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Dec 23, 2018
Although I agree, I won't repeat all the glowing praise, but wanted to point out something else:
I liked the part where Luna has lunch with her teacher. In Germany where I live no student would ever live that down. No matter how well you get along, if you spend any time chatting with a teacher after class, you're ridiculed as the teacher's pet. That is so sad when teachers can be such role models to kids.

Starling, please continue this. Your characters are wonderfully rounded, one of them even literally so ;)


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Sep 29, 2005
The great white north, eh?
I'd not been in a reading mood for a bit and hadn't been paying attention to the updates here for the past month. Finally came back to the Library today to see a lot of things I haven't read, but as soon as I saw new posts in this thread I clicked here first, hoping that it was a new chapter and not just people asking about a new chapter .... *Happy sigh* it was so good to pick up this story again :)


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Jun 20, 2008
"So, what's for dinner?" Luna asked around a mouthful of cheese and cracker. She had volunteered to help Hunter clean up after the happy hour, but so far "cleaning up" had consisted of eating leftover cheese and drinking leftover wine.

"Pot roast. Nothing special, but it's a cold day and you can just sort of leave it going for a few hours."

Hunter left out the part where he had dashed to his favorite butcher as soon as Luna left his shop, and then spent the better part of two hours dicing, seasoning, and getting everything in his house just right before heading back to work.

Never mind that Luna had seen the place only yesterday.

"Mmm. I love pot roast. It's always too hot for it back home - one of the perks of the terrible weather, I guess."

Hunter nodded. "I love the cold weather, but I love cold weather food even more." One of the many reasons he left South Carolina - it was hard to enjoy the hearty foods he liked when it was always so warm.

"I don't know if I'll ever get used to the cold. How can you stand it?"

"Well, I might have a little more insulation than you do," Hunter laughed, brushing a hand across his middle. Luna colored slightly.

"But I always loved the cold. We'd go skiing in Vermont when I was a kid. I hated skiing, but I loved the snow. Always have."

Maybe it helped that winter clothes were more forgiving toward a big body.

Maybe he despised his balmy hometown so much that he loved everything that was its opposite by default.

Hunter couldn't think of a place less like Charleston than Halifax, and that suited him just fine.

"You never told me how you ended up here." It was like Luna could read his thoughts.

Hunter shrugged. "I went to Dal, and they couldn't get rid of me."

"But why? A family school?"

"God, no. My parents were livid." Hunter poured them each another glass of boxed wine.

"So why, then?"

"I came to Halifax really briefly with my aunt and my cousins when I was thirteen. We had a long layover here on our way to Toronto - my uncle and my dad were on a business trip there, my aunt was going to take the kids around the city. I remember it was so grey, and the sea was terrifying - not like the water at home. Everything just seemed so dramatic and important with the insane cold and the pitch black water. And even though it was freezing, everyone was so warm. They were genuinely kind, for real. Not like Charleston, where you need a goddamn translator to figure out if someone's complimenting you or insulting you. I was here for just a few hours as a kid, but that's all it took to fall in love. I knew I needed to come back."

"What, you didn't have a private jet?" Luna asked, only half-joking.

"My grandfather always said they weren’t worth the upkeep."

Luna couldn't repress a snicker. "Ah yes, Grandpa DiAngelo always said the same. But sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt - so what happened next?"

Hunter popped a cheese cube in his mouth, washing it down with a swig of wine.

"Right. How I ended up here. In high school, I was...not the best student, to put it lightly. I was a nightmare for teachers, I skipped class all the time, I would tell my parents I was at the library when I was really out drinking with friends - your average teenage *******. When it came time to apply for college, I thought I might have a better shot as an international student, so I looked up universities in Halifax and found Dalhousie. I didn't expect anything to come of it, but I wrote the admissions essay about the impact Halifax had on me. That it showed me there was another way to live that was completely different from how I'd grown up. My test scores and GPA were ****, but that essay was fantastic if I say so myself. When I found out I'd been accepted, I enrolled the same day. I didn't even ask my parents."

