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paysite models insulting your intelligence

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does it put you off when you know a paysite model is lying about her wg interest?

  • yes, i'm unable to be aroused by a model i know is lying

  • yes, it bugs me but what can you do? she's still pretty.

  • no, it doesn't bug me at all OR i enjoy having my fantasy engaged.

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exile in thighville

Sep 30, 2005
as a conscientous, porn-loving FA, does it annoy you or even put you off as a customer when models post stuff on the paysite board like "i'm getting so fat" or "i've gained so much this week" when they've posted that they're getting WLS in a different forum, or that it's visibly clear that they haven't gained anything since last week? what about when the number clearly doesn't match the person's body?

are you able to put that cognitive dissonance out of your mind when jacking off?

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