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Sep 29, 2005
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Welcome to the Dimensions Library and the Recent Additions Forum.

New story contributions can simply be posted directly to the "Recent Additions" forum of the Library as a new thread. Additions to existing stories normally should be added to the initial story thread.

We strongly encourage writers to post complete stories, or in the case of longer sagas to have at least outlined the story and be confident that they will be able to complete it in a reasonable timeframe. The constraints of recreational writing are understood, so no specific timeframe is mandated. However, after a reasonable time, incomplete stories in the Recent Additions forum will be transferred to an appropriate archival forum; a story can always be transferred back or linked if added to at a later date. Stories that are left incomplete in what is obviously only the initial phase will be transferred directly to the Discard Forum.

Excluded Contributions:
* Those that are off topic and/or primarily dedicated to other fantasy genres, fan fiction of all walks, alternative life styles and art forms (including specifically explicit stand-alone pictures and drawings, vore, cannibalism etc.).

* Those that have main characters under 18 years of age. All weight related and erotic content is strictly limited to characters over 18. Supporting or minor characters, especially in stories depicting real-life scenarios may be underage, but are subject to moderation whether they are admissible.

* Those that feature or include excessive violence or protagonist abuse; those not in compliance with pertaining laws, including specifically those laws related to incest and illegal drugs.

Sensuality, Sex and Pornography - the desired emphasis of stories in the Dimensions collection should be on exploration and celebration of the large figure, and not on porn and such. A good deal of creative leeway is granted here in terms of magic, fantasy and even eroticism. However, if a story’s focus is on explicit sexual content then it belongs to a not-featured genre, and should instead be posted in outlets dedicated to explicit erotic writing.

Photos and Artwork - Photographs and non-original art will not be permitted in posts to the library due to potential ownership difficulties. Original artwork will be considered on an individual basis for possible inclusion in the Fine Arts Archive or as a story illustration. Artwork portraying Dimensions Community members must have the subject's consent as a pre-condition of being considered. All such potential contributions will be judged based on good taste, relevance to associated stories when applicable and the objectives of the library.

Distribution to Archival Forums - All stories, after a period of time in the Recent Additions Forum, will be transferred/copied, along with any reader comments, to one of the archival forums within the library. If a story fits more than one category a subjective judgment will be made by the moderators as to which is the most appropriate archival forum. Authors are invited to discuss the classification of their story with the moderators.

Copyright and control issues – posting of stories to the Dimension’s Weight Related Story Library is by definition a non-exclusive but non –cancelable license given subject to the posted rules and style sheet guidelines as administered by our Library editors. As a general rule all postings will be permanent unless replaced by an updated version of the same story.

Only writers/authors may post stories here they in person have written and of which they fully own the international copyright. Any translations, alternate reality versions or so-called 'fan fiction' of stories by other authors must be clearly marked as such to avoid any infringement of copyright laws.

Re-posting stories by other authors is only admissible with the written consent of the author which must be presented to the Library Moderator Team under the account 'PublicLibrary' via PM on these boards. Re-posting of already commercially published material is not permissible - except from the authors themselves or unless all rights have expired.

Keep it Simple: Editing and Formatting

Writers in the Dimensions Library are expected to write with the care and accuracy expected from any adult who wishes to have his/her story publicized.

Nobody is perfect – but spell- and grammar-check as well as basic coherence in storyline and character development are expected givens. The Library moderator team are volunteers who do not have the capacity to do full scale editing and writing counseling, so if story contributions underwrite a certain language and stylistic level they will be moderated, authors contacted with the request for resubmitting an edited and corrected version.

Content standards

No content will be allowed that violates the posted rules. Explicit but generally accepted sexual terms are permissible; profanity, vulgarity and racial/cultural/religious/political slurs are not and should be modified if possible – otherwise story should be returned to author for rework or rejected outright.

Formatting standards

Always keep your readers in mind – make it as appealing and easy to read on-screen as possible.

Starting out:
* Brief 1-2 sentence summary description (also indicating whether it’s about BBW, BHM, drama, romance, crime, etc. in Italics font size 3. Note that the forums require search terms to be a minimum of four characters long, hence the common practice of adding ‘~’ characters in front of terms to bring them up to four characters (i.e. “~BBW, ~~WG”

* Story Title and author in font size 5 (title optionally in bold)

* Introductory author note is permitted (in parentheses, using Font Size "3")

* Sequels and continuations should have the installment/chapter number and/or title in the headline.

Story text:
Story text is to be in font size 4 with italics only to reference when appropriate (like to signify phone conversation, written communication, flashbacks, dream sequences, etc.). Bolding and underlining is rarely appropriate in a fictional text.

All dialog between characters should be separated by paragraphs for different protagonists and indicate clearly who is speaking. If needed, text should be modified to make this happen. Indentions should not be used as they do not work well with the board software.

Excessively long paragraphs are not good for the best visual impact; 8 lines is the recommended maximum.

The Library Moderator Team:
agouderia & loopytheone
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