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Sep 1, 2019
Dr. Dover bent my arm in all different directions, feeling around my shoulder and listening for any wincing on my part.

“Alright, Mrs. Davis, you’re all good to go. I do want you to come back to my office for an x-ray soon after you deliver, just so I can make sure you are in the clear 100%. But go on about your day as normal, just be careful and ease into things, alright?”

“Got it, thank you, neighbor.”

Dr. Dover winked at me and waved at Zach and then went on about his day at work.

Zach helped me to my feet and smiled lovingly at my swollen body. I glared at him in response, because I knew what he was thinking. He was thinking about how fat his cute little wife had gotten over the last 36 weeks. The scale at the doctor’s office read 198 pounds, and no, I did not have a medical condition. I checked. I had a food condition. I had done nothing but gorge myself to bursting for the last 8 weeks of shoulder recovery. I couldn’t stop myself, and no body else stopped me either. On top of that, it was mid August and my body was swollen with water retention. My face puffed up to where my cheeks were round and fat. My fingers swelled and became too large for any of my rings. My arms were still small compared to the rest of my body, but trust me, the rest of my body made up for what they lacked. I had thighs thicker than what my waist used to be, but luckily they stayed smooth and creamy. They rubbed together up top when I walked, which I hated because I constantly had to pull my shorts down in the front, and you’re dead to society if it looks like you’re picking a wedgie out your front. My hips were fat and rounded so much so that if I stuck a finger into them, it’d get lost in several inches of soft flesh. And the grand slam, my ass...well, you already know. My biggest asset.

It was around a few weeks ago that I started hating people. Well, temporarily, at least. Comments like, “Oh you poor thing!” Or, “Any day now?” And my favorite, “Twins?”

The other day when it was my turn to order food at our favorite burger joint, the cashier put his hands up and loudly exclaimed, “Whoa! You had to eat a lot of burgers to get that belly!” He wasn’t calling me fat, he was making a joke about me being pregnant. I turned to the man behind me to say, “Did he just say that?” But he already had his head buried into his hand and shaking with shame. I was definitely in no mood to play along with a stupid joke. I just wanted my food. The cashier noticed that I wasn’t laughing and said, “Oh, I’m just playing with you. My ex-wife was pregnant 4 times, and each time I thought she looked better than ever. I used to always joke that her growing belly was due to her eating too many hamburgers.”

I told him how I understood why she’d make him an ex, and then I walked out the door. It wasn’t my finest moment, but I’m not sorry about it. I’m just expecting karma to bring him through my office door one day as a client. Watch, with just my luck, it’ll happen.

And what is up with everyone thinking that my belly is a fucking petting zoo? Strangers being the worst of offenders. Who does that? Zach told me I should rub their belly as they rub mine, so I’ve been doing that each time and people have definitely received the message.

I hit my all time low last week when Zach and I went to get a burger- yes, I know, I’m addicted to burgers- and I suggested we eat outside on the huge patio over looking the park. I don’t really consider myself to be crazy or paranoid, but I swear every person that walked by me turned their head to look at me as I ate my food. I even saw people turn their bodies completely around just to look at me. Zach tried to convince me it was because people loved to see a beautiful pregnant woman out in public (are we to be hidden?!) and that I represented fertility and health and beauty and blah blah blah just shove it. Anyway, I began crying in the middle of eating my burger, but I was too hungry to take a pause to cry, so I just put my sunglasses on over my eyes to cover the tears and continued eating away at my food. After my belly was nice and full with lunch, I simply dabbed at my damp cheeks with my napkin and carried on about my day.

Zach listened to his husband radar and did not say a word to me about my breakdown, but I could see his eyes clearly, and they looked wide and alarmed with fear. He probably thinks I’ve gone off the deep end and that I’d be the type of hamster to eat her young if left alone with them. I wouldn’t be surprised if I found a secret panic button hiding behind the artwork above our bed, in preparation for the day where I finally do lose my shit. It is very possible that Zach keeps a note in his pocket that reads, “It was my wife who killed me.” I don’t know these things for certain, but I definitely don’t trust someone who willingly jogs in the summertime heat, like Zach does these days.

“Where do you want to go now, love? We’ve got the whole weekend together, just you and me.”

“I want a burger.”

“Then a burger it is, baby.”

“I want a burger to take home though, so I can lounge by the pool and enjoy the cool water after lunch.”

“I support you fully on that idea.”

“Thought so.”
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Sep 1, 2019

I exhaled a satisfied breath as I rubbed my filled to bursting bare belly in the comfort of my backward. My eyes were closed, but I could feel something lurking.

“I know you’re staring at me.”


“I know you’re there, Zach.”

“No I’m not.”

I giggled at his stupidity.

“You don’t have to hide out behind the shadows to stare at me, you know.”

“I do if I want to take a good long look at you without feeling like you’re about to bite my head off.”

“Well! You stare at me like I have a third eyeball or something. I know I’m humongous, you don’t have to remind me.”

Zach laid down on the sun bed next to me and cuddled up with my body. “I stare at you because you’re beautiful, and you’re my wife, and that’s my baby in there. And you are not humongous by any means. You are pregnant and womanly with delicious curves, and don’t deny that you think otherwise. Everyone you encounter says how gorgeous you are.”

“I know. I know I don’t look bad. It’s just weird because my eyeballs haven’t caught up with my body yet, so when I look at myself now, I’m half expecting to see my normal body.”

“I hear you, love. Did you get enough to eat?” Zach’s hand rubbed generous circles around my full belly.

“Mmhmm, so good. Hits the spot every time. Do you like my new bikini?” I wiggled my belly back and forth to flaunt my summer body. I already knew the answer to my question. I couldn’t read minds, but I was an expert at spotting my husband’s boners.

“I do like your bikini, a little too much, actually. I’ll be back, I’m going to get my suit on.”

Zach walked outside a few minutes later in his swim trunks and headed for the sprayer under the deck. He was looking much more in shape these days as his body whittled away each month. The stress at work kept his appetite at bay, and in addition to better eating, he was also lifting and running a few nights a week. He said running helped his mind clear of the extra stress added with new responsibilities at his job. As much as I missed seeing his fattened form, I’ve really enjoyed seeing the view of his strong arms and muscly back these days. His belly was still beefy, but hardly. If he wanted to enjoy being fit and in shape for 2 years, that’s fine with me, but he’s going to kiss that body sayonara when it’s my turn to fatten him up. We had a deal: I keep my baby weight on for 2 years, then I get to fatten Zach up however much I desire.

I shielded my eyes from the sun with my hand as I checked out my husband even more.

“Look at you with all those muscles, cowboy.”

Zach smiled and flexed his long arms as he walked toward me. “Come get in the water with me.”

“Help me up and I will.”

Once in the water, I wrapped my legs around Zach’s body and told him to make us slow dance. He anchored his hands onto the outside of my thighs without objection and twirled us through the pool, slowly dipping my head all the way back into the water to wet my hair. At random times, he’d spin us through the water so fast that I sounded like a kid as I giggled uncontrollably. When Zach got tired, we found a small shaded area by the stairs and made out like teenagers skipping school.

The sun shone brightly against a triangle of Zach’s face. He looked at me with one eye partially squinted, and his plump upper lip stood a tad upturned. The brightness of the sun made his dark green eyes look like the color of summer’s shaded grass underneath the awning of his black eyelashes. The wave of his hair turned into thick semi curls as the salt water gradually dried onto it. One curl brushed over his forehead, and in that very moment of the warm summer day, his espresso colored hair looked to have a hint of golden brown. Natural light could really be someone's worst enemy, bringing forth the littlest details that normally stayed hidden behind the shadows. But not for Zach. The sun only accentuated his raw allurement. Like the little creases around his eyes, they reminded me of how quick he was to smile and laugh. The stubble around his mouth and chin made his manly face look even more masculine. His smooth Greek nose stood firmly on his face and displayed the tiniest beads of sweat, reminding me that our faces were close, we were close and just living in the moment.

We spent several long moments looking at the other, quietly exploring each other’s faces. I could see Zach’s serious eyes darting around my face. I tightened my arms around his long neck.

“Why do you look so serious, Mr. Davis?”

“I love the little freckles that show up on your face during the summer. They aren’t visible in the winter. I’ve noticed in your childhood photos, you have cute little freckles in all of them.” Zach kissed my little nose and sighed, “I wonder if Penny or Baby Davis will have your freckles.”

“I wonder if the baby will get your dark hair. I hope so.”

My belly did a flip as excitement stirred inside of me. “I can’t believe there’s only 4 more weeks to go. We’re going to see our little girl so soon. I can’t wait to hold her in my arms for the first time.”

“Hopefully we can agree on a name before then.”

“Well, you don’t like any of the ones I picked out. Have you thought of any more?”


“I’ve already told you it’s too popular, although I do love the name.”

“We could call her Liv? What about Nora...”

“I mean, I’m not against Nora. What about...Ella, or June?”

“I love Ella.”

“You do?!”

“I do, a lot.”

My lips turned up into a satisfactory smile as I straightened my posture in victory.

“God, you have the most beautiful mouth.”

My belly shook with laughter. Zach’s been obsessed with my mouth since always. When I wore red lipstick, he became even more mad with desire. He always says that my mouth reminds him of the mouths of women modeling in the stock photos found inside of picture frames.

“I think you’ve mentioned that a time or two.”

“I know. I love how full your lips are in contrast to your little nose. And can I tell you something, or will you get mad at me...”

“Well, I cant answer you unless you give me a general idea of what it’s about.”

“Your cheeks.”

“About how fat they are?”

“Filled out, not fat.”

“Go ahead.”

“I have your approval?”

I twirled my hand to tell him to get on with whatever he wanted to say.

“I absolutely love the way the apples of your cheeks have filled out. Your face is knock-out beautiful, always has been, but I especially love how womanly you look these days. Like....I have never been more attracted to you. I feel like I need to show you off to everyone, as if to say, ‘look at this woman I’ve got,’ and I feel bad for admitting that because I know you are not just ‘a woman,’ but..”

“I’m your woman, and I love being her.”

Zach leaned his head forward and kissed my warm neck, and I rolled my head back as an invitation for his mouth to explore more skin. His hands grabbed a big handful of my outer thighs.

“See, I love this.”

“Love what, my thighs?”

“Yes, just all of you.”

“I know, you tell me all the time.”

“But do you believe me?”

“I mean, yes? I’m just wondering if you love my body more now than you did when I was skinny, because you seemed to also love that body pretty good.”

“Yes, I love you both ways, no matter what, but..”

“But what?”

“I’m trying to think of a way to explain this to you as a man. This can go very badly if I’m not careful. So, your skinner body turned me on and it always will. It’s not the first thing I noticed about you, though. The first thing I noticed was the way you carried yourself in a room full of adults who were much older than you, and..”

“And my mouth. You can’t weirdly obsess over my mouth for 10 years and then not mention it as one of the first things you noticed about me.”

“And that luscious, full mouth of yours that barks demands at me and makes up those beautiful pillowy lips. But anyway, yes, your body was hot to look at, and you being naked was a huge turn on. But then you got pregnant with Penny, and I grew really, really fond of your curves, even though I knew your belly was due to a baby. But your thighs and your ass got a little bigger and they were like...it felt like...I just felt this power exude from you that I never felt before. Maybe it was knowing that you were becoming a mother, but I physically and emotionally delighted in your softer body, whereas before pregnancy, I just physically delighted in your body. I don’t know if I’m making sense.”

“You are. It’s just hard for me to get on board, I don’t know. I mean, I’m so used to my other body that I’m still at odd terms with this one, even though I KNOW I look good, so don’t give me a Zachary Davis speech. What I’m saying is, I know both bodies look great, but one body I am more comfortable in because it’s what I’m used to.”

“Are you sure you’re going to be fine with keeping it around for 2 years then?”

“I will do almost anything to see you fatten up into a blimp again. Especially since I’ll get to call the shots. So yes, I’ll be okay with curvy Brooke for the time being. The real question is, are you going to be okay with butterball Zach after I’m done with you?”

“Butterball, eh? I guess I have no other choice.”

“Good. But all this fat talk is making your fat wife hungry.”

“Curvy wife.”

“Okay, well your curvy wife wants ice cream.”

“Ice cream it is, then”

“On top of a fudge brownie.”

“You got it, babes.”
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Sep 1, 2019

Penny needed to run out some of her toddler energy, so Sarah put her in the stroller to walk the couple of blocks to our neighborhood park. If that didn’t do the trick, then I’m convinced my toddler is a secret villain planning to take over the world. How such a little body could expel so much energy, I don’t even know. Right on cue, Sarah sent me a picture text of Penny no longer strapped into her stroller. She was pushing the stroller herself, about 5 houses down from ours. It was going to be a long couple of blocks for them.

