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Busy writing
May 8, 2006
This update (finale actually) was supposed to quickly follow the last bigger section, but some unexpected travel got completely in the way, sorry about that. It's not a lengthy final bit, I just needed to tie things up (and get a little sexy stuff thrown in too). But now its finally time to let Meadow and Logan go now off on their own now...


Busy writing
May 8, 2006
“This is what brought us together in the first place,” Meadow gently grabbed a good handful of Logan’s plush belly and looked into his eyes with playful love.

“But you’re not going to help me lose it this time, are you?” he gave her a doubtful smirk.

“It’s not so much,” she pouted a little, defending his growing bulk while softly massaging that same handful. It was definitely ‘so much’ these days, but there was no reason to make him more anxious about it by admitting as much.

He smiled at her reassurance, however sexually motivated he knew it was. But through his smile he winced a bit, still feeling some lingering pain in his shoulder. Logan took a hard check from a mediocre skater at a pickup game a couple of nights before, which had given him enough pain and swelling to raise Meadow’s concern level. He liked to fit the occasional night game into his intense law school and clerkship schedules, but even among the higher caliber rec league guys he was realizing that amateurs could be more dangerous than the elite skaters he was used to going up against. After witnessing him grimace through another sleepless night, she demanded he go get an x-ray to check for a fracture.

The doctor visit that afternoon gave him a different dose of reality though. He hadn’t stepped on a scale since he left the minors to start law school a couple of years ago. Of course he knew he was getting a lot bigger and already expected the number to be quite a bit higher. But like he’d experienced before, the amount he actually gained caught him off guard. He was now heavier than the last time his weight spiked up, back when Coach Mike hung the red shirt on him... when Meadow came into his life.

When he got home that evening, Meadow was in the midst of making a honey garlic cashew chicken stir fry that she knew he’d devour. Since they’d moved in together last summer, she loved having a reason to cook healthy homemade meals that could satisfy Logan’s huge appetite. If he’s going to eat that much, it had better not be junk.

“Is it serious?” She walked over to give him a welcome home kiss and then gently touched his wrapped shoulder.

“No, just a sprain, like I thought,” he muttered, seeming rather drained. “I need to get an ice wrap on it again tonight.”

“Well, it’s good you know for sure that it’s not something worse,” she reminded him.

“I know,” he was downright brooding now.

“A sprain is easy for us to take care of, so why the grumpiness?” She was confused. They both knew plenty about caring for the bumps and bruises that came along with sports, and a sprained shoulder was nothing foreign to either one of them.

He just shrugged.

Her eyebrows furrowed with more concern. “Logan, come on, what’s wrong?” He was rarely very moody, but when he was, she could zero in on his angst like a hawk.

“I wasn’t a fan of the part where they got me on the scale,” he admitted begrudgingly.

Of course, the scale... oh poor Logan. Meadow had been thinking quite a bit lately about how delicious it would be to put him on a scale, which made her feel even guiltier. One of her recurring fantasies was getting him up on a creaky old scale that would utterly groan as he stepped on it; the numbers climbing higher than ever, while his belly fat surrendered downward to gravity’s relentless forces... but for now, something like that was probably out of the question. She would always have to be a little patient and sensitive with his weight issues.

Logan had his own internal conflict between the annoyances that accompanied a growing body and the sheer delight it provided to Meadow. He didn’t love being fatter than ever, but as much as she seemed to try and hide her interest in just how heavy he was getting, he clearly saw her face reveal an eagerness for more information about this doctor visit and weight report.

He shook his head with a smirk, “You like that I got on the scale, don’t you?”

She just sighed deeply with her eyes smoldering into his as he took another big bite of his dinner. Then a calculated smile spread across her face to try and lighten his mood about it.

“You’re such a pervert,” his guard lowered a little, teasing her in return.

“You don’t have to tell me anything more, you know,” she shrugged nonchalantly, sticking her fork into her veggies.

She did want to know more, though. He certainly seemed even bigger than when they first began training together more than four years before. His belly wasn’t just pooching out, it was lowering a bit from its own weight. His love handles weren’t just soft and pliable either; they were now bulging well over his waistline. His broad, powerful frame made him look more like a bulky football lineman than a lean hockey defenseman, which was a delicious transformation in her estimation.

She adored the way his gorgeous face had softened too. She loved watching him while he studied in bed at night, reading cases and taking notes. He was oblivious to how boyishly handsome he was with his cheeks rounded out a bit... while that kissable chubby chin had re-emerged to underline his mischievously infectious smile.

