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Ho Ho Tai

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Jun 9, 2006
My 80th birthday was Oct. 1 but we have been partying it up all month. Had a party in Duluth for friends and UMD people in that area, another at our residence for my sons and grand children, and yet another (a Big One) at the Dakota Jazz Emporium for local folks. Lots of pix but the only one I'm attaching shows me wearing a gift tee shirt.

We did a bit of biking yesterday, passing through one of our favorite spots, the Kissin' Tree Woods, so referred to for the double-trunked trees. They remind us of our favorite myth, Ovid's 'Philemon & Baucis' - look it up if you're curious. Our tradition is to stop at each of the fourteen such trees and kiss at each one (or save them up for the end of the trail).

(See also - if you haven't had enough already -
and )

Yesterday, we encountered a pair of young ladies, chatted for a bit, and asked them to take some pictures of us, doing what we do in that woods. They were happy to oblige. I may post one after they are uploaded (honoring Mrs Ho Ho's request that it does not show her face).

I also share some dialog I had with the woman who took our picture. The topic of age came up. When I told her I had just turned 80, she said "You're not serious! I replied that I am never serious, but was 80 y.o. none the less.

Hee, hee! That's so much fun.

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Sep 29, 2005
The great white north, eh?
Looking good, Ho-Ho-Tai! And glad you got out to the Kissing Wood, sounds like a spot one is never too old to enjoy :)

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