I made my way up the stairs, very slowly, toward the baby’s nursery. Clara and her crew were up there working today and I wanted to check on the chandelier and the custom built bookshelf installation. As I reached the second stair landing, a pain shot in my belly, which wasn’t new to me. I had experienced contractions pretty consistently these last few weeks. When it passed, I continued up the stairs.

I followed the same long corridor that took me to Penny’s room, but instead of taking a left at the end, I took a right. I gasped in awe as I looked at what used to be one of our many guest rooms. Immediately to the left of the room, floor to ceiling custom built bookshelves were painted in off-white and met the bottom of a thick crown molding, also painted in the same color. That crown molding continued on throughout the entire room. When we moved in years ago, we spent a pretty penny installing plantation shutters to all the front windows of the house, and now the huge bay windows looked impressive amongst the rest of the nursery. Under the bay windows sat a bench with a pink cushion on top. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do for the walls, but I finally decided to go with wallpaper instead of paint. The wallpaper was in a pattern of light pink and white vertical stripes, about a foot in width, and it looked so dreamy. A protective plastic covered the dark hardwood floor, but I could tell that this room was going to turn out absolutely gorgeous in the end.

“What do you think?”

“Clara...oh my gosh, I’m speechless. It’s so beautiful!”

“Well, you’ve done it again. I’m telling ya, you have a good eye. I think the guys should be done with the chandelier in the next few minutes, then we can sit down and go over the final details. Just wait until you see the mounted lights on the bookshelves when they’re turned on. I think I’m going to do something similar for my office! Did you figure out what you wanted for the rug and draperies?”

“I have a few ideas that need a good talk-through with you as the professional.”

“You betcha.”

One of Clara’s crew told her to switch the light on, and as soon as she did, I was in love. The chandelier looked like a golden explosion in the middle of the room, and the gold matched the same color as the four mounted lights on the bookshelves.

“I’m so overwhelmed right now. It’s amazing! I can’t wait to show Zach and Penny.”

I’d let Penny “help” me in choosing the nursery designs, and she loved feeling like she was part of it all. It seemed like every day she had a new creation of artwork to present to her baby sister upon her much anticipated arrival. After the nursery’s completed, I’m going to take some of Penny’s artwork to get framed, because they are going to look so cute sitting on one of the new bookshelves.

Another pain shot across my lower belly, making me wince loud enough for Clara to hear.

“Brooke, you need to sit down, babe. I’m going to walk you back down the stairs.”

I actually didn’t resist like I wanted to, because that was a painful contraction, and I didn’t want to topple down the stairs if it happened again. Clara settled me on the couch with a glass of ice water and told me to call her if I needed her, but I knew I’d be fine.
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Sep 1, 2019
I could hear Zach and Penny playing kittens while she bathed, and hearing them interact while I rested in her rocking chair made me smile so big that my cheeks hurt. Zach played the role of teacher kitten and about 3 other friend kittens, while Penny only had to play one kitten. It always worked out that way. He tried to keep up with the different voices of each one, but he kept starting with the wrong voice and having to change the sound a few words in.

“What’s the matter, little kitten?”

“I sad, meow meow.”

“Oh no! Why are you sad?”

“I wunch, meow!”

“You want lunch?”

“MEOW!” I heard a loud kerplunk in the water, followed by the sound of big splashes hitting Penny’s bathroom tile.

“Penny, you’ve gone too far. Water has to stay inside of the bathtub, because when water gets on the floor, the floor becomes slippery and dangerous. I don’t want you to slip, do you want to slip?”

“Nooo.” Penny dragged out her response. Her little voice sounded playful and not remorseful in the least bit.

“Good. So after we get your jammies put on, you’ll need to help me wipe up this water.”

“...Okay.” That response sounded much better. In the last several months, Zach and I had buckled down on holding Penny accountable for her actions. Nothing extreme, just little things that lined up with her age and her knowledge of cause and effect.

Penny walked into her room first with a fluffy hooded kitty towel wrapped tightly around her body. Zach followed in seconds behind, still in his work clothes, God bless him, and soaked in water. I tried to stifle my laugh.


“Oh, hi little kitty! Are you all nice and clean?”


“Good deal.”

Penny talked in her human voice now, and she spoke in a sad tone, “Kitty made a mess.”

“You made a mess?”

“No, mommy! KIT-TY made mess, not Penny!”

“Ahhh, I see. Well, I think you should let kitty know that when she breaks the rules, you get in trouble for it. Maybe she’ll listen a little better knowing that you’re the one getting in trouble for her actions?”

A light bulb went off in Penny’s head. I don’t think she’ll be using kitty as her scape goat to naughtiness anymore.

After Penny helped Zach clean up the water, she crawled in my lap and sat at an awkward angle against my belly so I could read her a book before bed. She chose Goodnight Moon, her all time favorite these days, and then we snuggled and rocked for a few minutes before I held her little hand all the way to her toddler bed to tuck her in. It was our new routine ever since I stopped nursing her about 6 months ago, and despite the hump we had to get over at first, it worked perfectly for us now.

Zach was waiting outside of Penny’s door when I exited her room quietly. He immediately rubbed the sides of my belly before walking with me down the stairs.

“I’ve been craving pizza, so I ordered a meat lovers for you and a pepperoni with peppers for me. I ordered it while you bathed Penny, so It should be here soon.”

Zach’s fingers worked their way in undoing his shirt buttons as we walked to our bedroom, “Okay, babes. I’m not that hungry, but I may eat some later.”

“Everything okay?”

“Yeah, it’s just been a little stressful at work. Not the actually work part, ironically enough, it’s just some people in the building are making things more difficult than they need to be.” Zach looked worn down, and his voice sounded that way, too.

“I’m sorry, handsome. I’m glad that it’s Friday then. Is there anything I can do to help you?”

Zach smiled weakly at me as he slipped his basketball shorts on, “No, baby, just being at home with you helps.”

I knew there was at least one thing that would give him an extra boost, but sex had been so strenuous lately, and I was exhausted all the time now. It’s not that I didn’t want to have sex, because I did, but I also really, really wanted to sleep.

We sat on the couch eating pizza, or actually, I ate pizza and Zach sat beside me with his feet stretched on the coffee table and his arms crossed over his chest. After my fourth piece I asked Zach if he wanted a bite, but he politely declined. Alright, more for me then. I began eating my fifth slice and told myself this had to be the last one. My pajama shorts were pushed way under my belly and I had one of Zach’s old t-shirts on that left several inches of my belly sticking out the bottom. I took a deep breath and finished off my last bite of pizza and then sat back and rubbed my belly. I could feel Zach looking at me from the corner of his eye, so I decided to put on a little show.

I laid both hands on the side of my belly and leaned back even further onto the couch and let out a little moan, “Ohh, my belly’s so full.” I continued to rub in small short strokes, then I stretched my arms so that my hands reached all the way below my bump, and I left them resting there. My belly stuck straight up in the air like an overinflated balloon. I saw Zach awkwardly place a hand over his lap and shift in his seat.

I went back to rubbing my belly and then moaned in the sexiest way I could, “I’m so horny.”
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Sep 1, 2019
Zach pushed himself up with his hands and exhaled an agitated breath, “That’s it.”

I looked up with complete innocence, pretending not to notice the erection in his shorts, “What?”

“You, up. Now.”

“But I’m so full. I couldn't possibly get up with this massive food baby filling my lap.”

“You’re about to be filled with something else.”

He reached down and pulled me up by the elbows and all but pushed me toward our bedroom. Once inside, he gently sat me at the edge of the bed and left back for the door to close it. After checking the lock, Zach turned to me and reached his long arm behind his head to pull his shirt up. I had to blink my eyes again to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, because I could clearly see a tone to his belly that wasn’t there just two weeks ago.

Zach pulled my shorts and panties off and placed a stack of pillows on the bed for me to lay back on, then grabbed my hips and scooted me closer to the edge so my ass was hanging off and my thighs were laying on top his shoulders. My belly hindered me from seeing anything that was going on, but I imagined my fat thighs looked like they were about to swallow his head whole.

Zach used his plump mouth and soft tongue on my clit, then out of no where, he stuck his long finger inside of my womanhood. I let out a breath in surprise, but I soon found myself moaning uncontrollably because the soft sensation of his mouth and the hardness of his finger sent me into overdrive. I came all over his finger as he hungrily ate my pussy.

“I want to feel the weight of you sitting on top of me.”

I looked at Zach in a way to say that I didn’t want to do anything strenuous, like move my aching and heavy body back and forth on top of him continuously.

“I’ll help you do the work,” he spanked my ass quickly, “Let’s go.”

Zach positioned himself to lean back onto the pillows as I crawled on top of him, and when he realized I still had my shirt and bra on, he shook his head at me.



“I want to see what I’m working with.”

“You already know what you’re working with.”

“Naked, now.”

“My body.”

“My shirt.”

I glared down at him in a knowing defeat.


I pushed off of Zach’s hips and onto my knees as I took my shirt and bra off, and when I sat back down, I moved myself upward a little bit and forcefully planted my ass right on top of his belly. He did say he wanted to feel my weight on top of him. A forced and heavy breath of air left Zach’s mouth, and even though I did it on purpose, I didn’t meant to knock the actual breath out of him. Zach coughed a few times and tried to catch his breath. Thankfully he thought it was an accident and didn’t say anything to me about it, which made me feel even more like an ass, so I decided to forgive him for the shirt incident and to call it even. That’s marriage, right?

“Are you okay?”

He shook his head yes and coughed one last time.


“It’s okay, baby. I know you didn’t mean to. Move back just a little, I need to sit up and kiss you so I can get hard again.”

Zach brought his mouth to mine and kneaded the fat bits on my hips. I grabbed hold of his bottom lip and sucked while gently squeezing his inner thighs with my hands. He let out a sexy sigh, so I bit his lip in the most gentle way, then I let it slip out from between my teeth, very slowly. I opened my mouth to find his tongue, and by that point, Zach was fully ready to go again. It never took him long. He slowly laid himself back onto the pillows and held my hips firmly before entering me.

“Now listen...”


“I want you to behave yourself tonight. I need this so bad right now, so if I tell you to wait a minute before moving again, then you listen, got it?”


Zach helped to guide me onto his dick, since I could see nothing but boobs and belly when I looked down. He closed his eyes and wrinkled his forehead as a desperate cry of relief left his throat. He was hard as a rock, so hard that I had to go super slow as I lowered myself onto his shaft.

“God, yes baby. I’ve needed this so bad.”

I felt bad for him. I didn’t realize how much he needed this. I mean, we had sex maybe once a week still, but Zach never complained. I guess he felt bad about asking for a sexual release. It was very obvious that he had a lot of pent up in frustration.

I moved slowly on top of Zach, trying to find a good rhythm with the awkwardness of my body. His hands went on both sides of my belly as he caressed it’s stretched skin softly. His fingers squeezed and massaged all over my thighs before placing his hands behind my ass to literally push me up and down on top of him.

“It feels so good to have you on top.”

“Why, because I feel heavier?”

“Yes,” a moan came out, “Now stop talking like that.”

I literally felt like a fat, swollen cow sitting on top of my husband, but it was obvious that he enjoyed every part of this. He was working hard to move me on top of his dick, because his arm muscles bulged out in huge lumps.

“Zach, my hips are hurting.”

“Okay, baby. How about from behind then?”

I shifted myself off the bed and leaned over the side for Zach. He held on firmly to my love handles and slowly entered inside of me. Now, this was much better. I saw Zach shake his head back and forth in the mirror before saying, “This feels too good, I can’t help it, I have to come right now.” He gave no mercy as he pushed himself hard and balls deep into me, moaning out all of his pent up sexual frustration as he emptied his load inside of my womanhood.

Zach flopped onto the bed in heavy breaths, “Brooke Davis, that felt so good. Thank you for letting your horny husband get his fill.”

“I’m glad you’re left feeling satisfied, Mr. Davis.”

I hovered over Zach on my hands and knees and leaned down to kiss his handsome face, and as I did, I felt his hands massage my belly from my love handles all the way forward to my belly button. Then he’d repeat the pattern.

“When are you going to make your entrance, little baby, you’re making your momma too tired for certain....activities, and these activities are vital for my health.”

“Aww, my poor sexually deprived husband. I’m sorry you’re getting the short end of the stick, here. Thanks for being so understanding.”

“Oh, trust me. When you’re cleared from the doctor to have sex again after the baby’s born, I’m going to ravish you.”

“That sounds interesting.”