She was always feeling her way through his insecurities though, along with her residual weakness for wanting to quantify his size. Sometimes he was relaxed about his weight and sometimes he seemed not okay with it at all. So which will it be tonight?

“Maybe I’ll wait until later to tell you the details,” his previously sour mood turned into something more playful. “I’ll use it as leverage,” he offered her a cheeky grin, taking a huge bite of his dinner.

That proposition turned the evening in a more positive direction. The implication that he would use what he saw on the doctor’s office scale to sexually entice her was such a massive turn on. “I love your leverage,” she flirted back, sorting out in her head which position would best accommodate his shoulder injury. Something sideways, injured shoulder up, his big body tight up against mine for support, with that tantalizing belly pouring right into me...

It didn’t take long after a dinner of more flirtations, and a kitchen clean-up that involved some mutual grabs and caresses, that she lured him to their bedroom. “With this injury, you’ll need help getting out of these clothes,” she rubbed both her hands along his wide, softened chest and down his arms. Man, his body keeps getting more and more luscious.

“I suppose I do,” he was amazed by how strong her libido was lately. Even with his shoulder injury she wasn’t going to hesitate in seducing him.

Meadow sat him on the bed and carefully removed his sling. Unbuttoning his shirt, she liberally stroked her free hand along the wonderfully flabby paunch resting in his lap while she kissed and nuzzled his neck. He had definitely put on more weight over the last few months since they’d moved in together. Even though he worked out with her at the rink some mornings and was still very powerful in the weight room, he had really increased his eating in both quantity and frequency. Meadow was often astounded, if not incredibly turned on, by the amount he could pack away.

“I guess I’ll need help undoing these pants too,” he went right along with her stripping seduction.

“I guess you will,” she grinned and helped him stand up. Watching in awe as his pudge jiggled in response to the unbuckling, unbuttoning and unzipping, she knelt down between his legs to help him get his khakis off. Her fingers played with the waistband of his boxers, noticing how tight they were getting where his tummy was pushing against its limits. “You’d be more comfortable without these too,” she slipped them down.

“Mmmm hmmm...” he smiled in acquiescence. The discomfort that had been swirling around his shoulder seemed to dissipate as Meadow’s intimate touching turned into a very satisfying pain reliever.

Stroking him between his legs, he became even harder. “So, this leverage you have,” she raised her eyebrows and looked up at him, licking her lips.

He knew what she wanted to know, but he wasn’t going to tell her just yet. Still on her knees, she tested his fortitude by taking him to the brink with her tongue and lips. Logan groaned in pleasure. “Meadow,” he groaned again, “my shoulder is going to be permanently destroyed if you keep doing that to me.”

She nodded with a grin, seeing how he was about to fall over from carnal satisfaction, and coaxed him into a more comfortable position on the bed.

“Now, back to that leverage,” she murmured doing a little strip tease for him, knowing how much he loved watching her get completely nude. Carefully crawling across his body, she pressed herself against him for the least shoulder impact and the most body to body touching. He fit so well into her. The combination of his rock hard erection and his lush, chubby body was the exquisite fantasy she had imagined so many times, but had fought so hard against entertaining mentally during their early months of training together.

As he moved inside her more powerfully, her breathing quickened. He knew she was close. He whispered in her ear, “Do you really want to know?”

“Know what?” She smiled coyly, knowing exactly what he was talking about. She had been eagerly waiting for him to share.

“Don’t be shy, Meadow,” he got bossy now. The way she responded to his sometimes assertive and pushy tone in bed really turned him on too. “Does it get you off, wondering how much I weigh now?”

“Yes,” she admitted without hesitation, as intensifying arousing sensations built up all over her body.

“I’ve been getting kind of big lately,” he breathed through his words, deliberately pushing her buttons. He wasn’t really excited by his increasing bulk, but he knew his audience, and was willing to use it, now that he had it to use. She’s not so complicated right now, is she?

“You’ve been getting so sexy too,” she grabbed his generously softened side and pushed herself firmly into him again, feeling the depth of his thrust.

“I think the nurse who weighed me was pretty shocked by the number,” he kept his eyes fixed on hers, drawing out her fetish even more. “Apparently I weigh even more than I look like I do.”

She nodded, so aroused by his words. His large frame had always masked his true poundage. Even when he was at his leanest, he was still listed with one of the highest weights on the roster. She loved that her man would now more than ever be the biggest and heaviest player on any team that he played for.

