouble. Say hi to Lanni for me."

Hunter was glad it had been Owen behind the bar. He'd always felt a level of comfort with him as a fellow fat man. His wife, Lanni, was pretty and plump and put Hunter at ease. Whenever he stopped by the carriage house she had a plethora of homemade treats she let Hunter sample without judgment.

Life was just easier when everyone was chubby.

He cast a look at Luna. She certainly wasn't chubby - and it was stressing him out. He couldn't seem to get a read on her intentions.

“Only the finest house white for you,” he joked as he handed her the glass. She clinked it to his beer bottle obligingly.

“This has been a fun day - we should do it again soon.”

“Yeah, yeah, absolutely, I’d really like that, yeah.” Hunter groaned at himself internally.

“How many ‘yeahs’ make a ‘no’, I wonder?” Luna asked with a cheeky smile. “I know I come on a bit strong, you don’t have to go along with me.”

“No, I like that you’re confident. Although I guess when you look the way you do, why wouldn’t you be?”

Luna rolled her eyes. “Looks have nothing to do with it. I’ve been as shy as anyone. But after a while you realize it’s just a waste of time to drag out a sexually charged acquaintanceship, when you could just say ‘Hello, yes, you are very hot and I like you and I think we should try dating.’”

“Is...that a hypothetical?”

Luna looked at him over her wine glass. “No.”

“Um, well, yes, I would definitely like to hang out again.”

She smiled, revealing just a bit of her top teeth.

“Maybe after your community happy hour tomorrow? We could go downtown - I haven’t been down there, really.”

“Yeah, sure, sure, sounds great.”

“You don’t sound convinced.”

“Well, I’m just - it’s just - I know you’re new here and you don’t know a lot of people, but I can be your friend and not make it weird. You don’t have to come on to me.”

Luna raised an eyebrow.



“I’ll lay my cards out if you promise to be honest with me, too. Can you do that?”

Hunter took a long drink. He didn’t think he was going to like what came next. “I can do that.”

“I - I am very interested in dating you. Maybe it’ll suck and we realize we hate each other. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. In the meantime, I would absolutely like to give it a shot. No hidden meanings, no ulterior motives. If you aren’t interested, let me know and I’ll leave you alone.”

Hunter inhaled slowly. “Why, though?”

“Why what?”

“Why the hell would you want to date me?”

Luna laughed. “You can’t possibly be this blind to your own desirability. You’re handsome, you’re kind, you care about the community, you have your shit together. You have a wry sense of humor. You know fun places to hang out. Who the hell wouldn’t want to date you?”

“I guess... I just wouldn’t expect a career woman who looks like an Instagram model to be into a fat pseudo-Canadian.”

Luna knew from past disastrous dates that “I like that you’re fat” was the wrong (if honest) answer.

“You have the sexy lumberjack barista vibe going on,” she grinned. “I’m super into your whole look. You are exactly my type physically - and I think personality wise as well.”

“Well, you are - don’t take this the wrong way - but...scary pretty? Is that a thing? The kind of attractive that gives the rest of us slobs anxiety.”

"You know, that's not the first time I've heard that. It's not like I'm trying to intimidate people."

They were nearing the end of their drinks. Luna realized she'd been sipping hers more quickly than intended.

"Another round?" Hunter asked.

Luna thought for a moment. "I have an early morning tomorrow, sadly. I should probably grab my stuff from your house and be on my way."

Hunter nodded, trying not to show his relief. As much as he wanted to spend time with Luna, the beer was putting even more pressure on his already overloaded stomach.

He put a hand to his belly as he stood up, trying to discreetly rub it for relief. Luna gave him a sidelong glance, causing him to blush.


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Jun 20, 2008

Elodie had always loved his round body, and never so much as breathed a complaint as he became increasingly rounder throughout their relationship. By their senior year, Hunter had taken to wearing his clothes as oversized as possible in an attempt to hide his rapidly ballooning form.

Elodie arrived at his apartment one afternoon with a bag of dress slacks and button down shirts. "If we are going to have dinner with my parents, I thought you would want something that looked nice."

"You don't think I look nice?" Hunter crossed his arms over his belly.

"I think that maybe - you feel you do not look nice, so you are less inspired to try to dress well. Am I correct?"

The combination of Elodie's French lilt and matter of factness was disarming.

