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like the pancake
Dec 7, 2019
Happy Valentine's Day!

by stevita

Aaron awoke with a start. He didn't remember his whole dream, but it had been an unsettling one. There'd been a bang, then a whir and flurry of machinery and a flash of pain…

Groggily, he sat up in bed and glanced at the digital display of the clock. It was well past 7. ****! He was going to be so late!

Careful not to disturb his girlfriend, who dozed on in bed, he scuttled into the bathroom to hastily get ready. He did his teeth in semi-darkness, the early morning light streaming in dimly through a small window and illuminating the room just well enough so he could find his toothpaste and brush. He had to turn the light on to fix his hair, though, and besides, there was something distinctly off about his reflection today, something definitely worth investigating.

He flicked the light switch and...damn.

Overnight, he had put on what appeared to be 40 pounds. He was surprised he hadn't noticed it first thing when he woke up: it was as if his new body already came accustomed to the heft of the extra weight and the shift in his center of gravity. It was also as if his clothes had transformed along with him: his pajama pants and t-shirt were roomy and forgiving against the new breadth of his frame. As late as he already was, a flutter of excitement in his stomach compelled him to the scale to assess the damage.

201.5. So he was right. It was about 40 pounds. He had a good eye for these things.

Ever since he was younger, he'd had fantasies of indulging, of glutting himself to his absolute limit as frequently as he could, of growing round and stuffed and fat. Maybe it was a symptom of growing up in a poor family with many siblings, where food was rationed as a necessity. He couldn't say for sure. This desire had been with him for as long as he could remember, since before he knew what a boner was or that thoughts of fattening himself up were what would give him one.

Still in an amazed half-daze, he returned to the mirror. He wasn't fat, not yet--just towing the line between thick and chubby. His previously skinny frame had widened into something that much more resembled the national average, his hips fuller, his arms softer. He lifted his shirt to find his belly now had a definite outward curve to it, rounding at the bottom when he tugged down his pants. His jawline, too, had been softened by the new weight, and his chest had also absorbed its share of the chub. With a giddy grin spreading across his face, he gave the pooch of fat right below his navel an experimental pinch. It was squishy. It was nice. A warmth began to radiate from the center of his chest and his cock sprung to attention.

The door creaked behind him. He dropped his shirt, but not in time. Alyssa had caught him in the act...but all she did was walk up and hug him from behind, slipping her hands up his shirt. She undertook the duty of playing with his new starter belly, kneading and squeezing the pliable flesh while letting out a lustful mewl.

"Nice, isn't it?" She rose up on tiptoe, a few stray curls of her honey blonde hair falling over his right shoulder as she leaned in to whisper in his ear, "I know your secret.

"You've always wanted to be fattened up like this, haven't you?

"You love having all this fat jiggled and squeezed, don't you?"

His breath hitched. His pulse raced with his desire. But as much as he wished he could continue to luxuriate in her attention…

"Bob at the warehouse is going to kill me."

"'s Saturday."

Had he really lost track of the days? It wouldn't surprise him. His job at the warehouse was so monotonous and exhausting that by the time he clocked out every weeknight, he could barely think straight. He wished he had any skill with the written word. Then he could get a stay-at-home job like Alyssa, who wrote an advice column for one of those vapid fashion-and-celebrity-gossip magazines. She said it was unfulfilling and the pay was garbage, but at least she got to do it in her jammies while working on writing the next great American novel in another window on her laptop.

She gave his belly another sensual squeeze. "Come back to bed, baby?"

You know, after waking up with his deepest fantasy mysteriously fulfilled, Aaron could believe he'd simply lost track of time. After all, crazier things could happen.

She took him by the wrist and led him to the bedroom, pushing him backwards onto the mattress so she could straddle his widened hips. She pulled his shirt up and kneaded at the new, doughy swell of his middle before giving his pudge a playful smack. "Ooh, just look at it wobble! And just think, soon there'll be even more of you to squeeze and please…"

It seemed waking up in his perfect fantasy version of his life hadn't just changed Aaron's body, but also turned his girlfriend into a kinky fat admirer. Could things have been any better?

Her eyes gleamed with anticipation as she worked off his pants and boxers, watching his flab jiggle with every movement. She pushed her panties to the side and mounted his erection, gripping his love handles as she rode him to her gasping climax. His followed soon after; he regretted not lasting long enough to give her a second, but with how turned on he'd been, he couldn't have helped it. For a minute or two, he lay there panting and spent, before his stomach let out an insistent, whining growl. "Aw, that must have taken a lot out of you," Alyssa said sweetly, giving his belly an affectionate pat. "I'll have breakfast ready in fifteen."

While she cooked, Aaron showered, letting his mind wander. As much fun as it was to soap up his new soft parts, now that he'd gotten a much-needed orgasm out of his system, he couldn't help but wonder if there was a rational explanation for the strange circumstance in which he found himself. Had he divulged his desires to Alyssa one drunken night and then forgotten about it? And what about the weight? Had it really come on overnight, or had it been creeping on gradually until it could no longer possibly escape his notice?

