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Scientific Proof that BHM Prefer Thin Women

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Nosh, destroyer of snacks
Dec 2, 2005
Romantic interest in obese college students
Mara S. Aruguetea, , , Jeanne L. Edmanb, 1, and Alayne Yatesc, 2,

aDepartment of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Lincoln University; 820 Chestnut St., 310 FH, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0029, USA

bResearch Office, Cosumnes River College, 8401 Center Parkway, Sacramento, CA 95823, USA

cDepartment of Psychiatry, University of Hawaii at Manoa. 1356 Lusitana Street, 4th Floor, UH Tower, Honolulu, HI 96813, USA

Received 3 September 2008; revised 18 February 2009; accepted 20 March 2009. Available online 29 March 2009.

This study compares romantic interest in obese and non-obese students. We surveyed 1217 college students on their demographic characteristics, self-perceptions (self-loathing and drive for thinness), and romantic selectivity. Obese people (especially women) showed strongly negative self-perceptions. Obese people and women were less likely to be selective about the physical traits of their potential partners than nonobese people and men. Obese women preferred overweight (but not obese) partners. Obese men preferred partners in the normal weight range. Results suggest that obesity is associated with predictable alterations in one's romantic attraction to others.

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