"Yeah, I mean, I guess." He shrugged. "What's the point, if I'm going to look like a fat pig no matter what?"

Elodie pursed her full lips thoughtfully. "And is this what you think of me? I also look like a fat pig no matter what?"

"What? No, never!"

Hunter was genuinely outraged. That Elodie's soft, curvy figure was perfect and feminine and universally appealing seemed painfully obvious. In almost four years, it had never once occurred to him that Elodie - classic, gorgeous Elodie - would have misgivings about her body.

His words sounded unforgivably cruel when she said them.

"You're completely perfect, Elodie. Don't ever think differently."

"Is it so hard to think I might feel the same way about you?"

Hunter blinked. In almost four years, he'd always interpreted Elodie's kisses on his belly after a big meal and gentle caresses around his navel as signs of her affectionate nature.

He never considered she might find his body attractive in the same way he found hers. He'd never really had the heart to ask.

"You do?"

She nodded. "What, you think I spend all my time with you because I do not find you sexy?"

"I just sort of assumed you were putting up with -" he gestured at his belly "- all this."

Elodie looked sad. "No, mon chum, of course not. I love it. I love you." She came up to him and slipped a hand up his shirt, giving his belly a gentle rub right at the part where it began to hang downward slightly. "You think I do this because I do not like it?" She shook her head. "I am sorry. I should have told you all the time - this, to me, is very sexy." She gave his chub a little pinch. Hunter blushed furiously.


"Well, why not? It looks lovely. It feels even better."

Hunter let out a little nervous laugh. "Are you the girl version of a chubby chaser or something?"

Elodie kissed his cheek. "Or something. All this time, and you never asked if I liked the way you look?"

"I mean, I figured you liked my face - and my personality."

"I do, yes, but I like this too." She grabbed a roll of belly fat between her thumb and index finger. It turned Hunter on in a way he couldn't explain.


Was it possible that Luna was another one of - whatever it was Elodie had been?

After the divorce, there'd been a steady stream of women he couldn't be bothered to recall individually. Their faces, names, all blended together. The only thing they had in common were that they were all as desperate for companionship as he was and ready to settle.

None of them looked at him the way Elodie did. None of them touched him the way Elodie had.

But in Luna's huge dark eyes, he saw something he hadn't seen in years.

The walk back to his house was pitch black, freezing, and blessedly short. Luna's teeth were chattering together by the time he unlocked the heavy wood door.

"Can I get you a cup of tea or something? I don't want to send you back into the cold with nothing."

Luna nodded. "That sounds amazing, actually."

Hunter smiled. "Awesome. Do you - mind if I change really fast? This outfit isn't as comfortable as I was hoping it would be." He didn't mention why.

"No, of course not! If you show me where all your stuff is, I'll make tea for both of us while you're upstairs."

Hunter obliged, showing her around the tiled kitchen. He liked seeing her in his house, touching his things. She smiled up at him.

"I've got this - go, go." She shooed him upstairs.

Hunter rubbed his belly under his pullover as soon as he was out of sight. In his bedroom, he stripped down to his underwear and looked down at his massively swollen gut. He really was getting huge. The beer made him look even bigger than at dinner.

He held his phone up and snapped a picture, quickly saving it with the rest of his fat shirtless pics. His cheeks burned with embarrassment although he was alone. At the same time, his lower regions throbbed demandingly. Hunter ignored the sensation.

He sighed, rooting around for some looser clothes. He found a pair of sweatpants and an oversized hoodie just as the tea kettle downstairs began to whistle.

"You look cozy, I'm jealous," Luna noted as he came back in the kitchen.

"The other outfit was a little tight after all that food you forced me to eat." Hunter immediately regretted his words.

Luna let out what could be best described as a strangled purr.

"Hey now, don't drag me into this! I didn't force you to do anything." Luna made herself laugh with a causalness she didn't feel.

Oh God, Hunter, you can't go turning me on like that. She wondered how much she really could force him to eat, if she put her mind to it. How much she could feed him if he let her. Keep it together, Luna, you little freak.

Hunter shrugged. "Between tonight and the poutine place, it seems I always eat too much when I'm with you. Which is weird, you think I'd be trying to eat less to impress you. Show off my physique and all that."

