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May 1, 2007
SSBBW, Rapid ~~WG, ~XWG - A mysterious man reforms a prostitute.

The Savior

by Digital Bliss

The night’s rituals began the same as they had four times past. Anthony was excited, but his preparation was meticulous. As he entered his car, he made sure he brought both canned drinks with him. He then checked his appearance in the mirrors of his car. Anthony was a handsome, young Latino man who had just turned thirty. As he turned the key to start the ignition he had an afterthought, pulled his wallet out of his back right pocket, and after opening it thumbed through 15 one hundred dollar bills. After placing his wallet back into the same pocket it had come out of, Anthony backed out of his long, private drive into the night.

Maria had rituals of her own before going out on the night to begin work. She caked make-up onto her face because she wanted to look unlike her natural self. Despite, or possibly to spite, her clients, she never showered before work, she always waited until her night was over.

Maria was a prostitute and she hated it. She always wanted to get out and straighten her life out, but she thought getting out was akin to getting out of the mafia or any other gang; impossible. She had someone over the top of her, who had someone over the top of him, and on and on. She was very attractive, desirable to the top-tier clientele, and this made the idea of getting out further away still. Her “bosses”, as they called themselves, were tyrants over her. They scheduled her meals and told her what she could and could not eat in order to maintain her weight.

Maria knocked on a door before she was ready to go out and begin work for the night. A bearded man answered.

“I’m ready,” Maria told the bearded man.

“Good, it’s about time,” he scolded her. “I want to talk to you when you come back in. We need to talk about your meals.”


“You’ve put on a few pounds. We’re cutting you back. Now, get out there and do your stuff,” he said, closing the door in her face.

Maria held back tears as she walked out the door, trying to keep her make-up intact.

Anthony had been in the city for about forty-five minutes patrolling street corners. He’d done this before and always waited to find the right one. The prostitutes showed a variety of emotions if he passed them. Some threw things at his car, knowing that he thought they weren’t good enough. He always left these behind easily, never giving them a second thought.
Some of them showed indifference, and he passed them up because he knew that they’d given up.

When he would pull over and see a girl that was so frustrated that her eyes were welling with tears, that’s when he began interviewing them. His normal routine was to find a girl who fit those standards and invite her into his car. He would talk to them until he had a good idea whether they would be a good fit for him and finally make his decision.

If he did not think they would be a match for him, he would give them $200 no matter how much time it had taken him and let them go, telling them to keep hope.

In the four times he thought they would be absolutely perfect, he would begin his courting ritual.

Tonight was no different. Slowing down to examine another group of prostitutes on the same corner, he saw nothing but indifference in their faces. As he pressed harder onto the gas pedal to move on, he saw another girl walking toward the group. She was different than them; he could see her emotions even from his car.

She was wearing tight red shorts that showed off her lack of curves, with a matching shirt that ended just at the bottom of her small breasts. She was a natural brunette with blonde highlights on the top of her flowing, long hair.

Anthony stopped his car and lowered his passenger window as he honked the horn to catch her attention. He could see her stop for a second to get into character, dreading this interaction.

“Hi, my name is Maria,” she said as she opened his passenger door.

“Anthony,” he introduced himself as she sat and closed the door. “Do you mind if we talk a while?”

“It’s your dime, buddy,” she sighed.

Anthony sensed the disdain in her voice so he pulled his wallet out and handed her a one-hundred-dollar bill.

“I’ll give you another right now if you will be one hundred percent honest with me,” Anthony said, pulling out the second bill. “No bull.”

“Okay,” Maria said, raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

“Why do you continue to do this if you hate it so much?” Anthony asked, bluntly.

Without hesitation Maria answered, “Because I have to. It’s like being in a gang, they’d kill me if I wanted to stop.”

The conversation went on from here with Maria finally letting the tears pass and telling Anthony that she wanted to stop prostituting. She wanted to do something with her life. She wanted a husband, eventually.

“Would you like a drink?” Anthony asked when he’d heard all he needed to know that Maria was the one. Maria accepted one of the canned drinks that Anthony had made sure to bring with him. She wasn’t supposed to drink soda but no one would know.

Anthony put the car into drive and started on back to his house. Maria started gulping the drink down as if she’d not had anything to drink in days.

“What if I could solve your problem?” Anthony asked as Maria wiped the last bit of soda from her lips.

“And how do you propose that?” Maria asked, annoyed.

“You’ve taken the first step and we’re on our way there right now.” Anthony said. As he was talking, Maria began to feel light-headed. She looked around the car as her eyes began to get very heavy. She fought to stay awake but finally gave in, fearing what may happen.