“How much?” her voice pleaded. She knew he liked it when she begged a little for what she wanted.

Logan could feel she was at the edge of ecstasy and teased her a bit more, “I’m not sure if I should tell you,” he brushed his hand through her hair and tenderly kissed her before delivering an intense plunge of his body into hers. When they were intimate, he was captivated by her beautifully flushed face, lacking her usual control and coolness. After all this time, her enigmatic temperaments were still fascinating to him.

“Tell me, please, just tell me, how much?” Meadow begged him more, barely eking out the words.

“Three hundred and thirty two pounds,” he whispered in her ear. Her body instantly let go and she felt every one of those 332 pounds making her come. The vibrations in her body had a corresponding effect, as he then released into her.

They embraced in a sweaty lock for a moment while she gazed in his eyes. “It’s nice of you to play along with me,” she smiled softly. Her glowing cheeks mostly hid the blush of self-consciousness that she sometimes still felt about her fat fixation.

“When it feels like this, I don’t mind at all,” he caressed her face and kissed her lips.

It wasn’t the number itself that pushed her over the orgasmic edge, it was the sexy way he built up excitement around it. Still, she couldn’t help but do the math in her head. He’d put on more than a hundred pounds since they’d first made love over four years ago. Bigger than he’s ever been before, she ran her hands along his wide back, and he’s got the frame and strength to manage even more...

She helped him lay his sore shoulder back on a raised pillow and enjoyed the feelings of post-coital love that warmed her body. “I love you,” she murmured.

“I love you, Meadow,” he responded.

“All of you,” she reassured Logan, cuddling his abundant tummy.

“There sure is plenty of me,” he just sighed, not flinching from her gut handling as much as he used to.

“Mmmmm,” Meadow just purred approvingly, her fingers gently caressing along the hang of his soft middle, then grazing outline of his deeper belly button before finding their home in a developing side bulge while she nuzzled into his cleavage. She loved the way Logan’s chest was looking with the added flesh. Those plump mounds were as hot as the rest of his burgeoning bulk. The first fifty or sixty pounds had landed and spread evenly around his lower torso, and throughout his body, thickening him all over as they had before. But lately his well-rounded pecs and their adjacent side rolls were a sign of more serious changes happening.

“I’m glad you approve,” he let his belly relax more into her loving hands. Logan could never complain about anything that made sex even better with the woman he knew was his true love and soul mate. Maybe that was a corny thing to think, but how could she not be? She understood his flaws and still wanted him unconditionally; whether he was hard or soft, pro athlete or perpetual student, winning or losing... or gaining, she was there for him, loving him right back.

He used to wonder about that tiger inside of Meadow; cool, confident and independent, while something fierce and untamed lurked in her eyes. But now he could see that she was all of the above, and yet so much more. She brought all of her paradoxical charms to their bed nightly, helping every ache not feel so painful, rendering old insecurities more irrelevant each day, and making his body feel damn amazing.

There was no question that Logan was growing truly fat, but he also had a new kind of fire in him. Where his eyes used to suggest a want of approval from Meadow, now they more often conveyed a desire for conquest. His competitive instincts had not left him at all; they had simply shifted into other outlets, including the delicious challenge to give and get total sexual satisfaction.

He grabbed her around her waist and held her closely. Now that’s the big hungry brute I love, Meadow nestled into the crook of Logan’s neck, surrounded by his strong and softened arms.



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Nov 12, 2014
This was so good!!!! So excellently written, and both sweet and hot at the same time. Meadow and Logan are so cute! :)


Library Girl
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Jun 21, 2008
I'm sick, drowned in work & commitments and freezing - but this was a wonderful, warm (despite all the ice...) good night story.

Thank you Ashblonde for finishing it so sweetly!

fat hiker

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Oct 25, 2005
Ottawa, ON
While I hate for this story to end, you have done it real justice, and the ending is wonderful....

It seems Logan 'blew up' even faster than I'd expected. I am so glad he and Meadow are still so in love, and that his competitve instincts have a new focus...

And if he took such a shoulder injury, what shape is the poor 'amateur' who bumbled into him?

Look out law world, here comes Logan!

Dreamt about this chapter last night. Had to re-read it today. May end up re-reading the whole story.

Jerry Thomas

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Apr 22, 2011
Badger State, USA
Great final chapter - thank you! Perhaps eventually you could write a cute little sequel about their life together when he's gained 100 pounds more. 432 - or perhaps 444, a nice ROUND number! After all, that shoulder injury will probably prevent him from burning up too many calories, right?

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