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Jan 14, 2019
Oh wow, I’m so obsessed with this story! These two… and the mysterious pregnancy is really intriguing, I’m so invested in what’s going to happen!


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Oct 23, 2019
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Chapter 39

After a week or so the inevitable arose, and the group was summoned back to the temporary home of the Jellico’s. As expected, the labs had brought back nothing unusual, and Julie still had questions to delve a little more deeply into the psyche of Francesca and Ross. They were, essentially, still at square one, which was never where Daron liked to be.

It was an extremely pleasant spring day, the sun and blue sky visible through just a few wispy clouds. Which was nice, aside from Daron not being able to layer as much as he liked. He laid his newly washed green pants on the bed as he flicked through his closet. He’d been planning on a button-up overshirt, but even first thing in the morning it was nearly 65 degrees. He’d sweat buckets at his first movement in the afternoon, he knew, if he dressed like that.

Daron moved past his band tees as he glanced back at Freddie on the other side of his bed, putting on a light blue springtime dress with a sweetheart neckline. Between her and Francesca’s inevitable style, Daron felt like he needed to put on something a little more classy than something from a Megadeath tour. He decided to try a navy polo shirt he’d bought as a professional-yet-comfortable option for a previous job, and set it next to his pants.

“I don’t think I’ll even need my cardigan today,” Freddie said, swiveling from in front of the mirror to out at the sky. “It’s such a beautiful day.”

“Lucky for us,” Daron said, giving his girlfriend’s figure in her dress an appreciative glance as he tugged on his pants. Freddie caught this and grinned, blushing, then looking away - luckily. Being newly washed, Daron’s pants were more than a little snug, and took him a few deep breaths to button. Flushing a little, he quickly pulled on his polo to cover the pinched and therefore extra-pooching love handles along with his belly.

Standing to face the mirror, Daron stifled a groan. Unfortunately, and somehow still surprisingly, the old shirt clung to every pound on Daron’s frame, not so much hiding flaws as highlighting them in navy fabric. Before he could undo his mistake, though, two narrow white arms snaked around his belly and squeezed lightly as Freddie came up behind him. Daron rested his own thick, light brown arms over hers, obscuring his silhouette at least somewhat.

“What’s the prob?” She asked, standing on tiptoes to peer over Daron’s shoulder and meet his eyes in the mirror.

“I look like a…clueless fat cat,” Daron admitted with a slight groan. Polos had always reminded him of out-of-touch white CEOs who enjoyed golf anyway, and he couldn’t believe he thought he could pull this off. OR that it would still fit.

“Let’s see…oh,” Freddie unsnaked her arms to reveal the shirt underneath. Daron felt his face burn a little, and resisted the urge to wrap his arms around himself to try and block her view. “Yeah…hmm…”

“I wanted to wear something better than a t-shirt,” Daron felt like he had to explain. “But it’s gonna be too hot for long sleeves.”

“Any short sleeve button-ups?” Freddie suggested, kissing Daron’s shoulder as she looked up at him.

“None that fit me,” Daron admitted, then elaborated with some necessary optimism: “right now.”

“At all? Or do they just not button?”

“Uh…they might fit without buttoning,” he replied slowly, doing inventory in his head.

“Not that you aren’t just as hot in your Judas Priest shirts, but, maybe try that?” Freddie suggested, grinning up at him. As she said ‘shirts’, she teasingly pinched together a piece of his belly fat between her thumb and forefinger, dropping it almost as soon as Daron noticed. “I’ll get started on breakfast,” she continued, skipping over towards the door as he blushed in confusion, watching. “Throw that shirt in a donation pile,” she added as she opened the door, looking back at Daron slowly beginning to peel off the polo. “You shouldn’t hang on to clothes that don’t fit you.” And with that, she was gone.

Daron finished taking off his top and pulled out his newest trusty white undershirt, his head buzzing as his face burned. Freddie’s words were spoken with complete cheerfulness, no judgment detected, yet he couldn’t help feeling embarrassed. After only a brief hesitation, Daron tossed the polo onto a clear spot on the floor - now, in his mind, the donate pile. After all, even if he DID lose the weight to wear it, it really wasn’t his style.

Weeks ago, he wouldn’t have been able to imagine recovering from Freddie seeing him this way, Daron realized. But after nearly-daily phenomenal sex following their first time, Daron was becoming more comfortable with his body around her. Not completely - he still cringed and sucked in as best he could when even a bedside lamp went on - but Freddie had never touched him in a way that could be perceived as anything but loving. Even just now, when she had pinched his gut, he could feel the happy teasing as she held him. It was a stark contrast from the critical prods of Taylor (when she wasn’t actively avoiding the entirety of his soft torso). It was different.

