Schadenfreude When Fat Haters Get Fat

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Lions don't need to spank
Nov 8, 2005
Banned from facebook,
I don't take pleasure in anyone else's misfortunes, usually. By usually, there might be a brief moment of, how's it feel, huh, but otherwise, meh, not much.

The thing that irritated me was similar, though. A lot of guys I went to school with wouldn't give me the time of day or would pretend to show interest as part of a prank to impress their buddies. I made do by boinking my history teacher, but that's really not germane to this and yes, now I'm aware it's also illegal.

Lainey - I know you alreay know this - but being a former public school teacher I would like to clear this up for others who might . . . .

In US, it is illegal for an adult to have sex with a minor. If you are a certified teacher it is a violation of your ethics as well to abuse one of your charges (minor students). Statutory rape (even having sex with a minor who okays the act) will still get your ass thrown in jail and most like branded as a sex offender. Being branded as a sex offender will get your butt busted while in jail, get your mug, your description, address, even your house on a map with a big red dot for all the world to see. (Makes getting a rental kind of tough - there are also laws against you living with ___ft of where children frequent (like a school or playground). In other words - you will be tormented for years and years - you being the perp (not the student).

I will be honest with you guys tho - when I started teaching in rural schools, I was just fresh out of college, young, and unmarried. I taught a couple of classes of seniors and some of the guys had failed a couple of grades making their age and maturity pretty darned close to mine. Some of these young men looked really, really good. Several times after situations that tempted my resolve, I was seen rushing to the teachers' lounge, chain smoking, throwing cold water on my face and talking to my young teaching buds to help me step back from the "ledge" I was on. This was at least 40 years ago too & the laws weren't fully set in concrete as they are now - however, this was a strict religious community. I was pretty sure that the kid's parents would come after me with a loaded shotgun or an ax - in a Biblical justice kind of thingy. I'll call it Schadenfreude with a deer rifle.


Well-Known Member
Dec 24, 2010
Personally, I don't think anything of it. Just me I guess though. I think that if they have gained weight, they will see things from a different perspective, but I don't have the "serves them right" attitude. The worst thing that I have encountered though, was a girl who said she gained weight when she was ill and hospitalized and then lost it again, and was really bitchy towards other people over a certain size. But I do think there is a thing for people who have gained then lost. They seem to think that because they have done it, everyone should, and the don't take into account that some people are happy with the way they are.

On the other end of the scale, my ex fiancee used to be a skinny lap dancer when she was younger. She told me she was really bitchy and horrible. Then she got out of all that lifestyle and went to do a degree in mental health nursing. Over the period of time, she had a kid and two marriages, and gained a lot of weight. She said that the weight gain had changed her life a lot, and that she was happier being bigger than she ever was when she was thin. Not sure if she saw it from the other side, or if she just felt more comfortable being bigger and jut generally found herself a better person, but it worked for her, so it was definitely a good thing for her
Nov 21, 2005
When those who used to torment fat people end up becoming fat themselves, wouldn't it be nicer to assume that they have come to accept getting fat themselves because they now appreciate fat and those who are fat, unless we definitely know otherwise? Maybe they have decided to agree with what so many of us know; that fat can be quite endearing in such a vast number of ways. Maybe they have taken the deliberate step of no longer fighting it. Maybe what we are seeing is people who have finally made peace with fat, whether or not they would amit to it.

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