Little did we know, but the baby would make her appearance into the world very, very soon.
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Sep 1, 2019
I took a warm, relaxing shower after Zach and I made love. With both of my pregnancies, during the third trimester mark, I’d experience a pretty intense tightening in my uterus after sex. It was one of the other reasons why our sex life had taken a back seat. So, when I felt the much anticipated after sex contractions while I showered, I didn’t think anything of it.

But then a contraction came on so strong that it carried into my back. I imagined the pain was similar to someone stabbing a heel into my back and then twisting it for cruelty. That’s what it felt like, anyway. I grabbed my robe and didn’t bother to squeeze any excess water out of my dripping hair. I needed to find Zach. I took a few steps to the french doors toward the exit of our bathroom and then I stopped dead in my tracks. Something weird happened inside of me. I felt a faint popping sensation, and a few seconds later I realized what happened. Fluid trickled down my legs and I knew my waters had just broken.

“Zach!” I tried to dab the fluid off my legs with my robe as I waddled like a duck toward the office, where I knew Zach would be.


“Yeah? What’s the matter?”

“My waters just broke.”

His face looked calm but also pale in shock, “Okay, okay. Um, sit down. I’m going to call the doctor, I’ll be right back with my phone.”

Zach ran to get his phone from the office and I sat down on the wing chair tucked in the space of our curved staircase. No clocks were around, but I guessed the time to be around 9pm. When my waters broke with Penny, I labored for 26 hours before she finally made her entrance. That was 26 hours of wasted time in a hospital bed with annoying people probing me and telling me I couldn’t eat or drink anything as a precaution. I held out for 16 hours before my contractions got bad enough to request an epidural, which DID NOT work, by the way. I basically suffered the last 10 hours in pain until my doctor knew it was almost time for delivery, and then the anesthesiologist administered a spinal block. Considering how long it took Penny to arrive after my waters broke, I knew I had plenty of time.

Zach spoke briefly to the doctor-on-call before handing the phone to me. I told the doctor my history: currently 37 weeks pregnant, long labor with previous birth, no prior complications and so on, and he agreed that I could wait at home and head to the hospital once my contractions reached every 5-8 minutes.

“What’d he say?”

“He said to wait it out at home until my contractions hit every 5-8 minutes. He’s not worried since my labor with Penny lasted so long.”

“Okay. What do you need? How do you feel? Can you walk?”

“Whoa there, turbo. I need my phone to time contractions. I feel pregnant and eager but mostly really, really scared. Yes I can walk.”

Zach looked at me with a knowing face. He knew how scared I was to give birth. Yes, I’d done it before, and it wasn’t the best experience. I felt exhausted just thinking about the huge mountain I had to climb over to get to the other side. If there was one thing that caused me anxiety as a young kid, it was childbirth. It made me afraid to become an adult...until one day my mom shared with me, through a smile, that I didn’t have to have children. A huge relief flooded over me afterwards. DUH, of course I didn’t have to have kids. But then, you know, I got pregnant. At first I avoided childbirth classes, but then Zach convinced me to go, of course. For some reason, I went about my pregnancy with the mentality that as long as I carried the baby to term, it would just somehow magically...be in my arms and not be in me anymore? This was bogus, and I knew it, but lying to myself and not facing reality kept my anxieties at bay. Yes, I know- bad idea, and I don’t recommend that approach. And since I knew what to expect this time around, those old anxieties came crashing down on me again, and all at once. My lungs felt tight, so I buried my face in my hands and began to panic.


“I don’t want to do this.”

“I know. Come here, let me hold you.”

“I can’t do this, Zach.”

“Yes, you can. You can.”

“But I don’t want to.”

“I know you don’t, love, but you’re going to, and I will be next to you the whole time.”

I leaned my body against Zach and cried. And then another painful contraction hit me.

“Here, let’s sit you down.”

“No, that makes the pain worse. I need my medicine ball to sit on. I don’t remember my contractions being this intense with Penny.”

Zach came back from the basement in a flash with my medicine ball and brought it into our bedroom for me to sit on. I decided to brush my hair and change into pajama shorts and a white maternity shirt. I turned on Netflix and searched for something light to take my mind off of reality. I settled on a documentary about baby animals.

“Are you okay, baby? What are your contractions now?”

“I don’t know, I think every 12 minutes?”

“Make sure you’re paying attention to that.”

Another contraction hit me and I looked at the clock. It had been 35 minutes since my waters broke. My contractions seemed to get more intense, but I knew everything would be okay. The hospital was 3 minutes down the road.

I killed time by moving around the house for a little while, because sitting only made my anxiety worse. I contacted my family and my close friends to give them a heads up, and to also keep my mind off of things, remembering every once in a while to time my contractions. I walked slowly back to my bedroom, stopping here and there to think as I constructed a client email, and I suddenly felt a contraction so intense that I dropped my phone onto the hardwood floor. I waited for the pain to pass before picking my phone up, and by the time I took 3 more steps, another contraction came over me.

“Z-Z-Zaaaaach!” He met me around the corner.

“My contractions. Intense. I can’t keep track.” I had another contraction and squeezed my eyes tightly shut. I took one stiff step in front of the other to get inside of our bedroom. My anxieties skittered quickly across my head now, and in response, I felt my brain trying to shut itself down. The first complete thought that came to my mind was that I needed to hide.

“I’ll get your shoes and grab Penny.”

Another contraction. “No, Zach. We don’t have time.”

“Where is your hospital bag?”

“Call 911.”

“Brooke, the hospital is down the...”


I made it to the foot of the bed as Zach came in with the phone between his shoulder and ear, talking to the dispatcher and holding enough towels for a pool party.

“Okay baby, just breathe. Paramedics will be here any minute.”

The pain was indescribable. Even worse was the fear of what was happening. This had to be a dream. I was just making love to my husband an hour ago. It’s become too much for me. I needed to escape out of my body somehow.

“Help. Help me. Please help me.” I couldn’t think straight. I didn’t know what was going on. Everything happened so quickly that it was hard to believe it was me going through this, but another contraction reminded me that it was. I was sure the baby was coming, because the pain was so unreal that I felt sick. I leaned over onto the pile of towels and vomited.

I faintly heard Zach’s panicked voice, “She’s right here, she’s getting sick.”

I saw the paramedics enter the room and I tried to crawl away from them like a stray animal. I don’t know how or when, but Zach got me back to the foot of the bed, and since I couldn’t- or refused- to lay my body down, I stayed on my knees and gathered an armful of fluffy blankets against my chest and buried the side of my face into the foot of our bed. Zach held my torso up and laid his face down next to mine.

“I’m going to die. I’m going to die. I’m dying!”

“I won’t let you die, I won’t let it happen. You’re going to stay right here with me.”

The deep sound in Zach’s voice was close and sounded like I had my ear placed right onto his chest. It was the first moment where I felt a brief calm to my hurricane. Someone in the distance told me to push, but I just kept my face on the bed, allowing my tears to pool and interfere with my vision. Zach looked behind him and then laid his head back down next to mine.

“Love, you need to push now. It’s very important that you do this. I’m right here with you, I won’t let you go, but you need to push. The baby is waiting for you to hold her. Think about Penny. Think about how much you love that sweet little face every time you kiss her. Think about how sweet her voice is when she calls on you...”

I heard a terrifying, blood curling scream and almost looked around the room to see who it was, but then I realized it was me. Seconds later, my ears filled up with the sound of a baby crying. When I realized that it was all over, I began to laugh and cry at the same time. I did it.

“You did it, baby.” Zach’s voice broke as he began to cry as well, “I am so proud of you. Oh my God! Look at all that dark hair!”

I somehow managed to sit myself down to look at my baby. And oh, she was breathtaking. She had a full head of dark hair, and I could already see the resemblance she shared with Penny. Someone handed me my baby and I just stared at her, talking out of my mouth like a fool.

“What’s her name, mom and dad?”

“Ella Rose Davis.”

“Congratulations, to you both. And a job well done to you, mom. We’re gonna put you on this stretcher and transfer you to the hospital so they can take a look at you and baby, okay?”

My mom rushed to the house to stay with Penny, who miraculously did not wake up, so we could get to the hospital. I don’t remember anything about being loaded into the ambulance, or even the drive to the hospital. All I remember was the sound of clapping as a bunch of medical professionals lined up in the hallway to cheer for me as I wheeled passed them in my gurney, holding my little Ella.
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Sep 1, 2019
Ella Rose Davis was born three weeks early, on September 1st, weighing 7 lbs 8oz and 19 inches long. It took 65 minutes for her to arrive, from the time my waters broke to the moment she took her first breath outside of the womb. Ella’s not bothered by much and has a calm demeanor to her, even during the crazy times, like when little energized Penny acts like a zoo animal that needs to be tranquilized.

Over all, everything has been wonderful. I mean, sleep could always improve, but you know, I’m trying to be realistic. And nothing is ever perfect. I’ve been recovering quite well since my surprise delivery, which I’ve hardly thought back on, to be honest. I’ve come to realize that I don’t do well in times of desperation, so if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse and we all need to put our mule power together, no body be on my team.

The only memory I allow myself to reflect on with Ella’s birth is how Zach stayed by my side the whole time. I couldn’t have done it without his confident presence coaching me through the whole thing. And in the three weeks of Ella being home, Zach has completely blown me away with...well, just being Zach. He comes home after a busy day at work, relieves Sarah from her duties, then he just dives right into superhero mode like it’s no big deal. But it is a big deal, because he’s amazing, and he’s working really hard in all areas of his life. But I wish that he’d relax a little, because I think he’s more stressed than he’s letting on. His weight has dropped even more since Ella’s arrival, and my concern is no longer about my personal preference; It’s about his mental health. Zach swears he’s not overdoing it, but how can he not be? I get tired just watching him.

I finished feeding Ella in our overstuffed chair and laid her down to nap in her little bassinet, located next to my side of the bed. She’ll stay in our room until she learns to sleep through the night, because I’m not about to run up and down the stairs each time she wakes up for milk. Although, that would kick my fat ass right into shape.

When I knew she was settled, I tiptoed to the bathroom and shut the french doors behind me. I turned the shower on and removed my clothing to take a good look at myself in the mirror. I made a promise that I would give my body grace during its recovery process, and I’ve done a pretty good job so far, I think. As always, Zach’s helped my confidence with his appreciation and praise of my extra curvy body. But of course, negativity always finds a way into a vulnerable person’s mind. 72 pounds on a petite woman’s frame are bound to show up, but I did have my hourglass shape working in my favor on this. Well, I don’t know if I’m 100% hourglass, because my belly did gather some fat, but it was nothing in comparison to my hips, butt and thighs. Those three body parts swelled in fat like a bread dipped in liquid. Just like with Penny, I’ve lost a good amount of weight in the first few weeks without trying. It actually seemed to disappear quicker this time, surprisingly enough, but I know I’ll hit a plateau here soon. After delivery, 12 pounds disappeared right off the bat, and then another 11 followed. After Zach saw my emotional reaction to my postpartum body, he called our deal off himself. Then after he saw my emotional reaction to him calling our deal off, which meant there’d be no return of Zach's fat body, he proposed a different deal: if I can maintain a good amount of soft curve to my body for two years, then when my time is up, Zach will get back up to 275 pounds. So, best case scenario...Zach gets a little fat and stays at 275 lbs. Even better case scenario...Zach gets to 275 lbs and keeps on going.

I turned my body to the side and ran a hand over my doughy belly. If I flexed my abs, I immediately felt a burn that was foreign to me. I could only hold a flex for several seconds before feeling like my insides were trying to hold up a bowling ball. My belly didn’t sag like the mom bellies I’d seen on my friends. Instead, my belly sat higher up, so when I sat down, I had a thick roll over my ribs that I hated. It was funny to me that this roll was also one of my favorite things about Zach’s body when he was fat.

I pulled the heavy glass door of the shower back, three weeks, Brooke. It’s been three weeks. Get over yourself.

When Zach got home, he immediately went to wash his hands and then kissed me and Penny before taking Ella into his arms.

“How are my three favorite girls?”

“We’re even better now that you’re home.”

“Where’s Sarah?”

“Her husband got back in town this evening after being in China for almost a month, so I told her to get outta here to go home to her man. He’s home for 10 days before heading back out to China again.”

“Wow, that’s pretty intense. No wonder she doesn’t mind working so much.”

“Right? Well, I get the feeling that she and Mark aren’t doing too well. Sarah hasn’t said that, but she’s implied it.”

“That makes me sad for her.”

“Yeah, I mean, I guess a woman can only take so much of her husband’s travels before she moves on to live her own life. A few months ago she mentioned how Mark was unfaithful in their marriage 5 years ago, and she’s hinted that she doesn’t believe he stays in China the whole time he’s gone. I try not to ask too many questions, but maybe I should if she brings it up again. It’s hard for me because I don’t want to see Sarah as a client.”