The first short sleeve button up Daron uncovered was not just too small around his middle, but also pinched at his shoulders and limited his mobility, so that was a no-go. The second was a top that used snaps, not buttons, but either way they were unusable. It was very appropriate for spring, with light blue and yellow tendrils for its design, with short sleeves. Daron rolled his shoulders to make sure it felt alright after shrugging it on, and was pleased to find it did. Smiling ruefully at his soft reflection, Daron headed out to the kitchen to meet up with Freddie.

“Oh, you look great!” His girlfriend greeted him along with the smell of eggs and toast, smiling widely. “Hey, we’re kinda matching!”

She was right, the light blue on her dress a nearly identical shade to the accents on his shirt. Daron kissed the side of her head, tracing a hand along her soft yet muscular back before giving her the space to finish up cooking.

“Ready for the Jellicos?” He asked a few minutes later as Freddie served him three fried eggs and four pieces of toast with tiny lakes of butter in them. She sat next to him, with two eggs of her own and two pieces of toast.

“Can one ever truly be ready for…whatever that is?” Freddie mused, taking a bite of her toast. Daron laughed before tucking in himself.

“Probably not.”


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Oct 23, 2019
United States
After eating their fill at breakfast, Daron drove them to work. It was just a brief stop by the office, though, debriefing before the team loaded into Xander’s truck for the trip to see their clients.

“I want to see if I can get some more insight into Francesca specifically,” Julie told them. “But I won’t force it - Daron, Freddie, she seemed to open up to you a bit, so if that continues, feel free to take some time with her.”

“I’m not sure I’d call it ‘opening up’,” Freddie replied, after catching Daron’s skeptical eye. “More like…she was playing with us.”

“To what end?” Xander asked from the driver’s seat. Freddie and Daron exchanged another look.

“I don’t really know,” Daron answered honestly.

“For fun? Attention?” Freddie suggested. “Some upper hand perceptible only to her?”

“A distraction?” Daron added slowly.

“From what?” Julie asked. Daron shook his head. There was nothing he could specifically point to from what they knew, that was for sure.

“If we figure that out, we’ll let you know,” Freddie said, gently squeezing Daron’s two smallest fingers that she found on the seat. He offered her a half-smile, the case weighing more heavily on his mind than he would have cared to admit.

The group arrived on the outskirts of town in one piece, and knocked on the front door of the house. Several lengthy seconds passed before a somewhat sweaty Ross answered the door, a flannel over a wife beater rolled up to his arms. His pants were carhartts, and were rolled up to accommodate dark work boots.

“Welcome,” he said, wiping his forehead with a tight smile. “I apologize for the wait, and my appearance. I’ve been doing some home maintenance today.”

Behind him appeared the very pregnant, and very beautiful, Francesca. She was in flowing green pants and a black t-shirt, and both her pants and her face had smudges of brown dirt on them. It did not diminish her beauty whatsoever.

“I’m sorry too,” she interjected. “I was gardening, and got carried away.”

“May I join you?” Julie asked, her tone bright and conveying genuine interest. Francesca traced her eyes over Julie’s business casual apparel, cocking her head to the side, before finally nodding and turning to depart. Julie unbuttoned her suit jacket and quickly followed.

“Could I see what it is you’re working on?” Xander addressed Ross as they entered the foyer into the house. Daron sucked in his belly to try and avoid pressing into others in the narrow space. It only kind of worked, with one of his sides grazing Ross’s elbow and the other firmly pressed into Freddie.

“Certainly,” Ross said, gesturing for Xander to follow him into the house, in a slightly different direction than Julie and Francesca had headed to get outdoors.

“Let’s do a lap?” Freddie murmured as they disappeared out of sight, and Daron nodded, tugging his undershirt subtly away from his middle. His pants had yet to stretch out to the point where he was fully comfortable.

In each room, Freddie snapped photos with the DSLR she had grabbed from the office. They kept relatively quiet, as Xander and Ross’s words reached them occasionally and seemingly randomly. Sometimes, though, the strangeness of the home elicited remarks before they could help it.

“It’s still a dustbowl,” marveled Freddie as she snapped photos of the master bedroom.

“Seriously,” Daron murmured in agreement, seeing how the lack of wear clearly piled up even higher than before. The crimson bedding looking barely rust red under the cover of dust.

After getting her fill of photos, Freddie led the way back to the living room. She collapsed on the left side of the vintage couch they’d sat on their first trip, and Daron lowered himself much more carefully next to her. Out of his pocket, he pulled a packet of peanut butter M&Ms, and began thoughtfully shaking a few at a time into his hand.

“Honestly,” Freddie said, her tone still slightly hushed despite the voices of Xander and Ross having faded to murmurs. “Is there a single room that does look lived in?”

Daron glanced around at their current space. The seating arrangements were more or less clear of dust, but the shelves weren’t.

“I feel like there was one,” he said, not completely certain as he cracked the shell of the M&Ms open with his teeth. The perfect mix of chocolate and peanut butter flavoring filled his taste buds, making him feel simultaneously relaxed and guilty.