"You said they were mad?"

"Big time. My dad 'pulled a lot of strings' at College of Charleston - his way of saying he drowned them in cash - in order to get them to accept me as a student. Never mind that I told him I'd rather gouge my eyes out than stay in South Carolina. My mom had a DUI from a Christmas party a few years beforehand - it was quite the scandal, let me tell you - so that essentially kept her out of Canada. She wasn't too happy that I went where she literally could not follow me. The day I showed up for student move-in was the second time I ever set foot in Halifax, but I haven't looked back. You know how they say you know when a person's 'the one'? I felt that way about Halifax. Even if I never marry again, this city's 'the one' for me."

"Wow, that was a way deeper answer than I expected."

Hunter laughed. "Sorry, I tend to wax poetic about this place. I just love it."

"I'm glad you do," Luna passed the cheese plate to Hunter as she picked up a rag to wipe down the tables. She pretended not to noticed as he put several cubes in his mouth every time she turned her back. "I'm excited to see what you see."

"I'm excited to show you - if it ever stops snowing. I'm sorry we didn't make it downtown tonight."

Luna shook her head, sending her silvery ponytail swinging.

"No, I'd so much rather do a home cooked meal. It sounds so romantic - a cute guy, a blizzard, a pot roast - what's not to like?"

They spent a few minutes cleaning up in earnest before Hunter looked around, satisfied.

"That should do it - do you need anything before we go? You said you live really close."

"No, I'm good. And yeah - I live right across the street, actually. It seemed weird to mention before I really knew you."

"That big fancy building?"

Luna rolled her eyes. "I don't think you get to call anything 'fancy', Mister I-Live-in-a-Mansion-Alone. But it is pretty nice."

Hunter grimaced. "I've always hated that place. They tore down some really adorable historic homes to build it. It's why I bought the places on this side of the block, actually, to save them from the same fate."

Luna's eyes widened. "Christ, I didn't realize you owned the whole block."

"Only part of it, and only briefly. I kept this house for the coffee shop since it was my favorite. The others I sold after a few years, with the caveat that they couldn't be used for development."


Hunter shrugged uncomfortably. "I was young when I did it, I was impulsive and had just come into a lot more money than I ever expected to see again, considering my parents cut me off when I moved here."


"Yeah, I had to work two or three jobs at any time just to keep my head above water. Barista, waiter, check out boy at the grocery store."

He shrugged again. "For the best, though, I'm sure I would have been a spoiled brat otherwise. Plus, it's why I decided to open a coffee shop."

"I like that story. I'm kind of glad you spent a few years as a man of the people - however briefly."

Hunter laughed. "See? Don't you feel bad about all your rich kid jokes now?"

"Not remotely."


"What would you even do with them?" Elodie clucked her tongue disapprovingly, staring up at the row of fenced in houses slated for demolition the next morning.

"I don't know, but I would have thought of something. Maybe just fixed them up and held on to them for a while, like an investment. It makes me sad - they're so beautiful, and they're going to get demolished to build what? Some stupid lofts for rich people?"

"You are rich people, cheri."

"Maybe, but I'd rather die than live in some soulless high-rise. They're destroying everything that makes the North End special."

Elodie ran her fingers up his arm.

"It's already done, love. There's nothing you can do. Perhaps you should have majored in architecture, with how much you love buildings."

Hunter eyed the row of colorful houses, knowing it for the last time. "Maybe," he replied listlessly.

"Sometimes I think you forget we are moving to Montreal in a month. What's the point of buying a bunch of old houses you have no use for, when we are leaving the city anyway?"

Elodie kissed his cheek and touched his hand lightly to lead him away.
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Jun 20, 2008

"It smells so good in here," Luna enthused as Hunter reached for her coat.

"The magic of a crock pot," Hunter chuckled. "Are you hungry now?"

"Yes, very."

Hunter was relieved. "So am I - I shouldn't be since we just ate, but here we are."