“Well, you don’t have to. She’s family, so speak to her as you would your sister or your friend.”

I smiled at my level headed husband, “You’re right. I will.”

Ella began to make her little hungry noises, so Zach handed me the baby as I lifted my shirt up to my neck to feed her. His eyes unintentionally went wide before he remembered to tame his facials. When Penny saw it was time to feed Ella, she slid off the couch to fetch her naked babydoll that was laying face down in an unnatural position on the stone fireplace. Her hand snatched at the babydoll’s foot before she raced back to the couch, hitting her doll’s head on the coffee table in the process. I winced when I saw the doll’s eyelids shut and open as its head ricochet off the wooden surface. Damn, that’s a rough life right there. Penny dove back onto the couch head first before quickly wiggling her body into a position to mock mine.

“Shh, it okay baybee, mommy’s here!” Well, at least she’s trying. There’s always that.

Zach called out from the kitchen, “Hey babe, have you had dinner yet?”

“No, but Penny has. I’m waiting until the girls go to bed before I eat.”

“Then I’ll wait, too.” Zach smiled at me lovingly as I fed Ella before he addressed Penny, “Princess Penny, finish...”

“No, I mommy Penny.”

“Mommy Penny, finish up with feeding your baby so we can race up the stairs to get your jammies on, okay?”

“Okay!” Penny decided now was the best time to race her daddy, so she tossed her babydoll off to the side, and I watched as it bounced and rolled down onto the hardwood floor.

When Ella finished up eating, I held her to my shoulder and patted her back without pulling my shirt down first. I caught a glance at my belly and understood why Zach’s eyes went wide when I pulled my shirt up. I had my high waisted yoga pants pulled up to my navel, which cut into half of my doughy belly, creating a thick roll of fat above and below my waistband. I inhaled a frustrated breath as I quietly walked Ella through the house toward our bedroom to get her ready for bed.
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Sep 1, 2019
His long fingers inched their way around my middle in a slow, appreciative manner, stopping every so often to feel the new softness of my body.

“Hey beautiful.” Zach’s nose ran along my neck as he inhaled my scent and kissed my jaw softly. “Have I told you lately how amazing you are?”

“Yes, but go on.”

He let out a deep, sensual laugh in my ear while his hands continued exploring a soft tummy that was still foreign to me. If Zach hadn’t made his preference of my softer body so clear, I would never allow him to touch me like this.

Zach kissed my neck between every few words, “Well, I married the most amazing woman in the world. She’s gorgeous, incredibly smart, smells sweet enough to eat, is the most selfless person I know, and when she kisses me, it makes my head spin.”


“I know it, she doesn’t sound real. But she is.”

I turned to face my husband and reached up toward his neck, “You’re sweet, I love you.”

“I love you too, baby. Are you ready for dinner?”

“Yes, are you?”

Zach put a hand on his front and sighed, “Yeah, I can eat. It looks delicious.”

We sat down and ate a peaceful dinner together. It was something we tried to do every night once the girls went to bed. Our alone time together, no matter how brief, was one of the foundations of our marriage. I watched Zach as he ate dinner and talked about work, and without any warning, those little negative thoughts slowly crept their way into my mind:

My husband’s arms and shoulders look noticeably defined under that button down shirt.

How much weight has he lost? Who is he losing weight for?

I can tell his pecs are in the middle stages of being full on muscle.

His belt buckle is on full display with no hint of an overlapping belly, and with no visible love handles.

You ate the same serving size as him, and you’re 5’3 to his 6’1.

He’s going to find other women attractive and get off to their toned bodies.

Other women will think he’s too good for me now that I look this way.

I pushed my plate away once my belly got comfortably full. Ever since giving birth to Ella, no matter the amount of food consumed, my belly always ended up looking rounded and bloated in the end. I used to always, no matter what, keep my core flexed and engaged. But now, remembering to engage my core was proving to be as difficult as a kid learning to ride a bike. Even when I did remember, it was difficult to keep my stomach muscles flexed when they were well stretched out with the weight I had added in less than a year’s time. I made a mental note to find some beginners ab strengthening exercises as I ran a hand over the bloat of my upper belly and discretely adjusted the waistband of my yoga pants. I still couldn’t believe that was my belly when I looked down.

“So, yeah- work is fine. Just trying to transition into this new role and all the extra responsibilities that come along with it, you know?”

“Is everything else alright?”

“With what, life?”


“Yes, love. I feel like the luckiest man in the world.”

“It’s just that you’ve lost a significant amount of weight and lift every night now and run several times a week on top of it. I mean, that’s a drastic change to the way you were living not even a year ago. You look amazing, by the way, don’t get me wrong. But I mean, how can I not be worried? Like...are you losing weight and buffing up for another woman? Or are you so stressed out with work and life that you’ve taken a complete 180 degree turn in the opposite direction, and now you’re trying to be extremely buff? Or what?”

Zach rubbed his face and sighed before heavily dropping his arms into his lap, “I’m just stressed about work and I’m also very, very sexually frustrated. I hate to even bring that up because I know it’s not your fault and I know you’re not in any position to help me on the matter. I’ve been focusing my sexual energy onto something else physical, like lifting and running. And my appetite hasn’t been the same with the stress. Even if I did have an appetite, it’s been difficult to find time to eat while at work. I’m sorry, I’m not trying to make you worry about me. I’m not even trying to lose weight. I’m just doing the best that I can right now, with everything.”

Well, that definitely explained a lot and answered my lingering questions. If Zach’s recent muscle gain was visually equivalent to his sexual frustrations, then he must be hugely frustrated.

“Zach, come here, stand up.”

I took Zach by the hand and pushed him back onto the couch.

“Listen. I am just as horny as you are. But I can’t read minds. If you don’t speak up, then I’ll never know.”

Zach looked at me in a stunned manner as I unbuttoned his shirt and undressed him down to his briefs. I slowly straddled his lap and ignored my fat, doughy roll as I felt myself getting wet between my legs. Zach’s hands squeezed at my fleshier back, and I smiled as his dick throbbed underneath my weight, because it brought me great delight to know that I still turned him on like that.


Sep 1, 2019
“I wanna take this off of you, is that okay?”

Well, no, but how weird would it be for my husband to be undressed while I straddled him fully clothed?


Zach pulled my shirt over my head and brushed his hands tenderly over my sensitive breasts. His dick was uncontrollable now.

I rubbed my hands on the front of Zach’s chest and stomach and couldn’t believe how much his body had transformed from the blimp he’d made himself over the holidays. There was definition to his chest, and his belly had the beginnings of a 4 pack, with just the slightest bit of pudge surrounding it. His arms were huge and ripped while his shoulders were clearly defined. And here I was at 170 pounds looking like I inflated my entire body with a hose.

Zach probably picked up on my insecurities, “Baby, you’re absolutely beautiful. It’s been too long since I’ve felt you, and I’m aching.”

Zach peeled my high waisted yoga pants down and folded the fabric over itself underneath my navel. The lycra fabric immediately retracted to underneath my belly, making my amount of belly fat super obvious. But Zach didn’t care, or at least he didn’t let on that he did. He placed his hands on my love handles and squeezed them like dough before kneading my fat hips, drawing out a deep, appreciative moan from his mouth.

“Take these off, they’re in the way.”

I stood up and peeled my pants off, and before I could take a step, Zach was on the edge of the couch with his hands on my ass and his face pressed firmly into my belly. I felt him devour my fat belly like a puppy lapping up a plate of table food. Or better yet, he devoured my belly fat in the same manner he devoured his food over the holidays, with reckless abandon. His erection was out of control by this point, and I could see every detail of his dick as it strained against the fabric of his briefs.

“Brooke. Baby, are you in the clear for sex?”

“Not yet. My 6 week checkup is this Friday. But we can go slow and test it out, just to see. We had sex before I was cleared after having Penny, too.”

Zach closed his eyes and nodded in agreement as he went back to devouring my belly and making love to my softened body with his hands. He finally pulled me into his lap and unhooked my bra.

“God, look at how ripe and delicious these are.” Zach began to kiss the outside of my swollen breasts, and although they were bound to leak from being so sensitive and full with milk, he began to run his tongue along the skin, but not the nipple.

“Zach, I need my bra, I’m leaking everywhere.”

I tried to stop the leaking by covering my breasts up with my hands, but Zach brushed them away and brought his warm mouth over a milky breast and eagerly began to kiss and suck away. A thick line of satisfactory moans left his throat as he emptied my engorged breasts. Every once in a while, he’d flick his satiated eyes up at me and moan louder underneath a greedy smirk, because he knew he was doing something that was not allowed. Zach knew my breasts were off-limits right now. He knew that once milk started coming out, it wouldn’t stop until my breasts were emptied. And he knew if not emptied quickly, I would experience a pain that only full, engorged breasts can bring. He knew I needed him to finish what he started; my comfortability relied only him now. A deep, breathy laugh played between his throat when he saw the relief on my face as he sucked along.

Zach was slightly leaned back on the couch with one hand around my breast and the other arm circling around my lower body to hold me sturdy against his front. I was up on my knees with my belly squishing against his chest, and I could feel that his dick was hard as a rock as it stabbed the insides of my thigh.

Zach finished off on my breasts by taking one long, exaggerated lick of his tongue over each nipple. And after he released my body of his arm hold, he boldly planted his hands on both sides of my belly and firmly pressed inward, as if to test the density of my fat. I could tell Zach was in one of his nervy, domineering sexual moods. He got this way sometimes during sex, and I didn’t mind it. In fact, it really turned me on when he became assertive in bed.

Zach noisily smacked his hand on the side of my belly, “I’m so turned on that I’m positive I could just explode without any help.”

I lifted my ass and saw that he had already come a little bit in his briefs. That made me even wetter.

Zach squeezed my belly again and delighted in the soft but firm cushion, “Yes, baby. So fucking hot. I need you so bad, I can’t take it any longer.”

He twisted me onto my back and peeled my panties off, and his dick bobbed off my thighs as he reached up to kiss my mouth.

“Are you ready?”

I shook my head, “Go slow, really slow, okay?”

“I will, love.”

Zach slowly entered his tip inside of me and then looked at my eyes for any hint of discomfort. I was good so far. I wanted this to work, I was incredibly horny. He eased slowly inside, not breaking eye contact again, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Just take it slow.”

He eased in another inch without any pain on my end, just a small amount of discomfort that I knew would go away once we got started. When Zach made it all the way inside, he let out a sound of relief and bowed his head in thankfulness.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

I nodded my head as I moved my hips around his pelvic region. I was so wet that I could hear my juices between our bodies.

“Fuck. You are so wet. You’ve gotta stop that.”

I whispered into Zach’s ear as he kissed my neck, “I want you to make love to me soft and slow, and really, really deep. I want to feel every inch of you reach into the deepest parts of my pussy. I wanna feel your tip press up against the back of me until it has no where else to go.”

Zach shuddered his whole body at that.

“You better stop it, Brooke Davis.”

“I need you balls deep inside of me, because my pussy is aching to feel you reach those deep places again.”

“I’ve waited 6 long weeks to devour your deliciousness. That’s a lot of pent up sexual frustration. At this point, I’m not above flipping you over and fucking you from behind until you scream mercy, if you keep talking like that, Mrs. Davis.”

I pulled Zach’s ear to my mouth and kissed his earlobe, “I’m waiting.”

“Alright, but just remember you asked for it.”

I could tell Zach was holding himself back, even though he talked like he was going to do the opposite. It was just part of the build up. And when he was ready, be blew his load and moaned like he was experiencing sex for the first time.

“God, baby. Why do you take pleasure in being so mischievous?”

I shrugged, “Don’t fault a girl for knowing what she wants. And actually, I only brought you over here for a blow job,” I winked, “So be thankful you got more.”
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Sep 1, 2019
- 18 -​

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky under the afternoon sun, and it was fairly warm, especially considering it was the week before Thanksgiving. I’ve been feeling more like myself these days, which is a personal accomplishment, considering for a while I thought I’d never feel true confidence in my skin again. My body plateaued at 165 lbs, and it would probably be lower if it wasn’t for the deal I made with Zach. I’m okay with where I’m at, though, because bigger me is curvy, and I feel really womanly and powerful with curves. I no longer feel self-conscious when I’m naked around Zach, probably due to the fact that my middle no longer sticks out like a troll belly. It’s more of a soft but relatively flat surface now.