“Let’s see,” Freddie said, pulling out the camera and beginning to scroll through their recent photos. “It’s too weird.”

“No kidding.”

After a couple seconds of concentrated silence and occasional pauses to zoom in on a specific room, Freddie pointed triumphantly at the screen.

“There! The kitchen.”

“Yeah,” Daron agreed, studying the screen. “You’re right.” The kitchen, a long, thin room near the back of the house, may have had old appliances and a strange grey-green color painted on the walls, but it was obviously used. There was no dust or dirt in the photos, just the usual signs of wear. Well, mostly usual. “Hey, can you zoom in there? Did you see that?”

Freddie magnified the bottom left quadrant, where Daron’s thick finger had pointed. It was a recycling bin, upon further reflection, and was full to the brim with wine bottles.

“Damn,” murmured Freddie. “That’s quite a bit for one dude and his very pregnant partner.”

“Maybe they just haven’t taken it out in awhile,” Daron pointed out, though he knew what Freddie’s response would be.

“Do you remember it being that full last time we were here?”

“I really don’t.”

“Can I have an M&M?” Freddie asked after a momentary pause, looking up from the camera.

“What makes you think you’re released from the rule of needing to bring your own candy, Winnifred?” Daron asked in a lofty, faux-innocent voice. “Besides, you know, being my girlfriend now?”

Freddie’s mouth dropped at the nuclear use of her birth name. As she closed it, her tongue poked into her bottom lip as she half-smirked.

“Maybe because I also know now how hard those pants are working,” she said, tracing her eyes up and down her boyfriend’s form. “And I want to give them a little bit of a break on extra candy strain.”

Daron’s mouth dropped a little in an almost exact imitation. He immediately felt his face heat a little, and his chest tighten in affection and embarrassment. Freddie had been known to poke fun at his eating habits, sure, but not so much since they’d started dating (or since Taylor…or, well, since he’d really started to put on the extra weight, to be fair). Before he could properly react, though, Freddie had leaned in close, one hand on his knee, the other on his shoulder.

“I’m just teasing,” she whispered directly into his ear before biting very softly at the soft skin of his lobe. Immediately, Daron’s senses were overwhelmed by something very different than embarrassment. But before he could respond, the sound of a door opening and closing reached the duo, and Freddie pulled quickly away.

“Hi,” Julie said as she entered the room, her smile tight. “Just who I was looking for. Francesca would like to show you something, Daron.”


“I’m not sure, to be honest. Freddie, you should probably go with him.”

“Oh, that was never a question,” Freddie said. “How’d it go?”

“Ahh…” Julie made a skeptical, but slightly frustrated, gesture with her hands. “Fine. Have you seen Xander?”

“He’s with Ross, I think next to the kitchen working on the awning still,” Daron replied.

“Thank you. See if you can get anything else from her, and we’ll regroup soon,” Julie said.

Daron and Freddie exchanged a glance and rose, Daron gripping the arm of the couch to steady himself on the rise. As he did, Julie leaned in to Freddie and whispered something into her ear. Daron didn’t hear what it was, but Freddie nodded in response. This seemed to be the confirmation that Julie wanted, for she turned and exited the room towards Xander and Ross right after.

“Here,” Daron said, handing the half-empty packet of M&Ms to Freddie. “You’ve earned ‘em.”

“I don’t want them all, weirdo,” Freddie laughed, shaking out a small handful then handing the packet back to him. “I just wanted to be included.”

Daron laughed at her purposefully dramatic tone as he made his way to the door outside, knocking back a few more pieces of candy himself.

“There’s just no winning with you, huh?” He joked ruefully, squeezing through the familiar irritating door frame on their way outdoors.

“Never,” Freddie agreed. “Not even once.”

“Hey,” he said after a brief hesitation. “Julie okay?”

“Oh, yeah,” Freddie replied easily, and Daron dropped it. They may have been dating, but he didn’t need to be in all her business, especially where work was concerned.

As they entered the grounds, Daron had to cover his eyes against the sun that was high in the sky by now. He scanned the horizon first, then quickly realized that Francesca was actually right up against the house, getting slowly to her feet. On instinct, he approached and offered her a hand. She took it and steadied her own bulk against Daron’s, offering him a grateful smile.

What’s different about her? Daron wondered, the thought popping up out of nowhere, then disappearing nearly as fast as Francesca’s smile faded upon seeing Freddie appear behind them.

“How are you, Francesca?” Freddie asked, and the woman brushed some dirt off her knees, finally letting go of Daron’s hand.

“I’m just fine,” she said. “My flowers are finally starting to come in. I thought Daron might like to see.”

Freddie looked like she was about to retort, but she swallowed it as she came down the steps to stand next to Daron. Daron, meanwhile, noticed what Francesca was talking about. Lining the house was a strip of dirt, and in the dirt was sprouting a series of flowers. Not any one kind, or any one color, but an amalgamation of types all on top of each other.

