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Matt L.

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Jan 14, 2006
Quagmire of Absurdity
by Matt L.


“You don’t know what it’s like living in the shadow of your best friend. Not that Pam doesn’t treat me totally cool. I mean, sometimes she can be so self-centered.”

Chloe paused.

Mrs. Hendricks, Emerson High School’s primary guidance counselor, encouraged Chloe to continue.

“I suppose you think I’m chalk full of envy”, Chloe bluntly asserted with a beleaguer expression, “But really I’m not. I’ll admit, Pamela is outgoing and popular, I’m much quieter. Even when we’re out, like at the mall or something. Pam attracts all kinds of attention and I just drift off into the background, I don’t think they notice me anyway. After all, Pam has the looks.”

“You said that Pamela can be self-centered, is this what‘s bothering you?”, Mrs. Hendricks asked.

“I don’t get asked out much, most guys see me as a friend. All except Billy Rascals. Since junior year we kind of took too each other in a completely platonic way. Things have changed, I don’t know if we just grew on each other or because we’re now seniors or what? But Billy invited me to the autumn dance at his dad’s lodge; I’d really like to attend.”

Mrs. Hendricks smiled with approval, “I know Billy, quite well. He’s very nice, good for you.”

Chloe flashed a wide smile, “Thanks, I really like Billy.”

“Then what’s stopping you from attending the dance? It isn’t because of your weight?” Mrs. Hendricks inquired.

Chloe’s body language reflected the emotional havoc that plagued her mind.

“Would I like too be slim like Pam? Yeah but I’ve always been pudgy, it doesn’t bother me so much anymore. And Billy says I’m cute.”

“You brought up Pamela Saxon again, what does she have too do with the dance? Does she have a thing for Billy?”, Mrs. Hendricks questioned.

“You kidding? Pam thinks Billy’s a square, even when she sees him around school, she won’t acknowledge him unless I’m there too.”

“Alright”, Mrs. Hendricks looked over her glasses, “I know of Pamela’s reputation, she can be something of snob. I’ve spoken to her about this on several occasions and about her vanity. What does this have too do with going out with Billy?”

Chloe’s voice took on an unbecoming whine, nervous stress no doubt.

“I baby sit, that’s how I make my spending money, for a few families, mainly family friends. The Walden’s have me scheduled for the same night as the dance, I asked Pam to do me the favor and watch their baby so I could go to the dance. Pam flatly refused because of some stupid party. Pam is always being invited to parties, how often do I get a date!”

Mrs. Hendricks nodded, “I understand, you have every right too be upset, although bitterness toward Pamela won’t solve a thing.”

“I do favors for Pam all the time. Just the other week, I changed my plans so_.”

Mrs. Hendricks cleared her throat then candidly remarked, “No need too go through the details, you made your point. This is a special occasion, not just a randomly arranged rendezvous. Pam should show you some empathy given the fact you’re not as popular as she is.”

Chloe sourly droned, “Like I told you, Pam can be very self-centered.”

“Yes, Chloe, Pamela is very self-centered and awfully vain”, Mrs. Hendricks disclosed with unambiguous certainty, “But vanity is a tremendous burden, just like conceit……….”

(Continued in post 4 of this thread)

Matt L.

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Jan 14, 2006
Fat Hiker,
I appreciate the kind thoughts, thank you. I hope you enjoy the remainder of the story.

Matt L.

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Jan 14, 2006

Chloe Richardson sipped her cola within the confines of the cafeteria. A pleasant looking young lady and stylishly garbed despite being mildly overweight.

Her brunette hair in a short preppy style, outlining the roundness of her cute features while her ample 165-pound figure looked sharp in a burgundy colored turtle neck and gray slacks.

Class was through for the day and yet Chloe sat alone in the spacious cafeteria, looking through her art-history notes when not fondly daydreaming of Billy Rascals, her would be main squeeze.

The quiet, undisturbed environment was engulfed in the utterly strident sound of the cafeteria doors opening. Chloe veered her eyes toward the entrance, it was Pamela Saxon, late as usual.

