Root origin of my attraction to fat women: figured it out

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Apr 2, 2021
I'm left to wonder why is it important for a lot of FA to feel like they have to explain their attraction to BBW/SSBBW? It seems especially more so for those attracted to us super-size women.**

This is a very pertinent question. I have watched this thread for a while without writing anything because I somehow had this question in my mind. And you’re spot on with your answers! In addition to that, trying to explain my desire for fat women is impossible because the very attempt would end up in an infinite regression. Let‘s give an example. „I am attracted to fat women because I like the softness of a fat female belly, in a particular a fat female double belly.“ Is this a sufficient answer? Of course not because it begs the question:“Why do you like the softness of a fat female belly, and why does it have to be a double belly?“ The answer to this question begs the next and so on and so forth. I stopped trying to figure it out a long time ago.


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Oct 5, 2007
East Central Illinois, USA
I don't have an explanation for my attraction to BBWs, etc. The "why" of it doesn't matter to me. My second girlfriend was a BBW, and every woman I've dated or married (legally married once, then widowed, then life partnered, now single) since has been. This isn't something that has tortured my soul, nor have I cared what anyone else thought. I'm fairly oblivious to negative opinions. It's just me. It's just how I am. That is enough.


Feb 26, 2006
I know how I became an FA, and I told it a couple of times in this forum, last time just a few hours ago
It happened long, long time ago when I was 12 or so. A friend and I were talking about girls, and BBW, the mother of another boy, walked by. My friend looked at her and said (I remember the words exactly) "Look at her, just think what it would be making love to her, with her gorgeous soft flesh! Think what would be having under you soft fat and not bones sticking out!"
I laughed and made fun of my friend, but his words evidently left a deep impression on me, because I began fantasizing more and more of BBWs and of their abundance of flesh, and in a short time I became an FA.......
but understanding why is another thing. Definitely one of the reasons is that I'm atttracted to the soft, sensuous warm body of a BBW., but I think that there are other reasons.

In any handbook of physical anthropology one reads that the bodies of women are characterized by a larger amount of fat than a male body, wider hips and breasts. So, the body of a BBW is inherently more feminine than the body of a slim woman and it broadcasts very strong feminine signals. Indeed the discoverer of the Venus of Hohle Fels, the most ancient of the Paleolithic BBW Venuses, descibes her as "an extremely powerful depiction of the essence of being female". This could explain why FAs are attracted to BBWs, but the true problem is another. Why only FAs are sensitive to this super-femininity? Could it be that we are confident enough in our maleness that we dare to face the Quintessential Woman and we feel up to the task? Or on the contrary, are we unsure of our maleness and we need a super-woman near us to be confident?
I don't like psychoanalythic interpretations like these because it's possible to say easily one thing and the absolute contrary, just like in this case. So I don't know why I am attracted to BBWS.

I just know that when I am with a BBW happy about herself and the world I feel a special, sweet, quiet, radiant, glowing feeling emanating from her, I have the feeling of being close to a spontaneous, natural being, the feeling of having beside me Femininity, the Woman, the Nature, maybe Mother Nature. It is a matter of deep feelings, it is difficult for me to express them in words, especially in English, I just hope that I could make myself understood. It could be said that sometimes I feel the mystical side of a BBW.

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