Smoker's Delight - by Deryk Shane (Lesbianism, ~Big Butt, ~~WG)

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Deryk Shane

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Jul 29, 2006
Lesbianism, ~Big Butt, ~~WG - Co-workers discover their attraction for each other.

[Author's Note: I wrote this story loosely based on a co-worker at my old job who smoked and would complain she was getting fat (which she wasn't) and that if she quit smoking she'd get even fatter.]

Smoker's Delight

by Deryk Shane

"C'mon, Meloni. Just throw them out," she said, standing in front of her.

A cheap foldout brown table was between them. Meloni looked at her, and back down at the table; quietly sliding between her hands were an open pack of cigarettes. Passing them from hand-to-hand across the table, she broke her gaze to look back up at her friend.

"What if I just finished these last four, and then quit?" she smiled, as if pleading for a stay of execution. "You know how expensive these are?"

"No, Meloni. You keep saying you're going to quit, and you never do. Just throw them out."

"I should, but..."

"No buts, just do it."

"Well, that's what I'm afraid of."

"Oh come off it, Meloni. You weigh less than I do. You're not going to get fat if you quit."

"That's only because you're four inches taller than me. I'm five-four."

"Oh, excuses, excuses," Meloni's friend reached down and snatched them before Meloni could grab her hand. "There," she said, tossing them in the trash bin by the door. "No more cancer sticks."

"Oh, all right," she sighed. Sensing this, Sarah walked back to the table, adjusting her black t-shirt beneath her unbuttoned blue and red flannel shirt.

"And the pack in your purse."

"Huh, I..."

"Don't fib. Do you want to quit or not?"

"Yes," Meloni whimpered.

"Well, then, hand them over," Sarah said, crossing her arms and tapping her foot.

As Meloni reached for her purse on the ground next to her, Sarah unclasped her left hand from her elbow and held it out, gesturing with her fingers to hand them over.

She did, and Sarah walked back to the trash bin and pitched them. "There, all better."

"But if I get fat, I'm blaming you."

"Will you stop it," Sarah exclaimed as Meloni started to get up to walk out of the breakroom into the office. "You're a twig. You already avoided the freshman fifteen, and haven't gained an ounce since getting this desk job two years ago. You're NOT going to get fat."

As they walked through the door to their office, Sarah guided her by reaching around to her shoulder. "It's going to be fine."

As the day progressed, Meloni began to feel antsy. She started shuffling and tapping her feet under her desk, and squirmed in her chair. Her blue jeans were getting uncomfortable as she felt herself sweating into them. Her underwear of choice, a thong, was growing uncomfortable from the moisture. Casually throughout the day she'd tug on her shirt, trying to get air flow to go around her body as she felt herself getting hotter.

Finally, she looked up to see Sarah standing there. Leaning down, her short blonde-peppered-brown hair falling into her eyes, she asked "So, how you holding up?"

"Okay, I guess." She tugged on her blue t-shirt again, "But I'm hot as hell."

"Just because you're 25 doesn't mean you have to brag. I was your age once, too," Sarah grinned as she patted Meloni on the shoulder.

"I don't know if I can make it, though. I'm seriously jonesing for one."

A little later, with the temperature rising inside Meloni's body, she couldn't take it and went to the breakroom. There she approached the frozen treats vending machine and looked. As she perused the items, she caught her reflection in the plexiglass. She glanced over, from the dark red hair pulled back into a ponytail, her light complexion, small nose and mouth, to her waifish appearance below in the blue t-shirt and dark blue jeans.

"One little ice cream sandwich isn't going to hurt. Sarah's right, I am a twig. At least this will help cool me off as I get over my nicotine addiction," she mouthed to herself. She inserted the money and pressed the button. As the mechanisms turned to produce one ice cream sandwich, another one had been misplaced in the order and fell as well.