Of course, he'd be just as happy to say a wizard did it and not question a good thing. It was just that things seemed too good to be true.

He dried off and dressed, surprised to find his entire wardrobe had magically accommodated his increased size, and made his way to the small but well-equipped kitchen of their small but homey apartment. Alyssa has set the kitchen table with a gorgeous spread of bacon and eggs with sausage, bagels, cream cheese and jam, waffles, and her own family recipe blueberry muffins. She was a fantastic cook and baker. That was one of the reasons he first became attracted to her. That and her quick wit and creative mind. And her beautiful bright-eyed smile and ample curves didn't hurt, either.

She loaded them each up a plate. Hers was nothing to scoff at, but his was absolutely piled. "I hope you're hungry," she said with a sexy smirk.

And he certainly was.

In the past, he'd tried his hand at gaining a few times, promising himself he'd tell Alyssa about his secret feedee side once the weight became noticeable, but his body had always remained stubbornly thin. Try though he might, he was never able to force himself to eat more than an extra side-order in addition to a normal meal, and working on his feet for 60, 70, or sometimes 80 hours a week meant losing any progress he might make shoving down what extra calories he could during those hard double shifts heavy lifting. His new body, though, came with a formidable capacity. He polished off his first plate easily, getting a little full as he buttered and devoured his second muffin, but he wasn't in any discomfort--merely satisfied. He refilled his plate and happily gorged himself until he could feel his stomach stretch, enjoying its heaviness as it rounded out into his lap.

"Clean plate, I'm impressed," said Alyssa, clearing the dishes once he was finally glutted. She kissed him on the cheek and crossed the kitchen to put the dishes in the sink.

They cuddled on the couch for a while watching reruns while she rubbed his belly, paying special attention to the bloated upper crest of it right below his ribcage. "Wow, you're drum-tight, baby. I hope you'll have some room for when we meet Kari for lunch, there's this new Chinese place she wanted to try that I've heard is the bomb."

"That's funny, I didn't know Kari was still out this way," said Aaron, shifting in his seat while the contents of his stomach settled. Not that he was displeased about seeing his sister again so soon. It was just that she lived on the opposite side of town, and he'd grabbed lunch with her just the other weekend. The drive would've been exhausting, so if she was still in the area, it meant she had sprung for a motel over the winter holidays. He hated to think of her breaking the bank just to spend time with him, especially on her elementary school librarian's salary.

"Oh, stupid me, I must have forgotten to tell you," said Alyssa. "But she telephoned yesterday saying it's been far too long since we all got to chat."

"Yep, that's Kari for you," Aaron chuckled.

Kari was the oldest of all his siblings, and ever since their mother passed away, she had stepped into the role of the protective homemaker to her younger brothers. Looking back, Aaron realized it wasn't fair to her, having to take on that burden at only fifteen, but she had never expressed any resentment. To this day, she was great with kids. She loved her job, she just regretted that it didn't pay well enough for her to consider starting a family of her own.


like the pancake
Dec 7, 2019
After a while, Alyssa got ready and they drove to the restaurant. She looked stunning in a figure-hugging red sweater dress and drop earrings. Aaron turned down the car radio and said, "That's a great dress, honey. Is it new?"

"What, this old thing? It was Wanda's, she couldn't fit into it after the baby, so I figured I would take it off her hands."

"Since when does your cousin have a baby?"

"Did I never mention little Carlo? I can be so air-headed at times."

When they pulled up at the restaurant and walked inside, Kari was waiting by the hostess stand. She had the same tall build and straight dark hair as Aaron. The same angular features, too--until his edges had been rounded out by an extra forty pounds, at least. She was wearing one of those long, floral print dresses, like you'd expect a schoolteacher to own. "Aaron! It feels like it's been a hundred million years!" She hugged him tightly, as if unsurprised by his sudden change in appearance.

"I guess one week can feel that way," he agreed.

"And Alyssa, you look great! How are you holding up?"

"Things are going surprisingly well. The book's coming along."

They got themselves a table in the back and ordered a little of everything on the menu, family style. Aaron had meant to catch up more with his sister, but by the time the food arrived, he was starving again, so he happily lost himself in the delicious flavors of authentic lo mein, broccoli and beef, grilled eggplant, and all the dumplings he could cram down his throat. At one point, Kari asked, "So, are we going to talk know…" She glanced pointedly in Aaron's direction.

"It doesn't need to be mentioned," Alyssa said simply, and fortunately, that was the end of that conversation. Aaron convinced himself not to be too miffed; Kari probably meant well and was concerned about his health, but he felt great. Happier, in fact, than he had ever been.

They paid the bill and parted ways, Kari promising to take a look at Alyssa's manuscript whenever she could find the time.