Luna waved a hand dismissively. "It was snack food, barely an appetizer."

Maybe for her. Hunter wondered if she'd noticed how much he'd eaten as he mingled.

Luna was glad Hunter was ready to eat, despite how much of the happy hour spread she'd seen him enjoying earlier. Not to mention all the cheese he'd eaten when he thought she wasn't looking as they cleaned.

A nice healthy appetite meant that his adorable belly probably wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon.

Luna offered to set the table, and stole a look at Hunter as she set napkins and silverware out. He inhaled deeply as he opened the crock pot, a look of pure pleasure on his handsome face.

He spooned the pot roast into two large bowls, letting out a soft grunt of pleasure as he ate a few bites from his.

He met Luna's eyes and flushed, still chewing.

"Bring those over here, handsome."

They chatted as they ate, swapping stories about work. Luna was in stitches over Hunter's humorous tales of managing his mostly collegiate workforce, while Hunter lent a sympathetic ear as Luna shared her insecurities about stepping up in her new role. Before she knew it, Hunter's bowl was empty.

"This is so delicious - you were lying when you said you weren't a great cook! Can I get you some more?"

Hunter looked between his bowl and Luna's. "Are you planning to have more?" He seemed shy.

Luna was getting pretty full from the rich food, but nodded enthusiastically. "Absolutely! I'll top us both off." She stood up and reached for his bowl.

She poured a few more spoonfuls into her own bowl before turning to Hunter's, making sure it was filled to the brim with tender meat and big bites of potato.

"Well, that's a very generous portion," Hunter said softly, something between a smile and a frown toying on his face. "You seem to like giving me a lot of food."

"Food's my love language," Luna giggled, hoping her joking tone would mask her slowly rising panic.

She thought he'd be all right with eating more, given his comments that morning. But maybe she'd completely misinterpreted them and was about to scare him off.

To her relief, Hunter picked up his fork and smiled. "I like that. It's kind of nurturing. I'd say motherly - but you haven't met my mother."

They ate in silence for a few more bites. "I'm gonna get fat if I keep eating like this, though."

Luna met Hunter's eyes across the table. "Please don't feel obligated to keep eating if you're full. Just eat what you want - you made it, I won't be offended."

Hunter laughed. "If I stopped eating when I was full, I wouldn't be nearly as big as I am. And I - well - um - sometimes, it's kind of nice to have a little bit extra. Especially if it's a pretty girl who's serving you the food. I just don't want to gross you out if I keep eating like this and it catches up to me. I gain weight pretty easily, and I don't want put you off."

Luna let in a sharp intake of air that was almost like a whistle.

Hunter worried he'd misread her completely earlier. That was it, this was the end.

Maybe last night she'd just meant she liked her men bigger within reason?

Luna was indescribably turned on. She wanted to pounce on Hunter and feed him the rest of the contents of the crock pot, until his shirt stretched tight around his round tummy.

"If you eat a little too much and it catches up to you, I guarantee I will like the results."

"Yeah?" Hunter looked relieved.

"Oh yeah."

"In that case - " Hunter held his bowl up to her in a cheersing motion, before swiftly finishing the rest.

He leaned back in his chair, a hand on his full stomach. God, he felt fat. And warm. And cozy. And horny.

Luna was staring at him, but it appeared to be with approval. He wondered what it would be like for her to rub his bloated belly, the way Elodie always used to do.

Back then, he'd been so uncomfortable with himself that he never enjoyed it in the moment. It might be nice to let loose and let Luna touch him all over.

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Dec 23, 2018
Thank you for updating so soon; I already got attached to your characters.

""Please don't feel obligated to keep eating if you're full. Just eat what you want - you made it, I won't be offended.""
I like that. To each their own, including feederism, but it adds tenderness and respect for Hunter to the story.


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Jun 20, 2008
I've had the story "finished" in my head for forever now, it's just a matter of making the time to algkalnbelagahjk it all out on a keyboard :p. But with the current abysmal weather all over N America, I should have a bit more inside down time.


