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Jun 30, 2017
, Male
Immobility, SSBBW ~XWG, Lilly is a young USSBBW who lives with her feeder and enabler boyfriend, Luke.
On their anniversary the two go out for dinner and Lilly has an amazing night on the brink of immobility.

On the Brink
by NoviceFA​

Enabler always sounds like such a dirty word, but to Lilly it wasn't. Lilly had heard the word enabler thrown around to describe her boyfriend. This word had been used by her doctor, her parents, and some of her old friends. But Lilly didn't have any negative feelings about the word, for Lilly enabler was a good thing. As Lilly lay in bed she thinks about her Boyfriend, she lay there feeling the weight of her body, feeling what he had helped her become, what he had enabled her to become. She reaches as far as she can down her body, but can barely touch her belly button before she can't reach any further. Her skin feels so soft, and warm, stretching out in front of her fingers, she can barely see over the top of her soft belly. It had gotten so huge since they met, as such it had become a very integral part of their relationship. It was a team effort to keep such a large belly satisfied, and if Lilly had to be honest with herself, it was getting almost impossibly hard for her to feel full lately. This thought made a shiver run down her spine, and she felt a familiar tingling feeling in her nether regions.

Suddenly Lilly's blissful self examination and reflection is interrupted by a knock on the door. And then the sound of the lock being turned, and the door opening. Lilly's mind begins to race as she struggles to sit up. Luke left for work hours ago, and he is the only other person with a key to the house besides her parents but he wouldn't knock before opening his own front door, and her parents were told only to use their copy in the case of an emergency.

"Who is in my house?!" Lilly yells in a strained voice at the effort to continue sitting up.

"It's okay miss, Sorry to scare you but Luke sent me!" responded a lady's voice that she didn't recognize, suddenly a woman's figure appeared around the corner. Lilly scrambled to pull the sheets up over her exposed breasts. The lady was dressed in a work uniform of some sort, with a logo Lilly didn't recognize.
"Hi Lilly, I'm Amanda from Erin's Errands, Luke sent me over to drop a few things off for you." For the first time Lilly noticed the cart the lady was pulling behind her.

"Oh... uh.. okay, sorry I'm a little caught off guard!" Lilly stammered, blushing, pulling the sheets a little closer to her neck.

"Yea, sorry to walk in on you like that, but Luke said that he didn't want you to have to get out of bed to open the door, so he dropped off a copy of a key when he hired us." Amanda tried not to show her surprise at the sheer size of the woman in front of her, when Luke had made the arrangements, she thought it simply a chivalrous gesture on his part that he didn't want his Girlfriend to have to get out of bed, but it had become clear that it was no gesture, the simple act of maneuvering herself to her feet must have been a feat worth praise for Lilly. Additionally, the sheer size of the order suddenly made sense to her, but she was still finding it hard to believe that so much could possibly be for just one person.

"Anyway... Here are your items that Luke ordered" said Amanda, wheeling the cart to the side of Lilly's bed.

"Oh Okay thank you, do you need a tip or anything?" asked Lilly as she tried to figure out what all the little boxes stacked on the three tiered cart would contain, they resembled take out boxes for the most part she thought.

"Oh Heavens no! It's all taken care of, just remind Luke to leave the cart along with the silverware on the porch overnight so we can pick it up." Amanda was already getting used to Lilly's size, the initial shock had subsided a bit, replaced with a curiosity Amanda had never experienced, surely a woman that large would have to be so soft thought Amanda as she tried to slyly eye the massive woman's body through the thin sheets that were draped across it. "I'll lock the door when I leave, enjoy your surprise! You sure do have a nice boyfriend!"

"Okay, yea he's the best he really spoils me!" Lilly replied "Oh! Help yourself to the cookies on the kitchen counter on your way out, they're homemade!"

"Okay, I'll try one, thank you. Have a nice day!" Amanda said as she back pedaled a few paces, trying to keep her eyes on the massive woman who had somehow piqued her curiosity in a way that she was not familiar with, she then turned, and walked out of the room, leaving Lilly to herself with her cart.


Jun 30, 2017
, Male
Lilly eyes the cart up and down, as she tries to assess what Luke could possibly have sent her. For the first time Lilly notices a card hanging from a red ribbon attached to the side of the cart facing her, she stretches out her arm and grabs the card, trying to open it without completely ruining the envelope.

She pulls out the card, on the front is a little pink piggy sitting down, with a cute smile, and angel wings sticking out behind it. On the inside are about 15 more of the piggies, all flying together, Lilly squeals with excitement as she sees all the little piggies, she has always had an infatuation with the creature, or at least the idea of pigs, and cute cartoon drawings of them. A handwritten note is on the blank page next to the one with the flying piggies.

"To my Love,
It has been 6 years since we met, and my love for you has grown even more than your body has! The last 6 years have been amazing, I love you my princess, sorry I have to work today, but I hope this cart of goodies makes it up to you! It has all your favorites, so I expect to come home to a stuffed belly, so that I can fill it up even more at dinner! Love you hon, have a great day!
p.s. I refilled the tank this morning, sorry I didn't get a chance to yesterday!"

Lilly begins rereading the note, as she wipes a tear from her eye, overwhelmed with the surprise. However, her second read through is cut short by a low grumbling sound resonating from her massive stomach. She grabs her tummy in surprise at the sound.

"Oh my goodness, that was loud, this thing is getting so demanding these days! I thought I had a little while to spare after the amount of food Luke stuffed into me last night!" Lilly thinks to herself as she lays the card on her bedside table. She reaches for the cart and pulls it a little closer and then grabs the hose that hangs from the top of the headboard behind her and sticks it in her mouth and starts sucking.

Hawaiian Punch flows into her mouth, replacing the annoying dryness from her slumber with the sweet taste of the punch. As she sucks on the tube, she grabs the box closest to her, and opens it up, inside is a circular chocolate cake sprinkled with powdered sugar. Lilly's eyes light up as she eyes the treat, subconsciously dropping the tube from her mouth. In the box along with the cake is a small bottle filled with milk, and a fork.

She lays the side of the box flat, creating a make shift plate as she grabs the small cake with her bare hands, and takes a bite. Chocolatey goodness overwhelms her senses as the warm creamy chocolate filling explodes into her mouth. She moans around the piece of cake in her mouth as she chews, letting her head fall back against the headboard of her bed, her eyes closed in ecstasy.

She was a sight to behold. She had forgotten about the sheets, letting them fall into her lap as she lay there chewing and moaning. Her hair is a brilliant blonde color, and when her eyes opened back up to supervise her hand as it guides the next bite into her mouth, it can be seen that they are a very bright blue. Her face is perfect, the only blemish being a small skin colored mole right by the tip of her nose. Her cheeks are round and soft, jiggling ever so slightly as she chews her food. As she takes another bite, some of the creamy chocolate filling oozes out, falling onto the upper portion of her pale tummy, the same part of her stomach that her massive pale breasts rest upon in her sitting position. And massive is probably an understatement when describing her breasts. As her weight skyrocketed, her breasts were no strangers to the added weight, filling up with more soft fat, making them hang a little lower on her stomach with each added pound. And her stomach was one of her most prominent features, demanding respect simply because of its sheer size. In her current sitting position, Lilly's 'tummy' as she called it(although it had grown so massive the word no longer seemed accurate) rested in her lap, overflowing her thighs, and stretching down her legs, it also spilled over the side of her massive thighs, completely enveloping her lap in soft, warm fat. No part of Lilly was small, especially not her ass. It had to be huge, to balance out the massive stomach and breasts that were attached to Lilly's front. The balance actually made it a little easier for Lilly to get around despite her massive size. Make no mistake, simple tasks such as standing, or walking, or even sitting up were feats that required intense effort for Lilly, however the balance caused by her massive ass and belly made it a tiny bit less difficult.

Suddenly Lilly finds herself surrounded by empty boxes and bottles of various drinks that Luke had selected to accompany each item. Lilly had been brought out of her food-induced stupor by the sudden urge to go to the restroom. One part of her day that she dreaded, especially when Luke wasn't home.

Using the restroom meant a 30 minute ordeal, consisting of Lilly maneuvering herself out of bed, waddling the 10 feet to the restroom, doing her business, accompanied by a 10 minute rest break on the toilet, and then the process started in reverse until Lilly finally could plop back down onto the bed.

Lilly begins the task by first shifting her weight back and forth, so she can inch her feet toward the edge of the bed, this is where the handles that Luke had installed in the ceiling come in handy. Lilly would reach her fat arms up and grab the handles, pulling as hard as she could with one arm to shift her weight, allowing her leg to slide just a little bit toward the edge of the bed.

The sight was always something that her boyfriend Luke preferred to watch from a distance, rather than actually helping, but after a swift reproach from Lilly, Luke usually shook off his trance to assist in the task. But, when Luke was gone, like he was right now, Lilly had to manage on her own. Fat enveloped triceps swing back and forth, as Lilly's arms stretched above her head struggle to make any noticeable difference in the pounds pulling Lilly against the bed.

As her feet leave the bed, and begin to dangle off the edge, this signals the start of stage two in standing up, at which point Lilly shifts her weight to make the weight of one leg, and then the other assist in them falling to the ground, until eventually her feet make contact. The bed isn't low, but also not too high, it's at the perfect height to make it as easy as possible for Lilly to slide her massive rear off the bed, shifting her weight to her feet as her massive body its surface. Once on her feet Lilly feels the familiar pull of her stomach as it now hangs freely, nothing to rest upon. It seems as if her stomach is self-aware, hanging lower and lower, as if it is racing toward the floor, its ultimate goal.

Finally on her feet, with sweat collecting on her forehead, slowly accumulating until a drop races down her face, and falls to the floor, Lilly begins her slow lumber to the bathroom. There are handles strategically placed along the wall, but Lilly had decided months ago that it was easier to simply walk directly to the bathroom, rather than following the hand rails along the wall, which easily doubled the amount of steps she had to take to the restroom.

Soon, of course that wouldn't be a decision she has to make, as balancing while walking would likely become too difficult in the near future, forcing her to rely on the rails. Her slow waddle is accompanied by the occasional grunt, as her strained expression showed to the world just what a task walking had become for her.

Finally at the bathroom door, Lilly turns sideways brushing either side with her ass and belly as she squeezes through. She looks at the wide oversized scale on the floor, with a small sticker at the top that reads "Max. Capacity: 600 LBS"

The scale was now useless to her, as she had outgrown it some months ago, how long exactly it had been since the word "ERR" showed up on the screen Lilly couldn't remember, had it been a year already since Lilly knew her exact weight? Maybe even longer? Walking had certainly gotten more difficult, and Lilly was eating much more now than she remembered eating around the same time last year.

Now, standing precariously in front of the toilet, Lilly grabs the handrails that are placed on either side, and slowly lowers herself onto the extra wide seat until she reaches the point where her knees simply can't control the rate of the descent any longer, and she drops the remaining 5 inches or so onto the seat. Relief comes as she sits on the toilet, huffing and puffing as she wipes her forehead with the hand towel next to the sink.

"Man, If we keep this weight gain up you're going to have to figure something else out, because this whole walking to the restroom thing by myself thing will be impossible." Lilly says to the picture of Luke at his college graduation that sits next to the sink, as she grabs the tube near the toilet and starts sucking on the Hawaiian punch.


Jun 30, 2017
, Male
After an unknown amount of time Lilly is ready to begin her slow shuffle back to the comfort and safety of her bed. This is where it got tricky, because rising from the toilet had been a near insurmountable challenge for Lilly for the last 5 months or so.

“Okay, I got this” Lilly thinks to herself as she places her feet in a position that would make it easier for her to rock to her feet. She begins rocking back and forth getting ready to thrust herself enough to grab the rope Luke had hanging in front of the toilet. The rocking back and forth makes her stomach resemble the water in a bath when you move forward and backward, creating a tidal wave of fat that rippled through her stomach. This also happened to be an event that Luke preferred to observe for a moment before helping. With enough momentum built, Lilly lunges for the rope, her body moving upward, but her ass never actually leaving the seat due to the amount of flesh that was attached to her rear. With the rope in hand, she uses her momentum to pull herself upward, eventually getting vertical enough to where she wasn’t being relentlessly pulled backwards, and from there she balanced, caught her breath while hanging on to the rope for support and prepared for the return trip. Shuffling, one foot, then the other, shifting her weight from side to side she is able to slowly walk to the bathroom door, once again turning sideways, but once in the master bedroom she almost without thinking grabbed the handles attached to the wall, and slowly walked to her bed, she could feel her thighs burning from the effort, muscles straining to keep her upright.
Supporting herself with the hand rail and taking long breaks every few steps, Lilly eventually made it to her bedside.

