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Sep 30, 2005
~BBW, ~BHM, ~~WG

by AtlasD

Part 1- The Contract

Mindy came out of the bathroom looking particularly grumpy this Monday. This surprised me as we had just returned from a “getaway” weekend at a five star resort with some of the best dining we had ever experienced.

“What’s wrong, Hon?” I said.

"I’ve gained two pounds over the weekend is what’s wrong. You and your firm’s ‘giveaways’ “.

“We had a good time, didn’t we? What did you want me to do, let some junior associate get the goodies?”

Mindy relented- a little. “Ok, Rick, I know your law firm gives you some pretty good perks. It’s just that some of them tend to stay with me, if you get my meaning.”

“So what’s two pounds?” I said.

“Added to the 12 I gained after we met, and before this weekend, 14 pounds.” answered Mindy.

“So what’s the problem? You look fabulous.”

“Only you would say a woman five feet five inches tall weighing 182 pounds looks fabulous.”

“Well- you do”, I said. “If I gained three pounds and matched you, would that make you feel better?”

Mindy laughed. “Always the lawyer”, she said. “It’s not that easy- how tall are you?”

“Five feet, eleven inches. You know that.”

Mindy persisted. “Ever hear of BMI, legal eagle?”

“BMI? What’s that?” I thought after eight years of practicing law I know almost any abbreviation for anything- but this was new to me.

“It stands for body mass index. Simply put, it’s a ratio of weight to height.”

“OK”, I said. So at five-eleven, what do I have to weigh to match your BMI?”

Mindy went to the computer, found a BMI calculator on the internet. I watched her as she did the calculations. “You would have to weigh around 210 to match my BMI”, she said.

Thirty-one pounds I thought silently. It seemed like a lot, except I remembered my four beer soaked years as an undergraduate and the 194 pounds I weighed on graduation day. The grinding mill that was law school had caused me to lose most of the “extra” without really trying. So this was only 16 more pounds than my “personal best.” The fact was I didn't want Mindy losing anything but I did want her to be happy. It seemed doable.

“OK”, I said.

“OK, what?” Mindy persisted.

“Ok, I’ll do it”

Mindy laughed again- “You’re the lawyer- what are you always telling your clients?”

She had me there. I grinned. “I know, I know,” I said. “Get it in writing”


“Well- go ahead- draw something up.”

Mindy switched to the word processing program, and quickly tapped out the following: “I, Richard Nunez, agree to gain weight until I match Mindy Heath’s body mass index”. She printed two copies, and we signed both. “One copy for you, and one copy for me. Just like your law office would do it.”

“Not bad for a financial adviser” I had to admit.

"So when are you going to get started? You have some catching up to do.”

I smiled. “I’ll hit the bakery for some fresh donuts for the commute in. How’s that?”

Mindy smiled her Mona Lisa smile back. Later I was to learn the meaning behind it.

I was as good as my word. I stopped and got a bag of a half dozen fresh donuts, and went through four on the way into work. For lunch, I grabbed a fish sandwich with a huge helping of fries, and had a sundae for desert. I worked on the remaining two donuts on the commute home. I was just wiping the crumbs off my tie when the cell phone rang. It was Mindy. “Meet me at ‘Cippi’s’” she said. “We may as well start this off right.”

“Cippi’s” was short for “Cipriano’s”, a small Italian restaurant just outside the city. It was slow because it was Monday, and we lingered over a candlelit table of wonderful food. There was focaccia bread to dip in olive oil, battered calamari for the appetizer, veal marsala for the main course, and of course tiramasu for desert. Mindy had chicken griglia and a chocolate truffle cake to finish. White wine and Vivaldi helped aid the digestion, and we left for home, groggy, satiated and happy.

The next morning Mindy pulled out some wonderful pastries from a bakery near her office. On my way to the firm, I stopped at the donut shop for a half dozen more. Lunch was no longer “brown bag” but varied from greasy fast food when my schedule was cramped to taking clients to the better restaurants as often as I could. Evenings with Mindy were low lit, soft music, appetizers, wine, main courses, and desert. Trout almondine, sautéed vegetables, prime rib and baked potatoes, lobster tails drenched in butter, mousse, pie, cheesecakes. Sometimes for a change of pace it would be pizza and draft beer, or chinese. Often before bed there would be ice cream, and we would drift off into a satiated slumber with Mindy rubbing my soft expanding belly.