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Jun 20, 2008
"Oh, Hunter, darling, you can't be serious." His mother's face was a mask of dismay.

"Of course I'm serious."

"And just who is this girl? Some money grubbing socialist who is only interested in your inheritance, I'm sure. If she hasn't squeezed it out of you already."

"Mama, you know about Elodie. She's been my girlfriend since freshman year. She's not some random woman off the street."

"I know about her? That's a laugh. I only know anything about you from the pictures Iris sends. My own son is a stranger to me. You'll sign a pre-nup, of course."

"It's not like she's marrying me for money. She's going to be a lawyer. Her parents are politicians."

"Canadian politics are hardly comparable."

His mother sighed, pushing a long strand of bleached hair away from her face. "I wish you hadn't sprung this on us out of nowhere - I am going to be very busy this summer, I'll barely have time to plan a proper wedding."

Hunter steeled himself. "We want to do something small. Spend a weekend in Quebec City and do it there...just the two of us."

A moment of silence.

"Hunter! You couldn't. You wouldn't."

"Mama, I'm a grown man, I can do what I want."

"Twenty-one is not a grown man. You're a child. And you're about to throw everything your grandfather worked so hard for away for - for what? The first Canadian slut who let you touch her? Your father will have words about this."

Hunter had to sit on his hands so as to not flip his mother off over Skype.

"I'm sure he will, but if either of you refer to my future wife as a slut again, they'll be the last words you ever have with me." His throat was tight with rage.

His mother rattled her empty martini glass at someone off camera. One of the help, most likely.

"Don't be dramatic, darling. We just want what's best for you. But I'm sure you know better than your parents. You always have, haven't you?"

She smiled icily.

"Your face is getting so bloated, darling. That beard you're growing doesn't hide it. You look like you've put on a lot of weight, like you're not taking care of yourself up there alone. Do they not have gyms in New Brunswick?"

"It's Nova Scotia - and I'm sure our first one is only a few years away. We'll get our touch of civilization yet."

"You joke, but I worry about you. Stand up and let me see the rest of you."

"You know, I'd really rather not."

His mother took a sip from her freshly filled glass.

"Stand. Up. Hunter." Her voice was barely a whisper.

Hunter groaned inwardly. Even after all these years, even a country away, his mother still terrified him.

He stood up, wincing as his mother gasped.

"Hunter William! It's worse than I thought. You're enormous! How could you do this to yourself?"

"Jesus Christ, Mama," Hunter snapped, sitting down heavily. "Give it a rest, will you?"

"I only want you to be happy," his mother wheedled. "You can't propose to a woman looking like that, no matter how much money you have. A woman wants a husband, not a pet pig. I just don't want you to get your heart broken."

"It's not - she's not - Elodie's not like that," Hunter stammered.

His mother stirred her cocktail with a long, manicured finger.

"Darling, all women are like that. Don't fool yourself. I know she's quite a big girl, but even they have standards. If you don't think your sweet Elodie's repulsed by what you've let yourself become, you're delusional."

Hunter had reached the end of his patience. He worried he might cry, as pathetic as it was to admit. No one could get under his skin like Kathy Prescott.

"All right, we're done. Goodbye, Mama."

"Wait!" She held up a hand to the camera. "You'll be bringing her to Charleston, won't you? It'd break my heart for you to marry a woman I haven't met."

"Frankly, I'd rather drive us both off a cliff."

His mother put a hand to her chest. "How can you say such cruel things to your own mother? After all you've done to me already?"

Her eyes welled with crocodile tears.

"I look at the relationship Janine has with Iris, and it - it- it - it kills me that you won't let me have the same relationship with you."

"Yeah, well, I'm sure Aunt Janine doesn't call Iris a repulsive pig every time she talks to her."

His mother sniffled. "Iris keeps herself in lovely shape. I'm sure she doesn't have to."


Luna followed Hunter into the kitchen, watching him rinse the empty bowls before putting them in the dishwasher.

