OMG, was she an FFA?

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May 19, 2008
Prior to when you knew FFAs existed, have you every looked back at someone in your past and now realize they were an FFA because they were attracted to you or perhaps another BHM?

I'm 100% sure a former manager of the company I work for now who has moved to another region was an FFA.


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Oct 11, 2008
I've never met an FFA, but i absolutely dying too. Just to experience 1 in the flesh, if that makes any sense.


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Sep 29, 2005
The great white north, eh?
I have one suspicion.....

I switched programs at school in grade six and ended up with almost all new classmates drawn from a few schools. About that time I became interested in girls, and generally in the plumper ones, especially one in my class, call her 'C.' But there was one one thin girl that I kind of crushed on two, an outgoing but studious red head with awesome posture, call her 'E'. Come grade nine I again jumped programs and went to a different high school than almost anyone I knew.

However one of E's friends also went to my new school, and relayed an invitation to go to a Halloween party that some of the girls of my old class were holding. Once there I was disappointed to see that C was not there, but happy to see that E was. Another girl whispered to me that I should ask E to dance, which I was quite pleased to do. A few months later that same group organized a skating party, where it was very clear each of the girls had invited one boy, and I was there for E. From there things kind of went downhill, with various missed opportunities to meet, one sort of date where I was an awkward stumbling stooge, and when finally it looked like I could for sure make one of my school dances and I invited her, she 'already had other plans for that night.' I was disappointed but also a bit relieved, as I'd realized I had no clue at all about what I was doing. We did, however, stay very lightly in touch, so that a year later when my family moved to France I let her know my new address.

A year after that, lo and behold, she and her mom were going to be visiting Paris for a couple of days, would I care to be her tour guide? And in a nice piece of diplomacy to make sure that there were no misunderstandings, she mentioned in the letter, amongst other news, that she was now dating C's older brother.

Just as friends we had an awesome day kicking around Paris, but that was the last time I saw her--by the time I returned to Canada it was to University and I wasn't good at keeping in touch with people.

All that time I assumed that she saw past my nerdiness, glasses, and slight chubbiness, and appreciated that I was somewhat athletic, etc.

It was only a few years ago, after being around here long enough, that it suddenly hit me: if C was already pretty chubby in grade six, the odds were good that her older brother was also not thin. So maybe E had actually been interested in me more because I was a bit chubby (and maybe even because I was nerdy and had glasses). It hit me in just a major :doh: sort of moment. Back in the day I'd never even considered that she might actually like me for who I was, and most of the awkwardness of that failed date came from me trying to be someone other than myself.

So I don't know if she was an FFA per se, but I suspect that she at least liked guys with some stockiness to them.