“Wow,” he said. “There’s…a lot.”

“When we first moved in, I found packets of assorted flowers. I planted them all! I felt sorting through them would be going against their intended purpose,” Francesca said brightly, leading the two down towards the distant corner of the house. “So now, here they are. Growing as they’re meant to. It makes me so happy to see that I lose track of time, which is why I was not as prepared for company as usual today.”

“You never have to dress up for us,” Freddie said, crouching down to get a closer look at the plants. She brushed aside some larger blue flowers to spy the tiny, tender bleeding hearts underneath.

“It’s true,” Daron echoed. Francesca didn’t answer, just kept her eyes stoically trained on Daron’s face. “Uh…so do you grow anything other than the flowers?”

“Yes, I try,” Francesca answered dreamily. “Here.” She led the way around the corner of the house, and Daron saw a square of dirt several feet by several feet. It appeared that pea shoots and some other vegetables were beginning to emerge.

“Oh, we missed this last time,” he said. “I should…do you mind if I grab a soil sample, Francesca?”

“Of course not,” she answered. Daron glanced back around the house, and saw Freddie was watching from her crouch, but not making a move to approach. “I’ve tried some of the green beans, but, well…they’re not turning out as well as the flowers.”

Daron pulled one of the spare test tubes out of his left pocket, while returning the empty M&Ms bag to his right. While he gathered soil from near the green beans, Francesca watched and hummed, fingering the plants nearby gently. As he straightened up with only a slight groan, Daron decided to test his luck.

“Francesca, can I ask you something?”

“Anything,” Francesca said, moving imperceptibly closer to Daron. Daron swallowed and resisted stepping back, reminding himself it was just in the pursuit of information.

“The wine bottles in the kitchen…are those all for Ross?”

Francesca hesitated.

“Well…I suppose… I could lie and say we have company, but that seems the sort of thing a smart man like you would learn rather quickly wasn’t true. Ross…and I, sometimes…we have certain needs.”

Daron blinked and cocked his head slightly, looking at Francesca in curiosity and concern.

“You understand, don’t you?” continued Francesca, who began to trace her gaze down Daron’s body. “The urge…the consume? To fill yourself with that…feeling?” Her eyes stopped at the M&M bag poking out of Daron’s pocket, then moved to his round belly, then slowly back up towards his face. Daron felt frozen, and Francesca took the opening to move even closer, mere centimeters between them until she gently touched his left arm. “It’s a bit hedonistic, but aren’t we all?”

“Okay,” said an exasperated voice next to Daron, and he nearly jumped as he realized Freddie had reached his side in a flash as soon as Francesca had touched him. “What if we didn’t.”

With that, Freddie took Francesca’s tiny left wrist in her hand and removed it from Daron. Francesca didn’t fight her, and in fact, turned towards Freddie with the widest grin Daron had seen all day, seemingly delighted. That flash of confusion hit him again - what was it? - but Freddie, staring, dropped Francesca’s arm as soon as she saw her smile.

“Francesca…” Freddie said. “Are you…missing a molar?”

Francesca’s smile dropped instantly. Her hazel eyes clouded, and she took only a momentary break from glaring at Freddie to look at Daron.

Oh, fuck, THAT’S what it is, Daron thought, having caught the negative space in Francesca's grin before it disappeared. Apparently the dawning realization was obvious, for Francesca noticed, and - taking care only to bare her front teeth - she uttered a furious hiss.

“Get out,” she said, voice as dark as her expression.

“Francesca, we’re not judging,” Freddie said hurriedly. “I just wondered…”

But they didn’t get a chance to know what Freddie wondered, for Francesca let out an earth-ratting shriek.

“Get out,” she uttered again, her hands flying up. Daron was able to get an arm in front of Freddie and move her back before Francesca struck her. On him, it barely felt like an insect bite. Still, he moved back as she continued to grow in rage and volume. “Get OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT.”

Quickly giving up any illusion of decorum, both Freddie and Daron turned on their heels and ran towards the house. It would’ve been faster to run to the front, but they knew they needed to grab Xander and Julie. Luckily, it didn’t seem like Francesca was following - or at least, not that quickly.

“Fucking doors,” Daron muttered the first time his progress was severely impeded by a narrow opening, feeling embarrassed and guilty that he had approached it ahead of Freddie. Now she had to wait while he gripped the frame to yank himself through, slowing them both thoroughly. After squeezing through, he gestured for Freddie to go first, which she hesitantly did. The kitchen and room with the home maintenance project were both currently empty, so they continued through the house.

“We gotta go,” Daron gasped when the duo finally ran into Xander and Julie, talking with Ross in the front living room.

“What? Why?” Ross asked, while Xander and Julie immediately stood and began to gather their belongings.