Thinking nothing of it as a sign, she started to eat the first one. It tasted good, and cooled her down very well. Just as she finished it, she realized the second one was getting squishy in the heat of the breakroom; she felt she couldn't let it go to waste.

She peeled the wrapper off and ate it quickly before returning back to the office room. Passing Sarah, she glanced up and noticed the slight smile on Sarah's face, "Did you light up?"

"No," Meloni decried.

"Come on, don't lie to me."

"I didn't."


Just after five, Meloni was still finishing some paperwork when Sarah came over. Leaning over to her, she rubbed Melon's shoulders, "So, how was your first big bad day as a non-smoker?"

"Terrible," she said, placing some papers in a pile. "My jeans are sticking to me from being soaked with sweat, I've been nasty to a few people on the phone, and I can't stand taking a break without a cigarette."

"Well, it'll get better, trust me," Sarah said, recounting her own experience.

"Yeah, I know."

"Why don't we go out for drinks to celebrate?"


Later that evening, the two sat at the end of bar at a small place called "Mike's," drinking shots. Meloni was drinking them quickly, while Sarah just sat back and watched. As Meloni grew more inebriated, the conversation progressed.

Being friends since she started to work at the same place with Sarah, Meloni had grown to embrace Sarah as the sister she never had. Other than Meloni dying her hair dark red, they were almost identical twins born five years apart.

Sarah had married a man named Steve just out of high school, which she felt was the biggest mistake she had ever made. After an angry break-up, she had stayed single living in the very nice house which she got in the divorce. Although she was always lonely, she never really dated anyone. Her life became her coworkers, whom she adored and spent most of her time on, and time with.

When Meloni started two years ago, Sarah turned her attention to
her. Getting her to stop smoking became her all-consuming hobby. They had become good friends. They both had gone to the same school, lived in the same neighborhood, and were both the sort of extroverted individuals who could relate to one another.

After Meloni was beyond wasted, Sarah helped her to her car to drive her home. "Oh, Sar', thank you," she mumbled, as Sarah helped get her into the backseat.

The next few days progressed painfully slow for Meloni. Her only comfort was that Sarah was a consistent thorn in her side every time she brought up having a cigarette. Her taste for food was becoming sharper. Her tastebuds were coming back with vigor, and she started to secretly delight in her meals. The longer the time passed from when she quit, the more flavorful--and usually fattening--her meals were.

Her guilt was blinded only by her pleasure. She was relieved to know that her clothes weren't growing tight. Even at 27, she felt her metabolism was keeping pace with the food she had started eating.

On her two-month anniversary, Sarah invited her out for drinks again to celebrate. Because it was a Saturday, Meloni lounged around at home prior to leaving. At six, she took a shower and started to think of what to wear. She was in a promiscuous mood and wanted to dress up a bit, if only to impress men, rather than to sleep with one.

Going through her closet, she found a pair of leather pants she had bought just last year for a concert, and a tight white spaghetti-strap shirt she loved. Putting the shirt on, she modeled in front of the mirror. Her small B-cup breasts always looked great in it. She then started to slide on the leather pants and they stopped halfway up her thighs.

"That's odd," she muttered, thinking to herself, "Must've forgotten to unzipper them." As she reached down between her legs to reach the zipper on the back, she realized that they had been unzipped. "Oh, no," she murmured. She stood up again and looked in the mirror. Nothing looked odd. She didn't feel any bigger than before. And her butt didn't seem bigger. In fact, Meloni thought her lower half looked its best in years.

They had to have shrunk, she thought. She wiggled and coerced, but nothing could get them up past the midpoint of her thighs. Finally, she gave in and went with a pair of jeans. She slid them up and modeled in the mirror.

"I look good," she said, checking out her butt in the mirror. As she modeled a little longer, she began to caress her behind. It filled out her jeans so well, so much better than before.

"Wow, Mel, look at you," Sarah said, putting down her drink.

"Gee, thanks. So, starting without me, huh?" Meloni said, getting up onto the barstool.

