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Oct 12, 2005
Vermont, U.S.A.
The mainstream media seems to consider any woman over 140 lbs. a BBW, it's crazy! Reading the article makes me regret that I've never surfed in my life, I've just never lived by the ocean.
Sep 24, 2014
The West!
Had to add to this thread! I was in Hawaii in 2015 and saw a very large woman doing that surfboard thing like a champ. I was with my then-partner and we both smiled at both the skill, and the confidence. She was Samoan. We did not take any pic or vid out of respect. (What a concept!)

Anyway, a day later I was in a grocery store, got on the line and in front of me was a SSBBW in the smallest bikini. Hard to just be cool in the presence of such fine rolls and folds and just a BIG human - thrill! No one batted an eye, no one gave any "looks." I loved that, too - not a big deal. (Except for me.)

When she turned to pay, guess who it was!

Made my day. Didn't say a word. As she left, a little girl appeared, the woman took her hand and they both walked out of the store.


"Big Beautiful Woman Surfer Mom!"

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