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Scaring people with our bodies ?

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May 12, 2006
I was looking at an article about an ultra thin model in a Scandinavian magazine. the photo scared me to death for her. undoubtedly pretty, she still looked like a corpse propped up against something. of course there were a lot of comments, most saying she needed help. one woman commented that we should not be judging her body. I think she Is right. but at the same time I had to admit that her appearance made me afraid she was going to die.

when people tell us fat folk we make them afraid that we might die are we waving their fears away as just judgment when that might not be all behind it? granted there are a lot of people so totally wrapped up in their fat prejudices that they freak out about even a few "extra" pounds. going by the research they'd probably make people live longer. but outside of those people could some of the concern be real even if it isn't based on anything that is actually true ?

do you think some people aren't lying to themselves when they say they are actually worried about you ?

BTW here is the article:


Has this this Danish magazine gone too far?

Danish magazine Cover has been slammed for featuring an "ultra-thin" model
The photo has drawn outrage from all corners of the internet, with the Danish government even weighing in, urging magazines and the modeling industry to reconsider the way they treat and portray eating disorders.
"I seriously thought that the fashion industry had understood that anorexia is a problem that should be taken seriously," Danish Tax Minister Benny Englebrecht tweeted.
Malene Malling, founder of Cover, expressed her regret for the faux pas, telling Danish TV: “I’ve made magazines for more than 10 years and this time unfortunately I made a huge mistake, which I would like to apologize for.”

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