Rock and a Hard place

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Jan 20, 2020
Woodbury, NJ
Long story short I am married 35yr old man. I am with out a doubt an FA and feeder who is attracted to really big women. However my wife is def not into it nor does she even like being chubby. It’s to the point where it’s hard for me to perform sexually. I have a young son and love him to death and I love my wife. However I’m torn bc I realized I need to be with a very large woman to truly be happy. But i don’t want to hurt my wife and destroy my family over it. But at this point I’m so frustrated I don’t know what to do.

Dr. Feelgood

intellectual nerd
Dec 20, 2006
What to do: put your wife and child first. As a husband and father, you have the responsibility of making whatever sacrifice you must to insure their well-being and happiness. If you are unfulfilled, it's unfortunate, but it is also a gift you can offer up to those you love most.
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