Of course it did not take long for the results to show, and I was looking like my old college photos. I hit and passed 194, and began closing in on 200. This meant new clothes of course, and being a lawyer meant spending some serious dollars on new suits. The salespeople always looked at me a little strange when I said I wanted my suits roomy- two or even three sizes roomy, for I knew an extra inch or two in the waistband was not going to be enough. The suit jackets concealed my gain and even after gaining twenty pounds I was surprised at how few people noticed. It was noticeable to me though, and I got to a point where my belly would wobble when I brushed my teeth. Mindy thought it was cute.

Part 2- The Revelation

Four months later, I looked down at the digital scale. 210.5 pounds. I said nothing to Mindy except that a little celebration was in order, and to meet me at Cippis after work. Mindy was wearing a new knee length skirt with matching blazer. She looked fabulous and I told her so. “I haven’t seen you wear that before”, I said. “Is it new?”

“Just a little something I picked up.” said Mindy, giving me that Mona Lisa smile. I didn’t see why she had to be so coy. I found out later at the restaurant.

“Two hundred ten” I said when deserts were served. “I bet you didn’t think I would do it, but I did. I matched your BMI.”

“I’m sorry to break the bad news to you, Sweetie, but you haven’t.” said Mindy. “At least not yet.”

The lawyer in me sensed a trap. “What do you mean? I watched you do the calculations, you said you weighed 182. Did you lie to me about your weight?”
“I have never lied to you about my weight” said Mindy. “I weighed 182 when we entered into our agreement, but that was four months ago. Right now I weigh 191. If my math is right, you still have another ten pounds to go.”

“That wasn’t the agreement” I sputtered, knowing I was not on solid ground.

“You know better, Sweetie.” Mindy continued, “The agreement said you would gain weight until you matched my BMI. It did not say my BMI could not change, and it has. You have 10 more pounds to go”

She had me. She had me and I knew it. I had fallen into the classic legal trap of entering into a contract without completely defining the terms.

So I kept gaining and wondering how much Mindy was gaining too. It should have occurred to me earlierwith all the dining out we had been doing that she would put on weight. The new outfits should have tipped me off, but Mindy was always buying clothes. And she was looking better with every pound. So- I kept gaining.

Another ten pounds. Of course that assumed Mindy stayed the same, and I did not want to ask her weight as the weeks went by and I added pounds. That would be too obvious. So, being a lawyer, I tried a little trick. If Mindy wouldn’t tell me her weight, I would not tell her mine. I wouldn’t gain another 10 pounds, I would gain another 15, and see if I could match her BMI before she got “ahead” of me. I stashed cashews, macadamias and other nuts in my desk and would nibble whenever I got the chance. I still bought donuts in the morning, and we continued to go out at night.

Now there was no concealing it. I was going beyond pudgy and becoming fat. My suit jackets would not button. My belly hung and wobbled over my beltline. I could feel it jiggle when I walked. People at work commented, and some of the senior partners looked askance at me. My work continued to be quality, so what could they really say?

Five weeks later I weighed in at 225. I had added 15 pounds- five more pounds than what I needed to match Mindy- assuming Mindy hadn’t changed. Again, I broke the news when desert was served. Again, Mindy smiled her Mona Lisa smile.

“That’s wonderful, Hon, and I’m glad you are trying- but you’re not there yet.”
Not there yet? Good God, how much did Mindy weigh now? She answered the question before I asked it.

“199. According to my calculations you still need another five pounds.”

“This isn’t fair” I protested.

“What’s the matter big boy? Can’t handle it? My extra weight doesn’t seem to bother me. What’s another five pounds to you? ”

She was taunting me! But she was right. Even though she was large, Mindy had never been anything except bold, confident and sexy. That was what had drawn me to her in the first place. And the pounds she had recently added made her even more wonderful to hug, caress and hold. I finished my desert, and we went home to bed. I dozed off as Mindy rubbed my soft round belly.

I gained another eight pounds. Mindy gained six, and her BMI at 205 (33.1) was still ahead of mine at 233 (32.5).

The race was on. I ate constantly, but Mindy ways always a few points ahead of me on the BMI charts. Finally, after another three months passed, Mindy told me to meet her at Cippi’s after work- that she had something to tell me. The mystery haunted me all day. At the restaurant, while we worked at desert, Mindy told me her story.

“When we met, I weighed 168 pounds. Do you remember that? Most men would have considered me chubby, even fat. No one wanted to date me. But you found me attractive.”

“Yes I did,” I said. “And I still think you are beautiful now. More beautiful than ever”

“I’m glad to hear that Sweetie. You see, a year before we met, I weighed 220. In fact I have been over 200 pounds ever since I was 17. I would diet, and I would always gain it back. I had dieted to the lowest weight I have been in almost five years- that’s when we met. And I knew it wouldn’t last- just like all the times before, I would gain it back. I wasn’t sure how you would react to that. I figured if you loved me enough to gain 75 pounds then I could be confident of your commitment.”