Maria woke what seemed like minutes later, scared. She was in a strange place, sitting atop a huge bed in a sterile-looking room. There was a large flat-screen television in front of her and a phone beside her. She became more and more confused the more she took in. What sort of kidnapper would leave you alone in a room with a phone? She shot back into the corner of the bed in a semi-fetal position when the door opened.

Anthony looked on. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“What are you doing?!” Maria screamed.

“I brought you here to continue our conversation. Please calm down, you can leave whenever you want. I just ask that you hear my proposal first.”

Maria let down her protection a bit as Anthony sat in a chair across the room from her.

“All of this is yours, if you want it. Like I said, I can get you out of your situation,” he explained.

“Are you crazy? They’ll never let go of me!”

“Everyone has a price. I think you can tell that I’m not hurting for money, and neither will you if you accept my proposal.”

“Which is...”

“I will alleviate your problem if you stay here, with me. You can have anything you want, just tell me. I’ve given you a phone to contact any loved ones. There is a price, but we can discuss that later...”

“Sex...” she interrupted him.

“Not until you are ready. Now, I’ll give you two hours to decide whether you want to accept my proposal. If not, I will compensate you for your time and take you back to your old life. If so, ring my office with that phone and I will come back with arrangements.”

Maria agreed to take the two hours and decide. She was conflicted inside because she knew he wanted sex. She didn’t know him at all. However, she thought, she’d only known two of her sexual partners and got through it. Anthony seemed sincere. After an hour of deliberation, she came up with an idea to test whether or not he was indeed sincere. She picked up the phone and dialed her mother, to whom she had not spoken in three years. She was surprised when it rang and elated when her mother answered. Their conversation lasted the rest of the hour. Maria asked her mother about the rest of her family and tried to catch up. She explained to her mom that she was sorry for the decisions she’d made and was working to straighten her life out. The two said a long goodbye as Maria’s decision time ran short.

Anthony waited by his office phone patiently for her decision. He was hopeful that she would accept his offer. He didn’t have any doubts in his head that he’d chosen the right person for this offer. As though to confirm his own thoughts, his phone rang with Maria on the other end.

“I’ll accept,” she said through joyful tears, finally being able to speak with her mother.

“Excellent,” he said. “I’ll be to your room in a few minutes.”

He placed his phone back onto its receiver. As he stood from his chair, he opened his middle desk drawer and pulled a small syringe from it. He closed the desk drawer and walked over to a wooden cabinet protected by a keypad. After entering the code, he pulled a small medical vile out of the cabinet that read “Activator” and drew some into the syringe. The cabinet’s keypad beeped when it was closed as Anthony left his office.

Maria grew anxious waiting for Anthony to return. She thought she knew what he wanted in return for all of this, so she lifted her shirt over her head exposing her tiny breasts and fallen-in stomach. She was fixing her hair in a mirror beside her bed when Anthony entered, hiding the syringe in his long sleeve.

“I’m glad you’ve chosen to accept my offer,” Anthony said, thinking of how to introduce his price for all of this. “Why don’t you lie down on your stomach and we’ll get started.”

Maria turned on her stomach and buried her head in a pillow, thinking she knew what was coming. Anthony walked over to her, gently kissed the back of her head, and pulled her tight shorts down just enough to expose the top of her flat rear. Maria let out a shriek as it went in, but only felt it for about two seconds, and definitely not where she expected to feel it.

“My price, you see,” Anthony began speaking, “is that I like large women. Extremely large.” He climbed off of the bed and walked across the room to the chair beside the television.

“I don’t understand...” Maria said, puzzled.

“The drink in the car was a formula I’ve developed. It was a byproduct from research I’ve done to try and end hunger. Knocking you out is a side-effect, but it seems to be quite fortunate.” He held the empty syringe into the air. “What I’ve injected is the activator to that formula. More than one dose, actually. What it does is duplicate the fat cells that are already in your body.”

“Oh my ... What have you done to me?!” Maria screamed, worriedly.

“I told you that I would get you out of your situation for a price. This is both the solution and price. They’ll not have you back if you’re so fat. However, I can take care of you and give you everything you want.”

Maria stopped listening when her body began to tingle. The formula had begun to take effect and her fat cells were multiplying. She jolted up to the mirror, where she could see that her body was immediately growing softer, her lower body fast than her upper. Anthony stood as Maria began to breathe quickly in a panic.

“Relax, everything will be fine. I know this is a shock now and it will take some getting used to. The whole process should take a couple hours, and there is some lotion for your skin in the second drawer of the dresser. I’m going to go and make some arrangements, I’ll be back to check in on you in a few hours.” Anthony turned and closed her door as he headed back to his office.