Pamela’s long ash blond hair, combed back with a wavy consistency, exemplifying her charming face, her trim figure appearing sizzling as ever in a cherry red sleeveless T-shirt, clipped at the waist, showing off her perfectly flat stomach and black skirt that flawlessly depicted her shapely derriere and tone thighs.

“Why couldn’t she at least inherited just a small portion of her mother’s genes”, Chloe momentarily reflected as Pamela strutted toward her.

Pamela’s mom, Beverly, was quite chubby, though once basically thin until she quit her gig at the bank to become a stay at home mom.

“You’re an half hour late”, Chloe announced while stuffing her papers into her book bag.

“I couldn't help it!”, Pamela giggled with a cheesy smile, “Me and the girls were going over our picks on what to wear for Anson McDuff’s party!”

Chloe irately sighed, “You could go in a dumpy housecoat with curlers in your hair, who’d know it. You’d still be in the spotlight.”

The perplexed gap upon Pamela’s face didn’t blemish her beauteous features, “Thanks_I think?”

Chloe stood up, ironing out the wrinkles in her top, she exhaustedly told Pamela, “I’m parked in the faculty parking lot, let’s go.”

Exiting the cafeteria, Pamela casually mentioned the party, “You’re aware you’re welcome to join us, I mean you have that babysitting thing but afterward, why not drop by.”

Chloe smirked as Pamela checked on her appearance in the trophy case glass.

“If I wanted to go anywhere after babysitting it would be hooking up with Billy. However, be what it may, I’m be sleeping over at the Walden’s.”

“Too bad”, Pamela cheerfully peeped, “It’s going to be a rocking party.”

“I’m so sure”, Chloe sarcastically warbled, “Every social event you attend is just sky high fun.”

The friends made it out of the building and slowly ambled to the parking lot.

“I really do apologize for leaving you dry”, Pamela halfheartedly admitted, “But I’m expected to attend, it’s kind of like a responsibility.”

Chloe nasally droned, “Being popular is so demanding, how do you ever live up to the obligation.”

Pamela snapped back, “This isn’t grammar school anymore, so I spread my wings and blossomed; it’d do you well to socialize with other people too you know. I mean what’s her name and that bleached blond Sandra aren’t exactly towering on the social ladder.”

Chloe knew it was like talking to a brick wall and eased the overtly eased the tension, “I know my small group of friends don’t measure up to you in being cool and outgoing but Sandra and Loren are nice. Anyhow, don’t worry about the favor, I’ll guess I’ll just put my romantic evening with Billy on hold.”

“That’s a marvelous attitude!” chirped Pamela, though she then sourly nitpicked, “Though you should aim higher than Billy, he’s nice but a little weird.”

Chloe laughed, “Weird? Because he doesn’t fit into the conventional category of male? I think Billy’s sweet and decent and nice_.”

“I think he’s a dork”, Pamela replied, “And he could stand too lose a few pounds on top of it.”

Chloe paused as they reached her car, “I know he’s overweight, so what? Even Mrs. Hendricks says his outstanding, first class.”

Pamela stood with her hands over her trim waist, “You spilled your guts to Hendricks? Since when isn’t my advice good enough?”

Chloe humorously chimed, “Since you got on board the snobby train with an one way ticket too superficial -ville.”

Pamela grimaced, “Mrs. Hendricks is a total crank, her advice is beyond old fashion, even the clothes she wears are behind the times, and I won’t mention her blasé hairstyle.”

“You want a ride home or what?”, Chloe assertively asked.

Pamela flipped back her mane, “Sure, you know it. Um, think we can stop off at the store first, I’m all out of facial cleanser.”

“Naturally”, Chloe chuckled, “I don’t want to be held responsible if you get a zit!”


After their trip to Walgreens, Chloe drove Pamela home.

“Stopping by later?”, Pamela asked Chloe.

“Yeah, maybe”, Chloe told Pamela, “I need to study a little first, then later, check on my net friends.”