“We said something to Francesca…I didn’t mean to be offensive!” cried Freddie, catching an irritated look from Julie. That explained the sidebar, Daron supposed. “I really didn’t, it was just a question!”

“She wants to kill us,” Daron said, somberly and he knew a bit dramatically, but he really didn’t think it was too far off. Supplementing his words was the noise of a furious scream - much closer to the door than it would’ve been if she was still by the vegetable patch.

“We were finishing up anyway,” Julie said.

“Ross, please call us when she’s settled,” Xander said.

“Yeah, we’re gonna need some answers,” Freddie agreed. The sound of a crash echoed from the back of the house, and the group all exchanged glances before moving quickly to the front door.

“Are you safe?” Julie asked Ross before they exited, and with an air of nerves but also exasperation, their host nodded.

“We will be fine. I apologize. We’ll talk soon.”

With that, the group hustled back into Xander’s truck. Daron didn’t feel his adrenaline drop until they were recognizably close to the office. The ride was mostly silent, except for the obvious question: what had set her off?

“Francesca is missing a tooth,” Freddie told them slowly. “When we tried to ask about it…she flipped.”

“To put it mildly,” Daron agreed. The group exchanged glances before falling silent, none yet willing to speak up about what that might mean.


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Oct 23, 2019
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Chapter 40

Daron let the deep, earthy flavor of his whiskey hit his tongue before swallowing, sighing in pleasure. It had been a hell of a day, and when Freddie had asked weakly about a happy hour trip to Sisemite, Daron hadn’t taken much convincing at all.

The remaining hours of business had involved deep discussions amongst the group, along with the necessary paperwork. Julie felt frustratingly unfulfilled by her time with Francesca, but at least that gave them something to talk about.

“I do see what you mean about ‘playing’,” Julie had told them, sighing. “I’m not sure I got a single straight answer out of her.”

“Did you get an idea what she might have?” Freddie asked.

“It could be any number of things, honestly. I’m not in a position to diagnose. But it’s…something.”

“It sure is,” Daron agreed.

“Did you get anything out of her before the…tooth came up?” Julie asked.

“Sort of,” Daron said. “Freddie and I had noticed there were a lot of wine bottles in the kitchen. When I asked her about it…she basically admitted it was just them drinking it. Both of them.” Most of the group shuddered at that. “But… I’m not sure if she was even being honest then. It felt more like…a…way of toying with me. Trying to…fluster me, somehow?”

“Did it work?” Xander asked from the computer.

“It probably would have, if Fred hadn’t stepped in,” Daron said, giving his girlfriend a half-smile. She blushed as Julie’s gaze turned towards her too.

“She touched his arm! I was being good until then. I swear.”

“I really don’t think we’d have gotten anything else out of her, anyway,” Daron said. “One mention of the most interesting thing and she lost her shit.”

Julie shook her head, the frustration clear. Daron sympathized. All they had now was more questions.

“It’s just so strange,” Julie said. “It could have just been a meltdown tied into her mental health, she clearly prizes her appearance above much else, but…” she trailed off. No one picked up the train of thought, but Freddie and Xander both nodded slowly.

Now, a few hours later, Freddie stood across from Daron at a high top table, sipping one of Sisemite’s famous gin and tonics. She had asked Daron to stop by her house first, and had changed while she was there. Gone was the blue spring dress, and in its place was a pair of high waisted light grey jeans, into which a top featuring the cover of an Avengers comic was tucked, with torn sleeves hidden under a brown cardigan. Her bright daytime makeup had been transformed into a smokier eye, calling attention to their deep green color.

“You look great,” Daron told her, reaching across the table to squeeze Freddie’s forearm. The cardigan was soft under his hand. Freddie swallowed some more of her drink, and offered Daron a half-smile.

“Thanks. I was trying to be quick, so I don’t know about this outfit. I feel…” Freddie set down her drink and tugged at the top of her jeans uncertainly. Daron waited, but Freddie didn’t continue, avoiding his eyes.

“You feel what, Fred?”

“I feel… fat,” she admitted, letting the top of the jeans snap back into her waist. Daron, without meaning to, exhaled a surprised laugh. Freddie flushed, picking up her drink again. Daron followed suit, with a drink of his whiskey, letting it ground him before he responded.

You feel fat? You know you’re talking to your boyfriend, an actual fat person right now, yeah?”

Freddie blush deepened, and she sputtered a few times before forming words in her sentence.

“I…just…am not used to wearing pants very often, and these are…old…and…snug.”

“Ohoooo,” Daron replied, unable to help himself grinning. “So I’m not the only one who should’ve been rationing those M&Ms, hmm?”

Freddie groaned, and sunk her head into her hands.

“I deserve that,” she mumbled through her fingers.