“Goodness, maybe it won’t even matter if we slow down, I really can’t walk without support!” Lilly mumbles under her breath, realizing for the first time that she lengthened her trip because it felt impossible to make it to the bed any other way. “I’ve gotten so fat” She thinks, feeling her pussy start to tingle again at the thought of not being able to walk.

Once back in bed, Lilly grabs her phone, and sees a text from Luke: “Hey Hon, Sorry about the surprise Amanda told me you seemed a little flustered, hope you liked the food! BTW I made reservations at Angelo’s for dinner, he said that he would have the romantic little table that’s tucked in the corner ready for us ��”

“Awesome honey, but I just got back from the toilet and if I’ll be able to walk around that much tonight…”

Oh wow, okay, I guess we haven’t been out for a while, huh? Well… uh, I’ll pick up the chair from storage?”

“Oh my god no! I’m not going to be riding around on a scooter on our special night! Ugh! We’ll make it work, you better walk extra slow with me and let me lean against you!

“Of course hon, I’ll make sure you have plenty of time to take breaks and go at your own pace. Gotta get back to work, love ya!”

With that Lilly’s attention turned to getting ready for the evening, but as she looked around the room trying to create a game plan that would cost her the least amount of energy, her attention quickly turned to the unopened boxes sitting on the cart. “….. I can spare an hour…” Lilly thinks to herself after glancing at the alarm clock that sits on Luke’s night stand. Her flabby arm reaches out and grabs one of the boxes, which reveals about 20 oreos, and a bottle of milk. She begins eating, box after box(there were quite a few still left on the cart), letting her head once again fall back against the headboard in ecstasy. Between bites she rubs her tummy, occasionally lifting a fold up and repositioning it, trying to attain ultimate comfort during her binge.

She continues eating, until eventually she reaches for another box, eyes still closed, and feels nothing but wrappers, her eyes snap open as she realizes there is nothing left of the boxes.

“Oh my god, what time is it?” Lilly looks at the clock again, to see 4:51” on its face in green glowing numbers, with a small light next to the numbers, indicating it was pm. “Oh shit! Luke will be home in like 20 minutes!” Lilly says to no one, her face turning red as she realizes her bingeing had gotten the better of her again, with hours feeling like just a few minutes. She begins sitting up right as she hears the door opening.

“Hon, my boss let me off early!” Luke yells to the back of the house, as Lilly hears his familiar footsteps in the hallway. “Are you getting ready? Our reservations are for 6:30, but I figure if we leave a little early we can…” Luke stops midsentence as he steps through the door to their bedroom.

The scene in front of him is one he relished in. Moments like these, where he caught Lilly red-handed being a glutton all by herself really showed Luke that she was losing control over her appetite(He used to think she only really pigged out to show off for him). Lilly had pulled the sheets up over her head, from embarrassment, and having no other option for escape. Luke could see boxes, bottles, forks and other random items left over from Lilly’s bingeing strewn about in a circular pattern, Lilly being the obvious point of origin. When Lilly slowly lowered the sheets Luke laughed at the embarrassed expression on her face, as well as the food stains that surrounded her mouth, and speckled her chest and belly. “Oh my god honey I love you so much!” Luke said, obviously aroused.

“Stop looking at me!” Lilly yelled, playfully but also a little sincerely. When Luke reached the bed side he bent over, and kissed Lilly passionately on the lips tasting the sweet leftover flavors that lingered on Lilly’s lips.

“You’re so beautiful honey, but we have to get you out of bed and get you ready, I don’t want to have to wait around to be seated because we missed our reservation!” Luke said, subconsciously stroking Lilly’s tummy while looking her in the eyes.

“Don’t be silly babe, you know Angelo would never give up our table, he cares about me too much!” Lilly said, reminding Luke of the unique quasi father-daughter relationship Lilly had with the restaurant owner. Afterall, you don’t visit a restaurant every week for years without eventually becoming friends with the owner, as was Lilly’s case with Angelo’s. It was her favorite place in high school, a place she could go to feel happy and escape the difficulties of life as a teenager. 7 years later, and the couple still saw Angelo monthly, although these days it was mostly Angelo who visited the duo at home, that didn’t stop him from bringing as much food as Lilly desired with him.

“Yea, yea, I know I just want to have as much time for our date as possible, it takes you so long to finish a meal nowadays, you know?” Luke said, smiling at the behemoth beauty who sat in his bed, propped up against the headboard.

“Well then help me up! Lets get this show on the road!” Lilly commanded, laughing and smiling back at Luke.

Almost two hours later and Lilly stood by the door to their bedroom, pausing for a moment before continuing her slow waddle to the front door. She could hear Luke coming back toward the bedroom, he had just ran ahead to make sure everything was ready for Lilly so she could sit down once she got to the van they had. Yes, they drove a van, but not because the couple needed to take kids to soccer practice or to school or anything of the sort, Luke had bought the van and had it modified a while ago when their cars had gotten too small for Lilly, or rather, she too fat for them.

“Thank god, you’re back!” Lilly said, panting as she saw Luke appear around the corner.

“Sorry your seat had collected a little clutter, we haven’t been out in a while, afterall!” Luke said, semi defending himself, mostly because he felt bad for leaving his love to struggle.

The couple continued slowly down the hall, Lilly leaning on Luke as they walked “Honey, I… don’t know if I’ll be.. able to go out… very much longer, this… is really tough.” Lilly said, frightened but aroused at the sound of the words that she had just spoken.

For Lilly, the last few years had been an inner battle, she loved food, and loved being fat. She loved the way it felt to be the biggest person in any room she entered. She loved eating until she felt so full she couldn’t move. Most of all, she loved being a glutton. But on the other hand, she liked going out to eat, she liked being able to get out of bed every once in a while to walk sit outside in the sun for a few minutes, she liked being, well, mobile. But time had revealed the winner of the battle, and so did her body. The way her belly swayed back and forth as she walked, rubbing against the fabric of her dress, the way her thighs touched at all times no matter how she walked, or which way she moved, the way her elbow was buried in a layer of fat, the only evidence that there is a joint underneath being the dimple that stood in the place where her elbow disappeared in soft, glorious fat. How she found it harder and harder to feel full, or even really to feel satisfied, how she ate almost every waking second, or so it felt. Her habits had become her life, she ate enormous meals because she had to, she needed to. Those meals, one after the other had added pound after pound to her 5’4” frame, until eventually here she was, waddling down the hallway.

“Lilly, don’t be silly, we have the scooter, and as long as that ass of yours can fit on that extra wide seat, we’ll be able to go out for dinner, and almost anything else you want!” Luke said, reassuring his enormous girlfriend.

“Yea… I guess you’re right” Lilly responded, the question of her impending immobility being put on the back burner once again, at least in her mind.

Once at the car, Lilly and Luke struggled for a few minutes operating the various features on the van to help Lilly into her specially designed seat. Which honestly looked more like a love seat, custom fit to the van. She sat directly behind her lover, who once in the car flashed her a smile, handing her a small towel for her forehead, and then put the car in reverse, backing out of the garage.


Jun 30, 2017
, Male
Once at Angelo’s, the couple labored inside, through the back door that only employees and Lilly and Luke were allowed to use (On nights like tonight, when Lilly and Luke had reservations, Angelo kept the spot directly adjacent the door open for the couple).
Angelo, like Luke had been an enabler in Lilly’s life he had brought her meal after meal in the comfort of his restaurant, assisting in creating the ravenous appetite that Lilly now had. Angelo had a daughter, who lived in New York, and even though the two didn’t look very much alike (aside from their stature) Angelo always insisted that Lilly was his daughter’s sister from a past life, because the two had identical personalities.

Like any stereotypical Italian family, especially one that owns a restaurant, Angelo showed his love through food. His daughter had been a plump teenager when she moved to New York, but was now hardly a size 6. With his daughter away, Angelo had turned to Lilly as an outlet for his fatherly love, and Lilly’s figure had shown it back when her and Luke met. Now, however it would be difficult to blame Angelo for Lilly’s enormous size. Sure, he had helped her develop the appetite that would eventually become uncontrollable like a Semi on a downward hill with no brakes, but she and Luke had perfected the science of satisfying Lilly’s appetite, and even pushing its limits.

As Lilly approached their table, she sighed a sigh of relief at the sight of the extra wide armless chair that was sat on one side of the table (last time she had to stand around for 2 minutes while the waiter found her chair). As Luke pulled out Lilly’s seat, Angelo came out with two plates in hand, and two more servers in tow, one with drinks, and the other with more plates.

“Lilly you beautiful young woman! It is so nice to see you again, my you look like you have been enjoying yourself!” Angelo said, pinching Lilly’s flabby cheek.

“Awh, thank you Angelo, I missed you! Give me a hug!” Lilly said, not bothering to even begin standing up. Both her and Angelo would have known that such an act was only a gesture, as standing would have been an almost impossible task for Lilly after such a long walk, and a hug was not worth the effort. Angelo wrapped his arms as far around her shoulders as he could reach, his arms sinking into the soft fat that enveloped every inch of her. He then gave Luke a hug and told them about the pasta dishes he had brought them. After which, he and the other servers left the couple alone with the food. Lilly began eating, still breathing heavy from the walk to the table, not being able to catch her breath while talking to Angelo.

“Hon…. Mmmph… this sauce is so… good on this pasta mmphhh.” Lilly said between bites, focusing on not completely losing herself in the taste of the meal. She wanted to enjoy the evening, in addition to the food.

“That’s great honey! Is that the one with the sausage that is a little spicy?” Luke asked, while slowly taking bites of the dish in front of him. “Angelo brought me the one with the thick noodles and the chicken, the one he puts extra extra butter in for you.”

“Oh my goodness… that one mmmph… is so mmmmh good! Can I please please please have a bite?” Lilly asked with a smile as she finished swallowing the last bite of her first plate.

“Of course, Angelo will definitely bring you one later too, so don’t worry honey” Luke said, trying not to make Lilly aware of just how much of a greedy glutton she had become. Their table was already crowded with pasta dishes awaiting their fate, which was the same as any other food that came within reach of Lilly’s fat, soft arms.

Yet here she was already asking for bites from Luke’s food. Luke didn’t mind sharing with the burgeoning beauty he had the pleasure of calling his girlfriend, the portions were crazy big at Angelo’s, especially when it was for Luke and Lilly; if Lilly didn’t eat some of his food now, she would be snatching the leftovers from the fridge next to their bed later that night anyway.

“I know he will, you just made it sound so yummy!” Lilly replied, blushing from the embarrassment of realizing that she was practically begging for food from her boyfriend’s plate, even though she had plenty of her own food.

“Okay guys, these are on the house!” Angelo announced, appearing around the corner with a tray with a few shot glasses and a bottle of Patron on it. “The guy from next door gave me a couple of bottles of tequila, but I don’t drink it, I figured the two of you could use a little something to help in your celebration!” Angelo said, placing the tray on the table, and pouring 3 shots as he spoke.

“Awh! That’s so sweet!” Lilly said, beaming with happiness as she looked up at Angelo.

“Yea, thanks man!” Luke grabbed the shot glass closest to him as he spoke.
Lilly and Angelo did the same.

“Lets have a toast” Luke said, raising his shot glass in the air “To the last 6 years of heaven for me” -
“And for me!”- Lilly interrupted, smiling her big bright smile at Luke.

“And for you hon, And here’s to many more to come!” Luke cheerfully banged his glass against those of Angelo and Lilly.

“Cheers!” The three yelled in unison, throwing back their shots, Lilly’s arm fat flapping back and forth from the swift motion.

With that Angelo let them know he would be bringing out the next few dishes in a few minutes, and left the couple to themselves. Before Luke even turned back around after watching Angelo walk back to the kitchen he could hear the familiar sound of Lilly slurping pasta behind him. Lilly closed her eyes as she ate moaning from pleasure, slowly losing the self control she had exhibited before the shot. Luke watched for a minute as Lilly ate bite after bite of her creamy pasta. He loved how her double chin jiggled while she chewed, and the way she breathed deeper when she ate, obviously enjoying the taste of the food, drove Luke wild.