“So where are we now?” I asked.

Mindy smiled the Mona Lisa smile. “I’m at 221 Rick. I’ve been at 221 for about four weeks now. This is how I am and where I need to be. And where are you?”


“Another seven pounds Rick. That’s all, or real and for sure. Another seven pounds.”

I said, “You had this planned all along didn’t you?”

“You’re not mad at me are you?”

“Not in the least. I have to admire the way you out-lawyered me. And you are so wonderful to hug and hold and love. And it sounds weird, but I actually enjoy this, the sense of mass, the sensation of moving, wobbling and shaking. And when you rub my belly, and I run my hands over your lush rolls…”

“Down boy!” Mindy was laughing now, and I watched her breasts and belly jiggle. It aroused me. We went home and spent the night loving each other, luxuriating in the softness of expansive fleshy curves.

Needless to say I gained the other seven pounds. I had finally achieved parity with Mindy. It seemed all was right with the world except…

End Section One- See next post for Section Two


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Sep 30, 2005

Part 3- The Job

Work. For some reason I was being shuffled off to do research and write briefs. I was almost never called to argue a case in court unless another partner was ill or absent. From brief snippets of overheard whispers I learned that the senior partners didn’t want “fat Rick” in front of judge or jury. This might be grounds for a discrimination claim, but all I had was second hand conversation. I bided my time hoping something more tangible would come my way, enough for me to file an employment discrimination action.

Then Carl came to me with a patent infringement suit, knowing this was my specialty. Our client had been sued, and Carl was worried. I reviewed the material.

“It’s not that bad” I said, “it’s narrowly balanced, but if we get the right judge…”

“Barstow” said Carl. This was bad. Barstow had the reputation for being one of the most ornery judges on the circuit. He had once dressed me down in open court, calling me nothing but gloss and veneer in a $1200 suit. And yet… I had a hunch.

“Carl”, I said. “I have to argue this case. If our client is going to have a chance no one else can do it.”

“But it’s assigned to me” Carl began to protest, but feebly. He was not enthused about going in front of Barstow either. And if we were going to lose the case, why not have someone else do the argument in front of the judge?

“Call in sick” I said. “If someone has to go down in flames, it might as well be me.”

Court day arrived, and I waited nervously at the defendant’s table. Our clients did not help much, and their whole attitude said they would rather have anyone else than this porker lawyer advocating for them. Finally the clerk said “All rise.”

We stood up with the others, and Barstow puffed his way to the bench. “Be seated.” he growled, and then he stared at me for what seemed like an eternity.

“Mr. Nunez?”

“Yes, your honor” I replied.

“Mr. Nunez” said Judge Barstow again. “It’s been a long time” he growled. “I almost didn’t recognize you. You’re looking well.”

“Thank you your honor.” Looking well? Even growled as it was, that was the first time I had ever heard Barstow give anything close to a compliment.

“Lets get started” Barstow grunted. “Counsel for the plaintiff- Mr. Wright? - let’s hear it.”

Four and a half nerve wracking hours later I was giving my closing argument.

“You can save it young man” snapped Barstow. “I read your brief, and I have heard all I need. I am going to rule on this case right now.”

A ruling from the bench? This was extremely rare. I felt queasy- if I lost this case….

“Mr. Wright” puffed Barstow “You did a fine job, and your clients had every reason to place their confidence in you…"

This looked very bad. I held my breath.

“However” said Barstow, glowering at me, “I find this young man’s reasoning carries more weight”. Was I imagining things, or did the old man actually wink at me?

“Verdict for the defendant. Case dismissed. Nice work Mr. Nunez.”

The clerk called “All rise”, and the Honorable Ronald K. Barstow, all three hundred twenty pounds of him, roared out of the courtroom like a huge black locomotive.

Part 4- The Reward

Carl was incredulous. “From the bench? Old “Blimp” Barstow actually ruled from the bench in our favor?”

“In my favor” I reminded him. “The client is ecstatic, and wants to keep the firm on retainer.”

There were some things I didn’t tell Carl. That the clerk told me Judge Barstow wanted to see me in his chambers after the case. That the judge told me he was glad to see I had loosened up and was living like a human being. That he was sick of all the “thin young slicker lawyers with their hundred dollar haircuts trying to look like they just came off the cover of a men’s magazine.” That he liked the lawyers “who were genuine- not just a lot of gloss and veneer in a $1200 suit”.