“Fred, c’mon,” Daron said, taking pity as he scooted around the table to wrap an arm around her. “You look fuckin’ hot in these.” He fingered around the top of her pants as well, feeling soft flesh rise slightly over it, but nothing too extreme. If anything, it felt nice. “You’re literally the most active person I know. Definitely not fat.”

“Yeah,” Freddie admitted. “But I leave my workouts and still drink beer and eat nachos, so…”

“Well what the hell else would we talk about if you didn’t?” Daron laughed. Freddie met his eyes, and Daron, recalling his last relationship, looked back with sincerity. “Seriously, I don’t want to go back to that kinda setup. And if there’s ever a time where you can’t work out as much, or just don’t want to, I’d way rather see you gain a few pounds than starve yourself in any way. Okay?”

Freddie’s face slowly split into a wide smile.


“Really really.”

Freddie kissed him. He could taste the fresh juniper flavor on her tongue, which was surprisingly pleasant with the smokiness of his own whiskey.

“Well, good, ‘cause I’m pretty much fated to always be a little squishy,” Freddie said as they broke apart. “After all, I am 26 whole years old now. Well over the hill, as the incels say.”

“Oh, God,” Daron replied, wrinkling his nose. “Stop.”

“It’s true! Didn’t you hear? Even Scarlett Johanssen has lost her…her… ‘sexual market value’ or whatcha call it by getting old and having cellulite. So really, what chance do any of us have?"

“That’s so gross, dude,” Daron groused. “How do they not hear that that shit makes them sound basically like pedophiles?”

“Maybe they do, but they just don’t care,” Freddie said, snuggling into his shoulder. Daron kissed the top of her head, and she grinned up at him. “I’m gonna run to the restroom and get another drink. Do you want one?”

“I’m good for now,” Daron said, figuring he should probably eat something before another drink. Freddie squeezed his hand before heading out of sight.

Something tugged at the edge of Daron’s memory, but as sick as he was of his brain giving him the runaround, he diligently ignored it. He took a greater-than-sip of his whiskey, and as he set it down, realized the lanky figure visible in his peripheral vision was moving closer. Daron glanced their way, looked back at his drink, then - as his mind caught up with who he was looking at - whipped his head back in their direction.


“You remembered,” Freddie’s ex said, sounding suitably impressed for their last (and only) meeting having been around half a year earlier. “So how long’s that been going on?” She gestured her chin in the direction of where Freddie had departed.

“A little while,” Daron replied, his words casual but clipped.

“Hopefully not too long of a while.” Victoria raised her thin eyebrows over her copper mug.

“No,” Daron said, fighting to keep the resentment out of his voice as he stared back. “Not that long.”

“How do you know?” Victoria asked, but Daron didn’t stoop to responding to her implication. He just held her gaze, gripping tightly onto his whiskey glass. After a few moments, Victoria cracked a smile and chuckled. “I kid, I kid. It’s just a surprise, that’s all.” Her grey eyes broke away from Daron’s dark ones, tracing down his body with an obvious judgment. Daron tightened his abs as subtly as he could.

“I s’pose your wife looks just like Freddie, then?”

“Not exactly,” Victoria looked back up, some surprise in her gaze. She opened her mouth again, hesitated, then took a sip out of her mug instead. When she was done, she conceded: “touché.”

“Is she here?”

“Ana? No,” Victoria said, half-smirking. “There was a visa snafu in the past - she can’t come with me on trips to America.”

“What a surprise.”

“You seem tense…Devin, right?”


“Ah. I take it you and Freddie are monogamous, then?”

“That’s what we agreed on.”

“Ana and I had, too.”

Daron sipped his whiskey, his chest tightening. Another scan of his body with her eyes and Victoria continued, casually:

“So were you this big last time I was here?”

“What fucking business is it of yours?” Daron immediately retorted, gritting his teeth.

“I just don’t remember,” Victoria said innocently. “And I just wonder if Fred knew what she was getting herself into. That, or she has much…much…” Victoria took a step back and cocked her head at Daron, giving him an equally good view of her incredibly lean, androgynous frame. “…wider tastes than I knew.”

“Holy shit,” came the shocked voice of the object of their discussion. Freddie had made it back to the table without Daron noticing, and he nearly jumped. Freddie moved close enough to him that their arms were touching, but her gaze was trained on the woman across from him. “Victoria?

“Hey kid,” Victoria replied with an easy smile, and Daron felt the rising tide of jealousy and frustration nearly choke him.

“What…are you doing here?”

“Having a drink, hoping to see some old friends between work.”

“This…isn’t really a good time,” Freddie said, her tone flattening out from the surprise as she looked up at Daron. He struggled to keep his own expression neutral.

“Right! You’re here with your coworker/boyfriend, we were just catching up…”

“Oh, jesus,” Freddie said. “Okay, let’s talk for a minute. Daron, do you mind?”