Speaking of weight. Zach keeps saying that he’s not purposely losing weight, but it sure doesn’t seem that way. Last night he walked in from his evening run and stood a few feet away from me with his hands on his hips, breathing quickly from sprinting up the hill around our street’s corner. Zach’s shirt was soaked, and it clung to his body as if it knew it was doing him a favor. I watched closely as he peeled it off and wiped the sweat from his arms and chest before heading off to take a shower. I sat on the couch with my mouth hanging open. He was ripped everywhere, and I wasn’t even mad about it, because I was still attracted to his fit body. Making love to him didn’t turn me off in the least bit. Aesthetically, I loved Zach’s muscly body, but it would never ever turn me on the way his fat body did. I had a deep carnal need for his fat. I wanted it to fill up my hands. I needed to feel his belly squish into mine with every embrace. I wanted to see his belly heavy and rounded after a good fill up on food. Thinking on these things got my panties wet. With his current body, it took me a little longer to reach orgasm with him on top, and when he went down on me, I thought about his fat, double chined face squished between my legs and eating me like a snack. That got me every time.

Zach pointed his nose in the air, “Mm, Penny, you smell that? That’s the smell of delicious carnival food.”

Penny was decked out in her pink heart rimmed sunglasses as she rode at the front of the tandem stroller. Her favorite purple tutu was pulled over her jeans. It was her newest obsession, and as her parents, this obsession made us smile. Ella was sound asleep underneath the breathable car seat cover, probably dreaming about milk. It’s a hard life for baby Ella.

Zach eyed me appreciatively, “What kind of foods are you gonna eat, love?”

“Funnel cake and that’s it. Maybe a corny dog. Too much grease and I’ll get sick. What are you going to get?”


“I’ll hold you to it, then.” I ran my hand on his strong bicep and I felt him flex in response.

As we walked through the gates, Penny couldn’t believe all the lights and different people she saw. Her little finger immediately pointed to the carousel, which she recognized from her little music box. We promised to take her back a little later, and thankfully she didn’t throw a fit about it. Her eyes were too busy scanning all the other stimulating elements that come along with a carnival. I don’t think I saw her blink at all for 5 minutes straight. This was going to be such a fun experience with her. It originally started out as a day for us to meet up with Kimmy and David, but when others at WatchGuard overheard the plans in the making, they asked if they could bring their kids, or just themselves, to join in on the fun, too. And of course we didn’t mind, so Kimmy ended up sending a group email to the whole building. To my knowledge, about 12 coworkers and their children would make up the group today.

As we approached the group at the garden fountain, Zach audibly grumbled and made a face. I followed his eyes only to see Lauren, the woman with the staring problem, waving at my husband like a groupie.

“Wow, someone’s excited to see you.”


“She doesn’t look so bitter today.”

“Maybe she finally got laid.”

“Hah! Zachary!”

As the afternoon went on, I began to notice how Lauren only conversed with Zach while ignoring everyone else in the group. I thought I was making it up in my head, because surely another woman would not be so obvious in her advancements toward a married man with the wife around. Right? My observations were affirmed, though, when Kimmy spoke up about it, “I don’t trust her at all.”

“Who, Lauren?”

“Mmhm. She’s a snake. You’re a confident woman to be cool with the way she fawns over Zach all the time. I avoid her like the plague. She’s the type of crazy that would put antifreeze in a person’s drink.”


“What! She’s unstable! She goes harder for the one thing she knows she can’t have. Her mentality reminds me of a 13 year old when she’s around him.”

“She does this at work, too?”

Kimmy looked at me like I was crazy for not knowing this about Lauren already, and then I saw her wheels turn as she tried to carefully remove herself from the equation, because up until this conversation, she didn’t realize I wasn’t aware of Lauren’s antics.

“She’s just a little brazen for my liking. Maybe Zach can give you more detail, since I’m normally not there. I try to walk away when I see her coming.”

I smiled and tried to hide the thoughts running through my mind of Lauren fawning over Zach at work. “I’m sure he’ll fill me in later.” After our conversation, I decided to stay near Zach for the remaining time at the carnival. But there was definitely a conversation that needed to happen later on.

I felt Zach’s hands go around my waist as I stood in line for a funnel cake, so I leaned my head back into his chest until they called me forward. We lived off of little embraces these days. It was all we could find the time for with a new baby, but we made sure that when the opportunity arose, we jumped at it.

“Mmm, I miss my husband.”

Zach kissed the top of my hair and held me tighter, “I was thinking, what if after we put the girls to bed, we heat up the hot tub, or maybe snuggle up underneath some blankets and do naughty things to each other.”

“Ohh, I like the second option. I’m all for the naughty.”

“It’s one of my favorite things about you.”

“You better quit it or you’re going to find yourself with a big problem in your pants.”

“I know. Just stay here and don’t move for a minute.”

When we got to the counter I ordered my funnel cake and Zach ordered cheese fries with everything on top and some fried Oreos. He shoved several fries into his mouth and moaned as he chewed the deliciousness, “Mmm, oh my God, so good. It’s been way too long since I’ve eaten something like this.”

Before I could say something, Lauren moved closer and poked his belly with a smirk, “Better be careful or you’ll find yourself a fatty again.”

My eyes widened and bounced over to my husband, “Do not poke me, Lauren. And my weight is none of your concern.” Lauren giggled at Zach like a school girl and let one finger slide down his arm. She dismissed his warning completely.

“You’re so funny.”

Zach waited until Lauren turned her back before he looked at me. And you better believe I was already looking at him.

“What the fuck is her problem? Is she daft?”

“Yes, actually. She’s very immature and unstable. It’s gotten worse over the last year, and she’s the main reason work has been so stressful.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, Lauren won’t leave me alone, for one. And Doug won’t fire her because he’s old school. He sweeps things under the rug and thinks that if the person is valuable to the company then they deserve to stay, no matter what.”

“But she’s hindering you from doing your best, and you’re the top dog. He should realize that your mental health and well being are above her job. She can be replaced.”

“Right, and I have a meeting with him after Thanksgiving where I’m going to discuss these things with him. I’m so stressed out that it’s effecting my performance.”

“Zach- babe...I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Please don’t keep these things from me anymore. And please don’t keep me out of the loop with Lauren. That’s something you should have told me about a long time ago. I’ve seen a change in you physically, and I’m worried about your health. You also look exhausted most of the time, and now I know why. I’ve been worried about you...you hardly eat, but you’re still pushing your body past its limit physically, and I don’t want you to crash and burn. I really hope Doug listens. And also, I’m here for you.”

Zach exhaled a deep breath, “Thanks baby. What did I do to deserve you.”

“You’re really good in bed.”

Zach squeezed my thigh, “Well, at least I have that going for me then.”


Sep 1, 2019
I observed Zach from where I sat on the couch as he lit up the fireplace and finished off the last few sips of his beer. Probably not the best combination, but I’ve seen worse. He ran a hand through his damp hair and watched the flames rise higher. Watching Zach mess with the fire gave me flashbacks to our first year of marriage, when we spent a few weeks skiing in the mountains. The cabin we stayed in was dark and cozy and completely different from my style, but it was perfect. It was just the two of us back then. We could travel anywhere, stay out as late as we wished, and not worry about anything other than eating and making love.

Zach turned around and ran a hand up and down his long torso, “I’m hungry, are you hungry, baby?”

“Not really. I ate way too much junk today and my body hates me for it right now.”

Zach kissed my hair as he headed to the fridge, “Well your husband loves you for it. You know what sounds good? Mom’s home cookin’. Smothered steak and mashed potatoes. Mmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.”

“What’s gotten into you?”

“I don’t know. I’ve eaten like a pig all day.”

“I like it.”

Zach lifted his shirt up and rubbed the tiniest bloat of a belly, “Oh yeah, you like this?”

“I do.”

“Huh, I didn’t know you liked a fat belly.”

He was playing games now. “Only on you, baby.”

Zach slowly made his way toward the couch, leveling his face with mine as he boxed me inside of his long arms. All refinement was gone from his face, and his green eyes looked even darker under the shadows of the night. I could see them flickering back and forth, as if they were trying to suck wisdom from my soul.

“How fat are you gonna make me?”

“In two years?”


“I thought you said you weren’t going past 275?”

“That’s what I said, but we both know that’s not what Brooke has in mind. And what Brooke wants, Brooke gets.”

Zach leaned in and bit at my ear before speaking gruffly into it, “So tell me, how fat are you gonna make me?”

“Uh, 350?”

He kissed at my neck as I spoke, pausing only to respond, “Oh, come on now baby, don’t lie to your husband. 350 is nothing compared to what you really want to do to me.”

Had he been listening to my innermost thoughts? My pussy pulsed in arousal as I moaned out “400 pounds...”

“I told you not to lie to your husband.”

Zach peeled my pants down and kissed on my inner thighs before he wiggled his fingers inside of my panties. “I’m going to ask you one more time, and don’t make me have to ask again,” he paused between each word as he spoke against my ear, “How fat are you going to make me?”

“So fat...so fat that your belly reaches to your knees and your face becomes one swollen mound of flesh. So fat that your double chin wobbles as you eat. So fat that you’ll have to lift your heavy belly to fuck me from behind. So fat 450 becomes a past memory one day...”

“Ahh, there we go. See, that wasn’t so hard, now was it?”

Zach pushed me against the bottom couch cushion and tore my soaked panties from my legs. He pushed himself deep inside of my womanhood, “Four hundred and fifty pounds, huh? You want yourself a real fat butterball, don’t you? You want to feed me up until I become so inflated with fat that I have to waddle and lean back as I walk.”

“Yes! Fuck! I want you to get so fat that the width of your belly distends over your hips when you sit down, and so fat that you can’t get up after a meal. I want to hear the regretful, satisfying moans come out of your fat mouth as you lay back rubbing your gargantuan stretched out belly.

It didn’t take long for me to orgasm, and when Zach’s squeezed my hips, I could feel he wasn’t close behind me.

“That’s a naughty wife, wanting to fatten up her husband into a rolling blimp.”

“That’s right. I’m going to feed you until you can’t even roll over after a big meal. You’ll just have to lie there helplessly while I smack your fat belly and fuck your hard dick.”

Zach exploded so hard inside of me that his seed leaked down my ass and onto the leather couch. His breath came out heavy in my hair as he regained his strength.



“I’m going to get so fucking fat, aren’t I.”

I felt my swollen clit move in arousal, “So fat, and I can’t wait.”
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Sep 1, 2019
- 19 -


I rubbed my eyes in effort to clear them of whatever blurry filter they looked at the computer with. I hated this part of my job, where I have to look at the computer screen for hours at a time. It sucked the life out of me, literally. I’ll clock out at the end of the day and hop in my car, check my rear view mirror and wonder who the fuck this frowning, scrawny pale guy is looking back at me. Surely that’s not me. I hated the way my face reflected the stress of my work life instead of the love and fulfillment I received when at home. I hated the way Brooke’s eyes squinted at my appearance as she greeted me each evening, probably wondering why I’ve become so shitty looking and frail all of the sudden.

It’s because for almost an entire year now, I’ve been a nervous wreck, just walking on egg shells and waiting for my life to crumble before me at any given moment. There’s so much going on that I don’t know where to begin. One common denominator held the power over all my problems, that denominator being Lauren. Hearing her name brought a shiver that only the devil should bring, and hearing her voice made goosebumps run from the base of my spine all the way up to the top of my head.

When I ended our two year relationship, I assured Lauren that it was me and not her, and at the time I thought it was the truth. I told her I needed to figure myself out before I could give my love to anyone, and she agreed. Deep down, Lauren knew I wasn’t giving her all that I had, but she said she’d rather be loved by me halfway than to not be with me at all. That sounded pretty pathetic to me, but I blamed her pathetic self on the fact that I stayed with her long after I knew I couldn’t love her. I tried to love Lauren, I just couldn’t, but I gave off a false hope and allowed her to love me for two years anyway. I felt so sorry for her that I promised after I found myself, I would come back to her. I immediately regretted promising something that I knew I’d never do, but I figured after a year or so, Lauren would have found someone else to love her. But I never gave someone else the chance to love Lauren, and I never went back to her, because I met Brooke less than 7 days later. We eased into our dating relationship, but Lauren still found out, and her brokenness quickly turned from sadness to anger, and from anger into bitterness.

I never spoke a word to Brooke about Lauren, I was too afraid to. On our first date, I lied to Brooke about my past relationships. I knew if I shared that I had just ended a serious two year relationship less than a week prior, I’d screw everything up. So I didn’t. All I told Brooke was that I had been intimate with a woman recently, but it was just a one night stand with a woman I knew.

I could have told Brooke at any point in our relationship, but the short gap I left between Lauren to Brooke made me feel like an amateur when I wanted Brooke to take my advances seriously. I pretended like a significant relationship never existed in order to get my foot in the door, and telling Brooke the truth now would spin a whole different tune to our storybook beginning. And also, I knew it would leave Brooke feeling foolish, especially considering that my “non-existent” ex has worked for the same company as me during the entire time that I’ve known Brooke. God, I’m such a disgrace.

