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Nov 21, 2005
Great story. I read it on a flight across the US. Besides the main story, I love all the side stories of the chubby co-workers.


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Nov 14, 2012
I've been working slowly on the next chapter! Don't worry it will be up soon!


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Nov 14, 2012
Chapter 12

Jack awoke from his afternoon slumber to the sound of the apartment door closing.

“Anne?” he called from the bedroom.

“Hey hun! Sorry did I wake you?” She asked from the kitchen.

Jack grumbled as he sat up. He was leaned over, looking for his clothes when she walked in.

“Still tired? You needed the nap I think-whoa!” Anne said as she walked in the room.

“What’s wrong?” Jack asked, looking up.

“Nothing but I think you’ve earned the buddha nickname.” She said.

Anne walked over and rubbed his belly that was rolled out in front of him.

“Funny, I don’t remember you having this when we first met.” She teased.

“Ha that’s not fair, I think those swimmer sized lunches aren’t the best for my waistline.” Jack retorted.

“Supply and demand babe, I wouldn’t make such good stuff if you could convince me that you didn’t want it, but the more we keep having sex like this afternoon and you can see where I might think you weren’t telling the truth.” She sat on his lap and kissed him after she said this.

When they came up for air Jack said. “Well that might be true but I don’t want to be impolite either.” He winked.

“Of course if you don’t want me to make you lunch anymore, I could just stop?” She said with a puckish grin.

Right on cue, Jack’s stomach gurgled.

“That’s what I thought.” She kissed him on the forehead and got up.

“I went over to your apartment and brought out your Browns jersey, when was the last time you wore it? It was all the way in the back of your closet, hope you don’t mind. I bought some things for dinner too, I just need to make it, if you want to try on the jersey.” Anne said.

She knew full well that her boyfriend probably hadn’t worn the jersey in a couple years and even if he had worn it last year, she doubted it would fit after the last two months. Still, it would be fun to see him making a football jersey look tight.

Anne tossed over the jersey and waited in the doorway expectantly.

“I probably haven’t had this on in a few years.” Jack said as he stood up and held up the jersey next to his body.

Anne could see his widened round sides past the white shirt.

“Well only one way to find out if it still looks good, what was it you said earlier? It’s a football jersey, it should camouflage some of your stomach?” Anne asked innocently.

“Yeah something like that.” Jack said, his face showing some embarrassment. Was this thing really that small?

Jack rolled up the shirt to the head hole and poked his head through.

“Well that fits.” Anne said sarcastically.

Frowning, Jack let the jersey fall and tugged down on the bottom. He could feel how tight the seams were and how confined his stomach was. It used to hang very loose, now it was tight all around except the sleeves.

Looking surprised, he attempted to pull the bottoms down again to make it slightly more comfortable.

“No such luck love, you really have been enjoying those meals. It’s ok!” She added hastily when she saw the crestfallen look on Jack’s face.

“I need to shop for some Browns stuff too, we can do it together!” Anne said, trying to make him feel better.

“Besides, that jersey is way outdated.” With that Jack regained some swagger.

“Yeah, I really do need a new one and maybe this one shrank, I haven’t worn it in awhile.” He said.

Anne almost laughed at this but kept her composure. Yes because things shrink so easily when you keep them in the closet for two years, or could it be that you grew?

“It’s just the election, I think everyone puts on a few gearing up for it.” Anne offered.

“Yeah, I mean I know I gained a lot of weight but its not like I’m the only one.” Jack continued.

“Caitlin is bigger and even Jen the intern looks like she put on a few too.” He explained.

He took off the jersey as he spoke and Anne was treated to the bare ball gut once more. It jiggled and folded as he moved around to put on some clothes.

He’s really blossoming well. She thought.

As Jack walked back to her he added. “You’ve got a pudgy tummy now too, maybe its a Cleveland thing.”

With a swift poke to Anne’s softer midsection, he walked by to use the bathroom.

“Oh well, I mean, maybe a few pounds.” She said hurriedly.

She made a mental note for the hundredth time to make it to the gym this week.

Jack came out of the restroom and they walked to the kitchen.

“I won’t lie though Anne, I like the new changes with you.” He said matter of factly.

“You’re more curvy, make great food and I don’t know just look awesome in a Marilyn Monroe kind of a way.” He said.