“So, how was your day? You obviously enjoyed your surprise!” Luke interrupted Lilly’s blissful trance.

“Wha? Uh… oh uh yea it was great. That lady from the place, what was her name again? She was really nice.” Lilly said, trying to remember exactly what Luke had just said—she didn’t want to reveal just how enraptured in her food she had been.

“Amanda. Her name is Amanda. Yea, she’s great I met her a couple of weeks ago when I made the arrangements. She seemed nice.”

“Yea. She was. She just… I don’t know, she looked a little taken aback at my size, did you not mention it?” Lilly said, giggling as she thought about the way Amanda stared at her when she first walked in the room that morning.

“Uhhh no I don’t know what you would have wanted me to say… ‘Oh, by the way the girl you are taking hundreds of dollars worth of sweets to will probably be the biggest human being you’ve ever seen in person.’?” Luke responded in a playful tone.

“Oh my gosh! No not that, you punk.” Lilly said, faking an annoyed look. With that Lilly began her feast again with renewed vigor, shoveling bite after bite of pasta into her mouth, not caring that every time she slurped in the noodles a little bit of sauce flicked onto her cheeks.

“Well, I have another surprise for you…” Luke reached under the table and revealed a box that was wrapped in pink wrapping paper, with a glittery silver ribbon on top. He sat the box on the corner of the table that was free from clutter.

“Mmmmmphhh oh my goodness honey, you mmph sure are full of mmmph surprises!” Lilly said, not pausing from taking bites of pasta, if she was going to reach that atomic bomb of pleasure that came with a full tummy, she had to keep up a decent pace. “What is it?!” Lilly asked, still eating.

“Well, you little piggy, if you want to find out you’ll have to take a break for a minute, I promise it’ll be worth it!” Luke said, biting his lip, trying to contain his excitement about the surprise, and his arousal from watching Lilly pack bite after bite into her mouth.

“That’s so unfair!” Lilly pouted, her mouth full of pasta. “Fine! But it better be good!” She reached for the box, only to be stopped with still about 6 inches to go before her hand could make contact with the present. She looked down, to see the upper portion of her belly, balled together and pressing against the table, the lower portion spilled out underneath the table, flowing over her knees, and hanging there like a waterfall stuck in time, the upper portion spilling onto the table a little bit.

“I can’t reach, Gimme!” Lilly said, her hands still stretched out at the gift. She got pretty demanding when she drank, and the more Luke spoiled her, the worse it got. But Luke didn’t mind, it meant that she was becoming more and more dependent on him for everything.

Luke handed her the present while chuckling “I think you’ll like it babe, it’s a multi-part gift. This is just part one.”

With the present in hand Lilly started guessing what it could be, feeling the weight of the present. “Is it a purse?! Wait multi-part what other parts could go with a purse? Is it a… UGH! I don’t know!”

“Well then open it and find out!” Luke responded, still chuckling at the antics of his lover.

With that, Lilly grabbed at the ribbon with her fat fingers, untying it, and then began grabbing at the wrapping paper, trying to slide her fingers under one of the flaps to get the process of unwrapping the gift started. With the last of the wrapping paper pulled off of the box, she opened it.

“What the hell is this?!” Lilly said in a confused voice, obviously annoyed. “It’s just a black circle thing, what the?” Inside the box was an object that Lilly wouldn’t have been able to identify if she had every resource at her disposal.

Laughing, Luke responded with an answer to her annoyed question “It’s a pump!”

“A what? A pump? For what? Why do I need a pump.”

“Like I said, it’s a multi-part gift, with that, Luke produced a thermos from under the table. The silver cylinder was frosted on the outside, obviously containing something rather cold. “This is part two right here.” Luke said, waving the thermos in the air.

“That better be the most delicious thing ever in there, or I’m going to be very upset!” Lilly said, still very annoyed at how cheeky Luke was being.

“I think you’ll like it, here try some.” Luke said, sliding the thermos to within Lilly’s reach. Lilly snatched the thermos as soon as her swollen fingers were within striking distance. The thermos was, just as expected, rather cold. She unscrewed the top, and looked inside, to no avail, the lighting wasn’t good enough to be able to see anything but darkness inside the container.

“It is edible right? This isn’t like gas or something for your special pump?” Lilly said, in a tone that would have seemed condescending to anyone but Luke, he understood how she got when he interrupted her eating, and that she wasn’t actually upset.

“Just try it, I promise you’ll like it.” Luke insisted.

Lilly tilted the metal container back, further than she would have had to if the contents weren’t so thick. Eventually the semi-solid made contact with her lips, very cold, and then her tongue. Lilly’s eyes shot open, and she almost dropped the thermos.

“Oh my god, what is that honey?!” Lilly again raised the thermos in the air, patting on the underside to try to make the contents flow faster. She swallowed the cold liquid. It was heaven. Like the best thing she had ever tasted. It was perfect. She slurped at the treat, trying to drink it as fast as she could.

“It’s a special formula. I hired a company to create a recipe for a shake that you would love.”

“Whats in it?! Its so damn good!”

“Well, sugar, milk, ice cream, and any flavor you request. But there are two important ingredients that make this shake the best one you’ve ever tasted.”

“What are they?! Tell me!” Lilly said between attempts at funneling more of the liquid into her mouth.

“Well, one of them is THC… the other is a drug that I found out about through John.” (John had been Luke’s roommate in college, Luke went on to receive two degrees, one in business and one in engineering, while john had gone into the medical development field.) “John said it was just approved by the FDA to treat victims of Anorexia.”

“THC?” Lilly laughed at the thought that her boyfriend had essentially just drugged her without her knowledge. “So you’re trying to get me high or what? And this anorexia drug, what does it do? Just make me explode with fat?” Lilly laughed, trying to figure out what Luke was planning.

“No it won’t make you explode with fat!” Luke laughed at his girlfriend’s guess. “No, what it does is basically make whatever food it is added to taste like heaven to the consumer, something about stimulating sensory associations linked to joy and happiness or something. Basically it makes the shake taste like happiness.”

“Well happiness tastes pretty freaking great!” Lilly giggles as she continues slurping at the shake. She can’t tell if she is already feeling the THC, or if the alcohol was still affecting her. It was probably the THC. “So you handsome bastard, whats the pump fo… wait no? Really?!” Lilly remembered the first time they tried to put anything thicker than liquid in the Whole House Hydration System (What Luke had named his invention that carried Hawaiian punch straight to Lilly’s mouth in every room of their house).

The pump wasn’t strong enough, and they had decided to get a stronger one, but had never gotten around to it. “So you’re going to pump this shake through the hoses? This happiness shake is going to be available on demand in every room of the house?! Oh god honey I’m going to… hehe… I’m going to get fat” Lilly stated, drinking the last few drops of shake from the thermos.

“Babe, you already are fat! But yea this won’t make the numbers on the scale decrease, that’s for damn sure!” Luke laughed, smiling at his obviously impaired girlfriend.

“But honey! You silly goose, I don’t wanna be high ALL the time!” Lilly said, returning to her food.

“I know honey, if you lift up the pump you’ll find a part of your surprise you missed.”

“Wha? Ooh what’s that?!” Lilly asked, as she laid eyes upon a futuristic looking object with buttons on it.

“It’s a remote, I made a few changes to the system, and this remote controls the new features.”

“So whats it do, mister?”

“Well, these buttons control the concentration of the THC, and these here will control the happiness drug, I haven’t connected those yet because I don’t want you to go overboard with it just yet. These buttons control the speed of the pump, and this turns it off and on.”

“Wow! So when is it gonna be ready?!”

“Well, I already made all the changes, the pump in the box just has to be connected, and it’s ready to go, I flushed the Hawaiian Punch out of the system while you were getting ready, its all set up when we get home.”

“Hey again guys! Here’s a few more plates Lilly!” Angelo interrupted again as he came around the corner and placed the stand that held the tray of food he was carrying next to the table. The two other servers were again in tow, this time they cleared the plates that Lilly had devoured.

It was only then that Lilly realized that she had already finished off all of the food she had been brought, easily enough pasta to feed a large family, and she wasn’t even feeling satisfied yet.

After Angelo again left the couple, they resumed their excited conversation. “Wait so, It’s ready?! Like tonight honey?”

“Yea, I just need 5 minutes to install the pump in the box, which is just one of the smaller pumps in the system.” Luke said, relishing in the excitement he could hear in Lilly’s voice.

Without hesitation and without even thinking, Lilly dug into the new plates Angelo had brought, the first one being the dish that she had helped Luke eat, only this time obviously creamier and richer.

“Oh! I’m so excited to try it! It’s gonna be so yummy!” Lilly said, her mouth watering at the thought as she ate her pasta, envisioning the endless supply of happiness shake she would have.The next hour passed with laughs, giggles, kisses, and plenty of food for Lilly.

“UGH! I’m actually starting to feel a little bit full, Angelo always knows how to fill my tummy!”

“Yea, well being the owner of the most popular Italian restaurant in town certainly helps!” Luke said, watching his girlfriend as she slowly scooped forkful after forkful into her waiting mouth.

“My arms are getting so heavy honey, it’s hard to even eat enough to feel full before my arms are ready to give up!” She knew phrases like that drove Luke wild, but that wasn’t her intention. She had gotten so out of shape that feeding herself was becoming a chore.

Lilly belched as she finished the last bites of the last plate on the table that still had anything more than a bit of sauce on it. With that she collapsed back in her chair, and grabbed at her swollen belly. With how massive her stomach was, it was hard to notice a food baby on her, but after the day’s activities her stomach was obviously distended. She moaned in pleasure-pain as her fingers sank into the soft fat that was layered on her stomach.

“Okay, are you ready for part three?” Luke said, coyly smiling.

“Urrrrp… Part three? There’s more?”

“You bet your bottom dollar there’s more honey, you’re going to be so spoiled, get ready honey!”

“What do you have planned you crazy guy?”

“Amanda, come in here please!” Luke yelled, turning to the entrance to the private nook their table was tucked away in. Around the corner appeared the same woman who had brought Lilly her surprise that morning, this time dressed in normal, yet classy clothes.

“Hello again Lilly, I love that dress by the way!” Amanda said, as she hugged the behemoth woman, squeezing just a little too hard for just a little too long, almost revealing that the hug wasn’t just a friendly greeting, but rather that it satisfied the curiosity about Lilly's softness that Amanda had been wrestling with since that morning. Her curiosity was settled, It had been confirmed Lilly was just as soft, maybe softer than she looked, but now in place of curiosity Amanda felt an interest, she simply wanted to be around Lilly all day every day because of how… excited she felt to see and touch the woman. This was something that she had felt before, but she was never able to tell if she was just a little more captivated by the fat men and women she saw around town than ‘normal’ people. But Lilly had confirmed that she was in fact enthralled by the soft fat that enveloped the super obese.