“Ever think about hanging with real people”, Pamela sarcastically grinned.

“They are real people”, Chloe answered back, her fingers firmly planted on the steering wheel.

Pamela briefly snickered, “Alright, whatever. You know you’re welcome to have dinner with us.”

“Tempting as it sounds”, Chloe giggled, “And I do love your mom’s cooking, I really want to go over my art-history notes, so I’ll dine at home.”

Pamela nodded, “That’s fine.”

Chloe gazed over Pamela’s athletic form, especially her flat tummy and lean thighs.

“How you manage to stay slim with those scrumptious meals your mom makes is beyond me! If I lived at your house, I’d be huge.”

Pamela shrugged her shoulders, and with a static expression explained, “I’m just naturally slim I guess. But um, I kind of watch the portions, and no extra helpings.”

Chloe nodded, Pamela then leaned toward her with a candy smile, “I know this is a lot too ask but like, tomorrow before you go to the Walden’s would you mind stopping over and help me get ready for the party?”

Chloe loudly sighed, “I know I shouldn’t.”

Pamela opened the car door, “I knew you couldn’t hold a grudge, thanks.”

Chloe puffed up her cheeks, “Ug, does Six O’clock work for you?”

“Make it Five, I’m in no hurry!”, Pamela replied.

Pamela shut the car door and Chloe spun away.

(Continued in post 6 of this thread)

Matt L.

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Jan 14, 2006

“Hey, you overslept!” Mrs. Saxon, a buxom, apple shaped woman whose brown hair was set in an old fashion beehive style, called out to her daughter.

Pamela incoherently grumbled before wiping her face.

“I’m running out to the supermarket, need anything?”

“Chocolate”, Pamela blurted without thinking.

Mrs. Saxon stood over Pamela, “Chocolate? That’s a little vague. What kind of chocolate? Ice cream or cookies or_.”

Pamela felt abnormally fatigued, yanking herself upward at a sluggish speed.

Pamela’s voice cracked as she responded, “Donuts, chocolate donuts.”

Mrs. Saxon happily chirped, “Alright, Pam. See you when I get back!”

Pamela heaved a noisy sigh before advancing out of bed.

Clothed in an oversized T-shirt and panties, Pamela made a trek to the bathroom and slowly removed the T-shirt.

Swaying toward the full scale mirror that was situated upon the wall, Pamela gaped in shock at her reflection, “What the_?”

Although Pamela’s physique wasn’t completely shoddy, her formerly athletic form now resembled an out of shape young woman, lax in regard too diet and exercise.

Her soft bulbous belly nudged over her silk panties, corresponding too the inch of flab oozing over the waistband, and with the minor spread too her posterior, her thighs had become overtly pudgy.

“How much did I eat yesterday?” Pamela whimpered in an anomalous squeaky tone.

Pamela studied the changes too her face, an emotional sensation she had never experienced downsizing her self-confidence.

There was a puffy quality to Pamela’s features, her wilted mane lacking the ash blond hue, reverted back to it’s banal brown color while blemishes abound her sugary white skin.

Pamela intuitively stepped on the scale, the upper portion of her pulpy thighs brushing together.

“How in the heck did I gain twenty-seven pounds overnight!” Pamela screeched.

The explanation all the more vague as she inspected her dismal brown mane.


Hours later, Mrs. Saxon returned home, armed with grocery bags, discovering Pamela sprawled over the sofa, clothed in a simple rose colored bathrobe.

“I got’cha the donuts and some M&M’s”, Mrs. Saxon harmoniously chimed.

Pamela veered her face toward her mother, “Mom, something totally weird happened.”

“How’s that, Pammy?’ Mrs. Saxon asked.

In slow motion Pamela drew herself off the sofa and opened her robe.

“I got fat!” Pamela stridently squeaked.

Mrs. Saxon acknowledged her daughter with a contented grin, “I kind of thought you were putting on weight, I just didn’t know how to approach you on the subject.”