“I’m calling about Maria...” Anthony began a conversation over the phone.

“Yeah, that twat’s gone missing. We’ve got people out looking for her,” the bearded man replied, annoyed.

“Actually, she’s with me.” Anthony waited to hear a response, but the man on the other line was silent. “I’d like to make some arrangements for her.”

“Where is she, we’ll send someone to get her.”

“Make sure to bring a large vehicle,” Anthony replied quietly.

Anthony gave the man on the phone the address and hung up. After hanging up, Anthony opened a drawer to his left and pulled out a neat stack of money totaling five hundred thousand dollars. He figured that half of a million should be enough, coupled with Maria’s new appearance, to persuade the man to relieve her of her services. Then he waited.

A little more than one hour later, the man arrived at the door. He rang the bell which triggered a security camera over the door on a television in Anthony’s office. Anthony was startled from a small nap when the bell rang. He looked the man over on the television and grabbed a gun that had been secured under his desk just in case anything went wrong and went to answer his door.

He could smell the man’s breath upon opening the door. It was the bearded man Maria had talked to before she left for the previous night. He was very tall and a little overweight, but still intimidating.

“Where is she?” the bearded man asked, hurried.

“She’s in my bedroom,” Anthony replied. “I’d like to talk a little business with you while we walk.”

The man was intrigued. “What sort of business?”

“I want her to be finished with you.”

“No way,” the man said loudly. “She’s our biggest earner.”

“Well, that may change. I’m prepared to offer you half a million to buy out her contract, if you will.” Anthony made his offer as they neared Maria’s room, a plan in mind the whole way.

“That’s tempting,” the man told Anthony, “but she could probably earn that for us in a year. She’s got at least five more good years in her, more if we push her.”

They stopped in front of the door that would reveal Maria’s new body to both of them for the first time.

“Alright,” Anthony feigned disappointment as he began opening the door, “you’ll have to carry her out. She wasn’t able to get up this morning.”

“Drunk twat...” the man sighed.

“Not exactly,” Anthony said as he pushed the door open to reveal a huge woman sitting in the floor of her room trying to pull herself up to her bed.

“What the heck?!” the man shouted. “Who is this cow? You said you had Maria!”

“Show him your face, Maria,” Anthony told her.

Maria turned to look at the bearded man and he instantly recognized her. Her face had remained essentially untouched by the weight gain. After letting him see her, she raised her arms to cover her face as she began crying. Her upper arms hung down almost to her stomach and rippled for about five seconds.

“What is this?!” the man yelled as he turned to Anthony.

“She accepted my offer to get her out from under you,” he scolded the bearded man, “and you should have accepted as well.”

The bearded man walked over to Maria and began inspecting her to make sure this was all real. There she sat, her fat sprawled all over the floor. Her legs had been effected the most; they were huge pillows that folded over themselves multiple times. While lying on the floor, they were probably two-and-a-half or three feet across. Maria wiggled her feet and the leg fat began swaying back and forth. Her butt and hips had gained quite a bit as well. Her hips were probably twice as wide as her shoulders. Her butt jutted out behind her about a foot-and-a-half, her crack exposed. The bearded man slapped it as he looked her over. Maria lunged to smack him but he dodged and watched as her whole body flew in every direction. The bearded man laughed at the notion that she couldn’t even lift her bottom half.

“She’s useless, now,” the bearded man scoffed.

“Then you should leave,” Anthony stated, boldly.

“What about my money?”

Anthony handed the man two thousand. “You should have let her go before you saw her.” He pulled the gun from his pocket. “Like I said, You should leave.” The bearded man turned and ran toward the entrance of the house.

“Are you okay?” Anthony turned and asked Maria as she sobbed.

“Honestly...,” Maria began, “I’m happy. I’m happy to be finished with them. I didn’t want to be sexy anymore.”

“Well, you still are.”

“I’d rather be sexy to one person than a million,” she replied. “How am I going to get into the bed?”

“I’ve got a portable wench. We’ll get you in there.”

More to come


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Feb 8, 2007
I’ve got a portable wench.
Hah! Good One!
I found this a bit of a hard read until that brilliant pun on the last line. Very clever - not even as long as a "one liner"!
Plus I still continued chuckling as I enjoyed thinking a bit more in detail about Anthony wallowing around in all that "portable" fat bottom half trying to lift her.
I repeat: very clever.


womble/leprechaun hybrid!
Nov 22, 2007
a great story. short, sweet, to the point. well done!

Mr. Jigglesworth

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Oct 15, 2005
Orlando, Fla.
Yeah this is all what Irish said, but I'd like to read more to see how big she'd gotten and how much bigger she'd get staying with him, plus see how the relationship went.

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