Once Lauren found out that Brooke had no idea about “us” she knew she had me as hooked bait. During Kimmy’s first months on the job, she and Lauren somehow got on the topic of our past relationship, and out of that conversation, Kimmy accidentally let it slip to Lauren that Brooke had no idea. Afterwards, Kimmy kindly reminded me how honesty is the best route in this situation, and I agreed and told her I would talk with Brooke. Well, surprise, I lied again. And then at the carnival, Kimmy found out that I still hadn’t told Brooke, and now I feel like an even bigger lying piece of shit.

For almost a year, Lauren has harassed me physically and emotionally with little touches and glances and words, taunting me about subjects that are way over the line, one being Brooke and her weight. I’ve gone to Doug, but he has no sympathy. After all, he’s the one who advised against my and Lauren’s dating relationship in the first place. He told me it was a bonehead move, and if I were smart, I’d end it. The way he saw it, as long as Lauren was valuable, she stayed, and Lauren knew this. She also knew I could replace her once I took over WatchGuard, and that’s when she reminded me of the many hours of video recordings of us over our two year relationship...having all kinds of sex: raunchy, passionate, creative, oral. And like a horny dumbass, I agreed to allow Lauren to record us. She’s held everything over my head while threatening to send the videos to Brooke’s email. I should just tell Brooke everything, the truth, before everything goes South...but how do I tell my wife, the woman who thinks I hung the moon, that I’m a fraud?

I’ve made myself so sick on these hypothetical thoughts that I’ve been too ill to eat. The enjoyment of food has been overtaken by my lurking anxieties. Any time I do enjoy a meal, just the thought of my life with Brooke being different than what it has been all these years, the thought of a rug being pulled from beneath my feet, it makes me so ill that I’m unable to keep my meal down. I’ve had to excuse myself from the dinner table on several occasions because I could feel dinner’s contents slowly making its way up to my mouth. Since I’m unable to fill up my belly with food while eating my anxieties away like I wish I could, I’ve been using fitness as my outlet.

And this is how fucked up I am, this will prove how disgusting and cowardly I am- even though Brooke’s extra weight looks really sexy on her through my eyes, knowing that it’s there gives me peace because I know if she were to leave me, she’d have a harder time finding another man. Not a hard time, but harder time. Not because she is less beautiful, but because I know how shallow men can be. See, Lauren was right about one thing...I am selfish.



Sep 1, 2019

I finished tidying up my home office so that it looked presentable for Brooke’s parents when they arrived for our annual Davis/Mattson Thanksgiving feast. No, James and Elizabeth would not step foot inside my office, but the grandiose sliding glass doors allowed anyone near the foyer to see inside. Basically, its tidiness mattered to Brooke, so I’m just here to fix it.

When I was done, I walked through the kitchen to look for Brooke, but she was soon forgotten, because my eyes fell upon the piles of perfect and delicious looking food that sat on top of our counters. I wouldn’t dare taste anything, though. Presentation meant everything to Brooke, and messing with her masterpiece would leave me digging a very deep grave for myself, and with an empty stomach. She planned for Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks in advance, and one could tell just by looking around. The table was set and decorated to perfection, and the entire house smelled absolutely amazing, like apple pie and ham. Brooke didn’t have time to cook meals that often anymore, but when she did, they were good enough to compete with my mom’s cooking. And that’s saying a lot.

Brooke had to be in the bedroom, and since the house was so quiet, I gathered that the baby was probably napping. See, if you receive enough shitty looks from your wife, you learn to quickly adapt to your surroundings. And since I’ve already met my wife’s shitty look quota for the day, I quietly tiptoed toward our bathroom and closed the door behind me. Living inside a home with a sleeping baby was the equivalent of trying to survive while walking through a field of land mines. But I made it out alive and just in time to see my wife in the middle of changing her shirt.

“What do you think about this top?”

Brooke held her arms at her sides and did a slow turn for me. I didn’t pay much attention to her top because my eyes immediately fixated on the way her jeans clung to her ass and thighs in the best way possible.

“You’ll have to turn for me again, I was distracted by other things.”

“I’ll turn for you one more time, and if you can’t pay attention, then I’ll send a picture to good ol’ slimy Simon down the street to see what he thinks.”

“I can’t bear to lose you to slimy Simon, so you have my full attention this time. But turn around slower so I can take in all the detail. I want to give you the best feedback possible.”


Brooke turned one more time, and slowly, and I still didn’t look at her top at all. I had already decided that I liked her outfit before she even asked what I thought. Brooke’s dark denim jeans hugged her shape perfectly, and she had her white long sleeved shirt tucked into the waistband of her jeans, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. No matter the occasion, Brooke always dressed well, and there’s nothing sexier than a curvy woman showing her body off with fitted clothing. I know she’d rather be a few pounds lighter, but Brooke never hid her post baby shape behind loose fitted clothing, and that bit of confidence really turned me on. I loved the way her soft tummy had the slightest curve to it, which rolled outward when sitting down and even more prominent during meal times. I tried not to stare, but I couldn’t help it. She had my attention. I always stole glances. It was also really endearing to see Brooke enjoy herself during pregnancy. I was quite surprised, considering how in control and disciplined she is as a person, but she ate like a woman possessed for nine months. I like her just fine no matter her weight, but I’d rather make love to the Brooke bestowing my hands with the most delicious curves.

“I love it, baby. Super sexy. Just don’t get mad when you catch me staring at you the whole night, okay?”

“It’s not supposed to be sexy, Zach, we’re eating dinner with my parents. You don’t think it’s too tight?”

“Well, you are sexy, whether your clothes like it or not, and your outfit is perfect. Leave it on.”

I pulled Brooke closer and rubbed my hands on her hips and around the area just below her bra. That little squish of fat was like a magnet to my hands. I loved to press my fingertips into it. I didn’t make it obvious, though, because I’m almost positive that this area of a woman’s body wasn’t coveted by many, but it made my insides moan.

I bent down to quickly kiss my wife, but much to my delight, she added in a playful tongue.

“Don’t poke the bear.”

“I’m just kissing my husband.”

“Don’t play innocent, Mrs. Davis, you know the rules. You wake it, you take it. Even if the turkey’s on fire in the oven, I’ll get my fill.”

“Yeah but, I’ve never been too good about following the rules.”

“Especially my rules...”

“Especially your rules, yeah. Maybe if you behave yourself tonight, I’ll reward you in full later on.”

“Define behave.”

“No business talk with my dad, and you get clean up duty, wearing whatever attire I decide is appropriate.”

“What if he brings up work?”

Brooke shrugged as she walked away, “Figure it out. And you may also want to take care of your situation before my parents arrive in the next few minutes.”

I didn’t have to look down to the area where she danced her finger at. I could already feel my boner protruding hard against my pants.
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Sep 1, 2019
Elizabeth made her famous pecan pie and chocolate pie, along with her homemade brownies for Thanksgiving. Brooke hated pie, but Elizabeth’s chocolate pie was so good that even Brooke fought people off for it.

Everyone filled their plates to the brim with food, including myself, because all I wanted to do was eat myself into a sleepy, satiated state. My eyes recognized the delicious food in front of me, but inside, my stomach churned at the thought of consuming it. And I wanted to eat it so badly. I had dreams of sitting in front of a table filled with food, and one by one, I would pick a piece of food up and eat everything in sight. I could actually taste the flavors in my mouth, and I could actually feel my belly fill up with food. It’s been too long since I’ve felt satiated. I grazed little things throughout the day, because I’d noticed if I eat a little amount that I had a better chance of not throwing it up after. The last time I checked my weight two weeks ago, the scale said 202, and I’m sure it’s lower by now. The only proof of my once fat body were the faint stretch marks at my lower belly and underneath my armpits. I would go back to being fat in a heartbeat. I enjoyed the eating it took to get there, and I enjoyed the way it made my wife’s panties soaking wet.

Brooke’s hand squeezed my thigh as she whispered between the two of us, “You okay, baby?”

“Yeah, I’m just a little warm with the oven going, and I filled up on a ham sandwich earlier when I shouldn’t have.” I smiled and gently rubbed the back of Brooke’s long neck. The famous neck rub worked like a charm when I needed to divert the conversation elsewhere.

“Ugh, I hate being this full.” Brooke adjusted her jeans without success and sat up straight to relieve the pressure. Her belly was filled up pretty good, I could tell, and her jeans had trouble hiding just how bloated she’d become. That cute puffed up belly roll made its appearance above her waistband, and as much as I didn’t want to, I tried to stop staring in order to keep the situation in my pants at bay. But I couldn’t. I reached my hand over and rubbed that delicious roll while listening to the pleasurable sounds coming from my wife’s mouth.

“Was it good baby?”

“So good. I need to stop before I eat my way out of my pants.”

“Well, I don’t see the problem in that, since they’re going to come off anyway.”

Brooke shot me a sexy look. “Okay then, smooth talker, since you put it that way.” And she winked as she stood up to get herself a generous slice of chocolate pie with ice cream.

Bt the end of the night, when it was just the two of us lounging on the couch with our feet propped up, Brooke’s belly swelled high and out above and below her waistline. I rubbed her belly and kissed her hair while she rubbed my thigh. I knew where this was leading, and so did she.

“How about I slide those jeans off your body?”

“Hang on.” Brooke got up to get the chocolate pie and brought the remaining pieces back to the couch with a fork.

“Now you can remove my pants.”

She sucked in a little so I could get my fingers between her button, and with ease, I stripped her pants from her body. I ran my hands across her rounded tummy and pushed on its hardness. She was packed full. My hands squeezed her fat ass and pushed her body closer to my mouth so I could kiss her belly.

“So sexy, baby.”

“Mmm, that feels good, don’t stop.”

“Oh, I won’t.”

I lifted her shirt above her head and my breath caught in my throat as I took her in. God, she was so beautiful.

“Brooke Davis, you are the most beautiful woman in all the world. I don’t deserve you.”

She crawled on my lap and kissed me passionately with her little hands around my neck. I felt goosebumps rise all over my skin as she continued to touch my body, paying special attention to the muscle on my arms. I closed my eyes and felt her sexy mouth touch my neck, and a wave of excitement shot through my belly. I’m the luckiest man alive.

I grabbed at the thick fat on the back of her legs and hips and pushed her toward me. She had accumulated so much softness to those areas, and I loved the way my hands sank deep into her flesh with ease.


“Yeah, love.”

“First thing’s first.”

“What’s that?”

“Your reward.”

Brooke handed me the remainder of the chocolate pie and opened up her mouth for me to feed her. When her sexy lips closed in on the fork and pulled away slowly, I almost felt my heart stop in my chest. And when I saw her beautiful mouth crease and move around as she chewed the pie, I knew the tip of my dick was already wet. Brooke never broke eye contact with me during the entire time I fed her the pie. By the last bite, her belly was so full that she looked like she was pregnant with another baby.

“Brooke Davis, you better stop it, or I’m gonna feed you like this all the time.”

“Will it turn you on?”

“Most definitely.” I thrusted my hips up toward her womanhood to remind her of how rock hard my dick was in the moment.

“Then do your worst.”


Sep 1, 2019
Brooke had Ella strapped to her chest and warmly bundled up inside of the baby carrier while little elf Penny sat atop my shoulders. We were in search of the perfect Christmas tree at the tree farm. We normally had a tree by this point, but with everything going on in the Davis household, we were just now getting around to it during the first week of December.

“Hey Zach!” Brooke called for me a few rows over, “I’m going to feed Ella in the car, I’ll be back.” She blew Penny a kiss and reminded her to let me know if she needed to use the restroom. We were in the midst of potty training. Yeah. We’re in that stage of parenthood.

I gently squeezed Penny’s hands as she sat on my shoulders, “Elf Penny. Listen carefully, are your pointy listening ears on?”


“Good, this is very important. Now, if you...”

“Santa, Santa, HO HO HO!”

“Are you really one of Santa’s elves? Because his elves listen.”

“I’m elf, daddy!”

“Okay, whew, because only Santa’s elves get to sit on my shoulders. Listen up, Elf Penny. If you need to go potty, you tell me right away. Do NOT go potty my on shoulders.”

“Youuuu got dit!”

“And please stop hitting the top of my head.”

I felt another quick and impulsive knock at the top of my head. “Penny.”

“Youuuuuuuu got dit!”

By the time Brooke was done feeding Ella, Penny and I had picked the biggest and fattest tree at the farm. Penny may have inherited my motto of ‘the bigger the better.’

“Mommy look at our tree!!!”

