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Britt Reid

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Oct 28, 2009
Its been four years - this story is ready for adoption and aftr merger of its threads is being bumped to the top of the "Discard Archive" list


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Jul 5, 2006
(Author's note by Home: Now, folks, I am going to do something that has never been done here before. I am going to bring a Religious Bent to this story. With Dimensions permission??? This story is going to have a Religious and even Catholic Bent. How, just watch.)

Christine headed towards the Art Room. But as she went, a bolt of lightning suddenly hit her Body. She blew up like a balloon. Meanwhile, all the Goths had put their extra weight onto Christine and were now thin and to some attractive.

Christine blew up bigger and bigger. She soon weighed 375 pounds. The Goths waited. Christine's clothes burst off her. She slowly made her way to the room as best she could. She just barely fit through the doors.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!!", Christine demanded

"What you deserved.", Jennifer replied.

"I'll make you all pay," Christine exclaimed as she undulated forward.

"How? You touch us and we'll call the police. No one believes in Magic anymore. We won't say anything. They'll take you away and you'll be a guinea pig the rest of your Life. C'mon Ladies, let's hit the town.", Jennifer replied

"You can't leave me like this?!!", Christine cried.

"She's right, shouldn't we at least give her clothes?", one of them asked.

"I'm in charge here, she got what we deserved. This is my order, now let's hit the town, unless you want to end up like her?"

A red haired, hazel eyed young woman whispered to Christine: "I'm sorry."

Christine didn't know what to do. But Christine was smart. She waited until everyone had gone home. Only security was left and Christine could sneak by them. She just had to be careful. She looked around the art room. She decided to paint over her breasts what would would like a Bikini as best she could. And she did her best to paint herself. She went all out. She got a Plan. She threw Red Paint all over herself. She was so big that it was hard to get through the hallways, but with paint on her she went.

As she lumbered along she felt Jennifer would pay, Christine had a plan. 'No one believes in Magic anymore, huh? We'll see about that.'

A security guard stopped her. Christine told him she was just there to publicize the school team as a publicity stunt.

The security guard whispered to himself: "This cchool will do anything for money."

"Go ahead." he said to Christine.

Christine went to her locker and searheed for her credit card. She had abused this privilege in the past. Her parents had always threatened to punish her and had done it in the past. They had taken the original card from her and given a replacement back. It was an emergency only credit card, in case anything ever happened to her parents.

They cared enough about her to see that she would be temporarily alright. They had a will set out. But if anything happened where Christine really needed money she had this.

'This is definitely an emergency,' Christine declarerd to herself.

She called for a van big enough to take her to the airport. Since there were no first class seats available and she couldn't fit in coach she had to bribe her way into the luggage hold, which at least had air, And she was hungry, hungrier than she had ever been in her Life. She had the stewardess bring her a lot of preordered food, the size of ten buffets.

'Jennifer is going to really pay.'. she thought.

Christine when she got where she was going ordered another van and from the airport she arrived at the Vatican. (Da, Da, Da.)

(Now, this could go on. Does any Moderator want to Speak now on this??? I am taking a Break. Moderators, please speak up soon. Or let the Story Continue Happily.)

Ye editor speaks: nothing thus far has vioated rthe posted guidelines, sio why should I say more?


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Jul 5, 2006
Christine had been going around Rome in red paint. She had had so much money, nobody questioned her. She had been able to pay and pay using ATM withdrawals from her emergency credit card.

She went to a dressmaking store. It cost a lot, but she got a dress. She knew she couldn't go around the Vatican City naked. She then got non toxic paint remover and soap and washed in the river.

In her mind she believed this would not last long. She would not be a gigantic blimp for long. The Church could reverse the witchcraft of Jennifer and her Goth friends. She then approached Vatican City. But she couldn't get towards it. It was like something was blocking her. She sat down on a bench and started to blubber.

"What wrong lady?", a passerby asked.

"I need to see the Pope.".

"He a man, you have Dark Woman Trouble. Pope know, he know, he not want to see you," replied the passerby with broken English but obvious insight. Of course, she realized, the Pope was protected from black magic.

"The Pope doesn't want to see me???!!!", Christine broke down and started to wail even more.

"What wrong lady?" the passerby repeated

"I'm a blimp. I'm a freak. That's what's wrong," cried Christine, still focused on her appearance.

"You no want have fun? You could have fun? Tourists of many sizes come to Roma and have fun."

"I used to be skinny. I used to be a person," answered Christine. She felt so huge that she wasn’t a normal human in her own eyes.

"You are person. You do have many problem tiough. Follow." instructed the passerby

Christine looked at the leaving passerby. In the past she would have been mad or judged. But she was desperate and followed. A lot of people stared, but no one else followed. Christine was led to a field. She saw an older woman sitting in the middle of the field with a standing crystal ball.

"Go see her, you no want have fun as you are. She help. Oh, and I speak perfect Italian, in case you wonder. English not too good.", and the passerby started back to town.

Christine stared after the passerby, who had not given a name or asked hers. She realized the passerby was giving her a lesson.

'Hmmph,' she thought, but obeyed and went to the woman.

"So, you want be back as you were?", the woman asked intuitively.


"A lesson is being done, but by black magic. Hmm…." murmured he woman

"What?!!" exclaimed Christine, who had no idea of learning anything from her experience.

"The black magic can be undone, but the intended lesson must be learned." intoned the woman without emotion

"WHAAT?!!!" You can't-"

"Be QUIET!!! I am of the Order of Mary Magdalene, the 13th Apostle. A Secret Order known only to the HIGHEST in The Church. YOU DARE QUESTION??!!!" the woman spoke with authority.

Christine shut up, somehow realizing the woman could help.