“Ha, Marilyn was fat by today’s standards and I doubt she was a collegiate athlete.” Anne said with a laugh.

“Probably not, I guess what I’m saying is you looked great before and you look great now.” Jack said.

“Aw thanks babe.” Anne said. She could not help but feel touched. She dropped in another stick of butter to the concoction of pasta she was making today.

Jack dug into his food with reckless abandon. Anne thought it was funny that he seemed to be almost complaining about his weight earlier but now had no qualms about eating such calorie rich food.

She had to admit the pasta she made tonight was very good. Just the right amount of everything and this was vindicated by the fact that Jack was already well on his third plate of the massive bowl.

“I hope you have some room left after that, I made something special for dessert.” She teased.

I am so bad Anne thought after she had placed the cool, chocolate cream pie right in front of Jack and watched him eat it. She had made a plate of brownies too but she was so mesmerized by the pie eating that she had forgotten to place those in front of her well fed boyfriend as well. Instead, they were in front of her and rapidly disappearing as she watched him gorge.

Finally Jack leaned back. “Anne, you definitely know how to cook.” He said.

Anne blushed. She wasn’t sure if Jack could get up from the chair at this moment but she could tell he had enjoyed himself. She was hungry for something different now though after watching him eat his way through the meal.

She got up and walked out of the room with her plate, feigning that she would start the dishes. When she returned, Jack gaped at the sight.

Anne had stripped down to her bra and panties and now stood before him with a carton of ice cream and two spoons.

Her fuller arms, fuller chest, fuller stomach and fuller hips were on display. Jack’s mouth was wide open.

Blowing away a strand of hair sexily she said. “So are you just gonna sit there and stare big boy or should we go to the bedroom?”

Jack lurched up from the table and wobbled a bit as he realized just how much he had eaten. His stomach felt heavy as he sluggishly moved towards her. Anne swayed back and forth as he followed her. Her ass had blossomed nicely with her weight gain and Jack saw it cutely jiggle. Cellulite had formed on her thighs, a new development that had not gone unnoticed.

Anne turned so Jack could see her profile. Her chest had grown into C cups that looked to begin to strain that size even. Her fleshy middle was rapidly catching up with the expanse of her chest though and Jack thought he did not remember her stomach sticking out that far, of course they had also just eaten. Anne’s hourglass was swelling but not overly so yet.

She winked at him and said. “Don’t you want to change into something more comfortable?” She moved towards him as she spoke.

Jack found a spoon of ice cream in his mouth before he could protest that he had eaten too much. Anne gave him the ice cream with the other spoon in it as she began to unbutton his shirt. He let spooned some ice cream out and she gladly took it in her mouth as she began to work the buttons down to his bulging stomach.

“My my my what did we eat today?” Anne teased as she felt his full gut.

Jack was going to say something when Anne abruptly pulled the spoon from his mouth and loaded it with ice cream again. “I-” he began but was rewarded with more ice cream. He let it melt in his mouth because he knew he was ready to pop if he ate anymore.

Anne went back to undressing him as she worked him out of the shirt. His gut did look overloaded, especially with his pants buttoned. “Did someone eat too much today?” She said as she struggled to get her hands around the button. “Babe we really need to go shopping, this can’t be comfortable.” She continued.

She finally worked the button free and Jack’s gut surged forward as it was released from the tightness of his clothes.

His zipper moved down all the way and she could see the look of relief he felt immediately.

She grabbed his fat stomach in her hands. “Jack, this is turning me on hardcore!”

She kissed him before he could respond. She felt the full, distended gut. The ice cream lay forgotten on the bedside table as they went into pleasuring each other.

As they lay there cuddling after the bed fireworks, Anne slowly circled her hand on Jack’s big and full belly. Jack groaned softly as she did this, he could not lie, it felt really good.

He knew he had eaten too much and moreover he had eaten too much after embarrasingly not being able to fit into a football jersey.

When did I change so much? He thought as he lay there. He knew he had grown rather corpulent so the lunchtime feast wasn’t anything new but the fact that he had pigged out well beyond capacity had him concerned. He had done it mindlessly.

He looked down at his protruding belly. He could not see past it to his feet, even though he laid there on his back. Jack rolled over and got up gingerly from the bed.