He ran a hand over his belly. He felt impulsive and reckless and on the verge of humiliation. At the same time, he seemed to be getting some kind of reaction out of Luna.

"Well, whatever you're doing is working, it's a really nice physique." Luna was blushing furiously but didn't look away.

Luna hadn't been shy about her preferences in years, but her recent trash fire of a relationship with Blake made her a little less inclined to express them outright.

Hunter's smirk faltered a bit. "So is that your cool girl secret? You love fat guys? That's what makes you edgy and special?"

He felt defensive. What could someone as fit as Luna want with a body as soft as his?

Luna pushed a mug of tea in his direction, nonplussed. "You got me. I hate The Smiths, so that's my manic pixie dream girl quirk instead. Drink up, it's getting cold." It wasn't getting cold.

Hunter took a sip of the warming, fragrant tea. He'd hoped being sarcastic would get Luna to be more forthcoming, but it hadn't worked. Not the smartest plan, in retrospect.

"You want to sit on the couch?"

"Absolutely." Luna followed him into the living room. She curled up right next to Hunter, instead of taking up the unoccupied half of the couch.

"So...are you into fat guys?" He felt like an idiot for asking again.

"You're not going to give up this line of questioning, are you?"

Hunter was pulsing with curiosity and booze and the raging hard on brought on by his engorged belly and Luna's exceptional good looks.

He wanted to lift up his hoodie and show her the massively stuffed gut he'd been trying to hide all night. Part of him longed for her to poke and prod and feed him. The other part was terrified of her rejection.

He rubbed a hand along his middle, feeling anxious. "Well, I have kind of a vested interest."

Was this a trap? It felt like a trap. Luna was a master at expressing her admiration for big men, but no one had ever asked her "are you into fat guys?" outright. She hadn't admitted her desires so freely since dating Ryan in college. She shifted so she could look Hunter in the eyes.

"Of course. I've never understood people who didn't like men a little larger. It' and sensual and comforting and sexy all at once. It's just - just great all around. I've liked it for as long as I knew I liked anything, and probably way longer than that."

Hunter wasn't sure what was expecting her to say, but it sure as hell wasn't that.

Of course
, she said. Like it was the most natural thing in the world.


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Nov 26, 2010
Thank you so much for updating! I’ve missed Hunter and Luna badly. Lovely chapters, I can’t wait to read more ❤

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Jul 23, 2014
Just brilliant...the byplay and word exchanges are sooo believable!!

(Though i've never heard a Canadian say "eh", I am not in the maritimes - so that made me laugh)
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The great white north, eh?
Soooooo goooood! I love these two so much.

Xyantha: I used to hear the Ottawa Valley locals use eh a fair bit, but these days mostly it seems to linger in use as an intensifier. Like:
- someone pulls onto the road right in front you, forcing you to hit the breaks "oh come on!" Might get exclaimed.
- the same but also causing you to miss a traffic light that has quite a long cycle " oh come on, eh!"


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I lived in Halifax for a hot minute (if it wasn’t obvious haha) and the ‘eh’ really threw me off since I always thought it was one of those stereotypes Americans have that isn’t really true. I was kind of thrilled to hear people actually say it!


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Oh my wow, the things you miss when summer schedules get in the way of browsing the good stuff at Dimensions... Starling is back! Please do continue, this may be your best yet and that's saying something :)


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Luna let herself into her dark apartment, grinning like an idiot.

She ran through the events of the day in her mind like someone trying to recapture the taste of a favorite meal.

Hunter had called her a cab and sent her on her way, but not before he gave her kiss on the forehead, emboldening her to go for one on his lips. He didn’t try to stop her.

She couldn’t help but feel relieved that Hunter hadn’t been scared off by her preference for big men. He almost seemed intrigued. That was a nice change of pace in the post-Blake era.

Although she was exhausted beyond measure, she found herself tossing and turning in bed, excited by the possibility of a future with Hunter. The thought of coming home to him, going places with him on her arm, was thrilling.

Hunter didn’t just have her favorite body type, he was also the most objectively handsome man she’d ever seen. It was as if one of her fantasies, in which a good looking celebrity gained a hundred pounds, had been brought to life.

She fell asleep dreaming of exploring every extra inch of his lush body.

She woke up earlier than usual. Peering out her window, she saw the light in Hunter’s coffee shop was on. She watched him moving around, grinding beans, watering plants, sweeping the floor in preparation of opening.