"I mean, your ass looks great in those jeans. I wish I still had that figure."

"I'm gaining weight," Meloni sighed.

"You call that weight?" Sarah laughed, sipping her cocktail.

As the night progressed, the drinks and appetizers kept coming. Meloni had only wanted a single cheesestick and a potato skin, but she ordered a huge sampler platter. At the time, she told Sarah she'd take most of it home. By 10 pm, she had eaten it all and was glancing curiously at Sarah.

"See, I told you."

"What? Didn't see anybody forcing you to eat it," Sarah smiled, "In fact, it looked like you enjoyed that way too much."

"I know. I don't know what's gotten into me, but food just tastes so good now."

Just after midnight, Meloni and Sarah were still drinking, although by now they had progressed back to a booth in the corner to gossip. Despite wanting privacy, the alcohol was making it difficult for either to stay quiet. Meloni's self conscious weight gain was her topic, while Sarah kept up with how horrible their boss was acting that week.

"Sar', what if I can't stop? What if I just keep eating and eating and wind up like that little blue girl in the chocolate movie?"

"Violet?" Sarah laughed.

"No, she was blue--a blueberry. A big fat blueberry."

Sarah giggled uncontrollably.

"What if I turn into a big fat blueberry?"

"You know I love that scene?" Sarah chirped.


Finally at closing time, the two stumbled outside to await their cab. Meloni's head was spinning as Sarah leaned against her. Sarah had her arm around her waist, propping herself up. Meloni had her head on Sarah's shoulder, keeping one eye open towards the street for the cab.

Arriving at Sarah's house, she stumbled out and threw a ten at the front seat. "C'mon, Mel, spen' the night, you might not ma-- k'it up the steps in your apar'ment."

"Okay," Meloni said, shuffling across the bench seat to the sidewalk.

"G'night, sir," Meloni cooed to the cabby.

They helped each other up the steps and stood at the front door. Sarah was fumbling for her keys, leaning her head against the corner of the doorpost while Meloni leaned her back against the door. They talked loudly while Sarah was finding the key. After inserting it, the door opened and Meloni fell quickly backwards onto the hardwood floor.

"Mel, you okay?" Sarah giggled.

"Ow, who put this here?" Meloni moaned. Reaching down to lend a hand, Sarah fell down, too, beside her.

"Let's get into the living room." Meloni rolled over and crawled on the floor through the entry and onto the carpeted living room floor. Sarah braced the wall and stood up and left for the kitchen. Meloni laid her right cheek on the floor and looked towards the gap under the sofa.

"I found a nickel," Meloni exclaimed as Sarah came back around the corner.

"Here," Sarah said, kneeling down slowly to avoid a head rush. She placed an icepack wrapped in a towel on the back of Meloni's head where she had hit the floor.

Lying down to her right, Sarah faced the back of her head. She laid her arm over the small of her back.

"I love you, Sar'," Meloni sighed, reaching up to hold the ice pack. "You're such a good friend," she said, her eyes closed.

"I love you, too, Mel," she paused a second, and patted her on the butt, "and your big butt, too."

Meloni giggled. "It is big, isn't it?"

"It's hu-u-u-ge," Sarah expressed, as she rubbed her hand around it counterclockwise. "You're bursting at the seams." She then patted it again and started to get up. Standing up and bracing the wall, she looked back down at her. Her jeans were tight across her small, but very round butt sticking up in the air. Her thighs looked thicker, too.

Walking back from the bathroom, she saw Meloni lying there, this time her head facing the right. Sarah carefully laid down next to her. She dropped a pillow down and helped get Meloni's head on it. She laid her head on it and they faced, with their eyes barely open.

"I love you," Meloni whispered, this time, drawing it out.

"Oh, well, I do too. Silly."

"You take care of me." She leaned forward, her face just inches away from Sarah's.

"You're my girl," Sarah said, leaning even closer.