“What’s a matter babe?” Anne asked tiredly.

“Nothin, just need to use the restroom.” Jack said.

He stood there finding his balance. His gut was still overfilled and he half-waddled to the bathroom. Once there, he turned on the light and looked at his reflection.

If he had been surprised in Tampa, he was shocked now. A fat man had replaced the slightly out of shape ex athlete. From the front it didn’t look as bad, although he noticed that his softer love handles were spreading and threatening to grow wider than his shoulders. In the profile view however, his gut arched out in front of him as if he was ready to have a baby.

“Good Lord, I ate too much tonight.” He reasoned with himself softly. This could not be his actual size, his stomach was just inflated from all the food surely. Although those man boobs wouldn’t look so inflated from food. He thought.

Jack flexed his arms and saw that his biceps barely registered. This was a disturbing trend that had started well before election season. I need to get my ass back to the gym. He thought.

With that he turned out the light and returned to the bed. As his eyes adjusted, he saw Anne was standing up, drinking out of the forgotten ice cream carton. She was guzzling it down like a milkshake and he saw her slight belly shake with each gulp.

“Ahem.” He fake coughed. Anne was so startled she almost dropped it. She wiped some ice cream from her lips as she began to explain. “I just thought it shouldn’t go to waste.”

Jack laughed. He thought she looked hot with the pudgy stomach she now possessed. He walked over to her and said. “No it can’t go to waste, but it might be going to waist.” He patted her chubby roll for emphasis.

She playfully slapped his stomach and with an “oof” he fell back on the bed, clutching his too stuffed belly.

Anne quickly gulped down the last of the ice cream and straddled him with her hips.

He noticed how soft they felt with their newfound fat. She made sure that he could feel the muscle underneath though as she began to rock back and forth. She leaned in and whispered in his ear.

“Sensitive belly tonight? You know you really ought to look in the mirror before you comment on a girl’s weight.” She winked at him and for the third time that day they found themselves in bliss together.


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Nov 14, 2012
There will be! Just been working on a lot of other stuff, I apologize. I have a good idea of where the story is going though.


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Nov 14, 2012
Wow thanks for everyone still enjoying the work! I am sorry for not keeping up with this as much as I would like to but real life gets in the way too much. However you guys have inspired me to take it up again so I will be sending some chapters your way soon!


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Jun 26, 2007
Wow thanks for everyone still enjoying the work! I am sorry for not keeping up with this as much as I would like to but real life gets in the way too much. However you guys have inspired me to take it up again so I will be sending some chapters your way soon!

And Beer League Softball too? Maybe? :)


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Nov 14, 2012
Chapter 13

Sunday arrived and both Jack and Anne were on their way down to the stadium. As a perq of watching the game from a loge, they were able to get in early and watch the team’s go through their whole pregame rituals.

Another perq is getting to sample the all you can eat and drink menu before everyone else. Jack was looking very much the fan with his new jersey on. It still stretched across his grown gut but not as much has his old one. Anne was looking very good as well in a form fitting Browns shirt and hip hugger jeans that hugged her backside much tighter than she remembered.

Anne knew she looked good but she also knew she was no longer anything special. She was coming to terms with the fact that a number of factors had caught up to her in recent months, she had lost her lean athletic look and resembled her 30s age much more. The toned tummy had given way to small paunch, her arms now jiggled with flab when before they would not and her non existent ass had rented space to two soft cheeks.

The swimmer body now looks more like a softball body. She had thought when she looked in the mirror that morning. A 5 years after softball body really. She lamented as she hefted her belly in her hands.

So the well fed couple was looking, well, well fed that morning. And they earned their label with heaping piles of food to start the day with at the buffet. Jack immediately made his way over to the food table and loaded up his plate with all sorts of munchies. He had barely noticed the woman standing in the corner of the room.

“Is that really Jack Howard?” She asked as he turned away, eagerly wanting to dig in.

Jack turned back. “Yes?”

“Oh my gosh! I’m sorry I didn’t recognize must be because you aren’t wearing a suit!” The woman said. What she was thinking was Good God he looks thinner in his pictures!

“I’m Nicole Myers, I’m here from National Headquarters to thank you guys for a great job.”