A truck pulled up and Hunter went out to greet an elderly man. They talked enthusiastically for a while, their breath coming out in smoky bursts. Hunter helped him unload several crates of baked goods into the shop.

As the man drove off with a wave, Hunter busied himself putting the pastries into the glass display case.

Luna watched him set aside a muffin. She smiled. Good choice.

As much as Luna wanted to watch the rest of Hunter’s early morning routine, she figured she should take advantage of her early rising to get in a sunrise spin class, and maybe even a few minutes of free weights in the building’s gym.

When she wandered into the shop two hours later, she was slightly shaking from her intense workouts, and completely ravenous.

Hunter was eating what looked like a cinnamon roll.

After you already had a muffin? Naughty boy, you’ll get fat if you keep eating like that.

Luna wondered how many pastries Hunter consumed in a day, feeling herself blush a bit at the thought.


Luna felt unaccountably shy, as if their comfortable intimacy from last night could disappear any moment in the light of day.

Hunter looked up at her from under long eyelashes. “Hey.”

“Is that any good?” She gestured at the cinnamon roll he’d hidden by the coffee maker.

“Any good? It’s life changing. I’ll get you one.”

Hunter seemed anxious too, as he tried and failed to look nonchalant pulling a cinnamon roll out of the display case.

"So uh, I had fun with you yesterday," he said as he handed her a latte and a cinnamon roll. Luna couldn't repress a big grin.

"Me too! I'm looking forward to a lot more of the same."

Hunter gave her a schoolboy half-smile and she felt her knees go weak.

She took a bite of the cinnamon roll to distract herself. It was phenomenal - sweetly doughy without being overpowering.

"Oh my God, Hunter - these are amazing."

Hunter nodded his approval. "We sell out every time we get them in. I don't let my baker bring them more than once or twice a week though, otherwise they wreck havoc on my waistline."

He nervously chuckled and lowered his voice. "Although maybe you'd be into that?" He sounded almost hopeful.

Luna couldn't stop herself from giving him one of her naughtiest glances. "I would definitely be into that."

Hunter, Hunter, Hunter. Luna knew she'd have to stash the fantasy of feeding Hunter cinnamon rolls away for an evening in the future.

She seemed to have awakened something in him. Not that she was about to complain.

It would certainly be an improvement over her humiliating first foray into full-fledged FFAism.


After a disappointing college freshman year where she hadn't done more than unenthusiastically kiss any of the lean jocks who threw themselves at her, Luna was somewhat thrilled to see that Adrian Cisneros, a former baseball star who just months before had suffered a career-ending shoulder injury, was looking deliciously round as she made her way through her sophomore year.

Her own social status had skyrocketed since winning the scholarship to Arizona State.

Friends, themselves a fairly new concept in Luna's life, appeared seemingly from nowhere. A combination of growing into her looks and holding a prestigious academic scholarship meant she had gotten offers from the four top sororities at ASU.

Luna's mother encouraged her to accept membership at the very best one, telling her the alumni connections would be invaluable later in life.

Despite being flattered they asked, once she joined Luna couldn't help but feel like she'd made a mistake. She was painfully aware that many of her new clique would have tormented her just months before.

Luna never quite fit in with the majority of her new sisters, and nowhere was this more obvious than in her differing opinion of a fatter Adrian.

"I just can't believe he let himself go like that," one member of what had somehow become her friend group whispered in the library computer lab.

Adrian was hovering by the printers, looking intent on a project, and blessedly out of ear shot.

His face, which had been unremarkable to Luna when it was all angles, had filled out in the most appealing way. She used to hear other girls giggle in excitement as he walked past, but he'd never registered to her.

With sixty or so extra pounds, she finally began to see why everyone found him so handsome.

"It's honestly gross. Do you think he thinks people don't notice? I couldn't live with myself."

"Just because he hurt his arm doesn't mean he can't run or whatever. It looks like the only physical therapy he's been doing is learning to shovel a fork into his mouth."

"I think he looks great," Luna interrupted.

Her friends stared.

"Filling out a bit makes him look a lot more grown up. It's nice."

"You're welcome to have him," another friend giggled. "It's like getting two guys for the price of one."

