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Sara Plain and Fat - by R&R (USBBW, Eating, XXWG)

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Feb 18, 2006
~USBBW, Eatng, ~XXWG - Fat girl goes for the record

This is my First story, so give me some tips on how I can improve. I purposely phased out dialogue to keep this a short story instead of a novel, so no need to mention that. Anyways, enjoy.

Sara Plain and Fat
By [email protected]

It was August 10th and Sara had just celebrated her 18th birthday, alone. The kids at school picked on her because of her weight, which was only slightly above average, so she didn’t invite anyone to the party.

Sara was 5’4” and 150 lbs. Never too keen on dieting, she just ate what she wanted and didn’t try to impress anyone. In fact, she had just finished a whole layer cake by herself, not something she commonly did but it was a gift from her mother, who raised Sara on her own.

Sara loved the feeling of being stuffed to the limit but didn’t need to worry too much about gaining weight, not that she minded. Her young metabolism struggled to keep up and until now had done an ok job of it, considering her diet. Unknown to Sara, her metabolism was giving up on keeping her at just 150. She just kept up her regiment of stuffing her face until her stomach nearly burst.

During the prior school year Sara kept moderately active by still playing goal for her women’s hockey team. She was quite good, compensating for her sluggish movement from post to post with a phenomenal glove and blocker. At the end of the season in April Sara had an average of 1.5 goals against per game (GAA) and her team finished third in their division. During the summer though, Sara had little physical activity and just sat around, went on the computer and nibbled away at whatever goodie was closest.

Her eating habits, as well as her lack of activity and age, brought her up to 175 lbs by September. The kids at school were relentless, and her reraction was predictable - she withdrew. At least she got on the teacher’s good sides with her exceptional intelligence. As to her weight, she coped by just not carinmg - it was the consummate denial.

In the first months of grade 12 Sara maintained a 91% average, her best subject being math at 97%, her worst now being phys ed. Luckily for her the PE teacher, Mrs. Walker, was her homeroom teacher and went easy on Sara because of her brilliance with numbers. Whatever excuse Sara had to get out of PE was accepted, and so Sara spent many classes in the cafeteria chowing down instead of exercising.

In the four months leading up to the Christmas break Sara packed on over 40 lbs, bringing her up to 218 lbs. She wasn’t one for shopping, so her clothes were made to last as long as possible. Near the end of their life her entire belly could be seen hanging over her waist and covering her belt. The seams of her much too tight jeans were splitting, revealing jiggly, soft fat poking out wherever possible.

Hockey practices were more of a chore now, skating and moving constantly. She could only imagine how tired and, even more so, hungry she would be had she chosen to play forward. A few more shots were getting by her down low, but Sara’s lightning fast glove could still deny anyone who tried scoring upstairs. After practices Sara’s mom would take her out for burgers and milkshakes.

By the end of the season Sara’s team had won the playoffs for the city division, mostly thanks to the stellar talent of some rookie forwards. They were knocked out first round of provincials though and Sara went back to her sedentary post-season lifestyle. Although she gained no weight during the hockey season, that was about to end after graduation.

The following summer was a scorcher. Sara just lounged around in her air conditioned room eating her 19th birthday cake and talking on yahoo to her online friends. While she was jiggling her belly, and getting quite a kick out if it, one of her contacts brought up dimensionsmagazine.com.

Having never heard of the feederism movement, Sara was intrigued. She loved eating and she especially loved the recent side effects of her diet, her climbing weight and soft, luscious fat. She decided then and there to discard all of society’s ideals and eat to her heart’s content. She set a goal of 350 lbs (nearly 150% of her weight) by the end of jr. college.

Throughout the summer Sara ate with reckless abandon, trying to consume greater amounts of food with more calories every day. In August, after a day of hanging out at the beach, she was approached by a young man by the name of Sean. He was 18 as well, and his tastes were a little different, though. He liked larger women, although he was nervous to admit it at first.

The two hit it off and by the end of summer Sara was 252 lbs and constantly being pampered by Sean. As December rolled around Sara became less keen on playing hockey. She didn’t quit, but was moved to backup goalie due to her limited speed. With less exercise over Christmas Sara continued packing on the pounds.

Near the end of the Christmas break her mom found the now 280 lb Sara surfing the Dimensions website. Sara worried that her mom would make her go on a diet, but instead her mom wholeheartedly approved. Always stressing to never give into peer pressure, her mom cooked even larger meals than before to support her growing daughter and followed them up with fattening deserts.

With Sean and her mom feeding her nonstop, Sara reached 338 lbs as she came witin three mionths of her 20th birthday. Her massive belly was hanging halfway down her thighs and her massive butt formed a shelf behind her, swaying back and forth with every step she took. Her thighs were literally inseparable, touching all the way to the knee. She knew she would crush her goal of 350, easily winning the title of fattest student in school.

By this time she had a car as well as a drivers license. She celebrated by driving to as many fast food restaurants as she could with Sean by her side to feed her every morsel. She celebrated her 20th birthday with Sean at the beach at 364 pounds, being fed a massive cake while she lay on a rather large beach towel in a bikini. Her stomach spilled all around her and rested in between her monstrous legs.