“No I wasn’t”, Pamela cringed, “And how do you explain what happened to my hair? That I dye I use isn’t cheap.”

Mrs. Saxon bluntly replied, “I’m glad you went back to your original color, blond hair made you look awfully pretentious.”

“That’s just it, mom”, Pamela peeped, “I didn’t change my hair back on purpose, it just happened!”

The females continued the conversation in the kitchen; Mrs. Saxon putting away the groceries, Pamela absent-mindedly munching on M&M’s, then indulging in a donut without thinking.

“I have too be honest, Pammy”, Mrs. Saxon delicately cracked an acorn of information, “It was inevitable, sooner or later you’d put on weight.”

Pamela noisily chewed, “No way, just because you’re overweight doesn’t mean I’ll get heavy too.”

Mrs. Saxon held her hand to her spacious hips, “Ah contraire, my figure was similar to yours, I never though I’d get chubby either.”

Pamela cautiously gazed over her mom, her 244-pound figure snuggly packaged in a flowery housedress, her big round belly pushing outward corresponding too the size of her hefty hindquarters and amply thick thighs.

Pamela nasally huffed, “Don’t say that!”

She nervously gobbled up another handful of M&M’s as her mother retorted, “Don’t be so vain, Pam.”

Pamela scooped up another handful of M&M’s and retreated to her room, naturally with the pound bag of candy.

“If anyone calls”, Pamela paused too clear her throat. Why was the sound of her voice so high pitched?

“Tell them I’m not home!”


Right around five in the evening, Chloe arrived, obnoxiously greeted by Pamela.

“I can’t believe my mom let you in”, Pamela grumbled, “I told her I didn’t want to be disturbed.”

Chloe obviously noticed Pamela’s disheveled mane and fuller, blemished coated, face.

“I dropped by too help you get ready for the party but um, what the heck happened to you?”

Pamela’s brow crinkled, “I wouldn’t know and forget about helping me, I’ll look ridiculous in my dress.”

Chloe caught the whiny timbre too Pamela’s voice, though felt better not to inquire upon its lackluster drone.

Instead she brazenly grinned, “If you’re not going to the party, do you think maybe you could watch the Walden’s baby while I attend the dance with Billy?”

“You’d like that!” Pamela cantankerously peeped.

“Huh-uh”, Chloe replied, “It’d really mean a lot to me.”

Pamela sighed and opened her bathrobe, “Then afterwards could you please help me lose weight?”

Chloe’s eyes zeroed in on Pamela’s distended belly, likewise scoping out her chunky thighs.

“How much did you eat yesterday?” Chloe questioned.

“I know!” Pamela squeakily remarked, her hand gliding over the slope of her fatten stomach.

“I never been on a diet in my life”, Chloe giggled, “But I’ll see what I can do.”

Pamela sneered, “What’s so funny?”

Chloe stepped closer to Pamela, “Nothing personnel, Pam. I never though you‘d ever put on weight, now you’re in the same league as us thick chicks.”

“I don’t plan to remain like this”, Pamela vehemently snapped.

“Whatever”, Chloe chuckled, “Get dressed while I phone Billy and then the Walden’s.”

Pamela clumsily maneuvered herself toward her dresser, “Enjoy the novelty of my plumpness while you can_.”

Pamela nervously grabbed another donut before concluding her sentence, “_I’m going to lose this weight.”

Matt L.

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Jan 14, 2006

Pamela chirped away on her cell phone, Rachel Sandberg on the receiving end.

“I’ll be here overnight, so I won’t be attending Anson’s party.”

“I cannot believe you’d rather baby sit than hang out, what’s up with that?” Rachel inquired.

Pamela’s hair was manufactured into a slipshod ponytail, highlighting the puffiness of her face, a blah gray hooded sweatshirt, burrowed from her brother, and complementary dark gray sweatpants, on loan from Chloe, rendered her female attributes null and void. Indifferent in appearance and frame of mind.

“There’ll be other parties”, Pamela took aim in convincing Rachel though in actuality was trying to convince herself.