“Whoa! You guys are pretty ambitious!”

Brooke shot me a look, and I just shrugged. It was perfect.

Later that night, after Penny and Ella had gone to bed, Brooke and I decorated the Christmas tree together. It was easier these days to spend time together now that Ella followed more of a schedule, which was exactly what we needed. We could dive into flirting while not having to worry about a whimpering baby interrupting just seconds later. We still made love at least once a week, but it definitely wasn’t anything close to what we used to. I wasn’t complaining or pointing any fingers because I knew it was just a small season of life, but I ached for Brooke in a way that I never had before.

When we first met, Brooke’s need for sex surprised me. It took me a long while to figure her out. And I’m still figuring her out, actually. I think that’s one of the many reasons why I’m so hooked on her. She’s a true mystery at times. Her mother once told me that Brooke couldn’t be contained so it’d serve me well not to try, and I wouldn’t dream of it, honestly. I absolutely loved the woman, all of her. If you tried to capture Brooke in one picture, you wouldn’t be able to, because there’s so much more to her that you’re not able to see. At the core, Brooke was feisty and independent; a free spirit at heart, but also super controlling in life situations. She’s incredibly stubborn. When I thought of what it meant to be stubborn, I got the visual of Brooke shaking her long blonde tresses back and forth at me, no matter my reasoning. She was impossible at times. But God, I loved her.

To an outsider, her demeanor could be mistaken as quiet and shy, sometimes even aloof. If you got to know her, and if she trusted you enough to allow her true self to be seen, she became bold, playful, and super mischievous. On the contrary to her playful nature, Brooke’s knowledge of psychology and mental health, along with the passion and professionalism she worked with, left me impressed and in awe of the side of a woman I didn’t see nearly enough of. I could always tell when she had a hard day, because the most crass of words fell from her tongue and out of that beautiful mouth and into our conversation. It reminded me of a kid who worked hard to hold in their impulses all day long while at school, displaying their best behavior for their teacher, only to unleash all the pent up energy at home. That was Brooke, and at times she couldn’t be reasoned with. And other times, she was the voice of reason.

Before Brooke, I was non-committal and I liked it that way. My relationship with Lauren was convenient. I was going through one of the most stressful years of my profession, and having a sexual release available at my every beck and call probably saved me from going crazy. I know that sounds terrible, because it is. Our relationship was easy. Lauren never had any pushback for me. She never had an opinion outside of my own. She never forced me to look at my flaws. I was perfect to her and I could do no wrong. She lived and breathed to please me, and the old me was very hard to please. Lauren enabled my inner monster, and it grew bigger and stronger, and I knew it was only a matter of time before it made its way out of hiding to over come the man I was striving to be. I knew I had to get out of that relationship before it consumed me.

Brooke changed me. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s not, it’s the truth. I swear to God I was never wordy with my affection before I met her, but that’s different these days. I’ve never deserved her, and I knew it the moment she caught my attention. The night I met Brooke was the first time in my 26 years of life that I questioned my worth. She exuded a light that drew me in. That had never happened to me before, and I knew I needed her. I wanted her, and I wanted her more than anything I’d ever wanted before.

As I watched from afar, I felt naked and vulnerable in her presence and I hadn’t even talked to her yet. It was like every insecurity of mine rose from my core and into the open for everyone to see. Finally, at the end of the night, I told myself it was now or never. Somehow, Brooke agreed to meet me later that week for coffee. And somehow, she agreed to go to dinner with me several days later. And somehow, she decided I was good enough to date her.

Our relationship developed slowly because I wanted it to work so badly and I was terrified of fucking everthing up. After about a month of dates, I could tell Brooke was hinting for sex. I held off because I was afraid that if I gave in, I’d never hear from her again. I knew I was a safe choice for Brooke, but she was not a safe choice for me. I wanted to take things slow because I didn’t want her to use me. I saw myself in her, and for the first time in my life, I felt like I had met my match. And I’ve been enamored by her ever since.

Even now, as Brooke’s pale tummy bulged significantly over her waistband as she reached up high to place ornaments on the tree, her allurement did not lesson. My captivation did not budge. I was all in, forever. She had me.

I was drawn to her. The exposure of soft belly summoned me in, seducing me quietly. She wore her pants below her waist for the first time since Ella’s birth, and I found myself fascinated by the foreign curvature attached to my wife’s body. I needed to feel it beneath my hands. I had to.

I didn’t say anything as I nuzzled Brooke’s hair and slid my hands low and slow across her exposed belly. When her arms came down and her torso no longer stretched, her belly became even softer. I loved this. I kissed her delicate neck as I would her pussy.

“Don’t mind me, I’ve admired you from afar all night, and I thought it was time to introduce myself, finally.” I allowed my erection to poke unashamedly into her backside. Tiny goosebumps rose to the surface of her skin as I spoke into her neck. I cupped her lower belly with gentle hands and let my fingers sink lightly into its soft dough.

“Well go on then, introduce yourself.” I couldn’t see her face, but I could tell that Brooke spoke through a smile.

“I’m Zachary Davis, and I’m in love with you.”

“But we just met? Is this not too fast?”

“I can’t help it, you have captured my heart. And I like what I see.”

“Is this all just physical for you? What if I turn out to have a terrible personality?”

“Well, I do love to get physical, and if we’re being honest, I have heard from a few people around town that you can be a real bitch sometimes. Their words! Not mine! Not mine! Ow! Shit!” I shielded my body from Brooke’s punches as best as I could, but she snuck in a quick kick to my shin. I laughed through the pain.

“Serves you right, big dummy.”

“I’m just kidding, baby, come here.”

Brooke let me take her into my arms, but she jokingly left hers down at her side, like dead weight, so I picked them up and planted them around my waist. Feeling Brooke’s cushy body pressed into mine was like foreplay to me. It was sexually gratifying and made me aroused. I wanted Brooke to keep some plumpness to her forever.

I quickly wetted my lips before taking hers between mine. Her kisses were soft and intentional tonight. They acted out in a slow hunger. I felt myself getting more aroused with every touch of the tongue and each handful of soft flesh. I rubbed the soft puffs on Brooke’s sides and slowly slipped my fingertips below her waistband in the back. My hands inched their way slowly downward until I felt the delicacy of her panties, and I let out a sound of approval as I pushed her body toward my erection again. I needed to have her tonight.


Sep 1, 2019
My fingers took hold of my old t-shirt that Brooke wore as I slowly peeled it from her body. I already knew her bra was black because I could see it from underneath the thin material of my old shirt. Her boobs looked deliciously ripe and full of milk tonight, but I couldn’t touch them. Just then, Brooke gave me a knowing look as she took my manhood into her hand. It had been days since my dick felt her warmth, and I was throbbing to find her entrance.

“Baby, you’re hard as a rock.”

I was going to say something, but only a moan came out as she took me in her mouth. Slowly, methodically, and with mild pressure, Brooke’s lips went down as far as her throat would go before she retrieved back up with her soft tongue rubbing small circles on my shaft. As she reached the tip, she gave it a few good sucks before letting her plump lips kiss loosely at my tip. One of Brooke’s small hands gently squeezed and massaged at my balls while she increased the pressure her mouth put on my shaft.

I watched from up high as my wife’s head moved slowly up and down on my dick, making my shaft disappear and reappear right before my eyes. I tapped at her shoulder.

“Baby baby baby...” I watched my dick bob up and down in mid air as a few tiny drops of cum came out. I quickly took my shirt off to catch my loose seed in its fabric.

Brooke pulled my pants down completely and began kissing at my lower belly. Her thumbs ran over my hip bones before she reached back and squeezed my ass with her hands.

“Baby, please. Let me take you already.”

She ignored my please as she stood up and teasingly stripped off her pants. Brooke backed away giggling before I could grab hold of her arm, and I watched as she taunted me from several feet away, rubbing her hands all over her softened body in the most sensual way. I took her in from afar like a feast. So delicious and juicy and fattened up in her post baby body state. And if I could succeed without making it too obvious, my desire was to have a little bit more softness to grab hold of after the holidays were over. I wanted a nice fattened butt to press against, and I needed a little more softness on that lower belly for my tongue and lips to kiss on. I moaned at the possibilities and felt like I was drunk with desire.

Brooke turned around and slapped her ass hard enough for it to jiggle. I gently stroked at my waiting manhood as I watched my wife bend over in a suggestive position and then roll her body back up like she was working for some paper.

“Brooke Davis, I swear to God if you do that again, I’m going to pin you down and put another baby inside of you.”

“Sorry, can’t let you do that. You’d like it too much.”

I almost went from 0 to 100 just imagining the fat body Brooke would eat herself into if I got her pregnant again. I grabbed hold of her waist and maneuvered her onto some couch pillows that had fallen onto the floor.

“My turn.”

“Mmm, what’re you gonna to do to me now?”

“You’ll know it when you feel it.”

“Oh, that sounds promising...”

I kissed at the swollen cleavage above her bra before I made a trail of kisses down to her puffy lower belly , “Just remember that whatever I do to you tonight, I’m doing it because it’s what you deserve.”

“Give it time me then.”

Before Brooke could finish her last word, I pushed myself into her womanhood and felt her surprised puff of air blow against my ear. My firm body sank down on top of the cushion that had developed on my wife over the last year. What a naughty woman to make her skinny self so fucking round and full in such a short period of time. So fucking soft. And she didn’t look sorry about it at all. I wanted to push as many fattening treats between those perfectly plump lips as I could over the next few weeks, months, year. I needed to see her cute little belly fill up and swell out into a heavy and rotund, well fed belly. I needed to see Brooke’s body fatten up into a swollen balloon, even if only for a few weeks.

Brooke moaned as she orgasmed again all over my dick. I felt her muscles tighten and squeeze me hard as she came. I needed to feel more tightened positions, so I rolled over and brought her on top of my body, and her ass cushioned over my hips as she rode on top of me. When my hands ran over her belly, I let my thumbs drag under her little paunch as I did so. Yeah, this was definitely going to need to swell up. I reached up onto the couch for the Christmas chocolates and lifted one to Brooke’s lips. She took the whole thing between her teeth and chewed it up. I did it again and again and again until the tin was completely empty and inside of my wife’s belly. I roughly ran my thumb over her plump lower lip and spanked her hip with my other hand. Her belly jiggled slightly in response, so I did it again.


“What’s gotten into you tonight?”

“Mm, you baby. You’ve got me so turned on.”

“I like it...more.”

I made sure my wife had herself another orgasm before I flipped her around to a kneeling position, then I pushed her upper body down onto the couch and grabbed hold of her fat hips and squeezed hard while I thrusted myself into her. No mercy. She asked for it. Brooke yelped out in pleasure as I grabbed her shoulder with one hand and forced myself even deeper into her pussy to empty my load.

“Mmm, baby, you really took charge tonight.” Brooke kissed me gently and ran her hands over my shoulders and flexed abs, “I love it when you dominate me.”

After that comment, I knew round 2 was right around the corner, so I hopped up to make an extra fattening snack for my wife. She was going to need the extra energy.


Sep 1, 2019
- 20 -
My heart slowed down to a normal pace as I walked out of Doug’s office. The entire time I sat behind his rich, monumental desk, I felt like I was on the defense as to why it’s wrong to be emotionally abused and sexually harassed in the workplace. The old geezer finally closed whatever ancient playbook he followed and agreed with me: that Lauren has been out of line and needs to be gone if she doesn’t stop. Just to save my ass on any legal matters, I informed Doug that I was going to record every interaction involving Lauren. Because the more time that passed, the braver she got, and it seemed that with each day, Lauren found an excuse to make her way over to my office.

Just as expected, about an hour before it was time to head home, Lauren walked into my office with the top buttons of her blouse undone and with her arms crossed over her chest to emphasize her cleavage. I discretely pushed the record button and hoped for the best.

“I’ve already told you that you need to knock before entering my office. And if you don’t button your shirt back up, I will not speak with you.”

Lauren smirked at me as she buttoned her buttons back up, and I could feel my cheeks redden from nervousness and anticipation as she walked closer to my desk. I just wanted Lauren out of my life for good.

“What’s the matter, haven’t seen a good pair of these in a while? Has Brooke cut you off completely?”

Normally I would have pointed to the door by now, but I wanted to allow Lauren’s dumb mouth to spew more evidence for documentation.

“My marriage is none of your concern, Lauren.”

She took an exaggerated breath as she continued on with her taunting tone, “You know, I’m just sorry that you were tricked into marrying Brooke. She’s really let herself go with the last baby, huh? I’m glad, by the way, that you decided to lose all that weight you gained. It was so unlike you to let yourself go like that. That’s proof to how much Brooke has changed you. I hope you realize the damage she’s done, but I’m happy that you’re back to the strong, fit Zach that I’ve always known you to be.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Doing what?”

