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May 3, 2014
New in Town

Small Town Big Appetites

I'm new in town and literally know no one, my employer, a large operator of insurance agencies, having just sent me here to be their local agent. I had been in their Pittsburgh office, but the local office manager there didn't think I projected the right "image" of the company, at least not since I had packed on a hundred pounds while dating the sexiest little feedist ever. He sent me packing to this tiny little burgh in the middle of nowhere in western Pennsylvania, telling me it would be "a better fit" for me, whatever that means.

Unfortunately, my sexy little feedist, all 105 pounds of her, was a more cosmopolitan type and had no intention of joining me here in Nowheresville, so I'm fat and alone in a new town. As I get dressed to head over to the agency, a one-person operation given the size of the town, I step on the scale, a parting gift from my ex-girlfriend, and get instantly depressed, seeing that I weigh 403 pounds. And lament, who will want to buy insurance from a big 400-pound tub of lard?

It gets worse when I start to put on my clothes, since I haven't bought any new ones since I hit 375 pounds. My dress pants won't hitch up over my belly any longer, so I have to tuck them under my overhang and fasten my belt extra tight so they don't slide down. And my sport coat is at least a size or two too small, fitting my shoulders fine, but not coming anywhere close to buttoning around my enormous belly, leaving at least a one foot gap of belly showing. Fortunately, my ex-girlfriend had ordered me a couple of new dress shirts before I left Pittsburgh, so they at least are big enough to cover my lower belly and tuck into my pants. But it all makes for kind of a comical look in the mirror, enough to convince me to head to the closest DXL and buy some new clothes ... of course, the nearest one might be a hundred miles, meaning I probably can't do it before next weekend.

I'm staying in the Motel 6 until I can find an apartment and the agency is a three block walk. I'm a bit winded after about a block, but fortunately am right in front of a quaint-looking little diner with an intriguing name -- Chew the Fat. Must be karma, I think, and walk in. I instantly feel at home as the woman behind the counter who greets me must be at least 400 pounds herself and, despite being at least fifteen years my senior, is perhaps the sexiest woman I've ever seen! And on top of that, it seems like at least half the patrons in the place are at least 300 pounds, with maybe a couple verging on 500 pounds. Definitely a lot of tonnage here. Maybe that's what my old office manager meant when he said this town was a "better fit" for me -- heck, I'm now thinking I'm gonna sell loads of insurance here, I can see the billboard on the outskirts of town now, "See the fat man for all your insurance needs" next to a smiling visage of myself, only maybe another hundred pounds heavier.

"Take a load off sexy," barks the woman behind the counter. As I sit on one of the stools she introduces herself as Dolly, "Dolly Dimples," some of the boys call me, due to this," pointing to her ample figure. "Well, you do have adorable dimples," I tell her and introduce myself, "Wally, although some people call me Wally World ... you know, due to this," pointing to my big belly.

"Don't worry Wally, you're gonna feel right at home here," Dolly said with a laugh, adding, "you're the new insurance agent right?"

"How did you know?"

"Oh word gets around in a small town like this ... everyone is so excited to get a new agent ... that last one, such a skinny little runt, no one trusted him, but YOU, you'll do well here."

"Think so?"

Dolly smiles at me and says, "let me answer that after I see how much breakfast you pack into that belly of yours!"


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May 3, 2014
Floyd The Barber

It's lunchtime and my belly is telling me to go back to Dolly's diner to stuff myself silly again and to get there before the other clientele cleans out her refrigerated pie case.

But I spot a barbershop across the street that looks pretty empty and I really do need a haircut as I've allowed myself to get a little shaggy (the ex-girlfriend had me spend so much time eating before I left that I never made it to my old barber!). I lock the agency door behind me, look both ways and cross the street, deciding to take a chance on getting a haircut before the lunchtime crowd shows up.

The name on the door strikes me right away, Floyd's Barber Shop, just like the one on the Andy Griffith Show ... I love those old re-runs on TV Land! And as I open the door, the barber even looks a little bit like Floyd, kind of vaguely ambiguous.

And when he opens his mouth, to say "come in young man," that settles it! His tone and cadence is just like old Floyd in Mayberry, only we're in western Pennsylvania and not western North Carolina.

As I climb into his old school barber chair, he exclaims Floyd-like, "my but you're a big boy." I must look a bit uncomfortable at that, as he immediately says, "I didn't mean anything by that, it's just that you're a big man and ours is a town that loves it's citizens big, it was just my way of welcoming you that's all."