Daron simply shook his head as Freddie gave him a grateful half-smile before steering Victoria by the elbow into a more deserted corner of the bar. They were still in full view, and Daron was torn between staring, and finding something to pretend to occupy himself with. And he was hungry, dammit. He had been all set to order nachos and fried pickles. Now…

After a few minutes of debating, Daron went to the bar and got himself another whiskey. On the rocks, this one cheaper than his first. Being such a big dude, two drinks wouldn’t hit him hard even on an empty stomach, but Daron wanted to have 100% of his wits about him to drive or…whatever else became necessary.

He made his way back to their table, and saw Freddie and Victoria still deep in discussion. Victoria had the same frustratingly cool look on her face, adjacent to the cat who ate the canary, while Freddie seemed to be acting closer to how Daron was feeling. She gestured intensely with her hands as she spoke, and Daron’s heart twisted. He only wanted Freddie to get annoyed with him. So much of their love language was enthusiastic scrapping, he hated to watch Freddie get so passionate about someone else.

As he finished up his drink, Daron began to wonder if he should head home alone. Would that be giving up? Or just giving his partner necessary space? He rubbed a large hand over his closed eyes, his forehead, and through his hair in frustration. He didn’t know what the right move was. But when he opened his eyes, he saw Freddie returning determinedly to the table. Victoria followed, slowly.

“Is it okay if we just go home?” Freddie asked, from between gritted teeth. She set her empty gin and tonic on the table next to Daron’s whiskey glass, and he nodded.

“‘Course, Thornberry.”

Victoria, who had ambled her way up behind Freddie, snorted.

“Fine, kid,” she said, as though their conversation had included her at all. “I’m not judging, but just remember - chubby chasing isn’t cool.”

Daron nearly choked on the last piece of melted ice in his mouth as Freddie whirled around.

“Oh, shut the fuck up, Victoria. Go back to Switzerland.” With that, she took Daron’s hand and began to walk towards the door, muttering loud enough for him and likely Victoria to hear: “supposed to be 32 damn years old. Petty bullshit.”


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Oct 23, 2019
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The ride back to Daron’s was tensely quiet. Daron wrestled with convergent feelings of hunger and nausea, of appreciation and skepticism, of embarrassment and…something else. Freddie looked out the window as they drove, only the back of her brown and now lighter purple hair visible when Daron would glance her way.

Upon arriving home, Daron and Freddie made their way inside. Freddie followed Daron into the living room, looking like she was preparing to speak. Daron waited, but instead, Freddie kissed him. It was fierce, bordering on desperate, and Daron kissed her back until one of her hands went to slip beneath his undershirt.

“Whoa,” he said, breaking away. “Hold on a sec, Fred.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, taking a shy step back. “Can I make you something to eat, instead? It’s been awhile, and since we had to leave Sisemite before getting food…”

“I…” Daron was tempted, but he fought back the rising hunger. “No. Not right now. We should talk.”

“Okay,” Freddie said, her eyes casting down after meeting Daron’s serious gaze. “I really am sorry, Daron. I didn’t know she’d be there.”

“I figured,” Daron said. “Was the last time you saw her when we were all at Sisemite?”

“That trip, yeah,” Freddie nodded. “Why?”

“She had some fun implying there might’ve been meet ups more recently than that.”

“God,” Freddie groaned. “What a psychopath. Definitely not. As far as I know she hasn’t even been in the country. But even if she had…I felt horrible after you called me out last time. I wouldn’t have.”

“I was outta line,” Daron admitted. “Just defensive because you were right about Taylor.”

“Well, you were right about Victoria.”

“Maybe, but I still saw the way you looked at her.”

“Daron…” Freddie said cautiously, after a startled pause. Her green eyes raised back to his dark, even gaze. “I’m sorry, it’s…just some residual shit. I wouldn’t do anything with her or anyone else. I’m happy to be exclusive with you, but it doesn’t mean neither of us will ever be attracted to anyone else again.”

“I know,” Daron agreed. “But I wanted to talk to you about something I’ve been avoiding anyway.”


“My weight,” Daron admitted, after a tense pause. “I was just…fucking terrified about this turning out like Taylor, so…I’ve been avoiding it.”

“I am not Taylor…” Freddie began heatedly.

“I know! I know. But still. I’m…a big fuckin’ dude. There’s a reason Victoria started picking at it immediately. She has a point. I know it. But even when I was with Taylor, and eating the…well, probably average, but felt like bare bones portions she’d give me…and working out, and wanting to change to maybe, finally, stop hearing her critiques…even then, I didn’t exactly lose noticeable weight. What if I can’t?”

“Statistically, that’s probably true.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean the people who lose weight and keep it off rounds to zero. And THAT’S the shit that’s hard on the body. Yo-yoing is way worse than just like…staying fat,” Freddie explained, offering a casual shrug of her shoulders even as she looked at Daron with concern. Daron ran a large hand through his wavy dark hair, unable to shake the image of long, lean Victoria and their smirk out of his mind.