"Your big butt girl." Meloni leaned in and gave her a peck on the lips.

In a slow undulation, Meloni rolled onto her side and they embraced in a sloppy hug, groping at each other while they kissed. Meloni felt Sarah's tongue inside her mouth, so cool compared to her own. They embraced further and Sarah slid her leg up onto Meloni's hip. Meloni reached down to pull her closer. Her eyes still closed, she felt the warm skin of Sarah's hip. She had taken off her pants and was now just in her underwear.

She slid her hand up to her panties and then up to her armpit and slowly around to her back. Quietly and slowly, Meloni fell asleep in her arms.

Sarah slowly became conscious of the situation and stood up and laid a blanket down over Meloni. She then made the slow climb up the steps to her bedroom to sleep off the alcohol.

The next morning Meloni woke up, warm from the blanket. Rolling over quickly, she felt the pain on the back of her head, and the dampness of her pants from sweat. She slowly stood up, using the coffee table as leverage.

Trying to recollect the night before, she felt oddly happy. The details were sketchy, but she remembered that she was so happy coming back to Sarah's house. Just as she stood up, Sarah came around the entryway and looked at her, "Well, I was wondering when you'd be getting up, sleepy head."

"Speaking of, what happened?" she asked, rubbing the back of her head.

"Oh, you fell over there," Sara pointed to the hardwood floor by the front door.

"Ow, I guess I can see why it hurts now."

The next morning Meloni was getting ready for work and was standing in front of her mirror. Glancing over herself, she pivoted and checked out her butt. "Wow, big butt--" she started, as the flashback to Saturday night flooded her memory, "girl."

"Oh no, that didn't happen," she exclaimed to herself. "Oh, my," she kept repeating. Holding her arms closely around her midsection, she sat down on the bed, rocking back and forth in confusion.

'Did she remember? Did she like it? Did I start it? Did she? Did I like it? Did anything else happen?" she thought, as the memories came in bunches.

Why wouldn't she say anything Sunday morning then? Why would she pretend?

The longer she sat and thought, she realized how confused she was becoming. So many thoughts and emotions came rushing to the forefront. Sarah hadn't dated a man since she broke up with her husband. She always said it was over another woman. But was it "her" that had the other woman?

Her mental logjam finally broke free when she glanced at the clock. Only 23 minutes until she had to start work and she was still in just a thong. Quickly she threw on a t-shirt and started to pull up a pair of khakis. As she got to her butt, they were suddenly very tight. She squeezed and jiggled, getting them to slowly traverse her small, but growing, backside.

She didn't have time to worry. She was running late. Her appearance wasn't a top priority at the moment. As she drove, her thoughts quickly darted from cars and pedestrians to bars and lesbians.

Could she be? She had never kissed a woman before, even in high school or college. She always felt it was "icky" and not appropriate. But thinking back to Saturday, she loved it so much. Maybe it was just the alcohol. Maybe she was so wasted and horny it could've been anybody. After finally convincing herself that it was alcohol, she remembered running her hand up Sarah's thigh all the way to her shoulder. As she did, she felt herself growing warm between the legs.

"Oh man," she cried, as she sat at a red light. "I don't have time to figure this out now."

Rushing into work, she ran to the punch clock and Sarah cut her off, "Don't worry, Mel, I got you covered."

"Oh, thank you so much," she gasped, out of breath from having run from the parking lot. "I am such a mess this morning."

"I can see," Sarah said, as they walked back towards their corner of the office. "Anything I can help with?"

"I don't know," Meloni said, "I'm just preoccupied."

"Oh, okay."

As they went their separate ways, Sarah looked back at her friend, noticing the very tight, light beige material straining over two very noticeable hams. "Wow," she mouthed, as she thought of how wrong she was about Meloni not smoking.

Later that day, they sat in the breakroom. Meloni sat there, downing a candy bar while Sarah sat quietly, watching. Meloni wanted to talk, but every time decided the best option was to shove great tasting candy into her gullet.