"I'm kind of getting that impression after having breakfast at Dolly's diner this morning."

"Oh Dolly," Floyd mused, "she's helped many a townsman and townswoman increase their waistline over the years, including her own," he adds with a laugh. As he starts clipping with his scissors, Floyd goes on, perhaps a bit salaciously, "you'll find that we have quite the feedist community here in town, whatever you like ..."

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, I just meant, whatever type of feeding turns you on -- thin woman on fat man or vice versa, fat on fat ..." then he pauses and adds, "thin man on fat man ..."

"Oh OK," I stammer.

As he keeps on clipping, Floyd continues, "what I'm trying to say is that a man like you should be quite popular here in this town and that whatever floats your boat you should be able to find here."

"Well thanks Floyd, I'll certainly keep that in mind ... now, can you finish up the haircut? I'm trying to get to Dolly's before all the pie is all gone."

"Oh my, oh my," Floyd dithered, "it's 12:15 and the pies are usually gone by 12:30, so I'll have to finish you up quick ..."

Just then my stomach rumbles loudly, drawing a big laugh from Floyd. "Don't worry sonny, you can just run and pay me when you get back from lunch ... it'll be eleven bucks."

"Wow, that's cheap!"

"Yes indeed my boy, it will allow you to spend more on Dolly's pies -- they have fattened up many a citizen of our town!"


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May 3, 2014
Good Luck Man!

It's 12:26 by the time I make it through Dolly's door, sweating like a pig and about ready to collapse after half jogging the two blocks from Floyd's barber shop. And despite Dolly's reassuring and super-sexy smile, I immediately panic as every fatty in the diner seems to be shoveling pie into their pie holes. And it's not just that they're eating a slice, many seem to have a half or even a whole pie in front of them! Then my gaze shifts to the refrigerated pie case and it looks totally empty! What an inconsiderate town this is, I think to myself, not saving any pie for their fellow fatties ...

"Dolly," I beg, "please tell me all the pies haven't been eaten ... I mean it's not even 12:30 yet!"

Dolly's smile turns into a look of abject pity and she tells me, "I'm sorry Darlin' but everybody in town knows my pies go quick and that you have to be hear early, by at least 12:15, to have a shot." As my face turns ashen, her countenance lightens and her big smile returns, and she exclaims, "just screwin' with you Wally World!"

"So they're not all gone?"

"No, they are all gone, but I saved you three of my best sellers -- after seeing you pig out at breakfast I figured you'd be back in for lunch and some of my world famous pies!"

"Dolly, I'm in love with you -- please tell me you're not married!"

"As a matter of fact, I'm not ... but let's put first things first, what do you want for lunch Big Boy?"

"Surprise me!"

"Are you sure?"

"Sure I'm sure!"

"OK then, that belly looks like it can hold what I'm gonna bring you!" The guy next to me at the counter, who looks every bit of 350 pounds, turns and mutters between bites, "good luck man -- you're gonna need it."

As I sit there waiting, and starving, Dolly comes and delivers me a massive chocolate milkshake, still in the blender, and hands me a straw. "It's my secret formula," she tells me, "I only make this for select customers." I take one sip and it's the most extraordinary thing I've ever tasted, almost a sexual experience for my taste buds. "How is it?," she asks.

"Let me just say my love for you grows deeper Dolly! But say, could I get some fries with this shake, you know to tide me over?"

She just shakes her head and tells me, "you know Wally, you are going to get VERY fat in this town!"

"I know, but how about those fries?"

Wicked Wanda Buys Some Life Insurance

I finally made it back to the office with the two block walk on an overstuffed belly being a seemingly interminable one. I fumbled with the keys, prolonging my agony, then locked the door behind me and headed straight for my office chair, sat down, and undid my too-tight belt and pants. Then I looked down at the phone and the red light that indicated I had a message. Figuring it was only my old office manager seeing how my first day was going, I was shocked, shocked I tell you, to pick up and find that I had twelve new messages. And even more surprised when I started listening to them and finding that there were people who wanted to buy insurance from me, the new guy in town! At least one man and three women mentioned that they'd heard I was "cute." And all of them seemed to want to schedule appointments to come into the office instead of buying over the phone or online. It was crazy!