"That was amazing, thank you so much."

"Any time you want me to make you dinner, I'm more than happy to. Do you want dessert or anything? I didn't make something specific, but I tend to keep a lot of sweets around the house."

It might have been an embarrassing admission if Luna hadn't beamed at him.

"Well, what do you have?" She was curious about Hunter's inventory of guilty pleasures.

Hunter must have guessed something along the same lines, as he reddened and looked down briefly before meeting her eyes.

"Well, uh, I have some ice cream - a couple different flavors - some of those microwavable mug brownies, a few candy bars, and yesterday's leftover pastries, though there aren't that many of them left. Oh, and fruit - I have fruit."

Luna shrugged noncommittally. "I'll have what you're having."

A nervous smile flitted across Hunter's face. "You don't think it's weird that I'm planning to eat dessert too?"

Where did all this anxiety come from? "Not at all. Not ever. I like a guy with an appetite."

Hunter smiled a real smile this time.

"In that case, then - how about ice cream? I know it's cold, but -"

Luna cut him off. "Ice cream sounds great."

"I have rocky road, mint chip, cookie dough, chocolate, rainbow sherbet - I think that's it?"

Luna repressed a smile. A couple different flavors indeed.

"What's your favorite?"

"I like all of them." He laughed. "I don't know what to say, Luna, I'm a fat kid to my core."

Luna couldn't wait to for the opportunity to explore just how fat Hunter's core might be.

"Cookie dough?" Luna suggested. Hunter nodded.

"Let me just pull it out of the freezer."

He took the lid off the tub - not a small one by any means - revealing that it was half-eaten. Luna felt herself shiver involuntarily.

"You know, there's not a ton in there, we could probably just grab two spoons and share the rest," she suggested nonchalantly. "Saves us from dirtying two more bowls."

"Yeah, that works. Do you want to maybe - watch a movie or some TV or something?"

Luna nodded. "Absolutely."

She carried the tub of ice cream into Hunter's den, settling on his large, comfortable leather couch. There was a faux fireplace across the room that Hunter flicked on before he curled up next to her, the electric flame dancing charmingly.

He grabbed a throw blanket to wrap loosely around his belly - a habit he'd picked up as a kid that he still did without thinking, even when he was alone. Luna eyed the blanket for a moment before lifting it up and cuddling underneath it next to him. Her orangey-vanilla scent was intoxicating up close.

They watched some mindless show, neither of them particularly paying attention, as Luna kept her eyes on the tub of ice cream waiting for a sign that it had softened. After a few minutes, she picked it up and put a spoonful in her mouth.

"Ooh, this is great. I haven't seen this brand before."

Hunter nodded approvingly. "You wouldn't have. It's a local dairy, about twenty miles from here. They sell at the farmer's market sometimes, and I stock up when I can."

Luna dipped the other spoon in the container. "Do you want a bite?"

"You want to feed it to me?" Hunter hoped his voice didn't sound as high pitched to Luna as it did reverberating in his head. Poor Luna had no idea how close she was to fulfilling one of his deepest fantasies.

Luna shifted so she was hovering on her knees on the couch. "Only if you don't mind."

"I - no - I don't mind at all." He felt like a pervert. She was just trying to be sweet, did he have to go and make it sexual?

Luna leaned forward and slipped the spoon in his mouth. She pulled it out and replaced it with her lips as he swallowed.

"How was that?" she asked softly.

Hunter was certain he was beet red. "Uh, good, good."

"You want another bite?"

"Yeah, okay."

Luna put a bigger spoonful in his mouth this time, causing Hunter's cheeks to puff out a bit. He wondered if he looked ridiculous to her.

Luna was certain she hadn't been this turned on in years. She kissed Hunter's cheek as he swallowed.

"Are you full or do you want some more?"

Hunter's laugh was raspy. "Can I say both?"

Luna grinned and fed him another spoonful.

