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BHM Pancakes - by Rachel (~BHM, Dining, Feederism, ~SWG )

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Nov 5, 2006
~BHM, Dining, Feederism, SWG - blind introductions actually do sometimes produce big results

by Rachel

Maggie had been laughing for the last two hours nearly without stop. Chuck, her best friend, had brought her out to the pool hall for drinks & a game, and also to introduce her to another friend of his, Ryan. Ryan, as it turned out, was a friendly guy but a shark at pool; and unbelievably glib of tongue.

Maggie was a little tipsey after however-many beers it had been, and couldn't keep her eyes off Ryan. He was one of those types who seemed larger than life - unafraid of anything and really outgoing. He was also eating like a monster, a talent he attributed to being a side effect of body building.

"I have to eat constantly," he had explained, "because if I want to gain muscle I have to gain mass."

Apparently he had a calorie-per-day target. Maggie had wondered at first. The guy was bulky, indeed, but wore a baggy t-shirt over loose fitting cargos, under which she could see the clear definiton of a belly. But doubts aside, he could well have been trying to get into shape from a larger, fatter self.

Still, she couldn't help but tease. At one point, he actually joked that he wished he could grow a tight, round beer belly like some of the guys at his gym. Maggie, lips loosened, had spouted off about exactly how he might be able to grow one. They'd both laughed, but his eyes held hers for just an instant too long.

The night eventually drew to an end, and Chuck wandered up to the bar to grab the bill. The moment he rounded the corner, Ryan grabbed Maggie by the wrist and drew her into an enclave.

"This is going to sound so stupid.. I, I've never just come out like this," he said, voice low and suddenly serious, "But do the words feeder and encourager mean anything at all to you?"

Maggie didn't hesitate a second. She nodded.

Ryan looked as if he were going to fall over, closing his eyes for a second and then staring into hers again. He took her other hand.

"Are you... I mean..."

Maggie smiled and tried to look reassuring. "Yes."

Ryan took both her hands and placed them on his belly, suddenly, as if as a test. Maggie ran her hands up and then down, carressing the bottom curve of his belly. It was soft but round, firm. She bit her lip, trying not to get too excited here in the bar, with Chuck on his way back.

"Meet me for dinner," Ryan whispered quickly, anxious. "Please."

Maggie glanced over his shoulder, seeing Chuck round the corner.

"Yes. Email me. Here." She passed him her business card. He took it, then pressed her hands into his belly again, though they hadn't moved. He then turned and smiled at Chuck without missing a beat, making come clever joke about the check, and grabbed his jacket.

They left.


Maggie had barely been home for half an hour when the email showed up.

'Hey Maggs,

I can't belive my luck. If this is the only date I ever go on, it will be enough. Golden Griddle, 7pm? Thursday? Please, please don't turn into a pumpkin, I need this to be real.




7:05pm Maggie rushed into the Golden Griddle on Front St. and quickly scanned the room for Ryan. She spotted him at a corner booth, looking relieved and waving with the most greatful smile she had ever seen. Approaching the table, he stood to hug her. Crushed by his strong embrace, she could feel his belly press into hers, leaving nothing to the imagination. Not that imagination would have been necessary; he wore today tight blue jeans and a fitted knit top. The sleeves strained against the muscles in his arms, but snuggly hugged the bulge at his midsection.

"Man, I was afraid you wouldn't show!" he laughed as they sat down, "There is no way I met the most beautiul woman on earth and an appreciator of the feeding arts in the same evening." He winked at her.

"It was your lucky day," Maggie smiled, totally in control, "And maybe mine too, if you really can eat the way you seemed to."

Ryan feigned insult.

"I can eat!" he pouted, "I once ate fifteen hot dogs in one sitting!"

"Well I wasn't there, was I!" Maggie laughed. "Your poor tummy is too small for that - I'll have to see it myself."

"My tummy isn't small." he joked, leaning back and trying to push it out as far as he could, then slapping it grandly it with both hands. "It's big! I'll show you."

The waitress arrived just in time. Maggie ordered waffles & fruit
for herself.

"Family Pancake Platter," Ryan decided, after a moment of studying the menu, "And a side of bacon. And sausage? Yes, yes, I think

The waitress cocked an eyebrow.

"That's usually intended for Families, sir," she said, not without humour. "It's..."