I jotted down the names and numbers to call them back, but I just had trouble concentrating all afternoon, between the too-stuffed feeling in my belly and my aching balls which had been revved up and all ready to go before leaving Dolly's diner. Eventually I just leaned back in the office chair and shut my eyes, imagining what it might be like with Dolly that night. That is until my cat nap was rudely interrupted by a sharp rapping on the office door. Startled awake, I took a quick look and saw it was a very attractive and very slender mini-skirted woman of about my age, and I spun the chair around so my back was to the door and quickly refastened my pants and belt, before shouting "be there in a sec!"

Opening the door, I found the woman even more attractive face-to-face and she seemed to share the same sentiment about me.

"So you're the chubster I've heard so much about?"

"What is there to hear -- I've been in town for less than 24 hours?"

"Oh my sexy boy, news travels fast in a small town!"

"I'm Wally ..."

"So I heard Wally World ... I'm Wanda ... some call me Wicked Wanda."

"Why's that Wanda?"

"Cause I like to make fat boys fatter ..."

"That's interesting Wanda, 'cause Floyd across the street told me that there is quite the 'feedist' scene in this town ..."

Wanda laughed, and said, "well Floyd would know 'cause he's got a boyfriend tied up at home who he's fed up to over 500 pounds!"

"Tied up?"

"Oh I'm just kidding, I'm the one who likes to use ropes, not Floyd!"

"Wow Wanda, that sounds like fun but maybe it's a bit too much information!" She laughed as if she took no offense at me saying that, so I ventured "and what brings you by today, want to buy some insurance?"

"First off, I wanted to see if you were as fat as I had been told, and you are by the way, just a total sexy beast. But I was also interested in getting some life insurance ... you see, people keep telling me that if I keep fattening up my boyfriends one of these days one of 'em is gonna roll over and smother me to death, me being only a hundred and ten pounds and most of 'em being your size or bigger, and I wanna be able to leave something to my kids if that happens ..."

"Well then Wanda, you are in the right place, I can get you fixed up with some affordable life insurance while you wait."

I went back to my desk chair and started tapping information into my computer, while Wanda sat in the guest chair crossing one very long and very shapely leg over the other. While I was still thinking about Dolly's celestial body, the thought crossed my mind that it wouldn't be bad to be one of Wanda's objects of fattening with those long slinky legs wrapped around my engorged body ... 500 pounds or more. And that got me thinking about Floyd, so I asked her, "that's interesting about Floyd, so he's a chaser?"

"Hells yeah," she said enthusiastically. "That man of his, he used to be a miner, going down in the mine every day, but Floyd fed him up so fat that he can't fit through the mine opening any more and if he could they wouldn't let him 'cause they'd be afraid he would block the exit route if there was ever an incident down there ... you know, kinda like big fat Shelley Winters in that old movie The Poseidon Adventure!"

"I could see where that might be a problem ..."

"Yeah but Floyd loves the Fatty and they're perfect for each other ..."

"How about you, Wanda, do you have a current boyfriend you're fattening up (fishing around in case she was unattached)?"

"I never go long without one," she laughed, "this one we've been together about a year, he was a scrawny little 250 pounder when we started and now he's your size, what are you, 380 maybe?"

"Just broke 400 before I moved here ..."

"Pretty impressive Wally World!"

"So how do you do it, I mean how do you fatten 'em up?"

"This one has been easy, you see Dolly Dimples gave me her secret gainer shake recipe and the pounds just started piling on. Hey, I hear you took down three of those gainer shakes at lunch today ... that's really impressive, I mean my piggy can only handle two at a single sitting!"

"I thought they were regular shakes," I said as if to explain why I'd consume that many calories.

Wanda laughed and said, "that's what I had him believing at first too!" Then she fumbled in her purse and pulled out a picture, "and look at him now!"

"Handsome guy," I said. "And great in the sack," Wanda added. Then she got a wicked little grin on her face, no doubt one of the reasons she gained her moniker, and said, "you know Wally, with all the feeders in this town, you'll probably be at 600 pounds in a couple of years ..."

I paused for a second to reflect on that, and responded, "might not be so bad if I can snag some insurance commissions from all those fat lovers here." Wanda smiled wickedly again, and said, 'you're gonna sell a ton of insurance in this town ... but you may weigh a ton by then too!"

I had the wicked grin that time and she noticed, chiding me, "I think you like that idea don't you Fat Boy?"

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