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People Watching

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Feb 21, 2006
OK I haven't posted much of anything yet, but I had to share this observation and this was the one place I thought I could. I am a BHM and my wife is an incredible BBW first off and I think the two go perfect together. We were out last night watching a friend play with a band he is filling in with. Afterwards we all went out to eat, it was almost bar time here in WI. We walk in the restaraunt and the first thing to catch my eye is this very large BBW sitting at a table with friends, they looked like they had been out too. Well I tend to people watch and as we sat chatting I kept an eye on the group. She was with two other BBW and a very large BHM. As they left all I could think was how lucky that big handsome devil was to be out with such hot women. Not that I wasn't just as much if not more lucky to be out with my gorgeous wife, but I remember my single days and I was never that lucky. Sometimes it amazes me how many large lovely ladies there are here in WI. Just an observation. Thanks for taking the yime to listen to me ramble.

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