It amazes me how dense lawyers can be, how they can’t sense when a jury or judge is with them or against them. And it amazed me that no one in the firm could figure out you had a better chance of winning your case before a fat judge when you used a fat lawyer. Apparently none of our competitor firms could figure it out either.

When I told all this to Mindy, she laughed. “You were pretty dense yourself, about our contract.” I had to admit she had me there.

Over the next year, I was assigned the argument in all the cases before Judge Barstow. I didn’t win all of them of course, but I won enough of them to get some serious respect, and a promotion to senior partner. It was hard to believe my extra weight had become a positive career asset, even if I was often referred to as “that fat patent attorney”.

Mindy and I were at Cippi’s celebrating my most recent win in front of Judge Barstow. As we worked through our deserts I said, “I’m thinking of putting on some more weight.”

Mindy raised an eyebrow in surprise. “What brought this on?” she said.

“Barstow. In court today he said he thought I looked a bit gaunt.”

“The old man’s crazy” she said.

I replied “Yes he is, but still I’m thinking I need to do something.”

“What are you going to do? Try and match him, pound for pound?”

“No one really knows how much he weighs, Hon. The consensus is it’s well over three hundred. I’m thinking more in terms of another 15 or 20 pounds for me.”

Mindy thought a moment, then pulled a scrap of paper and a pen from her purse. About half a minute later she presented me the following:

“I, Mindy Heath, agree to gain weight until I match Richard Nunez’s body mass index”.

“It’s only fair,” Mindy said.

“You are wonderful”

We went home and to the bedroom. I undressed her slowly, admiring the way her soft flesh brimmed over the cups of her brassier. I turned her, and ran my hands up the insides of soft thighs and stroked the underside of her soft jiggly belly which nearly concealed her luscious triangle, then up her sides pausing to savor soft folds and rolls, then down again over flaring wide hips and her soft lush bottom. We lay down and she began caressing and kissing my big belly and slowly stroking the fold beneath.

Later she mounted me (we had found it was easier this way) and soon rhythmic waves began coursing through our bodies. I watched as Mindy rippled to climax, breasts oscillating like waves, my hands on her lush undulating hips and felt myself releasing into acres of soft billowy warmness.

We had slept about a half-hour, then Mindy woke up. “I’m hungry,” she said. “Do you want a snack?”

“Sure” I answered drowsily. “Are you going to bring up anything?”

Mindy went down and returned with a huge bowl of ice cream and one spoon. We took turns feeding each other, then Mindy began giving me two to her one. “You have to look good for Judge Barstow” she giggled. I smiled back. “At a time like this all you can think of is business? I don’t know about you finance types.”

I gained another 17 pounds, which put me at 272. Mindy was as good as her word, and gained until she reached 235. We matched exactly, with a BMI of 37.9. Judge Barstow seemed content, and kept ruling in my favor unless the facts were overwhelmingly against me. The firm gave me a bonus, and an all expenses paid trip on a Caribbean cruise line. At one resort call, there was a secluded beach. We stayed three days. Mindy even wore a bikini, the little triangle of cloth in front nearly enveloped by her soft belly and thighs, and her generous bottom billowing around the rear.

As we slowly walked the beach together, our bodies rippled in rhythm with the tropical waves. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously and each gained five additional pounds on cruise ship cuisine. Mindy teased that I was going to catch up with Judge Barstow. Perhaps was not all that farfetched. Rumors were circulating back home that Barstow was campaigning for my nomination to a judgeship.

Parity, (noun)- The quality or state of being equal or equivalent. See also (PARADISE).


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Sep 30, 2005
Sorry if I'm interrupting the story but I must say I love this story as I did with Attitude Adjustment. I really hope this isn't the end of the story as I can see room from growth *Both storywise and in the characters* ^_^


Oct 9, 2005
Nice story with a novel premise.

Other than increasing the font size the only change I made was removing your apology about having to divide the story into sections. Its really done quite commonly and you broke it exactly between parts. Nothing to apologize for!

As for the protagonists, I guess the moral is that they needed to be better at "due diligance" and "discovery?" Fortunately it all worked out!


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Sep 30, 2005
Maybe- As Coop knows, I sort of dropped out for a while. I was sick a couple weeks, and have been going through a very intense time at work, even lost some weight, much to my frustration. Working at gaining it back :eat1: and finally got some time to write a little bit.

Maybe Rick and Mindy will meet Brian and Jessica in a future story- who knows?

Appreciate the compliments, and hopefully I can get some time to do some more scribbling.....

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