Jack gave Nicole the once over. Early 30s, pretty and fit. Her blonde hair fell to her shoulders and the dress she was wearing had clearly shown that she was separate from the locals.

Jack shook her hand.

“I like your jersey! It looks brand new.” Nicole said.

“As a matter of fact it is, I bought it for the occasion.” Jack responded.

“I’m a Chargers fan myself but nobody outside of Pittsburgh can really hate the Browns, they are lovable losers.” She said, noting that Jack had already began eating in mid-conversation.

“Did you ever play football?” She queried.

Jack swallowed before he answered. “Yeah I did, I played in college.”

“On the line? I was a cheerleader back in the day so I know the sport.” Nicole added.

“Actually, I was a wide receiver believe it or not.” Jack said.

Nicole’s eyes widened as she looked at the large belly and tried to imagine the handsome face as he used to look. Even in the pictures she had seen with him smaller, he was never a toned athlete.

“I know, I’ve put on a few pounds, I think it’s the stress of the election.” He patted his stomach for effect.

Or eating like that! Nicole thought as she eyed his plate of food.

“Hey hun! I thought we were gonna sit down.” Anne said as she came up and wrapped an arm around his sizeable midsection.

“Anne?!” Nicole said.

“Oh my God, Nicole! You look so good!” Anne said shocked to see a former colleague.

“Thanks you look...well you look nice.” Nicole said as she scanned Anne. They had both been rising stars in the party and around the same age. When Anne moved into teaching Nicole gained much of what the GOP had been grooming Anne for and so Nicole had always felt indebted to Anne. However she also felt a bit annoyed at her presence. They had always been a team and when Anne left, that had set Nicole back some, she had to earn the respect of many people that Anne had already had it from.

Nicole had also always taken a back seat to Anne in the looks department. It wasn’t that she wasn’t pretty, most men just preferred Anne’s looks to hers. Nicole was nearly giddy though looking at the tight Browns jersey on a noticeably softer form.

Gone was the flat stomach and effortless toned look. It was replaced with a pudgy middle complete with love handles and a full cheeked face. Nicole saw Jack Howard’s hand around one of those peeking love handles. Oh my God are the chubbies dating? She thought.

"I'll go find a seat, you can meet me there later." Jack said as he excused himself, looking forward to the rest of his meal.

“Still swimming Anne?” Nicole asked harmlessly.

“Uh not as much as I would like to.” She replied honestly.

“That’s too bad, I always thought its been great exercise. It keeps the campaign trail pounds off of me.” Nicole said as she patted her flat stomach.

“Looks like Jack doesn’t miss many meals these days.” She said as she nodded toward the fat campaign manager. “Are you two together? I honestly had a hard time recognizing him, the girl that works at our office said he was hot in a GQ way but hadn’t seen him in a couple years.”

“Um yes we are dating. I actually knew Jack in his ‘GQ’ days and I think he looks great now.” Anne said defiantly.

“Oh hunny I didn’t mean he looked bad he just looks a little larger than he used to I hear.” Nicole said. “Your ex had the same look for awhile if I remember right? He turned into a whale though.” She finished raising her eyebrows a bit at Anne.

Anne blushed a bit. “Ok so I like my men bigger, you caught me.”

“Oh I know you do but before you never let that affect your own body. What happened here?” She reached over and felt Anne’s stomach as if she were pregnant. Anne recoiled naturally.

Her old friend’s hand had sunk into the soft tummy that showed in her game day outfit. She could tell that Nicole was a bit bemused but also concerned in a catty sort of way.

Anne said. “I don’t know what’s different. I moved up here and just started to pork up.”

“Aww Annie.” Nicole said. “Maybe it was from being with Jack? I mean he’s not exactly watching what he eats, unless you count watching it go into his belly ha ha.”

“No it definitely is, we live together and I play the housewife part, its refreshing in a way. But I can’t seem to stop myself from eating some of the yummy treats myself.” Annie said a bit dejectedly.

“Well you don’t look bad, you have a frustratingly good figure for someone your age whose gained some spread but I’d say you are on the heavy end of normal now. If you don’t watch it you could be considered chubby soon and if Jack’s career takes off you will be seeing a lot of old friends who would love to see that happen.” Nicole replied.