"Now, it has been already decided. A lesson must be learned, by both. It has been said by those who have come before: "Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.". It has also been said: "blessed are the peacemakers, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven." And white holy magic always beats black magic. Do you agree with these precepts?"

Christine nodded.

"That is a start. Now we begin."

The woman simply pointed her finger. And Jennifer was suddenly there.

"What the....", Jennifer. She looked at the woman.

"No," she whispered, her eyers wide with recoignition. The woman acknowledged Jennifer's arrival with a nod of her head but did not greet her.

"I could do what our ancestors did. But this is 2013. Now we begin," The woman pointed at the sky. Two white bolts hit. One hit Jennifer, the other hit Christine. Then a third bolt came between them, hitting both.

The energy faded and Christine was skinny again, as was Jennifer.

"You’re not going to kill me?" Jennifer asked the woman.

"It is 2013, things have changed. These are the two lessons you two are to learn. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.", and "Blessed are the peacemakers, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven."

"You may judge and govern yourswelf as you wish within God's laws. But towards others you are to practice understanding and mercy, not condemn because of differences or exact revenge for percieved wrongs. Even when wrong is genuine you must forgive. Your sentence is based on these two lessons and associated precepts.

"And Jennifer, yes I know your name. I suggest no more spells on Christine. You will not like the result."

"Yes, no more spells on Christine. You actually EXIST?!!!" murmured Jennifer in agreement.

"GO!!!", and with that Jennifer was gone. The woman tuirned to Christine.

"I have something for you. I have two things actually.", said the old woman. The passerby was suddenly back, as though materializing. The old woman gave the passerby a dress and a card.

Christine asked, and the woman gave her permission, to put on the dress. Then came the card.

"May I look inside?", Christine asked. Christine was scared. This woman had scared Jennifer, and look what Jennifer had been able to do to her. And now she was thin again. Christine was going to do nothing to upset this woman.

"It is a blessing from the Pope for your parent’s home. It is a gift for having faith. Your parents will understand and won't punish you. I would send you home, but you came by plane so you must return by plane, understand?"

"Yes.", Christine said.

"You may rest a bit, then head home. Would you like help to sleep?" the woman asked.

"Yes," Christine.

The woman simply waved her hand and the passerby stopped Christine from falling to the ground. Christine woke up later to find the passerby guarding her.


"Forget what the Wise One said already? Not a good Idea," the passerby said.

Christine frowned then thought for a moment: "I'm sorry.".

"Good, you start to learn. I will guide you back to town. Do you wish to wash first?"

"I want to get to a nice hotel and wash there," Christine replied.

"As you want.", the passerby answered.

Christine soom checked in to a hotel, washed, and soon flew home. She realized she had used her passport to come, and had to use it to leave. But, she wondered: Did it really happen? Was that really Jennifer brought by magic? Or was it all just a dream?

She reached into the upper compartment and got out the card.

“A Blessing on a Home,” signed by The Pope Himself.

'It happened,' Christine thought: 'It really happened.'

(Author's note: Phew Intense. What happens now? Well, a religious bent has been brought to this. The Order of Mary Magdalene. What happens now? Could have just left it with Christine 375 Pounds. But that would have been no fun. So, I am going to take a break. But there is a story in mind.

Editor's note: And you will notice that, as you've been prodding for, there has now been editorial attention. All references to underage protagonists have been removed from this last chapter, as have excess capitalization and redundant phrases.)


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Jul 5, 2006
Now, Jennifer and Christine were both home and they avoided each other. You might think that the story might be over, right? Wrong.

There is one thing you msay have forgotten about. Hate. They both had a lot of hate inside them. And they were both sort of still mad at each other. But, they knew from the Holy Lady that there were rules.

Jennifer was still mad at Christine, but she was now thin and had quit doing Magic. She was very scared. The Order of Mary Magdalene existed. Which meant...

She knew from old legends that once the Order had been part of the Inquisition. Only, instead of putting witches to death witches had two choices. Join them or die. Those who chose to join the Order were retrained as Holy Women, and became part of the Order. Those that did not join were given over to the Church. But, the Church had become angered at the Order of Mary Magdalene for not giving them all the witches and had turned on them.

Jennifer had thought the Church had totally wiped them out. But, they must have been brought back, or somehowurvived. When Jennifer had first met the Holy Woman, she thought because of her ancestry she would be killed. Now, she was scared, so no more magic whatsoever. Her Goth friends only knew that Christine was skinny again. And they avoided Jennifer because they were not sure what had happened. Jennifer refused to talk about it.

Now, Jennifer was skinny, and could have stayed skinny. But, hate, HATE filled her. And she could not stand the hate. There was only one way to deal with it: To eat!!! She needed to eat, to deal with the HATE!!!

Christine was going through the same thing. She and Jennifer sometimes saw each other. And as they saw each other, they felt anger and Hatred. And: IT MADE THEM HUNGRY!!! Christine started to munch at work. Both started to gain weight. Only, there was something strange going on. They were blimping faster than they should have.

Christine knew she wasn't eating enough to be as fat as she was becoming. As did Jennifer. They both weighed 235 Pounds. And this had only been a short time - less than year. Although they both were afraid to go to a Doctor and neither understood, they both knew they should not be so fat so fast. But they put people off and said it was just atress making them both gain.

Neither girl wanted to speak with or do anything with the other. But, Jennifer knew this might be magic, and it might have something to do with Christine. They were both attractive, with voluptuous, top heavy figures. But, both were not sure they liked being "Fat."

Jennifer, who wanted to understand, decided she would carefully follow Christine without being noticed, and try to figure things out. They both knew it had to do with The Holy Woman, and the lessons they were supposed to learn. But neither had yet understood. Christine did not want to have anything to do with Jennifer, and vice versa. Maybe, once she saw what Christine was doing, she would get a clue as to the answer.

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