In less than ten minutes, Luna was scraping the bottom of the carton, and Hunter felt like he was about to pop in the best way possible. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been so full. Except maybe last night. And the time he'd gone out with Luna before that.

He looked down at his belly under the blanket. It looked huge.

"My belly looks huge," he observed out loud.

"Do you want me to um, massage it a little bit maybe? Help you digest?" Luna prayed she didn't sound too eager.

Part of Hunter worried she would put one hand on him and turn away in disgust. The other, hornier part wanted her to ravish him then and there.

"Um, yeah, that could be okay. Maybe I should change out of my jeans first."

Luna nodded. "Whatever makes you comfortable."

Hunter hoisted himself off the couch, unpleasantly surprised by how much his stomach was protruding. Or was it unpleasant?

He made a face. "I - uh - sorry I'm so goddamn fat. I hope you weren't joking about being into it."

Luna got up as well, in one limber motion.

"Can I get you to relax a little bit?" she asked gently, kissing his cheek again. "I told you, I'm into everything about you. Go get some comfortable clothes and some lotion and let me show you how into you I am."


Aug 1, 2018
This is SO good! It's of my favorite stories! :) I love that theres this inner conflict between the two of them even though they both want the same thing.


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Dec 23, 2018
" "Are you full or do you want some more?" Hunter's laugh was raspy. "Can I say both?" "

Never has cold ice-cream been so hot. I want to knock the lotion bottle out of Luna's hands and get to work on Hunter myself...


Feb 23, 2009
, Ontario, Canada
I’m trying to be very patient and not bug you! Such a good story with excellent characters I have a crush on Luna hahaha. I would very much enjoy Some new chapters we have had lots of cold weather to keep you inside near you keyboard.
Just a suggestion


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Jun 20, 2008
I’m trying to be very patient and not bug you! Such a good story with excellent characters I have a crush on Luna hahaha. I would very much enjoy Some new chapters we have had lots of cold weather to keep you inside near you keyboard.
Just a suggestion

I am actually typing out the next chapter now! (Apologies to people who click this thinking it might be a new chapter - one is on the way super soon!)


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Jun 20, 2008
Hunter scrunched his face up in the mirror. Maybe he should try a sexier expression. He pursed his lips and hooded his eyelids in what he hoped was a sensual manner. He caught a glimpse of his reflection, and the male model scowl melted into a goofy grin.

He scrunched his face again as his eyes drifted to the chubby chest and rounded belly in the glass before him. While he personally might find a shame-ridden sort of sexiness in his overfed body, he was also clearly some sort of deviant in that regard. Despite Luna's professed enthusiasm for a heavier companion, Hunter wasn't quite convinced she knew what she was getting herself into with him.

He found a bottle of moisturizer in the en suite bathroom. A no-nonsense, clinical type of lotion - probably not at all what Luna had in mind. Specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin. Hot.

He pulled on a pair of comfortable flannel sweatpants that he hoped didn't look too sloppy. He debated leaving it at that and heading downstairs shirtless, but figured that might be coming on a bit too strong.

After all, "let me massage your gut because you clearly can't control yourself around food" wasn't quite the same offer as "let me screw you senseless".

He settled on a zip up hoodie with nothing underneath. He gave his belly a quick rub to try and soothe his nerves a bit. It had been a long time since he'd gone to bed with a woman feeling anything other than mixed emotions of loneliness, dread, and resentment.

If he and Luna were even going to bed, that was.


Luna touched up her lipstick in the downstairs hallway bathroom. She wished she'd thought ahead enough to wear a matching lingerie set. Nothing she could do about it now, though.

She fished the little stick of deodorant she always carried out of her purse and gave her underarms a quick swipe. Was there anything else she could do to tart herself up a bit? Luna glanced around the small room. It didn't look like it.

She bent over and stood up quickly a few times in rapid succession, to give her hair that windswept look. Luna stuck her tongue between her teeth and raised an eyebrow at the woman blinking back at her. This would have to work.

She felt giddy with anticipation.

