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Separation Within Dimensions

Dimensions Magazine

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into the shining sun
Feb 5, 2006
I'm not sure if others have witnessed the same thing(s) as me or have the same opinion(s) that I do, but I wanted to bring this perspective up and find out what others believe.

Main Dimensions Board: Size/size acceptance issues
The Lounge: For fun, games, and off-topic stuff
Weight Board: Erotic weight gain and fat sexuality
BHM/FFA: Female Fat Admirers and Big Handsome Men
All four are easily viewable as different Boards within the entire Dimensions Forum. However, what are the general consensus rules as far as posting certain threads in certain Boards?

That's probably confusing. Here's an example:
Here is a "Happy July 4th" Post. Posted in The Lounge. My opinion is that it belongs there - "off-topic stuff". However, here is another "Happy 4th" Post. Posted in the BHM/FFA Board. My opinion is that it belongs in The Lounge.
I have seen Moderators merge threads into one single thread so that there are no duplicate threads. That is not always the case, but I have seen it happen quite a few times.

In another example:
Here is a "Hancock" Post. Posted in the BHM/FFA Board. My opinion is that it belongs in The Lounge - "off-topic stuff". I see nothing in the thread that defines why it belongs in the BHM/FFA Board (was Hancock a "BHM"? No.). Yet there are many threads in The Lounge containing discussion about movies, and threads dedicated to one specific movie and discussion thereof are always welcome within The Lounge.
Why would this thread be posted in the BHM/FFA Board. Moreover, why would the person that posted the "Hancock?" thread feel the need to talk about it only in the BHM/FFA Board (homersimpson, I'm trying not to single anyone out, but I'm curious as to what you might answer that question with..?)?

My main question is why should the BHM/FFA Board act as a completely separate Forum, consisting of their own Lounge and Weight Board? I feel that the continuation of this sort of separates the fat men from the fat women, or at least one side of the board from another.
Is Dimensions strictly still a Community Board geared towards 'Fat women and the men that admire them"?
Has Dimensions become a Community Board that gears towards 'Fat people and the people that admire them?
What do you think?

My intent for creating this thread is to address the separation issues that many people here on Dimensions feel is evident, though has not been directly addressed by too many people [yet] (that I have seen). I would like to see the BHM/FFA Board/World merged into the rest of the Community. "Off-topic stuff," including discussion of movies, holidays, and "how was your day?" topics all belong in The Lounge. Discussion of any variety of Weight Gain or fetish-related material (including both fat men and women) belong in The Weight Board. Maybe there could be a breakdown between "BBW/FA" and "BHM/FFA" within The Weight Board. I, personally, do not think this site should separate one fat person from another, nor one type of fat person or admirer from another.
What do you all think?

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