“The Walden’s will be spending the night away but they really set me up. They have a big screen TV, plenty of DVD’s, a brand new Dell computer and the fridge is stocked.”

The FRIDGE is stocked, why did she mention that?

“Sound totally lame to me”, Rachel begged to differ.

“Ain’t so terrible”, the guest room looks comfortable_.”

Rachel interrupted Pamela, “You sound like you’re enjoying this!”

Pamela grimaced, “Trust me, Rachel; I’d rather be at the party.”

Rachel pleaded for the truth; Pamela gave a partially accurate excuse.

“I promised Chloe I’d take up babysitting for the Walden’s baby so she could go to some dance with Billy. I couldn’t turn her down, like, she doesn’t get too date much.”

Rachel acidly expressed her opinion, “Yeah, I suppose but it’s her own fault cool guys don’t like her, she’s fat and geeky.”

Pamela placed her hand over her own squishy belly bump, conceding to peer pressure she deliberately agreed, “Don’t I know it_.”

Pamela’s voice cracked, becoming all the more squeaky as she finished her thoughts, “_I’m on Chloe all the time about dropping the pounds, she’s just content being hefty.”

Pamela squeezed the flabby surface of her belly then pressed her fingers into the pulpy tissue.

“You sound as if you’re coming down with something”, Rachel onveyed, “You voice sounds kind of funny.”

Pamela acknowledged Rachel’s statement, “I know!”

“Maybe it’s better if you didn’t show up!”

Pamela sighed, “I’ll say.”

A few minutes later the conversation came to a close and after Pamela checked on the baby, visited the Walden’s family kitchen.

She inspected every cabinet and the fridge, plenty of yummy food, many of which she sparingly consumed.

Popping John Hughes “The Breakfast Club” into the DVD player, she at first nibbled on some fat free pop corn but by the middle of the film, her appetite demanded more.

A candy bar, potato chips with dip, Coca Cola and then microwave pizza with the works.

How would she explain her added weight Monday at school? A peculiar side of effect due to some kind of medication? Stress induced overeating? A random surge of nomad hormones?

Could it be possible that her mother’s explanation was on the mark and she was naturally getting heavier? How could Pamela wear a short skirt again with her chunky thighs. Imagine if they became jumbo size like her mother’s?

The film concluded and Pamela sat down at the computer, searching the web for a reasonably valid diet, munching on another candy bar in the process.

Midnight came and went, and whether subconsciously or not, Pamela’s research proved futile, she didn’t discover one plausible diet.

Boredom soon crept in; Pamela tried humoring herself by checking on a few of the fashion sites she habitually frequented. Somehow the skinny models made Pamela feel uncomfortable, somewhat awkward and almost completely unbecoming.

Pamela momentarily deserted the computer, wandered back into the kitchen and though not exactly especially hungry, made herself a cheese sandwich and finished off the bag of chips. Gulping down a glass of cola, Pamela replenished the glass and with a bowl of pudding, returned to the computer.

“Chloe likes to explore those chat rooms”, Pamela smirked while in thought.
Pamela signed into a chat room, ~ Up All Night ~ , so read the room and under her E-mail guise of Hot Package 1.

“Yeah, those geeks and nerds will undoubtedly put me in a better mood”, Pamela surmised, the empty spoon retreating from her pudding coated lips.

“Hey, what’s up!” Pamela announced herself in the room. Twenty-Two people, eighteen males, two females and naturally a couple of bots.

Pamela got her reply.

Tony the tiger: “Hey!”
Max from Jersey : ‘Hello”
Maniac07: “Wanna chat?”
Spiderman6701: “You real or a bot?”
Darkviper19: “What’z up with you? Hot package.”

Pamela typed, “Oh I’m real!”

Tony the tiger: “How hot are you?”

Pamela slurped away another spoonful of pudding before typing; a bizarre spark of nervousness thwarted her spelling.

Hot Package 1. “Wery hott, Im totally cute!”

Another chat room user piped in.