Jun 30, 2017
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"Wait, what? This... urp... this is part three?" Lilly asked trying to stifle the onslaught of burps that were attempting to escape her mouth. "I don't understand, what's part three? Did you bring something Amanda?"
"No honey, Amanda is part three!" Luke laughed, then turned to Amanda "Sorry to assign you a number like that, its a multi part gift, and you are the last piece." With a grin on his face Luke looked back to Lilly "Let me explain hon, Amanda is a young lady who has been working with Erins Errands for the last couple years, and in the process she has developed quite the skill set for taking care of everyday chores and errands for people who don't have the time, or who are... well otherwise impaired." Luke said, looking into Lilly's eyes, waiting to recognize the look she gave when the puzzle pieces all fit together in her mind. He continued "And as we both experienced firsthand tonight, getting around is getting really tough for you-"
"Getting! Hon, it's been tough!" Lilly laughed, still a little impaired from her drinks.
"Yea, sorry I just mean that it is getting more difficult as of late. And, I wanted to surprise you by facing the inevitable future proactively. So, I hope you don't mind, but I offered Amanda a job." Luke said, looking to Amanda and receiving a nod as a confirmation, then back to Lilly whose expression obviously showed she was trying to process the new information.
"A job? As what?" Lilly asked, not really able to follow the train of thought in her current state of being somewhat full and intoxicated.
"As your personal assistant!" Amanda announced, beaming.
"Wait what? So like what are you gonna do?"
"Honey, lets both face it, you are getting very very fat" Luke said, smiling at his girlfriend. "And if we want to keep this up, you are going to need some help when I'm not there. That's where Amanda comes in, she will be there to cook for you, clean, help you out of bed and to the toilet, and keep the house in order. Basically Amanda will be me when I'm not home." Luke said, pleased with the arrangements he had made.
Lilly's face filled with excitement, as her eyes that were surrounded in fat opened just a little bit wider, revealing the brilliant blue color that could sometimes be hard to identify due to how her fat cheeks crowded her eyes. Her smile widened and she threw her hands up in the air in joy! "Wait so you mean no more walking to the toilet by myself! And no more waiting for you to get home to get something for me that is too far to walk to get myself, and no more... wait are you gonna help me with like cleaning and stuff too like Luke does?"
"Yea of course like Luke said... I can do dishes, take out the trash, vacuum, anything you need!" Amanda replied smiling.
"No... I mean... Like cleaning me... there's... there are parts that are kinda impossible to reach in the shower..." Lilly said, putting her head down, embarrassed that she even asked the question. Why would a grown woman with no disabilities need someone to bathe them?! Why would she need that? And how could she expect a stranger to do it!
"Of course! That's no problem Lilly, we're both ladies, and I know how it feels to not be able to get everywhere as well as you'd like. I'd be more than happy to help with anything you need!" Amanda replied, placing emphasis on the word anything, trying to reassure Lilly that the arrangement would be a unique one, one that met all of her hygiene needs and anything else she needed.
"Oh that's great news! I hate having to wait for Luke when I'm not feeling so fresh!" Lilly said, reassured that Amanda would be there for her with whatever she needed, including help in the bathroom.
"So honey, what do ya say? Can we finalize the decision?" Luke asked, double checking that his lover was okay with having a live-in assistant.
" Are you kidding?! Of course, you're telling me Amanda is going to be there for me every day to do the things I can't? Why wouldn't I want that!" Lilly said, obviously excited at the prospect. "Like I''ll be able to just lay in bed all day, and all I'll have to get up for is to use the toilet? That's what you're telling me, and you expect the girl who's made you get everything and anything for me our entire relationship, just so I can stay in bed or on the couch, to say no to that?"
"That's exactly what we're telling you honey, and I just wanted to make sure you were okay with it!" Luke said as he chuckled between words. "Well, thank you Amanda for coming tonight, we'll take care of the details later." Luke said, with a big smile on his face that his surprise had gone over so well.
"No problem at all, thank you for the invitation enjoy your night you two." Amanda said from the side of the table as she touched both Luke and Lilly's shoulders, rubbing Lilly's bare shoulder just a little bit before walking away from the table.
"Oh my god Luke, you are just full of surprises!" Lilly said as soon as Amanda had left, failing at hiding her excitement
"I knew you'd be excited, are you about ready to head out honey? I wanted to make it to the ice cream shop before they close..." Luke said as he eyed his beautiful bulging girlfriend.
"Uhmmmm well, actually honey now that we've been sitting here a minute... I think I could go for another few plates of pasta. I'm starting to get pretty peckish." Lilly said, turned on by her own appetite and how much food she could stuff into herself and still want more. Luke's reaction was similar, as he sit there silently staring at his girlfriend before suddenly a bursting into a huge smile at his lover's gluttony. He couldn't explain it if he had to, but hearing those words sent a thrill through his body that was unrivaled by anything else he experienced. Lilly's gluttony, and growing body were two things that got him aroused more than anything else in the world. She was his everything, and to grow her appetite and her body was his ultimate goal."You are so hot honey, I'll let Angelo know you're ready for some more food." Luke said as he began to stand up, still grinning with absolute pleasure at his beautiful girlfriend.
Luke returned a moment later, with Angelo following not shortly after(Angelo had apparently entirely anticipated Lilly's appetite, and already had another round in the works when Luke found him.).
Lilly tore into the food with renewed vigor "Oh my god I am so freaking turned on right now, all I want to do is eat and have sex with Luke" Lilly thought to herself as she shoveled food into her awaiting mouth. Her mouth slowly closed the distance between itself and the plate, so that her arms didn't have to work as hard to continue feeding her. "He is so perfect." she thought as she caught a glimpse of him as she ate another bite, opening her eyes for a second to see his face. "He's my person, I can't wait to be so fat that he and amanda have to do every single thing for me... I don't even want to be able to get up to use the toilet." The thought both excited and frightened Lilly, snapping her out of her thoughts. She looked up to see Luke staring back at her, smiling.
"You're perfect honey, how's your belly?" Luke said, Lilly followed his eyes as they surveyed the empty plates that occupied the table.
"Oh my god, I ate it all." Lilly thinks to herself "Uhhhh.... Pretty full hehe, yea that was good, it hit the spot... uhhh, how long was I just eating for?" Lilly asks then immediately regrets the words, knowing that they revealed just how lost in her food and thoughts she had been. Could Luke tell? Had he just been watching her eat all zoned out?
"Not too long." Luke responds laughing at Lilly's question "Maybe a half hour or so, I was just enjoying sitting here watching you."
"Oh no, I'm so embarrassed! I just I guess I was enjoying the pasta, Angelo's recipes just keep getting better! Lilly says trying to justify her behavior, even though Luke didn't need an explanation, he enjoyed the show.
"Well honey, I don't mean to add to your embarrassment, but you actually started moaning for a few minutes there--"
"Shut up! No I did not!" Lilly interrupted after hearing what Luke had just said.
"Honey I swear to god, and I swear, one of the waiter boys came around the corner to check on us--"
"No he didnt!"
"Yea, he came around the corner and stopped in his tracks when he saw and heard you."
"Oh my god I am so embarrassed, I'm such a piggy!" Lilly said, just a little turned on by how she had behaved.
20 minutes later and the couple had said their goodbyes to Angelo and Lilly was preparing to stand up so that they could walk to the car.
"Okay we got this honey!" Lilly said as she shifted her weight, reaching out for Luke's hands "I might need a little extra help tonight, my legs are so tired from all the walking today, so pull extra hard, okay?" Lilly instructed Luke, referring to the short walk to the toilet, and the walk from bed to car and car to table. A total of maybe a couple hundred feet, and that was enough for Lilly to be completely wiped out as far as strength goes.
"Yea okay hon, just get some momentum first so you aren't dead weight" Luke responded, grabbing Lilly's chubby hands. "Okay let's do this."
"1...." The two said in unison, as Lilly leaned back and then rocked forward, Luke saw her belly first flatten out as it stretched when Lilly leaned back, and then bunch together, fold spilling over fold as she rocked forward.
"2...." Lilly again leaned back, then forward this time a little faster, going further back, what was left of her core muscles straining at the effort, buried beneath hundreds of pounds of fat.
"3....!" the two yelled together as Lilly leaned forward as quickly as she could and tried to move her center of balance forward in order to be able to haul her massive fat ass off of the chair.
Luke strained as he pulled as hard as he could, looking into Lilly's determined face, noticing drops of sweat already beginning to appear on her forehead. Lilly's body slowly began to pull forward, the fat returning to it's normal shape first, which meant her ass maintained contact with the chair, far longer than it normally would have. As the duo strained against gravity Lilly focused on how heavy she felt, she felt like she should just lay down and never get up again.
Finally to her feet Lilly says "Hold.... on..... hon ... I am... tired." Lilly huffed and puffed between words, exhausted from the effort to stand. Now upright Lilly could feel the weight of the food she had packed into her stomach, her belly felt so extremely heavy, hanging and pulling at her front. It turned her on how heavy it felt.
Just then Luke reached down and grabbed the bottom of her hanging belly with both hands and heaved it up a few inches then shook it playfully. The sensation was unique and it instantly caused Lilly's pussy to tingle. She was so enveloped in fat, every inch of her pulled her down toward the earth, and the feeling of Luke lifting and jiggling her massive stomach, "Oh my god honey, you are so damn irresistible!" Luke stated as he continued fondling her stomach, being careful to watch for Angelo or other employees who might come around the corner.
"Mhmmm thanks... now... get the... car... ready!" Lilly instructed between labored breaths, trying to regain her composure. Sweat began to drip down her face as she stood there leaned against the table trying to keep all of her massive weight upright. She could feel how exhausted her legs were, and she was honestly scared to attempt the walk to the car. "Honey can you... call... Angelo in... here? I need... extra help." Lilly said, trying to say things in as few words a possible to preserve her energy.
"Of course honey! I'll let Angelo know you need him on my way to get the car ready, I'll be right back!" Luke said, his hand lovingly rubbing Lilly's massive ass. He then left, and left the obese girl standing there alone, huffing and puffing, her fat glistening with sweat.
"Okay we can do this Lilly! Just take your time and you'll make it!" Lilly reassured herself, preparing for the trek. She began to place one foot a few inches in front of the other, her slow waddle causing her stomach to shimmy back and forth, only now that it was packed with food it swayed back and forth considerably less than before dinner. And so her shuffle began, slowly making progress as she breathed heavily, straining at the effort of heaving one massive fat enveloped leg past the other. Just then Angelo appeared around the corner.
"Oh my, Lilly grab onto my shoulder!" he instructed, running to Lilly's side and placing himself underneath of her massive arm. She leaned on him as she walked, taking some of the burden off of her legs. Angelo could feel the soft fat of her arm as it rested on his back, it was so squishy and soft. He enjoyed having a daughter of sorts who enjoyed his food so much, and could pack it away so greedily.
Then Luke appeared around the corner again, running to Lilly's other side, now with two men as support Lilly's progress was just a little bit quicker. She could feel her massive ass shake back and forth with every step, even though her feet only got an inch or two off the ground before being placed back on the floor, a few inches ahead. This motion was still enough to send ripples through her massive rear. The fat was so abundant on her backside, that really any motion caused it to shimmy and shake before coming to a rest.
"Oh man, I wasn't wrong this morning when I thought about slowing down or I would be immobile... I don't know if my legs would be able to handle another outing like this." Lilly thought to herself, barely able to produce the thought before her attention returned to the task at hand. They were approaching the door, which Lilly would have to go through by herself, as Luke and Angelo couldn't fit through on either side of her. In fact, she barely made it through by herself, her hips just barely made contact with either side as she walked through most nights, and tonight would definitely be no exception. Just before the threshold, Luke and Angelo let go of Lilly one at a time, making sure she braced herself first, so she could balance her massive weight. "I got this" Lilly thought as she watched both Angelo and Luke step through the door. The weight was so intense, the feeling of her exhausted leg muscles straining to move forward excited her. She took one waddling step, then another, almost to the threshold.
"Shit... fu.. Someone help!" Lilly said, obviously exhausted from the effort. She could feel her legs starting to give out. Luke ran back through the door, and grabbed his massive girlfriends side, helping her balance.
"Lean against the door babe!!" Luke yelled, scared that she would topple over, not confident that they would be able to help her up from the floor.
"Okay... okay.." Lilly said grabbing the door frame, sweat dripped from her face, falling to the floor. "Goodness... just.. A.. couple more.. Feet, right?" Lilly asked trying to summon some extra strength from somewhere in her atrophied muscles. She was beginning to realize that this might just be her last outing, at least without the help of her scooter that she made Luke put in storage when she was too embarrassed to use it, but that had easily been a hundred pounds ago, now, as she was realizing her dignity would have to be put on hold if she wanted to be mobile still.
"As if he had a synchronized thought process, or maybe he just knew his fat girlfriend too well, Luke asked "Do you want me to drive ahead and get the scooter honey? Angelo can pull up your chair so you can rest?"
"No... no... I.. got this..." Lilly said, she wanted to complete her last outing on her own two fat filled feet without the help of the scooter.