The entire break went silently, and then returned to work. As Meloni sat there at her desk, she glanced down the hallway towards Sarah, then back at her desk. She pulled open her bottom drawer for her last pack of cigarettes. Oh, how desperately she needed a smoke. As she lifted the pack, she felt how light it was, and looked in. A small ball of paper was caught in the opening. She pulled it out and unfurled it like a fortune cookie.



"Oh, damn," she said, glancing back at Sarah's direction. Grabbing some change, she went quickly to the breakroom and got an ice cream sandwich. Standing there, she glanced around and realized she was alone. With a few quick bites it was gone. Feeling a power rush and still hungry, she deposited the money and pressed the button for another one.

Just as she finished consuming it, the door opened and Sarah popped her head in.

"Hey," Sarah said, walking towards her.

Meloni tried to swallow the last of the ice cream sandwich quickly, but still had a full mouth.

"I wanted to check on you; I saw that pack of cigarettes on your desk. I hope you understand I did this because I love you," she started, "not because I hate you."

"Yeah, I know," Meloni swallowed, "I just, am stressing."

"Oh, well, I can understand."

"You do?"

"Yeah, it's tough to break the habit."

"Oh, yeah, well."

Meloni didn't know how to approach her. Nothing seemed different, her attention was the same. Her demeanor was the same. "Could I have dreamed it?" she thought.

Standing at home in her bedroom, she removed her pants, and probed herself. In a few short days, her entire lower half had began a sudden transformation. No longer did she have straight lines down her sides. Her hips had become protrusions sticking out. Her thighs had thickened. And twirling sideways, her butt had added quite a bit of padding.

"I've never had an ass before," she said to herself as she caressed it with her left hand, looking in the mirror. She had only gained five pounds, but on her small stature it accumulated quickly on only her butt. "It's so round, I have a--" she trailed off, almost afraid to say it, "--a bubble butt." She stood there, admiring it. "Could Sarah like this? DOES she like this? Could she just be shy and afraid to say it?"

The next morning, Meloni woke up early and took a long hot bath to get ready. After bathing, she went to the kitchen and opened a bag of mini candy bars. Munching on them, she found the bag half empty before she started to dress.

Standing in front of her mirror, she slid on a pair of dark blue pants, ones she knew had some stretch to them. Sure enough, the stretch was needed across her butt. Modeling a moment, she realized they were riding up between her cheeks. She kept picking them out, but they returned after walking a few steps. She then pulled them off angrily and went with a pair of dark brown stretch pants. Although they didn't ride up, they didn't leave much to the imagination with regard to her curves. Her much more ample curves.

By the time she was ready to leave, she had eaten the whole bag of candies. "I am such a wreck," she said, as she locked the front door behind her.

Riding to work, she stopped at the doughnut shop for an espresso and a creme-filled eclaire. Feeling the rush of calories, she strode confidently into work. During the day she had two candy bars in addition to her regular lunch. Once at home, she ordered a medium cheese pizza and ate it all while watching television.

The routine continued for the next week unabated. Her weight continued to climb, She had now gained 11 pounds since she stopped smoking. Just one week later, she drove by the doughnut shop, and when making her order, she blurted out "two cremes" instead of the usual one. Her nightly pizza order progressed to a medium meat-lovers pizza with extra cheese. Her two candybars a days increased to three, and her pants were becoming a second skin to her.

Finally, with her weight up 16 pounds, Sarah broached the subject with her after work on the way to their cars.

"Okay, so I lied."

"Huh?" Meloni thought, thinking she was going to reference that fateful Saturday night.

"I told you if you stopped smoking you wouldn't..." Sarah said, glancing downward to the pavement to avoid the piercing stare.

"Yeah, but I found out I love food more than cigarettes. Black lungs or humongous rear, something's got to give."

"Oh, you're not humongous."