The final shool year Sara didn’t register for hockey. She was too big for the pads anyways. Instead, she took up drinking gain shakes 3 times a day. At the end of September the effects were showing. She was struggling in Phys. Ed with a new teacher. For the fitness test it took her 3 hours to run, ok…waddle, a mile. The average time for the rest of the class was around 15 minutes. It’s not very easy for a 400 lb girl to move a mile without collapsing, though. To reward her for her gluttony, Sara’s mother bought her a wedding cake, which she devoured with the help of Sean feeding it to her until she passed out in ecstasy.

In October the gain shakes caught up with her and her 445 lb body crushed her extra large desk. Although the students laughed at her, Sara was thrilled .For the rest of the class she had to squish into two normal desks, which were barely wide enough combined and far too shallow. Her belly rested on top and hung over the front of the desk. At the end of class Sara needed four students to pull her free, as she had become wedged in.

Sean and Sara’s mother applauded her display and at the end of the day they conducted an experiment of their own. They sat Sara down on her two chairs at the dinner table and set a feast of epic proportions in front of her. Since she seemed to be at a milestone, Sean and her mother wanted to push her past it as quickly as possible. In the middle of the feast a barely audible crackling could be heard. Sara disregarded it and continued eating. As she ate more and louder cracks could be heard until the two chairs could take no more, groaned and sent Sara crashing to the floor. The earthquake sent dishes flying onto the floor and actually cracked the kitchen tile. Sara merely burped and finished off the meal with a gallon of gain shake.

The school ordered her a reinforced desk, and she vowed to break it before she graduated. She got a kick out of being too heavy for regular desks, and when the teacher wasn’t in the room she would sit on the desk of any student who asked, destroying it entirely.

On Christmas morning Sara weighed in at 598 lbs. She asked Santa for a gift to help her crack 600, and she got it. Sara got her very own Christmas dinner, complete with turkey and mountains of cakes, jello and loads of other assorted treats. That night she when she jumped in bed she was 612 jiggling lbs. The force of her jumping into the bed collapsed the legs, but she just nodded off, her flesh oozing over the sides.

By the end of the year Sara weighed in at 635 lbs and was officially the fattest student to ever attend her community college. In the months that followed she rarely moved from her bed, not that she really could. She just lied there being fed by Sean or her mother, and when she was alone she just sucked on a tube connected to a massive tank filled with gain shake.

By age 21 she was 728 lbs, a size reached thanks to her very limited movement and nonstop eating. Her classes at her four year college were limited to the first floor and she got around with a motorized cart. The doors had to be widened since she got stuck in the entrance on the first day of school. Sean didn’t seem to mind kneading her flesh to get her out.

When Sara stood her belly hung mere inches from the floor. Her hips were too wide for her to reach the ends of and she was wider than she was tall. Every step she took created shockwaves through the ground and made her flesh jiggle wildly. She had to catch her breath every few feet and had to wait several seconds after each step to regain her balance and maneuver one thigh over the other, as they were squished together forcing her legs apart at a rather harsh angle. She even managed to demolish the reinforced desk with her bulk. None of this deterred her from her eating, though. She carried a jug of gain shake in her cart and sucked on it through class, often draining it before the end of the period and having to refill it.

In November, she was permanently excused from Phys Ed after falling at the start of a warm-up run and crushing four students below her. Luckily, no one was seriously injured. One student was taken to the hospital as a precaution because he was trapped under her 810 lb body for 20 minutes, the time it took to roll her off of him. Most attempts failed because her flesh was too soft, and everyone’s hands were just sucked into her belly. Sara loved the feeling of her flab being caressed and engulfing arms up to the shoulder in her belly. Even more, Sara was thrilled at being too obese to get up, even roll over on her own. Eventually the fire department was able to get her back on her cart.

Sara knew she couldn’t continue attending school, so she took the rest of her courses on line and was able to graduate even though she as now immobile. She was presided over the graduation ceremony resting on a king sized mattress on stage. Her fat hung over her legs and spilled onto the floor, hiding the mattress entirely from view. Amazingly she was designated valedictorian of her year and deliverdd her speech via the Internet.

While Sean attended his last year of school, the now 1200 lb Sara was enrolled in an online university graduate course in nanotechnology. Never having to walk again, Sara grew in leaps and bounds, breaking the world record for fattest human being to ever live in November. By age 25 she weighted 1680 lbs.

During her four years of online University Sara almost never took the gain shake tube out of her mouth and gained an average of 120 lbs a month. She developed a nanobot that survived by essentially eating the grease clogging arteries, eliminating the risk of heart failure. When Sara finally esrned her doctorsate she weighed a whopping 2140 lbs.

She shared a house with Sean, now her husband, and made residence in a small bedroom with a padded floor because she loved the feeling of her flesh touching all four walls. Her body actually covered the floor entirely and rode up the walls about 7 feet, her head bobbing in a sea of fat, sucking on a tube constantly filling her with cream and gaining powder.


Sara continued to gain even faster, reaching 15 000 lbs by the time she was 30 and collapsing the walls of her room in the process. Luckily, none were load bearing walls so there were no casualties. Sara continued to gain for the rest of her life, as Sean continued to feed her. Eventually even nanotechnology could help and her passing presented unique difficuulties that were ritten up in "undertsking industruy journals.

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