Jun 30, 2017
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"You sure hon?" Luke asked, unconvinced.
"Yes, cmon, give me your hands and backpedal in front of me, let me use you to balance!" Lilly instructed to both Luke and Angelo, both men complied, and the slow lumber again began.
"Lilly, my girl, you are such a strong and brave young woman! You can do this!" Angelo said, encouraging the growing girl.
Lilly couldn't answer, she was too focused on moving forward, as she crossed the threshold, her hips did indeed make definite contact with either side of the door frame. This excited her, she was so fat. "I won't be able to ride through here on a scooter, my ass would be too wide sitting down!" She noticed as she walked through the door.
"I will see about having my door widened. It would be a shame for my own family to not be able to visit me!" Angelo announced, obviously observing Lilly's hips as he held her swollen hands. The trio continued their slow shuffle until eventually the guys backed into the car, at her destination, Lilly leaned against the car, dripping sweat and breathing like she had just run a marathon. Luke opened the doors, and lowered the platform that Lilly stepped onto, Angelo helped her position her feet on the metal platform, which Luke then raised up. Lilly could feel her legs shaking, ready to collapse. She wouldn't be able to stand more than another 30 seconds or so.
"Hurry... honey... I ... need... to sit.." Lilly said, trying to keep her balance.
"Okay you are all the way up, grab my hand and step over to the seat!" Luke instructed. Lilly obeyed, and plopped her massive ass onto the seat. A crack was heard as Lilly's body collapsed into the chair, her fat jiggling back and forth as she sat. "I'll... We can have that fixed, no worries!" Luke said about the chair, which he had bought when he outfitted the car. It was supposed to have a limit of 800 pounds, no way was Lilly that big he thought to himself as he observed her massive body. The momentum caused by her fall must have been too much for the chair, which had almost disappeared under Lilly's fat filled body. "Thank you Angelo, for all of the food and drinks, we will visit again soon, let us know when that door is done!"
"No, thank you, my son. It brings me such joy to see my little sweetheart so happy with you! Call me soon!" Angelo said, before walking inside, leaving Luke and Lilly alone. Instead of getting in the driver's seat, Luke stepped up into Lilly's door, he stood, hunched over right next to Lilly.
"You are so perfect honey!" Luke announced, Lilly noticed the shape of his member pressing against the fabric of his slacks. He pushed it into the soft fat of Lilly's arm as he groped at her belly.
"My... someone.. Is a little... horny!" Lilly said excitedly, still breathing heavy from the walk to the car. "Take... me home... so.. We.. can... have.. sex..." Lilly said, trying to sound sexy between breaths. Luke kept grabbing at every inch of her fat, pretending to not have heard her, he placed his body in front of hers, and leaned down into her, practically laying on her swollen stomach. "Oh!... Move. your.. Knee, my... tummy's full!" Lilly said, referring to Luke's knee that was placing pressure on her distended stomach. Luke complied, but remained on top of her, he began kissing her neck, while fondling the bottom of her soft stomach. "Hmmm.... Oooohh! Luke! That... mmmmhhmmm feels... oooh so good!" Lilly said, that familiar tone in her voice could be heard, the sexy and sultry one that came out when she was extremely aroused. "Don't... mmm dont stop!" Lilly said, feeling Luke's hand beginning to feel its way under her massive stomach.
"You are so damn hot! You're practically too fat to walk! You helpless piggy!" Luke said into Lilly's ear as his hand worked it's way closer to the heat that was between her legs. The words sent shivers down her spine. She was panting from her arousal as well as from the effort she had just exerted to make it to the car.
"Ohhhhhh.... Honey... I... neeed... touch me... pleeeease... soo fat... sooo full, I need... you to... fill me!" Lilly moaned as her body began to quiver at the excitement. Luke's hand began to feel how wet she was, the soft fat that lined her thighs and underbelly, the fat that kept her soft pussy protected from anyone's sight but Luke's when he had her on her back and her legs tied up in a position that allowed him the best access to her, was obviously very damp. His hand plunged further into her soft roll, until eventually...
"OHHHHHH!!!! Uhhhhh!!!" Lilly moaned as Lukes fingers made contact with the outer lips of her wet pussy. Luke placed the finger on his opposite hand over her plump lips and made a shh sound under his breath, reminding her they were still in front of the restaurant. "Take..... Mhhmmmm take meeeee!" Lilly screamed, not able to control her own words. "Take mee.... Home... and please... take me!"
"Mmhmmm" Luke moaned into her ear. He slowly pulled his hand out from between her thighs. "Let's get you home so you can try out your shake pump!" Luke breathed heavily as he stared into her eyes. Lilly just nodded, sweating and panting from the excitement. Luke stood and got into his seat, he then looked back at his buterball of a girlfriend, completely round with all her fat piled around her in her chair.
"Honey.. I, think... we should.. Have Amanda... meet us.. At the.. House." Lilly said as they exited the parking lot. "I... don't know if... I'll be able.. To make it... to the... bed." Lilly admitted. She was so wiped out. Her body felt so heavy and fat, so endless.
"It'll be okay honey, we can manage ourselves.... Plus I want you to work for your dessert."
"What.. the... hell does.. That... mean?!" Lilly asked, confused.
"Well, I think we both know this is probably the last time you'll be able to go out on your own two feet. Don't laugh at me, but I think it would be so damn hot if you made it to the bed on your own tonight. Like your final independent waddle...." Luke said, biting his lip and looking in the rear view mirror at the image of Lilly's fat framed facial features, trying to gauge her response before she actually vocalized. He could tell she was thinking for a second, before she too was biting softly at her lower lip.
"Oh, honey... that does sound... super hot!" Lilly breathed a little easier, her body recovering now that she wasn't bearing the full load of her weight. "Lets do it!" She said, determined.
When they pulled into their garage Lilly was sitting there, lost in her thoughts. "I'm so fat!" She thought as Luke put the car in park. "My tummy is so huge, it turns me on so much! The way it hangs when I stand, it'll be touching the floor here pretty soon." She thinks, still aware of just how wet her pussy is. "My legs are so weak, I can hardly walk by myself! Like, damn! Luke has filled me with fat like a prize piggy!" Her thoughts make her moan under her breath as she grabs at the fat on her stomach. Luke opening her door snaps her back to reality. It was time for the final test of her endurance. She was nervous, would she even be able to make it in the house without collapsing into her own fat?
The two repeated the same rocking maneuver from the restaurant to get Lilly out of the chair, only this time, her custom chair was raised a little bit and leaned forward, to make the effort easier. A feature that Luke had installed when they custom fitted the van, anticipating a night like tonight, when his girlfriend would get too fat to stand on her own. Once on her feet, Lilly was on her own, Luke backed away and watched as she shimmied sideways onto the platform, which he then lowered. She breathed heavy as her entire body jiggled from the movement. Once at ground level, Lilly began the familiar waddle that was her go to method of movement, in order to preserve energy. She waddled slowly, shifting her weight from one foot to the other, just enough to lift the opposite foot an inch or so off the ground to slide it forward. Her belly hung down in front of her, the weight of it pulling her forward, she could feel her tummy starting to get a little grumbly, as she digested her food. It was getting ready for more. The problem with her eating so much was that it stretched her stomach out so far, that as soon as her food started to digest, she was left with an incredible need to refill the hole left behind. She was caught in a vicious cycle of eating and getting fatter then eating more to fill her stretched out stomach, which only accelerated her weight gain. She had lost control a long time ago, now she lived to eat and get fatter and be cared for by her lover. She was a bonafide fatty with no stopping in sight. Watching her waddle toward the door to the house, Luke was completely entranced by her jiggling fat. This was so surreal. He was actually watching his fat girlfriend walk on her own for presumably the very last time. Her final independent shuffle, and it was so unbelievably arousing. She was a woman possessed with the obsession of eating and getting fatter. He had been largely responsible for pushing her limits back when they started dating. Make no mistake, she already had an impressive appetite, but with his help she had stuffed herself full of thousands and thousands of calories of delicious food every single meal. This pattern ballooned her out to the size she was now, barely able to walk. She paused every few feet to catch her breath and wipe her brow.
"I..... Am... so... horny!" She said, her nipples poking through her dress. Every time she took a step, her massive titties brushed against the fabric of her dress, sending pleasure into her fat filled breasts. Lilly continued her slow waddle as she entered the house, the air conditioning was immediately a relief on her fat sweat covered skin. She made Luke keep the house at 69 degrees in the summer, otherwise she got too warm from all of the heat given off by her fat."Honey, there is one more surprise, I have a scale waiting for you in the bedroom that should hold your weight! It goes up to a thousand pounds. They use them at recycling plants to weigh the metal." Luke said, listening for his girlfriend's response "We're gonna find out just what a fat little piggy you have been!" Luke continued, slapping Lilly's massive rear and watching it jiggle for an extraordinary amount of time afterward.
"No... freaking... way!!!!" Lilly said as loud as she could with the limited air she had available to use for speaking. The thought immediately made a rush of juices begin flowing from her vagina. She hadn't been weighed since the scale read 597 pounds just before she exceeded the 600 lbs limit. The thought of knowing just how fat she was made her anxious to find out. She wanted to see the numbers confirm just what a helpless glutton she had become. She wanted to see the scale tell her "You're so fat, you can hardly walk!" In little digital numbers. "Thats... so... hot... I'm so... turned... on right... now." Lilly struggled to speak the words, she could feel the excitement coursing through her body, her fat feeling electrified. She was ecstatic. This gave her enough strength to keep waddling, leaning heavily against the rails on the wall.
As they entered the bedroom, Lilly saw the addition to their bedroom, a scale on the floor by the door. This scale however took up a considerable amount of space, at least 4 feet by 4 feet, and had a large display at the top. She waddled closer. "Oh my god I am so excited right now. Luke is going to have to feed and make love to me all night to satisfy how turned on and hungry I am getting." Lilly thought as she shuffled toward the scale, huffing and puffing as she waddled.
"Okay honey, just grab my hand and step up on the scale..." Luke instructed reaching for Lilly's soft hand. He could basically see her becoming totally dependent on him in front of his own eyes. She couldn't lose weight at this point even if she wanted to. Her fate was sealed.
She stepped on the scale with a huff at the exertion, pulling herself with the rail by the scale. As she got on, she immediately realized there was no chance she would be able to see the display past her massively fat stomach.
She settled on the scale and listened to the consistent beep as it gauged her weight, before letting out a ding.
"Whats... it... say..." Lilly said, huffing from the walk, her body shaking from the strain in her muscles.
"Oh... MY GOD! Lilly! You weigh... 793 pounds!!!!!" Luke said in shock, as he looked up at his girlfriend's round face.
"No... wonder... it .. has... gotten... so... hard... to... get... around.." Lilly says as she coughs and wheezes, trying to catch her breath.
"Lilly, you are huge! You are so unbelievably hot!" Luke says as he grabs the lower folds of Lilly's fat stomach. "Now, lets get you in bed!" Luke says excitedly.
"Ohhhhh, My... belly... is so... big... and... full!" Lilly says, still blown away at her size as she begins to step off of the scale. "Oh my god, i've gotten huge!" Lilly thinks to herself, suddenly hyperaware of every bulging roll on her fat body. "Like, I'm almost 800 pounds! That's like three times as much as when I met Luke!" Lilly thinks, feeling her belly shake back and forth as she steps toward the bed, she can feel it, she won't be able to walk by herself again. It's too much, she is too fat and heavy, her own muscles can't handle the load they are forced to carry. "I just need to get to that bed, and then pretty soon 800 pounds will be a memory, that shake is going to get me so huge!" Lilly grabbed for Luke's member as he stood right next to her as she waddled. It was so insanely hard. Obviously she wasn't the only one relishing in her flabby body.
"Mhhhhmmmm... Mister... you... are... so... hard!" Lilly says between labored breaths, trying to sound sexy despite the intense effort on her part to keep walking. "I... want... you... inside... mhmmm... of... me!" Lilly said slowly, while moaning under her breath. She could feel her soft pussy being stimulated by the thigh rolls that fought for space with her nether regions. Each step jiggling the fat in her legs, which stimulated the outer folds of her womanhood.
"Just step over here, honey!" Luke said, breathing heavily himself in his aroused state, trying to instruct Lilly to the foot of the bed. Lilly's final independent steps were the hardest she had ever taken. Her legs completely drained from the day's activities, she wanted nothing more than to lay down and eat and suck on the shake and get fucked by Luke for the rest of her life. She had given up resisting the inevitable, which was that her body was destined to be buried in fat, unable to move.