"Are you kidding, look at this," Meloni said, spinning so her butt was sideways to Sarah, while she still could make eye contact. Her large posterior filled out her larger-sized black stretch pants nicely. "I can't figure it out. Nobody in my family has this body, and it's all going right here," she said, reaching back with both hands and giving it a strong, firm jiggle to both cheeks.

"Okay, so you're a little bigger," Sarah said. "But, uh, some guys, uh, like that."

Meloni felt her backing into a corner. Emotions began to swell, but she couldn't force it, "Would you like to get something to drink,... or maybe something to eat?"

"Yeah, I'm a little hungry," Sarah answered.

Sitting at the restaurant, Meloni was straining her nerves, in addition to her pants, as she consumed her appetizer sampler, very large messy bacon cheeseburger, and slice of cheesecake. Sarah sat there, barely talking, as she ate. The conversation was stifled and forced.

Walking back to Meloni's car, she drove her back to Sarah's house without speaking. Sitting at the curb, they didn't say anything to each other. "Sar'," Meloni started, "can I come inside for a minute?"

"Sure," Sarah said, as she got out of the car. Meloni stood as well, adjusting her shirt down back to her waist. They walked up the porch together while Meloni unlocked the deadbolt. Just as it pushed open, Meloni reached out to the small of Sarah's back to lead her into the foryer. As they passed the door, Sarah reached back to close it, and slightly brought it back by Meloni's hip, just grazing her buttock.

Without hesitating, Meloni leaned in and kissed Sarah square on the lips. Sarah pulled back against the wall and looked quickly around her face and down to her neck and back. Meloni stood there, momentarily frightened at her advance.

"Oh, Mel," she cried, kissing her passionately. They groped feverishly at each other.

Meloni started kissing her neck, gasping in between, "Do you love my butt? Tell me you love my butt. Please tell me you love it."

"Oh, I love your big, beautiful butt." Sarah kissed her neck, running her hands down around her waist to her larger buttocks. "I love your big round butt." She kissed her strongly, feeling their tongues touch. "You're my big butt girl."

Meloni melted at those words. "Oh, Sar', I have been so traumatized since that one night."

"I'm so sorry, I wasn't sure if you were even coherent that night. I thought I had taken advantage of you."

"I was, and I loved it."

They fumbled over each other, groping at everything. As Meloni's shorts came off, Sarah dropped to her knees to pull down the stretch pants. Meloni's small black thong disappeared between two large pale globes of flesh.

Meloni suddenly reached down to cover her groin, "Uh," she paused, getting self-conscious.

"Too fast?"

"Yeah," Meloni said, "just a little."

She stood up slowly, kissing her body as she did. Kissing around her neck, Meloni writhed in pleasure. Slight moans escaped her as Sarah continued. Sensing this, Sarah eased her right hand down her side and to her thong, as she slid her hand to where moments earlier Mel had refused.

Eyes closed, biting her lip delicately, Meloni held in her concern this time as Sarah began.


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Feb 7, 2007
Loved it! Butt growth stories are by far my favourite! :)

Would love to see more adventures in this story or more with similar ideas :D


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Jan 31, 2006
I can understand that there might be problems with developing this kind of story, but I hope it can continue. Even if one of those problems might be fear of just "more of the same", I think I could take a good deal "more of the same". Thank you.

Deryk Shane

Active Member
Jul 29, 2006
Thanks for the kind words.

Yeah, it is tough to continue a storyline. A lot of my old 'marathon stories' were written in a time when I a) had the free time and b) had the prolonged desire for the same story.

Not so much the case anymore on either count.

Deryk Shane


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Mar 6, 2007
also i wanted to say that it would be cool to see your take on a girl trying to loose weight useing diet pills. Loosing the weight and then because she used diet pills, rebounding and then gaing all the weight back and more over and over again, and each time becoming harder and harder to loose the weight. Loved the theme of this story, and please post your other stories too, i would appreciate it alot....

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