The Hobbit 02044: “She’s either a bot or a blimp, a real hot chick wouldn’t be home on a Saturday night.”

Pamela swiftly responded, likewise chewing up her text, “I’m baby sitting ^ that’s all just borred, never been chatt9b 4.”

Darkviper19: “Any pics?”

Hot Package 1: “Nope, not at home, using another pc.”

Maniac07: “She’s a fatty alright, no doubt about it.”

Hot Package 1. “Noo, really, thus isn’t my pc. I’m not fat.”

Darkviper19: “Describe yourself, age too.”

Pamela released an awkward sigh.

Hot Package 1: “18, senior in high school, 5’6_.”

Pamela’s mindset was thrown a curve, corresponding to her new identity as she continued typing.

Hot Package 1: “_my figure is like Paris Hilton but I’m way prettier, with outrageously blond hair that is long.”

Maniac07: “Weight and be honest, we all know you is a porker.”

The Hobbit 02044: Got that straight, wouldn’t be surprised if she was eating right now.”

A shocked Pamela gazed at the screen as the facts about her appearance were somehow exposed.

Darkviper19: “How much do you weight Hot Package? 147-pounds?”

Maniac07: “I think Hot Package ain’t so hot, probably has dull brown hair and zits.”

Pamela blinked, “How’d did he know this?”

Pamela was about to jump out of the chat room when Max from Jersey posted a comment.

Max from Jersey : “Lay off her, it’s obviously late and she’s probably lonely.”

Spiderman6701: “Excuse the trolls Hot Package, they ain’t worth getting upset about.”

Max From Jersey and Spiderman6701 both requested private chats and Pamela eagerly obliged.

The chats went well, despite Pamela’s grammar and spelling errors. She felt less the popular babe more the geeky chick. Pamela’s posh and grandeur exchanged for an uncomplicated demeanor.

Eventually she describe her actual appearance to the guys but in a style compatible too her tweaked personality.

Hot Package 1: “My hair is brown and long but I’m kind of thinking bout trimming it sum coz it could look better, & I’m normal looking, pretty but got a little bit 0f acne. I put on qeight, iw …weight, wasn’t always so chubby, no any diets?”

Max From Jersey: “Doesn’t matter how much you weight to me, could stand to lose a few lbs myself.”

Spiderman6701: “I’m sure you’re cuter than you think.”

Hot Package 1: Thanks! I’m not 150 yet, wish I could look like some of my friends…..”

Pamela acquired a pleasant buzz as she chatted with guys throughout the night, much like a demure young lady who never received much attention.

Matt L.

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Jan 14, 2006

At almost the break of day Pamela checked on the Walden’s baby and attended to the baby‘s needs.

Everything squared away concerning the infant and with the Walden’s not yet home, Pamela decided on breakfast.

Waffles with chocolate syrup, ice cream and bananas, plus more cola.

Oddly enough it didn’t occur to Pamela to have her usual dry toast and orange juice; she just gave in to what seemed appetizing at the moment.

Pamela cleaned up after herself once she had finished feeding and then went back to the computer where she enthusiastically wrote E-mails to her new net friends.

“This is totally geeky writing so soon after our chat, I know. Will you be on tonight?” read Pamela’s composition to Brad (Spiderman6701).

Pamela wrote something similar to Max From Jersey, adding “I’m going to be on line around midnight, maybe we can continue with our insightful chat?”

Just as Pamela finished the E-mails, the Walden’s arrived home.

The Walden’s were pleased with Pamela’s care of their baby, showering her with accolades and congenially stating that she would be Chloe’s backup. Matter of fact, Mrs. Walden inquired if she could share Pamela’s phone number with her friends in case they’re ever in need of a sitter.

“We’ll see”, Pamela told her, “But it’s very nice of you to consider me to your friends.”

Pamela then phoned Chloe to pick her up and within the hour, Chloe was driving Pamela home.

Between Chloe bringing Pamela up to speed on her date with Billy, Pamela mentioned the guys she met on line.

Naturally Chloe was amazed that her popular friend would venture on line and accrue a number of new friends.