“Okay, but, Fred…I don’t want to lose you. Your ex was maybe an eighth my size. You can see how that’s concerning for me.”

“I mean, Taylor was probably an eighth my size,” Freddie shot back immediately. “Didn’t you just tell me you’d prefer I enjoy good food with you, even if I’m a little heavier that way? Why can’t I feel the same way?”

“You…can,” Daron said, slowly. “But I’m…not a ‘little’ anything. I want you to be honest with me, Fred.”

“Daron, I am! Yeah, I tend to hook up with lankier girls. It’s a preference, not a dealbreaker. But when I get with men, I love them to be teddy bears.”

“I…” Daron blinked in surprise. “I may have blown past teddy bear 30 pounds ago.”

“So polar bear then, whatever. You’re not the only big guy I’ve dated.”

“Really? But…I’ve met your exes, Fred. The dudes you brought around work? They weren’t ‘big’ like fat. They were ‘big’ like body builders.”

“Wait, you didn’t figure it out? Daron, I literally only dated those guys to make you jealous. I thought if you saw me with someone generically attractive you might…I dunno, look at me as a more viable option. Not just your weird coworker. When it didn’t work, I dumped them. Barely anything happened.”


“I know, your girlfriend is kind of an idiot,” Freddie said, her pale cheeks starting to flush pink. “But like I think I’ve said, it’s basically been you since we met. Period.”

“Okay, but even with all the weight I’ve gained? I mean, you’ve had to yank me out of a hole in the wall,” Daron said, his own face heating a little at the memories. “And I was maybe five pounds away from needing the same in that attic door. I’m probably there now, actually,” he admitted, giving the side of his belly a short but harsh smack.

“Daron…” Freddie stepped closer at this, and took the offending hand in hers. “I don’t care about that. I think it’s kind of hot, actually.”

“You think it’s…what?”

“Well, yeah. I was gonna bring it up as a possible roleplay down the line.”

“Roleplay? What, with me getting stuck?”

“Look,” Freddie said, her cheeks elevating to near crimson. “All kinky shit is about power, right? And for the record, I love being dominated. You could throw me on that couch right now and demand I take all my clothes off and I’d probably come without you ever touching me. But, sometimes, I like to have the power. And being the one in a position to help yank you out of a tight spot…it just…would be kind of sexy, you know?”

Daron just stared at her, his brain whirring to try and process this new information. Freddie’s whole face collected the deep red of her cheeks before she took a deep breath, and some of it faded.

“I’m not sure how we got onto this. I didn’t mean to…jump the gun. All I was trying to say is that I love you as you are. Every inch.”

This time, it was Daron who moved in to kiss Freddie. It was still passionate, but without the edge of nervous terror from when they had first gotten back. After a minute, he broke away to respond.

“I love you too, Fred.”

“Oh, shit,” she said, her eyes widening. “Did I…?”

“Yeah,” Daron laughed. “Thank God you slipped first.”

Freddie buried her face in her hands. Daron took them in his, then used them to guide Freddie around until her back was to the couch, then he gently shoved. Freddie landed, grinning up at him.

“You’re looking a little hot,” he said. “I think it’s time to get rid of that cardigan, don’t you?”


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Oct 23, 2019
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Hours later, Daron was fast asleep next to the woman he loved, satiated by good food and great sex. Their conversation wasn’t a cure-all, by any means, but Daron had left their lights on without hesitation, and found himself more in the moment than he was fixated on how he looked or jiggled in certain movements. It was, pun intended, quite the weight off.

From the depths of his dreams, wherein he and Freddie were ruling over Saturn that was also somehow his childhood home, Daron heard an irritating buzz. A large beetle rose up near his foot, and he moved quickly away from it, his nose wrinkling. But the buzz got louder, the beetle coming closer. Right before it snapped at him, Daron awoke, realizing it was his phone ringing on the nightstand. Freddie, sleepily, raised her head and looked around the room.

“It’s Julie,” Daron said, sitting up and grabbing his phone. This woke Freddie up more, and she grabbed her own phone off the other nightstand.

“I missed a call from Xander,” she told him, right as he accepted Julie’s call.

“Jules, what is it?”

“Daron, I’m sorry to call so late. There was an emergency - Francesca started to bleed tonight, and soon it got out of control and she collapsed. Ross is a disaster and has been calling from the hospital. Is there any chance you and Freddie can meet us there?”

“Yeah, we’ll be there,” Daron said, catching Freddie’s eye, who nodded.

“Time to get some answers?” Freddie said, checking her phone again. “Almost midnight on a Tuesday. When better?”

“Yeah, hopefully,” Daron said slowly, running his hands over his face and through his hair to try and wake himself up.

“Everything okay?” Freddie asked as she stood, looking back at Daron.

Daron, realizing the feelings of dread weren’t draining away, decided to be honest.

“I have a bad feeling about this.”

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