For dinner, Alyssa surprised Aaron with reservations at Tony's Steakhouse, which was normally a ways out of their budget, but she insisted they ought to treat themselves every once in a while. After two refills of bread and the most delicious porterhouse he'd ever tasted, Aaron had to practically waddle back to the car, leaning on Alyssa for support. As soon as they got home, he collapsed onto the couch, breathing shallow, well and truly stuffed. The sight of him beached there, round and sedated by his indulgence, had Alyssa horny once again. He was definitely too full for sex, but that didn't stop her from pulling off his shirt so she could cover his belly in lustful lipstick kisses while she sat on the ball of her foot between his spread thighs, rubbing herself. With half-lidded eyes, he watched her and enjoyed as she pampered him. "I like it when you get your lipstick all over me like that," he said. "It's cute."

"Glad you approve." Grinning, she reached for her bag on the coffee table, pulled out her tube of lipstick, and started drawing on his belly. When she finished, he saw that she'd spelled out a single word: 'loved'.

"Aww...Alyssa, you're such a sweetheart," he said, affectionately smoothing his fingers through her hair. "I still have to wonder,"

"How what?"

"How did you figure out how to please me so well?" Not to mention the weight gain in the first place.

"'re not always curious like this. But Dr. Jennings said asking questions might be a good sign."


"You've never remembered telling me about the fat kink stuff. Which makes sense...that was the same day as the accident." She stood up and seated herself on the couch next to him. "Do you want me to tell you?"

"There's something I'm missing," said Aaron, "isn't there?"

"About a year ago, you were hurt on the clock. You managed to avoid any debilitating brain damage, but your short term memory hasn't been the same since," Alyssa explained. "Your lawyer managed to get you quite a hefty sum in workers' comp, but the memory therapist you're working with advised me not to make any major life changes until your memory gets better, if it does, so that's why we still live here. We'll be comfortable for a while. Maybe even forever, if I get this book deal. I've been speaking to RandomHouse all this month, it's looking like a major possibility."

This...was a lot to take in. Brain damage...he didn't remember getting fat because he had brain damage. He wished he could've enjoyed the journey...but Alyssa stood to become a published author! They were financially stable! He was finally living the life of his dreams!

He just had to wake up every morning and believe he was still trapped in capitalist Hell.

"No life changes, huh? Is that why you let me get this huge?" he asked as he started to calm down and process everything.

"Most of the weight came on naturally, really," said Alyssa. "You had also broken your femur and you were off your feet for a while, still eating my cooking like you were compensating for the long days at the warehouse...before too long, you were getting chubby, but you were enjoying it, so I just...encouraged you a little." She snuggled into his side and wrapped an arm around him. "For real, though, how fat will you let me make you?"

"Let's say 250 for now, and when I get there we'll see how I feel?" said Aaron. "I want to be fatter, but I still want to be able to get around and do stuff."

"That's what you said yesterday, too," said Alyssa. "I check in with you about that every day, just to make sure you still know what you want."

"Hey baby?"


"You don't have to tell me about the accident tomorrow," Aaron suddenly decided. "Let me think a wizard did it."


"Yeah. I mean, obviously, I don't want to wake up one day and be fifty and wondering where my life went, but for now, it's exciting, waking up in a world where I'm magically on my way to my dream body and every day's Saturday. Tell me a week from now, though. I don't want to be too out of touch."

"Okay," she agreed. He held her tightly.

"You know," he said, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but it ain't so bad."


Aaron awoke with a start. He didn't remember his nightmare, but he was sure it was a new one. There was a bang, a cacophony of mechanical sounds, and then pain, blinding pain…

The sun was shining. The clock said 8.


He was going to be so late for work. Bob at the warehouse was going to kill him.

He rushed to the bathroom, flicked on the lights to get ready to rush through his morning routine.


Was he still dreaming? Were his eyes deceiving him? Or was it the bathroom mirror?

He'd always secretly wished he could wake up fat, but it wasn't as if these things actually happened!

Incredulous, he stepped on the scale. 220--holy smokes, that was, what, sixty pounds? Overnight?

In an ideal world, he would have himself a nice long jack-off session in the mirror. But there was barely time for his four-minute shower.

He dressed (his wardrobe having magically replaced itself to accommodate the new width of his hips and dome of his belly--god, he wished he had time to stand around and be giddy about it--he had a belly now!), shoved on his shoes, and rushed for the door. Alyssa was already up and about, plating a huge breakfast spread of scrambled eggs with cheese, sausage, and diced tomatoes, along with tortillas, salsa, and sliced avocados. "Wow, honey, that looks delicious, you've always been a great cook! I wish I could stay, but maybe I'll just take some of this for the road? I'm so late--"

"What are you talking about? It's Saturday," said Alyssa.

"...Oh." Had the days really gotten away from him?

"Yeah, we don't have anything to do until 3."

"What's at 3?"

"Carlo's second birthday party."


"Wanda's baby."

"Since when does your cousin have a baby?"

"Did I forget to tell you? I can be such an airhead like that sometimes," said Alyssa. "Now get over here and let me fill up that belly, my big sexy man…"

Oh, damn. It seemed not only had he woken up in a fattened body, but with a kinky, fat-loving girlfriend as just got stranger and stranger, but was he really going to argue with a good thing?

"You probably did tell me," he said, taking his seat at the breakfast table. "I swear, this warehouse job is frying my brain."