Though one item did bug Pamela and she wasn’t shy about relating it to Chloe.

“What’s going too happen Monday at school? Just look at me, what‘s Rachel and Vanessa going to think? I’m so out of shape, I’ll have to burrow more clothes from you until I lose weight.”

Chloe cordially expounded, “Take one day at a time, Pam. You’re more than welcome to borrow anything you like from my wardrobe. Don’t worry about your other friends; if they don’t want you, you’re always welcome to hang out with Sandra, Loren and me. Now about dieting_.”

Pamela screeched as they drove by a Burger King, “Wait a minute!”

“What?” Chloe questioned.

“Turn around, let’s grab lunch!”

Chloe giddily laughed, “You really want to go to Burger King? You were just talking about going on a diet.”

“I’ll start my diet Monday!” Pamela nasally chimed.

Matt L.

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Jan 14, 2006

“I really don’t know what to say, ever since Pam got chubby, she’s like a totally different person”, Chloe told Mrs. Hendricks.

The munificent counselor nodded and Chloe continued.

“I must admit, in some ways my friendship with Pam has improved. She doesn’t take forever getting ready for a trip to the mall and she isn’t so finicky with her diet. But in other ways, I kind of feel bad for her. Her popularity has been erased, most of the guys she dated now ignore her and the few who don’t aren’t especially social.”

“Do you socialize with Pam outside of school?” Mrs. Hendricks inquired.

“Pam babysit’s a lot on weekends, and I’m usually out with Billy, so unless it‘s early in the afternoon, I rarely see her. We do get together occasionally during the week days but heck, she’s really the coach potato.”

Mrs. Hendricks gazed over her glasses, “You do invite her to go out?”

“Yes ma’am, all the time. Thing is, Pam has corralled so many net friends, she’s often on line chatting throughout the night.”

Chloe nervously sighed, “For a chick that used to be so amazingly popular….”

“I surmise the weight Pamela put on is the culprit, she no longer fits in with her pompous clique”, Mrs. Hendricks replied. “How does Pamela feel about being heavy?”

Chloe’s eyes trailed across the room before she answered.

“I guess Pam has gotten used to being chubby for the most part. The only time_.”

Chloe sighed.

“It’s her old friend Rachel and the other cheerleaders who get under Pam’s skin. It’s like; they don’t remember her as their friend or ever being slim. Just the other day Rachel and Brittany walked by Pam without even acknowledging her.”

“What about Sandra and your other friends?” Mrs. Hendricks asked.

“They, and I don’t mean to be mean or anything, kind of prefer the chubby version of Pam. But we’re always inviting her to join us and stuff. What Pam needs is a nice guy like Billy to recognize her, you know?”

Mrs. Hendricks diligently inquired, “You try to introduce Pam to young men?”

“Funny thing”, Chloe’s grew wide, “For someone who used to be so out going, she’s become a total introvert. She talks about guys she likes but is too shy to speak with them unless it’s in a chat room.”

“Nature will work its course”, Mrs. Hendricks told Chloe, “I’m confident Pam will some day meet an admirable guy who’ll appreciate her. Just be a faithful friend to Pam and don’t worry about Rachel and the others.”

“Rachel….Ah, she’s positively pompous and egotistical_”, Mrs. Hendricks added with an introspective expression.


Chloe met up with Billy in the school’s practically empty concourse where they shared a few interrupted minutes together. A decent looking guy, brown hair and somewhat overweight, attired in a yellow and green checkered flannel shirt and baggy jeans.

They basically conversed about a small barbecue too celebrate their graduation, only their better friends would be invited.

“I have a little project that might require your help”, Chloe told Billy, her arms thrown over his shoulders, sparse space between their faces.

“And that would be?” Billy smiled.

“Pam needs to get out of the house, think you could help me coerce her in attending the Barbecue?”

Billy’s snort like chuckle advertised his already defeated mindset, “I’ll try but wow, you’re talking about a major challenge. I mean, I try making small talk with her, you know, but Pammy’s not much of a conversationalist anymore.”