"Oh, whatever," Luna shot back irritably. "He could weigh three hundred pounds and still be better looking than most of the trolls you guys drag home."

Luna didn't think anything of it until she was at the gym the next day. Wiping her dripping forehead as she stepped off the treadmill, she noticed Adrian Cisneros by the free weights.

He followed her to the drinking fountain as she filled up her water bottle.

"You're Luna, right?"

She nodded. "I'd ask your name, but everyone knows it already."

Adrian grimaced. "Everyone knew it maybe. No one gives a shit anymore. I uh, wanted to thank you for standing up for me yesterday. I appreciate it - I heard everything," he added, in response to Luna's feigned innocent expression.

Luna's stomach dropped. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry."

He shrugged. "No, it's all right. I know I'm a hopeless tub these days. It does still suck to hear other people bring it up, though. I just...really appreciated you saying something nice about me, even if it was just to shut those other girls up."

Luna felt her throat go dry. Should she flirt? Luna wasn't positive she knew how.

"I meant it - what I said yesterday," she blurted. She felt her face go even redder.

"Yeah, I heard, you think I look more grown up," he laughed.

Adrian put his hand on the other side of the drinking fountain and leaned forward in a way that probably really worked for him when he was a college sports star.

"I've been in kind of a rut since I got hurt, I haven't been on a date in months. But if you don't mind being seen with a has-been with an old man's body, I'd love to break my streak with you."

Luna could only nod wordlessly.

For the next six months, Luna and Adrian were inseparable.

While he never mentioned Luna's fixation with his rounding belly, thick thighs, and flabby chest, Adrian seemed happy enough to let her touch him all over, especially if it was a precursor to touching him in the spot he wanted her hands the most.

Luna was never sure how to approach expressing her appreciation for his body, as most of her compliments were brushed off or turned into a self-deprecating joke.

One night, when Adrian's tummy looked particularly bloated and enticing after a night of drinking, Luna couldn't stop herself from planting a kiss on the swollen flesh right above his belly button.

He grimaced. "Can we not do your weird fetish thing tonight?"

Luna sat bolt upright. "W-what?"

"You heard me."

Luna didn't know what to say.

"I'm sorry....I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable," she choked out after a while.

Adrian shrugged. "It's whatever. Some nights I just don't feel like being reminded that I got fat enough to be dating a chubby chaser."

Luna was happy it was dark enough that he couldn't see her cheeks flame red. She didn't know how to phrase her interest in his body in a way that wasn't off-putting, and worried that deep down, she might only be dating him for his looks.

And it only got worse from there.
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The end came abruptly less than a month later.

Adrian's laptop died in the middle of an LSAT prep course, and Luna offered hers without hesitation.

When she stopped by Adrian's apartment to pick it up after her sorority chapter meeting, Luna found him waiting on the couch, a dark expression on his face.

He didn't greet her as she let herself in. Instead, he thrust the laptop at her.

"What...the this?"

On screen was a video she had unthinkingly bookmarked weeks ago. It was - intense.

A leather clad dominatrix type stood over an obese young man as he ate a cake on all fours.

"Shovel it in, piggy," the dominatrix taunted, flicking his rear with a whip.

Luna had never seen anything like it before, and was instantly enthralled.

Or, at least, she had been.

She stood frozen in front of Adrian, not able to meet his gaze.

"Maybe it's a virus?" She suggested lamely.

"You're the computer nerd. This look like a fucking virus to you?"

Luna realized she'd been standing slack-jawed the whole time.

Adrian wasn't finished. "Is this what you think of me? Is this the kind of creepy shit you want to do to me?"

Luna stared at her feet miserably. Yes? No?

"Get out of my house, Luna. Don't come back." He snatched the key from her limp palm.


"Was that a yes?"

Luna realized Hunter was looking at her expectantly with a half smile.

"Sorry, I totally zoned out there - what did you say?"

Her reverie made her happy to see Hunter all over again.

"I said, if you'd like to come back to my place after our community happy hour, I'd love to make you dinner."

"You cook?" Luna was thrilled.

Hunter laughed. "Not well, but I make up for it in enthusiasm."

A handsome man who liked to eat, liked to cook, and even dared to make playful innuendos about weight gain?

Luna wasn't sure what she'd done to deserve Hunter falling into her life, but she was certainly grateful.

"I can't think of anything I'd like more."
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