She stepped in front of the staircase just in time to hear Hunter's heavy footsteps on the wood. He practically trotted down the stairs, big tummy jiggling under his hoodie for a few moments after he stopped moving. That little bit of wobbling flesh, coupled with Hunter's endlessly endearing nervous smile, was enough to send Luna into predator mode.

She licked her lips. "Is the couch comfortable for you?"

Hunter half hoped she'd suggest taking the massage to the bedroom, but nodded. "Yeah."

He followed her to the den, admiring the curve of her hips and rear as she walked.

Luna took the bottle of lotion from his hands as he settled himself on the couch. She straddled his wide lap, her inner thighs hovering just a hair above his outer ones. "Is this position okay?"

Hunter swallowed. "Oh yeah, it's great."

Luna laughed and it sounded like metal. Hunter didn't mind. She put a hand to the zipper of his hoodie. "Is it all right if I..."

"Go for it."

A catlike grin spread over Luna's face as she slowly unzipped the hoodie, realizing he had nothing underneath. "Oh my God, Hunter, you're so sexy."

Hunter felt himself blush under her wide-eyed gaze. "I'm glad you think so."

Luna squirted a bit of lotion into her hands, rubbing her palms together quickly to warm it up. The sight of Hunter looking up at her with his big blue eyes, hugely rounded tummy jutting out and down, was a dream come true.

His chest was muscled but soft, a strong foundation with just a bit of sagging chub. His belly looked soft to the touch but shapely, folding over itself onto his sweatpants with adorable side rolls. Like his biceps, his chest was tattooed. Above his heart was an old timey sailor looking one - two swallows holding a folded piece of parchment with a date in Roman numerals.

Luna traced it with a finger. "Wedding date?" she asked.

Hunter looked down. "The tattoo?"

"Yeah - you said you were married before."

Hunter nodded. "I keep meaning to get it removed, but something always comes up. And I haven't - to be honest, I hadn't met anyone I felt I needed to remove it for...until you."

Luna felt her face warm. Did that mean he was serious about her?

"We all have a past," she shrugged with a smile. Right now, she had more important things on her mind than mementos of ex-wives.

She started with the curve of Hunter's upper belly, rubbing lotioned hands in gentle circles right where it began to push away from his sternum. Her inner thighs tightened together as she realized she could feel just how much food Hunter had in there. She leaned forward and kissed Hunter's forehead as she rubbed.

"That okay?"

A series of non-word sounds came out of Hunter's mouth as he nodded. Luna's grin widened.


She spent some time relaxing his bloated upper stomach before working her way to the more pliable fat around his deep navel. He shifted a little bit, cheeks red.

"I'm still waiting for the part where this all goes horribly wrong."

"Me too," Luna confessed. "It's been a while since I could touch someone the way I wanted."

"Don't be silly. I'm sure any guy would love to have you touch them - however you wanted."

"It's nice that you think that. It's nice that you're being such a good sport about this, too. I know...what I'm into isn't for everyone."

Hunter sighed contentedly. "If this is what you're into, be my guest to be into it as much as you want."

Luna probed his deep bellybutton experimentally with a finger. "Does that feel all right?"

Better than all right. "Yeah."

She pushed her slim finger in a bit further, moving it in a circular motion. "How about that?"

Hunter nodded, trying not to go cross eyed. "Yeah. That feels nice, actually. I wouldn't have thought getting my big fat gut poked around would be pleasant...but it kind of is." It helped that Luna was clearly as turned on by this as he was, if not more so.

She rubbed more lotion onto her hands, moving down to his sensitive lower belly, the part that always stayed soft and flabby, even when he was in better shape.

Luna traced the outline of an old stretch mark before getting to work. "You feel amazing," she whispered.

"I feel fat."

Luna poked his tummy with a seductive smile. "Is that a bad thing?"

Hunter worked his hands up Luna's shirt, feeling for the clasp of her bra.