Once at the foot of the bed, Lilly could feel her legs ready to give up, as she positioned herself in front of the mattress, getting ready to give up her independent mobility. Luke grabbed either side of her stomach, as he centered her on the mattress, then he said, "Okay honey, you can fall back onto the bed now." as he said this, Luke looked into his lover's eyes, his hard cock pressed against her soft fat stomach.
"Okay..." Was all Lilly could say, overwhelmed by the situation, her belly full and hanging, she could feel Luke pressed against her, his hard member driving into her squishy belly. She then plopped back onto the bed, her fat shaking every direction as she did. When she laid back, her belly jiggled back and forth far longer than she anticipated. It was ecstasy. She was now completely dependent on her enablers. She knew there was no chance she could stand up and walk anywhere right now, she was stuck, her energy expended. She was Luke's piggy to fatten and love. "Okay, honey, now hold tight for a minute." Luke said, unloading various treats from the fridge next to their bed, placing them on Lilly's belly, or within arms reach on the bed next to her. He brought out various cakes, leftovers, and other food items for Lilly to enjoy while he set up the pumps. "Here, eat this while i'm gone, I gotta go set up the pump!" Luke said to Lilly, rubbing her full, soft, tummy.
"Mhmmm.. Okay..." Lilly responded, groping her soft fat, obviously lost in the ecstasy of her body. She then grabbed the closest pastry to her and began wolfing it down, like a woman possessed. See, when Lilly got turned on, especially when she was full, she was like a different woman, all she could focus on was her body, and how fat she was, and getting fatter. She just wanted to eat.
15 minutes later and Luke walked back into their bedroom, he was greeted by the sight of his naked lover, pinned to the bed by almost 800 pounds of fat. She was moaning, and chewing on her food. She was a sight to behold, a behemoth woman eating calorie rich foods, rubbing her fat belly, all whilst letting out the occasional belch. Luke walked to her bedside, and kissed her on the forehead. She opened her eyes to see him, but she was obviously still a little lost in her food and pleasure induced trance.
"It's ready... " Luke said, pulling the hose from the top of their bed down to her mouth. "Are you ready?"
"mmphmmmm " Lilly vocalized her consent, not taking a moment to rest between bites.
With that Luke pushed the hose past her lips, and hit the button on the remote that turned it on.
"Oooooooohhhhh!!!!" Lilly moaned as loudly as she could around the hose in her mouth. Luke could see the frosty liquid being pumped through the system and into his growing girlfriend. Her body was quivering from pleasure as she had her eyes closed, an expression of extreme ecstasy on her face.
"Okay, now help me lift your legs, just try your best!" Luke instructed, as he heaved one fat leg into the air. It was so incredibly heavy, no wonder Lilly could hardly walk! Luke continued to push the fat laden leg upward and at an outward angle, once her leg was up in the air, Luke rested it against his chest, and grabbed one of the two ropes that hung from the ceiling at the foot of their bed. On the end of the two ropes were slings, that Luke fit around Lilly's soft cankles. After finishing the first leg, he repeated the task with the other. This action left Lilly on full display. She lay there on his bed on her back, with her belly rising into the air. Her legs were up in the air too, spread apart, hanging from the ropes, leaving her pussy open to anyone's sight who walked into their room.
Luke pulled down his pants and underwear, preparing to enter his behemoth girlfriend, but first, he kneeled down at the foot of their bed, right in front of her soft fat thighs that framed her soft fat pussy. He touched the hanging fat that was attached to her thighs. It was so soft and supple, so squishy. It begged to be touched and caressed. Luke could hear muffled moans through the hose, as Lilly responded to his every touch. She needed him. He caressed the area around her pussy, grabbing and pinching at the rolls of fat that covered every inch of her.
"Amanda and I are going to make you so unbelievably fat!" Luke announced as he played with her. "You'll be too fat to get up and use the toilet. Permanently pinned to my bed!" Lilly moaned as she heard the words, sucking faster at the hose, the shake overwhelming her senses as it flowed into her.Luke made circles in her soft skin with his fingers, the size of the circles getting smaller and smaller, the center of which being her soft pussy. The anticipation drove her wild, as her entire body began to quake. She couldn't contain her arousal. Loud muffled moaning sounds could be heard from around the hose. Her hands reached as far as they could down her stomach, grabbing in vain at Luke's hands, trying to force him to touch her awaiting pussy. She was helpless, she couldn't reach, and there was no way she would be able to get her legs out of the slings without his help. All she could do was lay there and let him play with her. The circles were getting so small, he was barely framing her pussy, getting closer and closer to her clit. Closer and closer... Until eventually every inch of Lilly's body is quivering and writhing as Luke makes contact.
"MMMMPHMMMMMMMM!" was all that could be heard around the hose as Lilly's body jiggled. She could feel Luke's fingers as they slid in and out of her wet pussy. Lilly was lost in pleasure, the happiness shake still stretching out her full stomach. She was engrossed in the ecstasy of her life as she lay there, helpless to do anything but be pumped full of the shake and be fucked. She opened her eyes, but she couldn't see Luke, he was hidden by her massive belly. She could feel the full effects of the THC as she lay there, her entire body tingling she felt so enveloped by her soft fat, surrounded by herself as she lay there, being pleasured. She drops the hose from her mouth for a second. "MmMMMhmmmm.... Take... take... me!.... Please... just... do... it!" She says, moaning loudly between words. She immediately replaces the hose in her mouth and continues sucking.
Luke obeys her strained pleas, placing himself between her thighs, feeling the soft fat of her legs on either side of him, as he slides himself on top of her fat body. She feels his dick pressed against the fat of her thigh as he continues positioning himself, until eventually he's ready. His head just barely pokes over her soft stomach, as he looks into her eyes. She can feel his member pressed against the outer lips of her pussy. Her soft blue eyes buried in fat look into his, begging him to pleasure her.
"OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Lilly screams, the hose again falling from her mouth, shake dripping out onto her massive tits. She feel his hard dick pushing deeper and deeper into her pussy. Her body rocks back and forth as he thrusts into her. Every inch of her is in motion, her thighs jiggling freely because of their suspended position. "Oh.... Luke!.. Yes.....!!!!"
"You greedy pig, we are going to make you so fat!" Luke yells between thrusts. "You're helpless, all you can do is get fatter!" Luke says, obviously enjoying his lover's increasingly dependent position.
"MHMMMPHMMM" Was all Lilly could respond with, the hose having been placed back in her mouth by her greedy hands. This was all she wanted, all she needed, to be filled with the shake and filled by her lover.
Luke continued to thrust into her, slowly getting more and more intense as she moaned through the hose. Her body in motion, her senses overwhelmed with pleasure.
"OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!" Lilly screamed, her body thrusting, her hips trying to buck as the fat jiggled all over her. She was climaxing harder than she ever had. Her body jiggled and writhed all over as she moaned in ecstasy, until eventually her vision went black, she passed out from the overwhelming pleasure.
When she woke up the next morning she could feel the soreness in her legs. So much walking the day before had worn her out. She had no desire to walk, and knew that there was no chance she could, at least not without help. She noticed a small piece of paper on her bedside table, she picks it up, and recognizes Luke's familiar handwriting.
"Good morning honey, hope you slept good! Amanda is going to be moving her stuff in today. She said she'd be there around 10 to start, just so you're aware. Last night was amazing by the way! I restocked the fridge and the tank is full! Love you!"
Lilly remembers the previous evening, her weight, and the surprises Luke had given her. "He is so amazing!" She thinks as she grabs the hose and begins sucking at the cold treat, immediately feeling a rush of pleasure at the first taste. It was as good as she remembered the night before. She was also certain that it was causing her lady parts to tingle, her brain was associating the taste of the shake with the arousal of the previous evening, and she loved it. Overwhelmed with pleasure she leaned against her headboard, grabbing at her nipples, feeling how stiff they were. She could feel her body tingle as she sucked harder and harder on the substance. "Mmmmhmmmm" she moaned with the tube in her mouth.
"Oh my god, Lilly I'm so sorry!" Lilly's eyes shot open to see Amanda turning around in the doorway, covering her eyes. "I didn't mean to walk in on you like that!"
Lilly's face flushes red as she quickly attempts to cover herself. "Uhhh Its okay, its hmmm its not your fault, Luke told me you were coming over, I guess I didn't realize mhmm what time it was." Lilly said, trying to compose herself from the intense burst of pleasure she had just experienced. She could definitely feel the THC, slowly making her relax despite the embarrassing situation.
"Yea, he said he let you know, anyway I just finished setting up my room, and wanted to check on you. Is there anything you need?" Amanda said, turning back around to see the enormous Lilly, now covered with her thin sheets. Amanda can't help but think about how beautiful Lilly looks, with her enormous breasts pressing against the sheets, her erect nipples clearly visible through the fabric. Amanda was excited to be around her every day.
"Uhmmm... well, Luke restocked my fridge so I have plenty of snacks... but I could go for a real breakfast. Can you make pancakes?" Lilly asked sheepishly, still acclimating to their arrangement.
"Of course! Do you like Orange juice or milk with them?" Amanda replied cheerfully, excited to be the one to get to cook for the behemoth woman. The thought of feeding Lilly excited Amanda, because she knew how much pleasure it brought Lilly.
"Milk is good, and can you put extra extra chocolate chips in the pancakes?" Lilly asked, her anxiety about the request calmed by Amanda's chipper replies.
"Absolutely! I'll be back soon with plenty of food!" Amanda stated as she turned to leave the room, Lilly watched her as she walked, she was so skinny! In reality, Amanda was likely a little overweight for her height, at 5'7" and 160 pounds, she had a large butt and breasts, with a tiny hint of a belly under her tank top. She had strawberry blonde hair, with brilliant green eyes and a nice white smile.
"She's a cute girl, so tiny though!" Lilly thinks to herself as she grabs the remote next to her bed and turns on the TV that is on the dresser by the door. "I wonder if she'll hang out with me when I eat, I hope she does!" Lilly thinks as she leans over to grab a few snacks out of the fridge by her bed. Out of the freezer she pulls her favorite snack, Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets. She liked them cold, and she could eat the small frosting covered pastries until her stomach felt ready to burst. Growing up they had been a staple in her life, always fresh out of the freezer, where they get nice and cold and thick. Now, she could eat multiple boxes at a time, shoving the calorie rich treats into her mouth. Luke had to restock the freezer every other day, sometimes every day when she was feeling especially gluttonous. Lilly shoves treat after treat in her mouth, she can hear the sound of bacon sizzling, its overwhelming aroma mixing with the aroma of the pancakes as they cooked. After another 20 minutes, Lilly is surrounded by boxes and wrappers, she had eaten all of the tastykakes in the freezer, even though Luke had just stocked it that morning... and it wasn't even noon yet. Her gluttony was getting erotically out of control. She lived to stuff bite after bite of calorie rich food into her waiting mouth. She hears Amanda's footsteps in the hallway, along with the sound of the wheels on a cart spinning, Amanda enters, with a cart similar to the one from yesterday."Okay, it's all ready! I hope you're hungry!" Amanda announces as she wheels the overloaded cart into the room. Lilly could see plate after plate piled with mouthwatering food, as well as two cups and a gallon of milk. "Okay, I made you 10 pancakes, a half pound of bacon, 10 eggs, and a package of hashbrowns" Amanda says, pointing to the various plates on the cart, "And I made a little extra for myself, I hope you don't mind!" Amanda says, trying to test the water on their arrangement.
"Of course I don't mind! I always get so lonely when Luke is at work!" Lilly says excitedly. "You are more than welcome to eat every meal with me! Especially since you're the one making it all!" Lilly continued.
"Oh thank you so much! Well lets dig in!" Amanda said as she prepared a plate for herself with a couple of pancakes and a bit of everything else, she then prepared a plate for Lilly, with about 5 times as much as what she gave herself. "As soon as you're ready for more, let me know!" Amanda stated, as she crawled into the bed next to Lilly, sitting against the headboard.
Amanda positioned herself a few inches apart from Lilly, and the two began eating, Amanda trying to slyly eye Lilly as she ate. It was immediately clear that eating was a sexual experience for the massive woman. The way she closed her eyes in pleasure as she ate, the way her head leaned back against the headboard as she chewed, small moans escaping her lips. She seemed blissfully unaware of everything around her, her only concern being the taste of the food.