“I know”, Chloe admitted without discretion, “Kinda like she’s always been a milquetoast. But anyway, I’d hate the Pam of the future being the neighborhood cat lady. Think maybe you could put in a good word for her with a few of your friends?”

Billy winked before answering, “I can do that. Anything for you.”

Chloe softly purred, then brought her lips to his.


Chloe meandered into the school’s library, it was after hours and thus Pamela sat alone.

Pamela’s mundane brown hair reached down to her shoulders, straight and rather limp, providing an unadulterated presentation of her round face. Fairly pretty, her cheeks had extensively inflated and with her especially thick double chin and pimples covering her sugary white skin, reflected a subdued young lady quite the opposite of her previously high maintenance persona.

Pamela’s attire consisted of a blue and gray colored hooded T-shirt, the fabric stretching over her heaving big breasts and bulging belly, while her navy blue sweatpants accentuated the stunning girth of her thunderous thighs and spacious bubble butt.

Well within the 250-pound mark, Pamela appeared somewhat heavier due to her ill-fitting garments and the overall flabby consistency of her figure.

Pamela looked up from her volume of Nathanial Hawthorn and blissfully smiled at her friend.

Chloe adjusted her book bag, “Ready to go?”

Pamela’s double chin inflated as she shook her head, “Yeah, you know it!”

Pamela clumsily staggered to her feet and slowly strolled over to Chloe.

“I never realized all the cool books they have in the library!”, Pamela chimed in a geeky tone.

Chloe chuckled, “And you thought I was a dork because of how much I enjoy reading!”

Down the hall and toward the cafeteria, the friends strolled in sync.

“You’re aware that Billy and I are throwing a barbecue bash next Saturday, right?”

Pamela came to a halt in front of the vending machines, rocking her head, she indifferently admitted, “Sure, Sandra was telling me about it, why?”

“Maybe you’ll like to attend?” Chloe asked as Pamela dug into her plastic Hannah Montana decorated purse for change.

Pamela, whose voice now owned a squeaky high pitch tone, droned in a lackluster buzz, “I’m baby sitting for the Wilson’s Saturday, and any who, Saturday night is when I catch up with my on line friends.”

Chloe cleared her throat, “The barbecue will be over by the time you have to be at the Wilson’s and you’ll have plenty of time to catch up with your net friends. I think it’s to your best interest if you join us.”

Pamela’s hefty rear swayed as she reached down and removed her candy bar from out of the machine. “I guess? Um, would you like me to bring something?”

“Only yourself”, Chloe replied, “And I’ll stop by your place a hour before it starts and help you pick out something to wear.”

Dimples formed in Pamela’s chipmunk cheeks as she smiled, “Just like you used to.”

Chloe gazed over her plus sized friend, “Kinda…….”


Summer was in full bloom and Rachel Sandburg had just arrived home from work.

A little later then usual, the hours that Rachel worked at Wacky Bob’s Diner varied depending on her shift.

“Going to change and then go out and join your friends?” Mrs. Sandburg, a studious looking woman asked.

The red and gold spandex uniform upon Rachel’s figure wasn’t the least bit complimentary, especially how it rounded out her tummy and stretched over her caboose.

“Nah, mom, I’m bushed.

“I see”, Mrs. Sandburg responded before returning to her novel.

The part time gig was only for the summer, until Rachel went off to college.

“Glad I’m not making a career of this”, Rachel dizzily sighed while checking on her complexion in the mirror. A few blemishes had invaded her champion features.

Rachel’s hand skimmed over her tummy before yanking up the blouse, her fingers inspecting the squishy patch of fat that had trumped her once smooth belly.

“I’ll turn into a fat blob if I work there much longer.”

After Rachel changed into her lazy day sweats, she opted for a few slices of left over pizza and a liter of cola which she enjoyed while curled up in front of the television.

“I won’t make a habit of this”, Rachel thought to herself, “Next week I’m back to eating healthy again_.” FINIS