“Screw them!” Anne said. “If I’m being honest, I actually don’t mind the flab some days. Jack likes it and I love Jack.”

“Well hun that’s good. I envy you a bit. Finding a good relationship is hard and it seems like you have one. Although I’m not sure I could add the weight you have.” Nicole said with a smirk.

Jack was at the other end of the room during this exchange and was digging into his second helping already when he felt a slap on his back.

“That jersey’s seen better days eh Jack?” Bill Hayward said with a haughty laugh.

“Been a few years since you last wore it?” He asked.

Jack gulped down his food before he responded to the asinine comment.

“Actually its brand new, I bought it for this occasion. Let’s just have fun today Bill, no business talk today.” He said, attempting to change the subject.

“Brand new?” Bill said, smelling blood. “It looks a little tight.”

“What’s your point Bill?” Jack asked annoyed.

“No point just maybe if you spent less time on my back and more time at the gym maybe it wouldn’t be so tight. I understand the Chris Christie impression but I think you’ve been taking it a little too far. Maybe you could get on Paul Ryan’s campaign just to get a work out in?” Hayward said as he poked Jack’s midsection.

Had this been a few years ago, Jack would have knocked his block off but the more mature Jack Howard took hold at this moment. Rising to his feet and brushing crumbs off of his belly Jack stood over his older contemporary, showing a very imposing figure.

“Listen Hayward, I’m doing my goddamn job and you’ve been a pain in my ass this whole campaign season.” He said as he bellied up to Bill. “If you can’t handle taking orders from a younger and smarter higher up then get out of the way. Oh and one more thing, keep the bitchy comments to your secretary, I got fat, get over it. If I wasn’t spending so much time making sure you aren’t messing things up maybe I would have time to hit up the gym. Other than that, stay out of my way.” Jack’s face grew red as he chewed out the silver haired businessman.

“Babe, everything ok?” Anne asked as she rubbed her hand on his back. She had noticed the heated exchange and had dutifully walked over.

“You look like you could use a beer.” She said as she tugged on his arm.

“Yeah I could, gotta keep that Chris Christie mojo going.” Jack said as he turned away.

Later that night Jack was looking at himself once more in the mirror.

“You think I look like Chris Christie Annie?” he called to her in the bathroom.

“Is that what brought that on? Someone confused you two?” she yelled back.

“No, jackass Bill made a comment.” He said as he hefted his fat gut.

“Babe, you know he tried to egg you on.” She said as she returned to the bedroom. She walked up behind him and began to caress his man stomach. “Besides, you are much hotter than Chris Christie. But if we get invited to a costume party, that’s a great idea!”

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Oct 28, 2009
Whoops - this one with the new chapter should have been moved two weeks ago!


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Nov 14, 2012
Chapter 14

October had been a blur of events for Anne and Jack. They were driving all around the Northeast Ohio area. They came, they saw, they ate.

If it wasn’t pumpkin pie, it was apple, if it wasn’t this microbrew’s octoberfest beer it was another’s. The Republicans didn’t skimp on events and our protagonists were there to experience it all.

October is the home stretch for any political campaign and its really where the biggest blows are hit. Jack was a heavyweight by now and punching away.

Anne played the arm candy and relished the role. She loved going to the events and getting dressed up, even if some of those dresses from earlier in the summer were being retired to the back of the closet.

There was no denying her tummy roll now. She couldn’t hide it, her pants showed a muffin top and her arms had grown soft. Her pretty face had gained a roundness to it and her butt had spread wider.

This morning that wider butt was rearing its ugly head and she attempted to get on a pair of jeans in preparation for a lunch meeting about her academic standing. “Good God I’ve got a fat ass now!” She said as she struggled to get them up to her waist.

Once they had stretched up to her waist another problem presented itself. There was too much tummy between the gap of her button and the hole it needed to go through. This is the meaning of fml huh? She thought as she checked out her booty in the mirror.

“I didn’t know denim wore out.” She said out loud. Putting on a new sweater that would hide her button issues, she headed out to meet with the head of her department, who was in town to discuss her doctoral dissertation.

“Annie! You are looking so well!” Dr. Phillips said as she stood up to greet her colleague. She noticed the fuller figure and thought Even Annie isn’t immune from research weight it seems. It was a well known result of too much time in the library, lack of sleep and no time to work out.

