Seeking an anthology of fat-themed SFF that I read ages ago...

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Salacious Caitlin

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Jan 29, 2020
I've tried other groups, let's see if anybody here knows...

(It's NOT Martindale's Such a Pretty Face or Asimov's SF Weight Loss Book).

This anthology had a horror/SFF focus and featured characters who were fat. I think some of the stories were: a girl in a hospital to gain weight turns the tables on her doctors/family ( I did get some responses on a similar short story but unfortunately when I looked for its reprints I couldn't find this book); spacemen are captured and fed addictive/fattening food and only one is able to resist; a woman is immobilized and rescued at the end by an EMT or firefighter.

I didn't think it was small press, but maybe it was, because I've searched the works of the standard editors (Datlow, Dozois, Greenberg) with no luck. I think that I read this 10-12 years ago, but obviously, my memory is pretty vague.

If anybody can think of what this was, or can identify any of the stories so I can search that way, I'd appreciate it.
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