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"Mmmphhmm this is so good!" Lilly says around a mouthful of food, trying to contain the loud moan that was trying to escape her lips.
"Glad ya like it!" Amanda replied, her eyes fixated on Lilly. "I figure there is enough here to hold you over until lunch in an hour!" Amanda continued, testing Lilly to see what response would come.
"Yea, it should be enough, and I have the hose to suck on in between!" Lilly replied, unaware of just how much that sentence made her sound like a glutton. Amanda however, was floored by the reply. This woman was ready to eat anything! The thought excited Amanda, who then made it her goal to stuff the woman with as much food as she could. She accepted the challenge to try to exceed Lilly's appetite.
"Well it sounds like you are enjoying it, I'm gonna go whip up some more!" Amanda said as she got out of bed "We don't want you to go hungry between meals!" She continued, talking over Lilly's attempt at a reply.
"Oh... uh.. Okay, yea I guess with all the food I ate last night my tummy is probably stretched out and in need of a little more food..." Lilly finally replied after Amanda had finished talking.
"Great! Be right back!" Amanda replied as she left the room, leaving Lilly with the 5 or so pancakes she still had.
When Amanda returned, Lilly lay there, propped up against the headboard rubbing her stomach "mmhmmm that was so good!" Lilly says as she sees Amanda enter the room with the cart.
"Good, because I accidentally made too much! The batter was too thick so I added water, but then it was too runny, so I added some more mix, and I guess I added too much because it made another 15 pancakes...." Amanda said as she placed the cart next to Lilly.
"15 more?!" Lilly said, shocked at the amount. "I don't know if I can eat all that..."
"Don't worry! Didn't Luke say there's THC in the shake? Have some of that, and I'm sure you'll have the appetite to finish!" Amanda said, biting her lip, trying to guess how Lilly would respond before she actually did.
"Yea, you're right, I guess we can try it, the pancakes are really good, and I'd hate to waste them!" Lilly replied, her first instinct to resist the second round of food going ignored. "Luke said these buttons control the THC, I guess I can turn it up..." Lilly says as she grabs the remote and hits the button a few times that Luke showed her. She then takes the hose in her mouth and begins sucking, the taste is the same, overwhelmingly pleasurable taste, only now she can feel the high settle in her body, she feels her skin tingle as her mind relaxes. "Mhmmmmmm" Is all she can say with the hose in her mouth, after about 5 minutes she releases it, and looks at amanda, who had settled at the foot of the bed, enjoying the show. "That was so yummy!" Lilly says, giggling. "Those pancakes are SO good, Amanda!" Lilly says with a goofy smile on her face, obviously feeling the effect of the THC.
"Good, here have some more!" Amanda says, placing a plate piled high with pancakes drenched in butter and syrup, and speckled with chocolate chips in Lilly's lap.
"Oh my gosh! You are the best! I feel like I could eat a cow!" Lilly says, in a playful voice.
"You're welcome now, eat up while I clean up the mess!" Amanda replies, collecting the wrappers from Lilly's Tastykake binge.
When Lilly finishes her food, Amanda is waiting at her bedside.
"Urrrrppppp That was so yummy!" Lilly says as she lays against the headboard, holding the upper portion of her soft belly. She had let the sheets fall without a thought, leaving her engorged breasts exposed. Amanda didn't mind, in fact she loved the sight of her heavy breasts laying on her overstuffed belly.
"I'm glad, now I think it's time we get you in the shower!" Amanda says, motioning to the sticky syrup residue that had collected on Lilly's chest and around her mouth.
"Oh my god! My breasts!" Lilly yells, pulling at the sheets.
"Don't worry about it, we're both ladies afterall, and I'm going to help you in the shower, and clothes won't be an option in there !" Amanda said in a casual tone, easing Lilly's nerves.
"Okay. I guess you're right, but I'm not sure I'll ehem be able to make it to the bathroom!..." Lilly said, slowly letting the sheets fall, exposing her pale breasts as they lay against her massive belly.
Amanda had to resist the immediate urge to stare. Lilly's boobs were massive, dwarfing her own D-cup breasts. Amanda was so curious about how heavy Lilly's massive boobs must have felt. "They must be so unbelievably soft and heavy." Amanda thought to herself as Lilly prepared to stand.
"Okay if we work as a team, we got this!" Amanda announced, noticing the strained look on Lilly's face as she struggled to get ready to stand.
"Ugh.. my belly... is so full!" Lilly announced, already breathing heavily.
"That's great! That means you like my cooking! Now move that leg a little towards me!" Amanda said, pulling at Lilly's massive calves, trying to position the girl so they could stand her up. "Use the ropes on the ceiling, anything helps!" Amanda continued, as Lilly's massive body jiggled and shook at every move.
"So... fat... so... heavy" was all Lilly could manage as a response. She hadn't even left the bed yet, but her breathing was strained and she was dripping sweat.
"I know Lilly, let's go, your feet are at the edge of the bed, just lean forward!" Amanda said as Lilly's massive ass began to slide off of the bed. Amanda had grabbed Lilly from the side as she slid off, assisting as much as she could in pushing the behemoth beauty to her feet.
"Urrrrppp.... Thanks" Lilly let out a belch as she balanced on her feet, being held upright by Amanda on her right.
"Here, just stand there a minute and suck on this." Amanda said, holding the hose with the shake in it to Lilly's plump lips. Lilly accepted the offer, immediately sucking at the liquid, breathing heavily through her nose.
She stood there for a few minutes, sucking on the shake, her body and breathing relaxing as she did so. Amanda took the time to stare at Lilly's fat filled body, as she stood there completely naked, sucking on the drug laced milkshake. Amanda noticed the stretch marks that occupied parts of Lilly's enormous hanging stomach. She admired how Lilly's huge rear formed a shelf where it met her lower back, two definite bulbous cheeks sticking out behind her, leading into the crease that formed where her massive cheeks met the back of her huge thighs. Every inch of her a new roll or curve to admire, and soon to touch once she got Lilly in the shower. She felt her pussy tingle at the thought.
"Okay now just lean on me, and grab the handrail with the other hand, rely on me as much as you need!" Amanda said, finally snapping out of her trance and racing around Lilly's front to her opposite side. She then positioned herself under Lilly's soft arm fat.
Lilly dropped the hose from her mouth and slowly waddled forward, her legs already straining. She leaned heavily on Amanda as she lumbered, not able to fully support her own weight.
"Wow, good thing I played soccer in high school!" Amanda thought to herself, feeling the strain in her thighs as Lilly leaned on her shoulders. The feeling of Lilly's fat arm resting on her back excited her.
Lilly continued her waddle, leaning on Amanda and the handrail on the wall. They made it to the bathroom door, Lilly could feel how swollen her stomach was from her huge breakfast and shake binge. She wasn't sure she would be able to comfortably squeeze through the door. She turned sideways and could feel her stomach press against the doorframe, her ass doing the same on the opposite side. Having to turn sideways to get through a normal door excited her. She could feel her stomach pressing harder than it had the day before, evidence of her gluttony.
"Huff hmm... help..." Lilly panted reaching for Amanda who had let go for a second distracted by the sight of Lilly squeezing through the door. Amanda helped her along, until eventually she plopped down onto the toilet. "I ... cant... stand... anymore... get... the. . Shower... going..." Lilly's massive chest rose and fell dramatically as she panted, trying to catch her breath after the short walk.
"Okay, okay just try to get ready to stand again so you can get make it to the seat in the shower... " Amanda replied, turning the knob in the shower, a little excited to get to help Lilly to her feet again. Lilly immediately grabbed the hose and began sucking again, her head falling back in ecstasy, nothing mattered as long as she got to keep sucking on that shake. It was bliss, it was all she needed. Or at least that's how it felt when she had it in her mouth. She felt like she could just lay back and suck on the thick shake until she got too fat to even pull the hose from her mouth.
"Okay, Lilly let's get you in the shower!" Amanda interrupted Lilly's trance. With the help of the ropes the two were able to get Lilly to her feet once again. Her fat shimmied and shook as she jiggled her way into the shower, the warm water feeling amazing on her skin. She could tell she was pretty high, the way her skin tingled in the shower, she could feel the water run down her massive curves and rolls, the feeling was unique to someone who's body expanded out in every direction.
"Good job! Now sit on that ledge and lean forward so your belly hangs away from your body a little bit!" Amanda instructed, standing next to the shower as she removed the detachable shower head from the wall. Amanda began the task of rinsing off the almost 1/2 ton woman, not hesitating to get hands on with the work. She grabbed roll after roll of soft wet fat, spraying in every nook and crease created by Lilly's fat."Mhmmmm that... feels so... good." Lilly said, her eyes closed as she focused on the sensation of her fat being massaged by the water. Every inch of Lilly's body felt hypersensitive when she was high, making the experience even more intense. She could feel Amanda's hands on her body, they felt so small and feminine, something she wasn't accustomed to, as Luke had been the only one to touch her like that in years. She longed for Luke's familiar touch as she could feel herself getting excited, Amanda's hands were just as stimulating as Luke's she thought to herself...
"Wow! I'm sorry if this is inappropriate, but I can see why Luke loves your size so much!" Amanda suddenly said, working the soap in her hands into a lather before again sliding her hands in between various roles on Lilly's engorged form. "Your skin is so soft... and squishy... " She continued her words trailing off as her hands slid under Lilly's hanging belly.
"Yea... mhmm.. Yea it's nice..." Lilly said trying to control the moans that were forcing their way out of her mouth.
"You don't mind if I clean you... down there do you?" Amanda asked, still unsure of the details of their arrangement, and not wanting to get lost in her own desires.
"Of course... not... that's what... I need your... help with the most!" Lilly said "Look, I can't even reach!" Lilly continued, her arms pressing into the fat of her stomach as she demonstrated to Amanda just how helpless she was to clean her own pussy. The act excited Amanda more than she expected, she tried to hide the look of aroused excitement as she watched Lilly demonstrate her increasing dependence.
"Okay then! Just spread your legs a little more!" Amanda instructed, her feminine hand sliding between the wet rolls of Lilly's thighs until eventually her soap covered hand made contact with Lilly's womanhood.
"Oh! Mhmm... okay" was all Lilly could manage as a reply as she widened her stance a little bit. The feeling of her pussy being touched overwhelming her mind for a second. She had to stifle the loud moan that immediately attempted it's escape. Overwhelmed with the sensations that accompanied cleaning her large body, Lilly reached past the shower curtain, and pulled the hose into the shower, taking it in her mouth. She began sucking, the shake pouring into her. It felt so right, so good. She sat there being fondled by her new assistant as she cleaned every inch of her, and she sucked on the shake that tasted like pure happiness. "Mhhmmmmmm... this... stuff is so...mmmmmmmhmmm good!" Lilly removed the hose for a second and moaned as Amanda continued to clean her nether regions, each touch making Lilly want to throw her head back and scream! The hose was immediately replaced again in her mouth."Yea... Luke told me about the... the formula, interesting stuff..." Amanda said, only paying slight attention to Lilly's words as she tried to take in the entire experience. For 24 years she had walked around town seeing people of size, and wondering what it would be like to touch them. And here she was, bathing the biggest one of all of them, and the experience was nothing like she imagined. Instead of neutral curiosity, Amanda felt intense pleasure as she fondled Lilly's bulging rolls. The experience was sexual for her, there was no denying it, she liked fatties. 'I'll need to tell Luke about my newfound attraction...' Amanda thinks to herself, knowing full well that the feelings she was experiencing were feelings that would betray Luke's trust if she hid them. 'But for now, Lilly needs to be cleaned.' Amanda thought, continuing her exploration of Lilly's body, struggling to contain her arousal.
Lilly was oblivious to Amanda's internal struggle, as she sat there sucking heavily on the hose in her mouth, her eyes clenched in pleasure-pain, her stomach obviously very full. But the fullness was Lilly's goal. Ever since she was little she remembered wanting to eat until she was full, it excited her. The feeling of her stomach packed with food had always been sexual for Lilly, and now as a woman, constantly being fed and fondled by her lover, and now by Amanda... Lilly couldn't contain herself. She felt the pleasure mounting inside of her as Amanda continued to work on her body. Every touch sending waves of pleasure through her, as she sat there feeling the effects of the THC intensify her experience.
"OOOOOOHHHHHH! MHMMMMMMM... I'm cumming!!!!.... Nnnnhmmmmnnn!" The sudden outburst snapped Amanda's attention away from her task and to Lilly's face. Her eyes were closed, but fluttering, her lips were quivering her eyebrows raised in ecstasy.