As they ate they discussed all the work she had done. She was pleased with Anne’s progress and felt it was an appropriate time to defend her theory. “Besides, it looks like we need to get you back to Dayton’s pool.” She chortled as she motioned to Anne’s figure.

Her face reddened but she knew it must be a shock for anyone that knew her thinner. She was just happy no one could tell her pants weren’t buttoned.

Jack was undergoing his own scrutiny that morning. He was at the local Men’s Warehouse getting fit for his 4th new suit in as many months. “Well Mr. Howard, the waist is 42 now.” The young clerk who always seemed to be there when he needed a new suit said.

“I guess a few too many donuts.” He joked lamely.

She did not laugh. This guy is totally porking out.

Jack made his way back to the office via Dunkin Donuts. “Gotta support Corporate America.” He mused.

Caitlin greeted him as he entered the cubicle ridden terrain.

“Got anything good for energy boss?” She asked expectantly.

Her party lifestyle and slowed down this month and with the election a few days away she was hurting for a beer. She had found a different fix in sugary treats and the effects showed. The blonde was filling out a pant suit exquisitely with round chubby hips that day.

Caitlin didn’t mind though because she was treated to the man girth of a boss every day. She might have been tipping the scales at a little over 195 but that paled in comparison to the weight gained by Jack.

Jennifer the intern, recently promoted to a full-time staff member, was not far behind in seeing what donuts Jack had brought in. Her belly was pushing out her button down shirt as it jiggled back and forth, showing off a summer’s worth of indulgence in a Jack Howard office. The cheerleader body had rented out space.

She had been happy to take on her new role because it meant money and her first paycheck had gone to new professional clothes. Pants that actually fit were a luxury and Caitlin had welcomed her into this new adult realization by sharing half of her donut with the young protege.

Jack still took the cake though or what was left of the cake after he had his fill. At an imposing 6’2 and 250lbs, he cut a rather formidable figure now. Still broad-shouldered, his belly now stretched out in front of him as if balancing everything out.

“How are the numbers looking for tomorrow?” Jack asked as his team crowded around the table.

“Good boss, we really got the troops out in full force, I think this will be our best showing in a few elections.” Jennifer said through a mouthful of donut.

“That’s good to hear, make sure we have a space prepared at the election party for a press conference, win or lose we will control the message from the get go.” He said.

“Sure thing.” The rounder intern replied.

“Before things get too crazy I want you all to know, no matter what happens, you’ve all been some of the best I’ve worked with. I’ll personally write to the national office about each of you. You’ve really grown on me the past two years and I’m really honored to be a part of this.” Jack eloquently said.

“Aw boss, we all love you too.” Caitlin said as the others nodded in agreement.

“Alright well, before we begin the party there’s still 24 hours left in the job. Let’s do our best!” He said as they filed out and began their last day’s work.

He frowned as he looked down at the empty box of donuts. I didn’t know I worked with an office of locusts when it came to donuts.

Seeing Caitlin walking away he quickly remembered his last gift. She and him had been working together from the get-go and he had gotten her something special.

“Hey Caitlin, see me in my office a sec.” He said as he watched his assistant turn back and walk with him.

They had both grown wider in the last 8 months or so and almost got stuck in the door as they walked side by side. Caitlin felt the press of Jack’s beer gut and almost swooned. That was some of her handy work. Well, her’s and Anne’s. Credit where credit’s due.

She felt her belly hang over her waist as she sat down. Can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. She thought. She had begun to crossfit and as hard as it was, she was feeling better about her energy level. She’d never had the work ethic to see a goal through before this job and it was affecting her life in a lot of ways. She was even considering giving up beer in an effort to fit her old jeans.

“Caitlin, you’ve really impressed me. We’ve made a good team and I wanted to thank you personally.” Jack said. He reached over and pulled something out of his desk. He handed her the little box and she opened it, revealing a watch. The inscription said. “Always remember what you learned here.” She didn’t know at the time but that watch would serve as a motivator for her in a lot of things the rest of her life.

She thanked Jack and they hugged, allowing her once again to feel his girth. His belly pushed against hers, keeping a fat space between them that had not existed in such size a few months ago.