It was true. He looked down at himself, giant gut pushing obscenely toward Luna's small but muscled frame. He felt vaguely embarrassed for every extra meal, every beer, every pastry from his shop that had gotten him to this point. But at the same time, he felt insanely, unspeakably aroused.

He managed to unhook Luna's bra, and she assisted him by pulling it off herself. He reached for her shirt but she stopped him.

"Upstairs?" She suggested, one hand trailing fingers over his demanding lower region, the other rubbing the last of the lotion into his belly.

Hunter nodded eagerly.

"Do you feel better?" She asked, gesturing to his midsection. Hunter nodded again.

"I haven't felt this good in years." It wasn't an exaggeration.

Luna beamed at him, pressing her lips against his own. "Glad to be of service."


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Jun 20, 2008
Upstairs, Luna stepped out of her dark jeans and pulled her blouse over her head. She was wearing nothing but a simple black thong that made Hunter's mouth water.

He dimmed the lights out of habit. The last woman he'd taken to bed - Jessica, or Jenna, or something - had loved the expensive night on the town Hunter paid for, but looked visibly repulsed when he stripped down. That was almost six months ago. Hunter quickly pushed the thought from his mind as he shrugged the unzipped hoodie off his broad shoulders.

Luna crawled into the bed, spreading herself wide across the duvet cover.

"This is seriously the most comfortable bed I've ever been in. Maybe we should skip the sex and get right to the part where we fall asleep after. Kidding!" she added, in response to Hunter's hurt expression.

Hunter lowered himself onto the tiny part of the bed Luna was not occupying. "How can someone so small take up so much room?" he chuckled. Luna bounced upward and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling Hunter until he was lying down next to her. She continued her exploration of his body with her hands, marveling at the contrast between his soft body and...not so soft other parts.

"Hunter Prescott, you're a certifiable sex god," she whispered gleefully.

Hunter had never seen anyone take such unabashed pleasure in his body. Even Elodie had been more romantic than sexual. But Luna wasted no time clambering on top of his wide torso, lowering herself onto him gently. She felt so good Hunter feared he would come then and there.

He almost had control of himself until Luna insisted he move on top of her. "Are you kidding? I'll squash you like a bug," he protested.

Luna was adamant.

"You won't, I promise. I've done this with guys way bigger than you. It'll be like the sexy version of one of those weighted blankets."

The idea that Luna had been with "way bigger" guys left Hunter both jealous and reassured. He moved on top of her, and the feeling of his massive belly jiggling beneath him, coupled with Luna's expression of pure pleasure and lust, was more than he could handle.

"Sorry," he laughed anxiously, rolling off of her.

Luna grinned at him. "No need to apologize. I like your enthusiasm."

She kissed him hard, her tongue probing his mouth as Hunter's hands probed between her legs.

Luna suggested they shower afterward, letting out a low whistle as she saw Hunter's large marbled walk-in with its dual shower heads.

She let Hunter soap her petite, curvy body, from her smallish but shapely chest to her firm, muscled calves. She seemed to take equal pleasure running a loofah over his far doughier frame.

"We can go to one of the guest bedrooms if you don't want to bother with dirty sheets," Hunter offered as they toweled themselves dry.

Luna let out a bark of laughter. "Of course you have an after-sex room. But what I want to know is does your guest bedroom have the same mattress?"

"Two of them do - the other one has a different model."

"And yet you sleep in the same bed every night? I'd hop around if this was my place."

Hunter laughed. "What can I say? I'm terribly predictable."

He offered Luna a hoodie that reached to her knees and a pair of slippers that made her look like she had duck feet as they made their way to Hunter's favorite guest bedroom, the one that overlooked the harbor.

Luna snuggled under the bedsheets, feeling a sense of warm contentment as she felt Hunter's big body next to hers. She ran a hand across his chest, tucking her head under his beard as Hunter flipped on the television.

"Thanks for letting me stay the night."

Hunter put a muscled arm around her and drew her close in a way that made her feel incredibly, primally, safe.

"I promise, any time you want to do that again, you are more than welcome."

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