Amanda stood and backed away from the shower a step or two watching as Lilly's massive body jiggled and quivered from the overwhelming pleasure. She immediately felt as if she had betrayed Luke's trust, he had hired her to care for Lilly, not to pleasure her. Amanda thought as she continued to look at Lilly who was just barely starting to recover from the blast of pleasure.
"Oh mmm.. Uhh I'm mmhmm soorry bout that.." Lilly said, her eyes opening to see Amanda's troubled face. Lilly was too high to care too much about the social norms that had just been shattered by their little fling in the shower. Her casual tone relaxed Amanda a little bit, seeing Lilly's reaction to the situation eased her apprehensiveness.
"It's okay, sorry I might have been a little overly zealous about getting your lady parts clean..." Amanda attempted an apology that didn't incriminate her. "We should tell Luke..." she continued.
"Oh mhmmm yea, he'd... want to mhmmm know.." Lilly responded, still riding the final waves of her orgasm. Lilly wasn't particularly worried about telling Luke, they were wholly committed to each other, and he knew that, there was no jealousy or hurt feelings in their relationship... Plus he might find it hot... Lilly thought to herself, knowing Luke liked hearing about Lilly's sexual experiences with her growing body.
"Okay good, well lets get you rinsed off!" Amanda said as she again rinsed every bulging roll that was attached to Lilly. The modifications Luke had made to the shower made the experience a lot less difficult. The various ledges placed in the shower made it easier to access all of Lilly's body, the large one that Lilly sat upon, easily 5 feet across, spans from the far wall of the shower to the shower curtain, and Lilly's fat took up the entirety of the ledge. Then there were various ledges at varying heights obviously all serving a purpose for Lilly. Amanda could tell that some were used for Lilly to lean against, back when she could reach all the areas of her body, even if it was with a brush on a long stick. Now, the only one Amanda saw a need for was the one that Lilly sat upon, as Amanda would be the one reaching all of the hidden areas of Lilly's body.
"Amanda... I think I could go for some lunch..." Lilly said, ignoring the fullness in her belly. She knew that it would take at least an hour before she was dried off and in the bed and Amanda would have the food ready. And in that time Lilly knew her appetite would return with force.
"You are quite the eater aren't you!" Amanda said hiding her shock that Lilly was already asking for more food. "What would you like? How about some pasta?"
"No we just had pasta last night... maybe you could get take out actually?" Lilly asked, thinking about a place up the street with burritos as big as her arm. "I could go for a couple burritos..."
"Of course! I'll go pick it up then!" Amanda stated. After she got Lilly to the bed,she took down Lilly's massive order, which seemed like enough food to feed a football team. She then changed out of the bathing suit she had put on to bathe Lilly and headed out the front door.
'Okay, while she's gone I need to focus on digesting some of this food' Lilly thought to herself, her plan of an hour before eating seemed like it would be a lot less now. But as she lay there she couldn't help but feel the need to suck on the hose. 'It's sooooo good! Just a little won't make a difference...' Lilly thought as she grabbed the hose that hung above her head and placed it in her mouth. She sucked on it relentlessly until eventually she heard the door open.
"You just don't stop!" Amanda said walking into the room with a few bags in hand, finding Lilly in her zoned out state. Lilly pulled the hose from her mouth, the fat on her arm bunching together in thick rolls as she did so.
"Mhmmmm sorry, its just so good!" Lilly said in her sultry sexy tone she used when aroused. The shake was becoming pure sexual pleasure for her.
"No need to apologize, I just hope you saved some room, these burritos are gimongous!" Amanda replied, pulling the first couple burritos out of the first bag. "I'll be right back, I forgot the soda in the car!" Amanda stated, jogging out of the bedroom door.
When she returned Lilly was again sucking on the hose, such an insatiable glutton! 'If she doesn't slow down, she won't have any time to do anything else but fill her huge belly.' Amanda thinks as she walks to the bedside. Her sudden presence surprises Lilly and she again removes the hose.
"Hehe, I just can't get enough!" Lilly says giggling, the drug taking effect again. "Thank god you're back, I'm urrrpp starving! I couldn't reach them!" Lilly continued, motioning toward the burritos that were placed on the bed next to her huge stomach, just out of her reach.
"Sorry about that!" Amanda said, overwhelmed by Lilly's unrestrained gluttony. She handed the huge woman one of the burritos and placed one of the chilled 2 liters of cola next to her on the bed, where she could reach. 'This girl is unstoppable! Good thing Luke is rich, otherwise she'd be impossible to satisfy!' Amanda thought to herself as she watched Lilly tear into the first burrito without restraint.The rest of the day went similarly, with Lilly continually requesting food, sucking on the hose in the meantime. It was like she had snapped, as if her final waddle had driven any restraint she had out of the window. She was a woman obsessed with stuffing as much into herself as possible. Of course the shake didn't help, her constant buzzed state attributed to her insatiable appetite.
A few hours later, just before Luke came home Lilly surprised Amanda with a heartfelt confession: "I used to worry about getting fatter." She said as she watched Amanda clean up the mess from her most recent binge of the to go boxes that Angelo had sent them home with. "I used to worry about not being able to care for myself or get out of bed. But Luke changed that last night." She said. Amanda immediately realized that Lilly had apparently sobered up. She hadn't had the hose in her mouth in about an hour or so while she ate the pasta. "He has always been there for me to do whatever I needed, so I knew he would make it work... but last night he showed me how he would make it work. I think that's why I'm letting go. I can feel it. All I want is to get fatter, all I want is to eat. And it turns me on so much!" Lilly exclaimed, looking to Amanda for a response.
"Of course Luke will make it work!" Amanda replied "I plan on staying here as long as you both will have me, you're great people! And I know Luke isn't just going to stop at the shake machine, the shower and the rails and ropes. I guarantee he is going to make this house your immobile paradise!" Amanda insisted, remembering the conversation she had had with Luke about his plans, but not wanting to spoil any of the surprises he was working on.
"Yea, you're right, ooooh I love him so much!" Lilly exclaimed, looking at the clock and realizing that he would be home within a few minutes. "I'll talk to him tonight about the shower earlier... don't worry he won't mind." Lilly continued, easing Amanda's nerves a little bit about Luke coming home.
When Luke got home Amanda left the two alone in their bedroom. The look on his face when he saw his girlfriend was priceless. She looked so fat, so swollen. He could tell she had been eating all day, he could sense how full she was. "Ahhh you're so perfect!" Luke exclaimed jumping in bed next to Lilly. He grabbed as much of her from the side as he could and squeezed. "So soft!" he exclaimed, his hands sinking into the soft fat of her stomach.
"Hehe thanks honey!" Lilly responded, Luke's hands tickling her sensitive stomach just a little. "How was work?!" She asked her enraptured boyfriend.
"Good.. good..." Luke said distracted by the endless softness that surrounded him. "We... uh... we're on the brink of something great!" Luke said, snapping out of his trance. Luke was a partner at a company he had started with one of his friends from college. Essentially they were a company that developed or modified technology to benefit the severely disabled, and their caretakers. The Whole House Hydration System that was currently being used to pump Lilly full of the fattening shake had been their first invention. They had received large contracts from various hospitals and senior care facilities to install the systems across the United States. That success had launched their company into the forefront of the field.
"That's great honey, can you tell me what it is?!" Lilly asked, always interested in his work, specifically how it would benefit her.
"Well, it's still in the works but it will be a bed that is used to take care of the severely disabled. It will be highly outfitted with advanced gear to make the care for someone who is... who is bedbound a little easier." Luke said, revealing a little bit too much about one of the surprises he had in store than he wanted to. Lilly picked up on it, but tried to be coy about it.
"Oh, neat, that's sure sounds useful for certain people..." Lilly responded, trying to bait Luke into sharing some more of his plans.
"Yep it'll be great!" Luke answered, ending the inquiry before he completely gave away his surprise. "Anyway, I'm starving, what's for dinner?" Luke asked.
"Amanda has a couple roasts and potatoes in the slow cookers, I figured you could use a hearty meal!" Lilly said, squeezing Luke as close as she could, enveloping him in the soft fat of her forearms and biceps. "But honey, before that... I wanna tell you something." Lilly said in a quiet voice, trying to get the wording right in her mind.
"What is it hon?" Luke asked looking up at Lilly's round face, her eyes like jewels buried in soft fluffy dough that made up her cheeks.
"Well, earlier... Amanda was helping me shower... and well, she was cleaning... down there... and well, it just felt so good... and... I came." Lilly finished the sentence abruptly, she wasn't as confident of how Luke would react anymore, but she was pleasantly surprised.
"Are you serious?!" Luke said laughing. " I leave you two alone, and you can't even make it a day before she's helping you get off?" Luke said in a playful tone, making Lilly blush. "I figured it would come eventually, you haven't been able to touch yourself for a while now and I know how you get when you get nice and full." Luke said still giggling at his Girlfriends embarrassment.
"So you're not mad?" Lilly asked sheepishly, still trying to bury her face in her fat hands a little bit.
"Of course I'm not mad! I know you love me, and if you and Amanda have some fun, I don't care. I know you're not about to run off with her! Hell, you couldn't run off with her if you tried!" Luke said, playfully teasing Lilly, just how she liked.
"Oh that's so good honey, I love you so much!" Lilly said, relieved at his reaction. "Well, now that that's off my chest, I'm starving!" Lilly announced, grabbing the hose and sticking it in her mouth.
"I'll check on Amanda, be right back!" Luke said, jumping out of bed. Staring at Lilly for a second. 'Man, she is so god damn beautiful!' he thought to himself, admiring her size. 'I swear, that shake is going to be the best investment yet!' He thought after noticing the small display on the futuristic looking remote indicated that the shake level in the tank had dropped from 30 gallons that morning to just under 18 gallons. 'She's already almost halfway through the tank, and we haven't even had dinner yet, that tank was supposed to last at least 3 days!' He thought as he exited the room, following the savory smell that wafted from the kitchen.
"Hey, so I heard about your guys' little incident in the shower." he said as soon as he knew he was in earshot of Amanda.
"OH! Hey, yea.. So...." Amanda said, very obviously caught off guard. She stammered as she tried to think of something to say on the fly. Luke ended her misery.
"No worries, calm down... It's okay, I swear." Luke said, talking over Amanda's fragmented sentences, trying to gain her attention. "Look, Lilly has been getting very... horny lately, and she can't reach, so I have no problem with what happened today, don't worry." Luke said, immediately calming Amanda's racing mind. He continued "And, look, Lilly is special. She's my love, and I know she loves me more than anything in the world. She's devoted to me... so, if you guys want to have some fun, I don't mind. I think it will really help Lilly to have someone to share intimate moments with as her body grows and expands." Luke said, trying not to let himself get carried away with his thoughts. "Anyways do you see what i'm saying? Does that make sense?"
"Oh, yea, totally." Amanda replied, still trying to process exactly what Luke meant. "And honestly, I am super curious about her growing body too, it's just so... captivating seeing so much fat on one person." Amanda continued, trying to contain her confession to something still similar to innocent curiosity.
"By all means, as long as Lilly is okay with it, check it out. I know her growing body is personally one of the most divinely erotic things that exists, as far as i'm concerned." Luke said "Anyway, is dinner almost ready?" he asked, the subject sufficiently settled for the time being.
"Oh, yes! It's done, the meat was just getting a little more tender, but it should be ready to rock and roll now!" Amanda answered, still a little taken aback after being ambushed with the subject of her lude behavior toward her boss's girlfriend.
The next few hours were spent with Lilly intermittently sucking on the hose, and eating dinner and then dessert and eventually a late night "snack" that consisted of a couple of meals from mcdonalds. Her gluttony was something that not even Luke could have predicted even just a year ago. She had slowly gotten closer and closer to spending her entire waking day stuffing her face. Soon it would all be a blur of food, with nothing but sleep in between extended binges.
Over the next few days Lilly and Amanda settled into a routine that was sure to explode the numbers on the scale to new heights. In fact, that Saturday with Amanda gone for the weekend, Luke woke Lilly up a little before noon and announced that they would be weighing and measuring her... "I want to be able to see just how much you grow each week!" He said after calming Lilly down, she was usually grumpy when he woke her up, a lot of beauty required a lot of rest, and she was carrying 793 pounds of beauty she would inform him, trying to win his pity.
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