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Question for all about weight gain

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Well-Known Member
Sep 30, 2005
Has the excitement of weight gain been with you since a very early age or is it something that was triggered in your 20's or at a later age by something like overeating and gaining and you decided you liked it....whatever it may be?

Tell your story and target a few of these copy points for a little direction so we can all learn from it a bit.

* Whether you like weight gain on another person or on yourself?
* Was it always with you and can you remember at the earliest age and what it was that caught your interest?
* Has your desire for more and more weight gain increased as you have become older?
* Has the desire to gain always been there but you only acted on it as you have become older and more independent or have not yet acted on it?
* what percentage of weight gain interest do you have whether it be on you or another 1 out 10 .... 1 being not that much & 10 Being a whole buuuuunnnnch?

I myself have always been interested in Fat and weight gain from the earliest of age.... possibly 7-8 yrs. old....I saw a really Fat woman in tight shorts big everywhere but her thighs were huge, Tan and had cellulite and she happened to be very pretty and I couldn't take my eyes off of her legs, I don't think it was sexual I just new I liked it. Even in elementary school 3rd grade I found myself having crushes on the girls that were chubbier....thicker arms legs and chubbier faces. When I was in 8th grade I had the biggest crushes on one of my friend's Mom.....she was extremely curvy with big breasts, butt, hip, thighs and she happened to gain a bunch of weight, then lose it and gain it all back plus some more. My earliest sexiest thoughts were of her getting fatter and how much more beautiful she was when she was at her heaviest....not to mention struggling to fit into all her jeans or tight work outfits when she picked us up from school. I have always loved my girlfriends gaining weight and definitely love my wife getting heavier and fatter. Over the years what I consider Fat has gone up significantly. I have even gained weight myself intentionally a few years ago with pretty good success and became as aroused as having my wife gaining but realized my ultimate was mutual gaining in which was going on for a period with my wife and I even though it wasn't fully communicated between us. We were both gaining myself intentionally and her because of all our eating and snacking together.....it was extremely arousing even though it wasn't a vocal situation. hopefully in the future it can "grow" into that (pun intended). So I relate to feeder, feeder, mutual gaining all pretty good....very into big weight gain and eating.

I hope there are a lot of posts on this thread to see how varied this is.

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