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Plus Size - Patient Chart 002 (SSBBWs, ~XWG)

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Jan 16, 2008
SSBW, ~XWG - This story covers the realms of the medical side of WG stories but also touches upon some more sensitive topics. A 'cat girl' has been used as the 'foreigner' in this case and has not been chosen to offend any particular racial group. I do hope you'll all enjoy!

Plus Size - Patient Chart 002By dr-black-jack
Featuring art from the talented and awesome Satsurou!


Medical Chart 02: - “Foreign Policy”

This story begins with a damsel in distress.

“Um, excuse me sir, could I have your attention please?”

“Yes, I’m talking to you, the one trying to read. I’d really appreciate it if I could just have a moment of your time...”

In theory, Evie’s request was a simple one. In reality, that simplicity was lost in a vague pantomime of her desires. Actions were supposed to speak louder than words, but even when they were screaming at the top of their lungs, it was clear that those too were capable of being lost in translation as people continued to pass her by.

“I’m new here you see, and I could really use some help finding my way around.”

Autumn nights were long and cold in the big city, the crowded streets moving swiftly as Tokyo’s pulse tried to stay warm. The towering skyscrapers cast their looming shadows, pierced only by the flashing neon signs. A fuzzy glow trickled through a forest of elbows, shopping bags and business suits as she was knocked about and dragged further into the river of people. Evie had never come this far alone and every strange, new location only seemed to make her more anxious to leave.

“Won’t someone stop for a moment to help me please?” Evie implored, gently tugging on the coat of a passing woman. “Uh miss, I need to get to thi—”

She hadn’t time to finish. A crumpled bus schedule, her only English-translated point of reference, was knocked out of hand as she was caught in another tide of street walkers and ejected onto the road. It rolled down the street and into a nearby gutter with an unceremonious ‘plop,’ floating through to a world of sights and smells best left to the imagination. She waited for a helping hand that she knew would never come.

“F-f-fine!” she exclaimed after a few moments, as she picked herself up and dusted off her pants. “I don’t need this! I don’t need any of you! I’ll just find it myself. Thanks a lot....for nothing.”

As it turned out, Evelyn ‘Evie’ Benelli soon discovered that her first trip to Japan wasn’t quite as glamorous as her friends had made it out to be. This was especially true when they weren’t around to translate for her. The last she had seen of them was during a spree of late night shopping, but even all the bargains weighing down her backpack couldn’t quiet the brewing storm which disturbed the calm of her mind. Getting completely and utterly lost wasn’t at all on her travel itinerary, and more importantly, it wasn’t her fault.

“’Move with the crowd or you’ll get shoved,’ she told me. If I had known we’d be swimming through crowds this thick, I’d have packed scuba gear,” Evie pouted. “Damn, of all the days to leave my phone behind, why did it have to be today?”

She turned out her pants pockets and sighed heavily as she contemplated the meager amount that remained of her funds.

"No money left for a cab, train or bus...great! Just great! Better find a place to think through this whole mess...”

The nearby bus stop would have to do. The crowd huddled around the slender roof eyed her with several dozen curious stares before shuffling onto the bus as it arrived. Evie was the only one who didn’t board it. She heaved a sigh as she lay back against the metal bench and tried her best not to reflect too heavily upon her predicament.

Evie had always been good at distracting herself. It was the source of her underlying self confidence and what she considered to be both a blessing and a curse. An overly developed sense of curiosity, one counterbalanced only by a rather bad sense of direction, is a trait common to almost all cat-girls and hers in particular proved to be extra keen. The thrill of an overseas adventure to the heart of where her favourite oriental media came from was just too much of a temptation to avoid and her suggestion was welcomed by her friends with open arms.

Though none of them had ever ventured forth into the land of the rising sun before, so many hours spent watching anime and reading so many volumes of manga had shaped their expectations. Only now, in the face of crowded loneliness, did she begin to realize just how under prepared she really was.

"Dammit, no one here seems to speak a word of English! They're just staring at me like they never seen anyone like me before... and for fuck's sake, why they do want to keep touching my tail? You'd think they'd never seen a cat girl before!"

To say she was completely angry with that last part would only be a half truth. She had to admit that the ability to turn more than a few heads or even stop people dead in their tracks was a fascinating change of pace. It was nice to imagine that they were all captivated by her foreign appearance; her mess of wild, shoulder-length black hair and sun-kissed, Mediterranean skin. She even remembered laughing to herself a little when she caught the gaze of a married man who had been bewitched by her perky C-cups and ample hips, much to the displeasure of his ear-twisting wife. But now that sense of being different felt more isolating than astounding as her lean, athletic frame began to shudder from the cold.