“Why do you continually harass me with your unfounded opinions? My marriage to Brooke is just fine, more than fine, actually. You just don’t stop, do you? What are you trying to gain from all of this?”

“Just listen to yourself, Zach, you are in deep denial. She’s got you brainwashed. Do you see that? And I’m not harassing you, I’m fighting for you. I want you to snap out of whatever spell you’re under so you can see how I’m here for you, how I’ve been here for you, no matter your baggage.”

“Lauren, I’m really concerned for you. I think you should get professional help...”

“Why do you keep saying that? I’m not the one who’s in denial. You need help.”

“You’re right, don’t we all? Look, I’m not going to leave Brooke, ever. I will never leave my wife and daughters to pursue you or anyone else. You and I will never live happily ever after. I have made myself crystal clear to you, I have no interest in you, but you continue to harass me. Please stop. I’m going to say again. Stop.”

“Oh, Zach. You’re pathetic. If only you knew how much grace I’m giving you. I bet Brooke wouldn’t fight for you like this, would she. If you need me, you know where to find me.” Lauren winked and ran her long fingers over my desk as she turned to leave. But before walking out the door, she looked back at me and said with a chirpy tone, “Hey Zach? Don’t forget about those videos.”

The second Lauren closed my door, I swiped my arm across my desk and knocked everything off in a rage I didn’t know lived inside of me. My breathing came out harsh and I didn’t know if I wanted to yell in anger or cry out in desperation. One thing was clear though, Lauren wasn’t right in her head and needed help. She was living in a fantasy world, and I don’t think she’ll stop pursuing me until she got her way.

I closed my eyes and waited for the anger to pass before cleaning up my floor and heading home early. I needed to get out of this place, and fast.

At home, Brooke busily organized sheet sets and towels for the arrival of my parents. They were flying in from Florida in a few days to spend the holidays with us, just like they always did. I knew my mom would offer to take over all the cooking like she did last year, which meant a less stressed Brooke, which meant a nicer Brooke. “Nicer” Brooke has always been very generous in the sex department, and generous sex makes me very happy. See? The circle of life is a beautiful thing.

I quietly turned the corner to peek in on Brooke putting fresh sheets on the guest bed. She would kill me if she knew I was watching her like this, but I always found her to be even more beautiful when she didn’t know she had company. Brooke was a natural beauty. She didn’t have to try hard to look good, she just did. Even upon first waking up, she was a 10 and nothing less. A thick tangled mess of hair always draped over her smooth cheeks and shoulders like she had tossed and turned all night long. Her lips were full and soft, and they looked perfect right along with her small nose and huge blue doe-like eyes. Everything about Brooke drove me wild with desire. Right now as she looked at the pillow arrangement on the bed, her manicured finger tapped at her puckered lips. If only she knew how beautiful she looked. I do tell her every day, but I know she secretly rolls her eyes at me, and sometimes even visibly.

“Hey sexy.”

“Oh God! Zach, you scared me.”

“Sorry love. What’s for dinner?”

“I don’t know, takeout for sure though. You hungry?”

Brooke slowly rubbed my stomach up and down and squeezed at my muscles pecs lightly each time she reached them.

“You feel so strong, baby. I’m pretty impressed by you. That was a quick turn around. I think you’re in better shape than you were before Penny was born.”

I was definitely skinnier, for sure. If only Brooke knew how much I wanted to fill up on some food without making myself sick. I wasn’t here by choice.

“Mmm, keep talking.”

I nibbled at her neck as she giggled out more compliments. “And your back and shoulders are so sexy when we make love. I love how they move when you move...”

“Keep it up, Brooke Davis, keep it up, and you know what’ll happen.”

“Nuh-uh, I’m in the safe zone because Sarah and the girls are downstairs. You wouldn’t dare to be so bold with Sarah here.”

“Try me.”

Brooke stuck her hands underneath my shirt and ran her nails on my back as she bit at my lower lip. She spoke in a whisper into my mouth as we kissed, “Oh, I’m trying you. I’m calling your bluff.”

“That’s it.”

I twirled Brooke around to the dresser and she grabbed hold of it as I undid her pants and pulled them down. I quickly undid my belt and let my pants fall to my ankles as I bent my knees slightly to enter into my short wife. Brooke gasped as I slowly thrusted her. I put my mouth right up to her ear as I spoke, “How does it feel to be wrong?”

“It feels...oh...it feels so good, baby.”

My fingers sunk into the soft flesh around Brooke’s navel as I told her I was close to orgasm. I felt her muscles squeezing my dick, which was a sure sign she was about to cum, so I held off until I knew she was good and ready and then I exploded inside of her with a smirk knowing that Sarah could have walked in at any minute.

We cleaned up and joined everyone down stairs like nothing had happened. These were the moments that brought me back to our dating days, when we were spontaneous and had sex anywhere we could find. These moments made me realize how lucky I am to have a woman like Brooke.

Later on, Brooke and I watched a cheesy Christmas movie while we ate Chinese food on the couch. Brooke finished off her plate and then sighed as she questioned her choice of food.

“God, why did I agree to Chinese food? I always bloat up like a balloon with all the sodium.”

Before I could respond, she grabbed for more egg rolls and noodles and continued eating. Brooke had on her yoga pants, which left absolutely nothing to the imagination, and I felt like I had a front row seat to my favorite show as I watched my wife blimp up on high caloric and sodium infested Chinese food.

“Okay, I’m done. I can’t eat another bite.”

“Here, have more sweet and sour chicken. There’s only a few left and they’re never good to reheat.”

Brooke gave me a look like she knew what I was doing, but she took the last few pieces onto her plate anyway and ate them up.

“I know what you’re doing, and I only agreed to eat those because I know you get off on watching me get fat. You perv. But since I’m not allowed to diet for a little while, I figured I might as well have a little fun and eat what I want, right?”

Brooke’s tone changed as she stood up and stretched her arms way up high right in front of my view of vision. She purposely let her shirt go above her waistband before bringing her hands down to rub at her swollen belly. She turned her body to the side to show off how much it protruded outwards.

“Mmm, I’m stuffed full. Can you tell?” Brooke’s eyebrow shot up in a seductive manner as she looked at me, and then the most sensual noises left her mouth as she pressed at her sides. I swallowed hard and shifted the erection in my pants.

“What’s the matter, Zachary Davis? Did you forget how to talk to your wife?”

“N-no. You’re so sexy, baby. Eat what you want, you know I won’t care.”

“That’s just the problem. You see.” Brooke pulled out some ice cream from the freezer as she continued to talk, “I can’t help but to notice how hot and bothered you get when I let loose a little bit, and when you get all antsy, it gets me aroused.”
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Sep 1, 2019
Brooke took a huge bite of ice cream as she sat on top of my erection. “Woah there, mister. See what I mean? You are a terrible, terrible influence. You’re gonna turn me into a blimp before you know it. Especially with your momma’s cooking.”

I didn’t even mean to, but a nervous, turned-on moan escaped out of my throat as she talked about fattening herself up. She laughed at my weakness and thrusted gently on top of my lap. I grabbed her fattened hips and sank my fingers derp into their plushness.

“Baby, stop it. You’re just teasing me now.”

“Am I?”

“You know you are.”

The way Brooke made her way through the ice cream made me think she wasn’t lying, though.

“At the rate I’m going, I’ll be fatter than you pretty soon. Little Brooke is going to out weigh her husband. What do you think about that?”

“I think you’ll be fucking sexy, that’s what I think. God, baby, stop it already. You’re just teasing me. It’s cruel.”

Brooke took her shirt off and lowered the tight waistband below her stuffed belly before picking the spoon back up to continue on with her binge. Her belly looked like a shiny hard ball, just perfectly rounded and tight and deliciously plump.

“Does it look like I’m teasing you? Just look at me, babe. I’m about to explode. But I can tell you like it. Your dick hasn’t stopped bobbing since I sat on you.”

My hand rubbed the swollen crest of Brooke’s belly. There was absolutely no give to it. I let my hands slide slowly down her distended sides. They moved up and down and back again as she continued eating her ice cream. She really was about to explode. Her belly felt so tight under my palms, I was sure she would burst if she ate any more. I pushed my fingers gently on her sides and saw her wince. Yep, she couldn’t fit in another bite.

Brooke put the ice cream down and rubbed her substantial belly with a sigh-moan. As she leaned back, I saw the slightest peak of a double chin, something I didn’t even see during her pregnancies. I could almost swear that her face looked fuller. Even fuller since last week.

Brooke let out a very heavy breath before she spoke, “Baby...I’m so horny.” She didn’t have to tell me twice before I laid her down and brought my eager mouth between her fattened thighs. If only she knew how horny I was.

“Careful, careful, I’m so full.”

“Shit, baby. Look at you. Your belly is sticking straight up, I can’t even see your face.”

“Mmm, I can’t see yours either. I don’t think I’ve ever been this full before.”

I kissed at my wife’s delicious pussy until I knew she couldn’t take it anymore. When she moaned and squeezed my face with her thighs, I knew she was ready for me to stop. I carefully mounted her and stuck my eager dick inside of her warmth and thrusted slower than I had in a long time. Every once in a while, Brooke would moan weakly and rub her belly, and I’d have to pull out quickly so I wouldn’t cum before I wanted to.

“Baby, you are perfect to me. No matter what. I want you to know that.”

Brooke shook her head in acknowledgement with her eyes closed and tightened her pussy around my dick. I knew I couldn’t hold myself in any longer, so I released myself into her. When I was done, I kissed all over Brooke’s sensitive belly and spooned her on the couch so I could rub it during the rest of our movie. I felt like I was living in a dream, but I knew it was only my dream.

“Brooke, baby. Look at me.”

Brooke maneuvered her body to face me and I kissed her slowly and tenderly as I rubbed her back. Her hard belly protruded into my abs.

“You know I think you are beautiful, right?”


“You know that I desire you at any size, right? You’re not doing this because you think it’s what I want you to do, to please me, right?”


“Are you sure? Because if you are, then I want you to stop.”

“Yes, I’m doing it because it pleases you. Just like you pleased me only a year ago, it’s the same thing. It’s just that it makes me happy to see you happy.”


“No, listen. It’s not like I’m going to gain a huge amount of weight. I’m just having some fun. It takes a lot of stress off of me knowing that I’m not dieting. And I’m keeping my word on the deal, so don’t even think you can convince me to bow out for the sake of you staying skinny. You’re gonna get fat.” Brooke shot me a warning look before contributing, “I don’t know. I’m happy. I’m not worried, unless you are. I was just teasing you a little bit, you’re right. But also, if I gain some weight in the process, I’m okay with it. I can always lose it. It’s not forever.”

I let out a long relieved breath and kissed Brooke’s cute little nose. “Okay, my love. That’s good to hear, because I never want you to do something or change yourself for the sake of me.”

“I know you don’t.”

Brooke rolled on her back and placed her hands on top of her belly with a smile. “I’m definitely gonna need new pants by the time your parents leave, though. I’ve been salivating at the thought of your mom’s cooking for weeks now, and my jeans have already gotten a little tight this month.”

She slowly rubbed her tightly packed belly and closed her eyes to rest. Over the past few weeks, Brooke had looked a little more filled out in places, but I honestly brushed it off as wishful thinking. Now that she confirmed it, I could definitely tell. She looked to be softer in the face and belly areas. I’m sure she’d filled out in other places as well, but those areas had gotten substantially bigger over the year while her face and belly took the back seat. It made my insides twist in anticipation as I thought about the possibilities of what Brooke’s body would look like with more softness added to it. Where would it be added? The unknown excited me and scared me at the same time. I could feel myself getting aroused again as I rubbed her belly.

“It’s not happening, Zachary.”

Her presumptions made me chuckle, although they weren’t far off. “I know, you just turn me on, that’s all.”

“Good, that’s what I want to do.”

That night, I dreamt about Brooke stuffing herself with enough food to fill our entire bedroom. By the end of it, she laid drowsily on the bed with a fattened, inflated body. Her face was was almost unrecognizable, even to me. She moaned and coughed, and as she did, her while body jiggled for what seemed like minutes before slowly coming to a halt. Brooke tried to roll over into her side, but her belly prevented her from doing so. She breathed heavily before moaning, “Ohh, I’m so fat.” My dick began to pulse in my dream, and a magical feeling overtook my whole body, reaching from the top of my dick all the way down to the tip of my toes. It got so intense that it caused me to wake up, and that’s when I realized my dick was still pulsing, and my briefs were soaking wet.

I knew then that Brooke was in trouble, and I hoped that she’d be able to control herself in the face of my desires.

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