Small BHMs?

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ready to be fattened up!!
Nov 20, 2006
I'm 5 ft 6, 200 lbs :(
someday........... with the right feeder........ bigger times will come!

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Sep 18, 2006
In Your Head
Yeah, I don't think everyone could ever come to an agreement on what constitutes a BHM. It totally depends on the person and on what sort of body composition is giving them their weight.
My man, for example, is exactly my height but outweighed me by 100 pounds at one point; to look at him though, you'd never guess that he's so heavy. If I told someone his weight/height ratio alone, they might call him a BHM... but a couple people on this site have seen photos of us together and they have been surprised at how "small" he appears to be. He's just got a ton of dense muscle and fat.
It's hard to say: is he, or isn't he?
If YOU think he's hot AND a bag of chips...who cares about the labels? ;)

I reckon I fall into the category of small BHM. I'm 6,3 and 180lb. :eat1:
This has to be all relative, just depends on the guy really.

For example, I'm 230 pounds.
Sounds small, right? (at least by BHM standards)
Not when you factor in the fact that I'm barely 5'6.

So it really just matters on the guy.

As long as you are..........big enough in the right places that's all that counts.....:batting: :p :p

I don't call myself FFA because I find such a variety of men attractive...and I don't need him to be any certain size. My attraction depends entirely upon the individual. *shrugs*

It's okay smaller guys.....there is at least one lady here looking at you ;) :bow:


Actor at Extra-Large
May 3, 2006
I'm on board with OLIJazmine short chubby/fat guys are sooo cute!
I tried to chub up my BF but he didn't care for the extra 20 lbs and is loosing it Damn!
I'd love to fatten up a skinny guy,maybe someday.:D
As a "skinny" guy (5'10", 240 lbs +/-), I'd love to be fattened up by a sweet lady like you. ;)


Nosh, destroyer of snacks
Dec 2, 2005
Everywhere I go in everyday life, I see large men with large women. This "law of similars" applies to gay couples as well.

Things are topsy turvey in size acceptance circles. SSBBW's, especially hot web models, are usually into thin men, although there are many exceptions. Many SSBHM are coupled up with thin women. I think this means that different-size pairs have more issues and problems in society and thus are more motivated to seek out support on line. Same-size pairs just figure they are normal and don't worry about it and post on forums for their favorite TV shows or sports teams instead of a forum like this one for a particular sexual interest.

Bottom line --don't judge all of society based on the sample represented by Dims.


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Jul 1, 2008
I understand that you girls Fetishize massive fat men, and good for you. If you want a 400,500,800,whatever pound guy, and he you, Awesome!

But really, for those of us who have been (Derisively) called fat, fat fuck, lardass, piggy-wiggy, whatever... in our REAL lives,all of our lives, as well as people calling us (Less derisively) 'the fat guy', Oh, he's kind of cute, you know, for a chubby guy...' etc...

Some of us feel pretty fat at 'only' 230, 250, 280 pounds, and we (I, at least) then find this place...where we can be a fat guy, and the girls love it...And then to be told that we aren't Fat enough!?! At least not for your 'ideal' of what a BHM should look like...


I agree. Anyone who don't appear to be "fit" or skinny is subject to being discriminated against.

One of my best friends is 200 lbs and at 5'8'' he looks 'slightly chubby', which is enough for a lot of people to be turned off by his appearance.

It all depends on height, of course.

When I met my boyfriend he was 200 and at 6'1'' I would have never called him a BHM, but after gaining 40 lbs he did start appearing quite chubby, even if not "massively fat".

Although I do think there should be some type of criteria as to who we consider overweight because otherwise we are relativists, and being overweight is not really relative! (What is relative is what we each are attracted to)

For example, I agree with Escapist that a guy who is 6'3'' and 180 is not objectively overweight at all, by any standard. And that is not to be insulting, I am not overweight at all and there is nothing wrong with that either :)

So we do need to define at least, that a BHM is someone who is "overweight" ... it doesn't matter to what degree he is overweight. But he at the very least needs to be overweight.

For example, I'm only 5'0 and 105 lbs and while I know people who are 85 lbs at my height, that doesn't make me overweight. I would probably start appearing chubby at about 130, due to my height of course.

I have a friend who is 6'2'' and 180 and he is a slim guy, a very slim guy. So I would have to say that for a guy who is 6'3'' to be a BHM he would need to be "at least slightly overweight", which would probably not happen until he reaches at least 220 (to say the least)

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