"Yes, all-you-can-eat. I know. Bring me the pancakes, I'll worry about the rest." he then flashed the most charming smile, and patted his girth. "I didn't grow this on a diet!"

"I love this place!" he grinned enthousiastically at Maggie when the waitress left, "I could eat Pancakes until the world ran dry of syrup. Oh man, I can barely wait!" He stroked his belly and looked at Maggie. She laughed and scooted next to him, stoking his belly for him.

When the food came, he truely ate. He would fold a pancake in four, stab it with his fork and stuff it in his mouth whole. He decimated ten pancakes with barely a thought, telling stories between mouthfulls and listening with interest as Maggie told hers.

She barely touched her meal however, instead sitting close to Ryan and
picking at her fruit with her hands. As he finished the first platter, Maggie popped a bite of fruit into his mouth while he ordered his refill from the impressed waitress.

"So what do you think?" he murmured as they waited for the next course. His aura of confidence dropped suddenly, as if all he wanted in the world now was her approval. Maggie could see now that dispite the speed and ease with which he was eating, his belly was noticably bigger, pushing his belt out and coming untucked at the bottom. Maggie leaned back a little to look him over, meanwhile tracing the circumferance of his belly with her finger.

"That wasn't bad," she said, "for a starter. Your belly is shaping up nicely," she paused, "But I think you can handle much, much more." She grinned, eyes glinting mischeiviously.

"Oh yes," Ryan breathed. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, his playful look of overconfidence had returned. "I have a while to go yet, girly. This is going to be a real belly-buster!" He grasped his drink, drank it all in one draught and put it down, just in time for his refill to arrive.

He ate with the same gusto as before, pausing only to order more drinks and bacon. After finishing up another half-dozen pancakes he put down his fork for a minute and leaned back. He took a deep breath with some difficulty and adjusted his belt, letting it out a few notches. Without missing another second, he dug back in.

Finishing the second platter and ordering a third immediately, he leaned back again. His belly had nearly doubled in size, but he seemed unphased.

"How does it feel?" Maggie asked.

"Oh, I'm just relaxing now." Ryan grinned, "I've barely begun to stretch. Though..." He looked down at his bulging midsection and gave it a little shake. He winced. "I doubt I'm going to be leaning over again any time soon."

Maggie placed her hand on top of his belly and bit her lip again. He immediately closed his eyes and gasped. He took her hand and rubbed it around his belly in a circular pattern, pushing harder than she would have.

"It feels so good when you touch it," he said, opening his eyes to look at her again. "You have no idea."

And then his food arrived. Without leaning forward, he took his plate in one hand and his fork in the other, and ate without slowing down. He talked less now, only paused slightly to look at Maggie then, resolved, dug back in. Nearly at the end of the platter, he put his plate down and swallowed, slowly. He stared intently at Maggie, taking shallow breaths and holding his belly in both hands. His belt dug into the bottom of his belly and his shirt barely stretched over his girth. Staring at his belly, Maggie drew the fingers of both hands over the ballooning of his belly slowly, down to his belt. With a bit of a struggle, she undid it for him then looked up.

"Take a deep breath." she asked, though her voice left no option
for a 'no'.

He did, strongly, and the botton of his jeans popped off and skid under the table. Letting the breath out his belly stretched furthur, taking up the extra room and causing his shirt to ride up over the bellybutton.

Still staring at Maggie, Ryan said:

"If you ask me to, I will finish."

"Finish," she replied, "And you will make me terribly happy."

Ryan took up his plate again and finished without a thought. He then cleaned off the bacon, the pitcher of OJ and everything that remained of Maggie's waffles as well.

Laying back with his belly exposed, Ryan seemed to take note of his situation.

"It's never been quite *this* big before," he said, matter-of-factly. He tried to wrap his arms all the way under his pregnant stomach without much success. "Ugh, so *fat*. I feel like I've swallowed a basketball."

"You look like you've swallowed a beachball." Maggie joked, rubbing
his belly and pressing into him. "But definitely fat."

Ryan looked at her with a flicker of doubt suddenly crossing his face. "You don't..."

"I think it's gorgeous." Maggie said reassuringly. "You have the most beautiful big fat belly I've ever seen." Ryan looked as if he were going to swoon, and Maggie gave it a jiggle, "Now how are we going to get you home?"

"I'll roll." he joked, and they laughed.

Maggie eventually helped him out to a cab, and they drove back to her place together.

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