She pulled her beanie down further over her eyes. The wall of frustration gave way to a torrent of melancholy which welled up like a knot underneath her short leather jacket and heavy white t-shirt and continued to snake its way down into the soles of her shoes. It was quite unlike Evie to act and feel so helpless, but there was nothing more she could do to stop herself. The cat girl pulled her legs up against her chest and buried her face between her black cargo pants.


A ginger tabby emerged from an alley behind her. It stared at the girl inquisitively.

“Oh...*sniff*...Hello there. Guess you’re lost too huh?”


“I know just how you feel...See, we’re the same.”

Evie pulled off her hat to reveal a pair of pointed ears, lined with tufts of fluffy black and white. She twitched them reflexively as she brought her tail across her lap as well, its length enough to stroke the back of her knee when standing and with short fur as dark as the evening sky. The cat padded its way up to her and gave her a meaningful look of concern.

“I guess you can’t really understand what I’m saying either huh? Even Japanese cats must have their own dialect,” Evie mused ruefully, wiping away her tears with one arm and reaching out to pet the cat with the other. “The only thing I can read by myself is the bus schedule and these advertisements that have been going up all over the place lately. I think they’re the only things that they bother to write in English.”

Strange irony or not, the cat glanced over its shoulder at that precise moment. A large digital poster, advocating a new weight loss scheme was outlined in an overpowering array of reds, blacks and yellows. It depicted an overly dramatized ‘fat bomb’ strapped around a hapless young woman’s waist. As the timer ticked down, a message scrolled across the display and the girl slowly began to change.

“I wish I could have had my heart attack all over again.”

That athletic form began to soften, occurring at first a little and then by a lot. Her stylish designer outfit began to grow tighter as chubbiness descended upon her, soon overwhelming her as the clothing began to tear. Before they could reach their limit, of course, they seemed to morph and mould themselves into something far less flattering as the weight continued to pile on. Her hair became messy and her face slick with grease and acne as her former beauty was stripped away in a sudden explosion.

“That way, next time I might have picked up on the warning signs right from the start.”

By the end of it all, the girl had been transformed into an obese parody of mainstream femininity, her once pretty features full and jiggling with a huge double chin. Her fat face was framed by lank, tendrils slicked with what looked like cooking lard, and her now massive body clad in an extremely sweat and food stained hospital mu-mu that might have fit 50 pounds ago. She was wheezing and clutching her chest, the lower edge of her huge apron-like belly actually protruding out of her dress as she leaned forward. Her unsupported, saggy tits were conveniently censored by the final warning message beneath.

“A waistline of over 85cm in women puts them at considerable risk for a variety of obesity related conditions. Visit Kirusa Hospital today for more weight management tips and find out how you measure up.”

“Well, that’s certainly one thing which doesn’t change no matter where you go. Somewhere out there, someone’s probably going through hell because of these. I know I have a few times in the past.”

Just when exactly was that last time? The ghosts of memories once thought locked away wisped out of her internal photo album, putting themselves on display as she cycled through times of experimenting with a less than conventional figure.

Days were spent idling over endless bottles of cream, ample flesh filling the space between empty glasses in either hand right up to her cheeks. Fat flowed through her waist and chest, Evie’s thick, oblong breasts rolling around in her loosest, baggiest T-shirt as she stretched herself out, braless across the couch. The springs creaked noisily underneath her tremendous ass, her tail nearly rendered useless between two gigantic globes of fat. From 180 to a whopping 450 pounds at her heaviest was quite a feat in retrospect.

How she had gone from a stout but delectable hourglass towards a calorie pumped plumper really seemed quite unreal now that she looked back upon it. It wasn’t all that bad a lifestyle in fact, but she knew that it had to end somewhere. She didn’t find it all that hard to stop either when the time eventually came. For her it was simply cutting back on meals and undergoing rigorous exercise on a daily basis and just because she wanted it.

Evie prodded the slight bulge to her now almost flat tummy of three years. Oh the pounds would certainly return a few dozen at a time and the getting back in shape again afterwards was never as much fun as the gaining. Diets and binges were two things she was well versed in, testaments to the force of will which allowed her to sustain such great changes in size. Whether it was gaining or losing, it had always been through her efforts alone.

An epiphany struck her with a force so obvious that it would have made the onomatopoetic equivalent of a ‘BOING’. Evie immediately perked up. If she could diet down from such tremendous weights in the past with a little self discipline, she could certainly persevere with her attempts to find her way back home. The cat’s gentle mewing broke her trance.

“You know, you’re right,” Evie said to the cat. “It’s not like me to just give up like that. I’m going to get back in there and eventually someone will just have to show me the way!”

Her vigour renewed, Evie leapt up off the seat and balled her fists in determination. The cat rose with her.

“There’s no harm in trying. A positive attitude will always get you where you need to be. I am who I am and I want to go home!”

She glanced over her shoulder towards the poster once more.

“For someone else out there, things could always be worse.”

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