“You’ve really grown on me. I put in a call to DC, you can have a job there after the new year if you want it. I know you’ve been stuck in Ohio your whole life so I told them I wasn’t sure if you’d accept but here’s all the info on it. Obviously call after tomorrow.” Jack said, handing her a piece of paper.

She was speechless. She knew she had been busting her ass but she didn’t know it could lead to such a great reward. After thanking Jack overwhelmingly and almost to the point of happy tears, she left the office. Her life had taken a turn and she was feeling incredibly positive.

Jack had settled into his desk to fish out his secret stash of candy when Caitlin called him from her desk.

“I get it Cait, you are happy but honestly I just put in a good word.” He laughed.

“Oh boss, its not that, Sandra is here to see you. Hayward’s girlfriend.” She said apologetically.

“Crap, can’t you tell her we are busy? Me especially.” He said, trying to open up his peanut m and ms.

“She’s not taking not for an answer, umm she’s walking in your office now.” She said.

Jack looked and saw a silhouette at his door. After hearing the faintest of knocks, the door opened. Trying to hide the m and ms that had spilled onto his desk, he stood up.

“Sandra! I’m surprised to see you without your other...whoa.” He said out of surprise.

She was dressed to the nines, in a tight dress that showed off her model thin body. She was wearing the perfect amount of make up and looked like she knew she was the most gorgeous person in the building.

Her eyes flickered to the m and m’s and the large belly he had gained in one summer. She flashed her best smile.

“I’m sorry Jack, I know you are busy.” She said as she batted her eyes and swung her hair around sexily.

She had made sure to wear her best outfit. One that showed her toned legs and tight body. She also wore her fake glasses, knowing that they made her look smarter and every CEO’s dream. But she had a dream too. I can’t believe I’m doing this. She thought once again as her eyes looked at the round globe of a stomach Jack Howard had now. He’s got a new suit, at least he knows he’s porked out then.

“I have been meaning to stop by since the football game. I wanted to apologize to how Bill treated you, it was not only disrespectful but rude and inconsiderate. I embarrassed for the whole party.” She said sincerely.

“Ha, if Bill wanted to make an apology he should have been a man and came in person, not send his secretary, even one as close to him as you Sandra.” Jack replied.

“Bill didn’t send me. How he acted towards you bothered me, you didn’t deserve it and he’s always been jealous of how the party looks at you. He knows your gonna be a higher up some day.” Sandra said, laying on some charm. She smiled again.

“He’s just bitter about a more attractive and younger man doing better than him.” Sandra said matter of factly.

Jack frowned. “Sandra, why did you really come here?”

She was taken aback by the bluntness. He doesn’t like to play games.

She held her hands up in mock surrender. “Alright alright, you got me. I want in. You are a rising star and I’ve heard through the national grapevine most of your inner circle is on the move. Hell I even heard Caitlin’s got an offer from DC. Hayward’s going nowhere and he’s content where he’s at. And for what its worth, I did feel bad about how he’s treated you.” She finished.

It was now Jack’s turn to be surprised. Defections were common from political entities but he had pegged Sandra for being just another pretty face, happy to live high on the hog in a socially prominent position. Clearly, she had other intentions.

She closed the door as she was talking.

“If you’re about to come onto me, don’t waste your time.” Jack said, trying to diffuse the situation before it got out of hand.

“Ohh hunny.” Sandra said with a laugh. “You’ve seen too many political movies. I just closed the door for some privacy and besides.” Her face turned to a wicked grin. “You’re a little above my weight class these days.”

Jack’s face reddened.

“Oh come now. Bill might have been an ass about it but there’s no doubt about it, you’ve packed on the pounds, especially this summer. You could run for office if you got back to how you used to look but I think you are too smart for that. You know where the real power is and you like to pull the strings, and what’s more is you are good at it. Oh yes, I know all about how you used to look.” She said quickly as Jack’s mouth fell open.

“I’ve kept a tab on you since you were a college intern. I know all about that first foray with Annie and I know this…” She placed her hand on his belly and rounded it with her hand. “This is a pretty new appendage. I know how to dig for dirt on people and quite frankly that’s a tool you need in your toolbox. I think we can help each other.”

“Was that a bit of a threat?” Jack asked seriously.

“Of course not, don’t be silly. But let’s just say I know this gut wasn’t all by accident and neither is Annie’s new body.” Sandra poked her finger into his soft middle ever so slightly.

“You’re a sweet kid still and very smart, some might think too smart to play with the big boys but you’ll get eaten alive unless you are able to learn what I can teach.” She said.

Her face was very close to his now, they were practically eye to eye. She patted his belly and Jack would be lying if he said he wasn’t aroused by that.

“Everyone has a secret Jack, no matter how big or how small. My business is secrets and I can make you the master of those secrets if I have a place on your next team, once you get the call. And if you are unsure of my loyalty, I never told Bill why you let yourself transform from the pretty boy wide receiver to the lineman look. I never told him why Anne just up and moved from her cushy spot down in Dayton. Oh one more thing.” She said.

She turned by the door and put her arms through the straps of the dress, dropping the dress down to the floor. Jack was treated to Sandra’s perfectly toned body in lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. She was 5’9 and could show off every bit of her 125lbs.

“Don’t make the mistake of crossing me ever because this just happened.”
She took a selfie with her phone, making sure to get Jack’s gaping face in the background.

As she got her dress back on she winked at him.

“You know you are cute when you are shocked. But you need to learn how to play hardball. And this can all be yours if you ever go back to that sexy college look of yours, hell I’d even train you back to that.” She winked again.

“Enjoy the donuts I left on your desk.” She walked out without another word.

Jack looked at the white paper bag at the corner of his desk. What just happened?!

He looked in the bag, six chocolate angels, his favorite. She really did do her homework.
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Nov 14, 2012

Election day came and went. Locally, the GOP had made incredible gains even if nationally they hadn’t budged much.

Bill Hayward won his race but was soured at the fact that Sandra had announced her intention to leave him, both at work and at play.

Bill’s election win would be the apex of his political career. His loneliness in Sandra’s absence was noticeable and a state rep really doesn’t carry a lot of influence. Adding insult to injury, his ex-wife won a major settlement and a stake in the company he had spent his life building.

By the time he was up for re-election, Bill Hayward had been living in a downtown apartment, eating tv dinners and take out most nights. His well built, muscular frame that had gone so well with his better than average looks for his age had given way to a more portly form to the tune of 40lbs.

His face had filled out and his waist had gained the middle aged spread. The only action he got now was from ladies of the night and that ultimately led to the end of his political career.

Caitlin took that job in DC. She was the personal secretary to a top aide to a career congresswoman. A very good job and a job that could lead to even more. She still enjoyed going out to a happy hour but at 28 and 195lbs she had decided enough was enough, she wanted her high school body back.

Joining Crossfit DC had led to her losing 55lbs, totally changing her shape from a chubby, quickly going to fat party girl to a muscular and fit career woman. 140lbs of mostly muscle still meant she had her chest and she ran races like the Tough Mudder and Spartan Race to keep her competitive edge up. She is still looking for that elusive man though.

Jack Howard got his big promotion and also moved to DC. He was able to hire two assistants and he promptly hired Jenny, the former intern. He also hired Sandra Brooks, Bill Hayward’s old secretary and love interest, must to the surprise of anyone who knew of the animosity between Hayward and himself.

Annie got her doctorate. Torn between her career and her love interest, she swingled a research study in DC. Packing up her Cleveland apartment, she stepped on her scale before she put it in the box and was shocked to see the read out say 158lbs. Stripping down to her lingerie she surveyed her plumper body. Rounded edges, a now prominent tummy, bingo wing arms, she was unsure what the future held but she was off to DC to help Jack and to love him. She knew he’d need all her support but one thing had bothered her. Why did he hire Sandra Brooks? He never gave her the full answer it seemed whenever she brought it up.

Looking how her belly rolled over the top of her panty line, she thought about how her body compared to Sandra’s. “It’s good he likes these curves because most men would want Sandra in comparison.” She said out loud.

How it would all play out is a story for another time.
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Nov 14, 2012
Final edition of the first part of Jack Howard's story, I will be revisiting him at some point in the future. Left a lot of possibilities for where the story can go but I am relieved I'm finished with it. Nice to see a story through from start to finish.


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Jun 21, 2008
Indeed - congrats on a satisfying and realistic finish to this story, including a nice take on the political machinations.

A sequel on Jack's experiences in DC would be interesting.

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