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Buck Lee

Sep 15, 2006
Long-time lurker checking in here - just had to share a nice experience I had with my big beautiful wife last night. The slightly sad backstory to it is she has just signed up to a new fitness and weight loss program (she knows my kink but doesn't share it, and her weight is getting her down - I've made sure she knows I will love and support her no matter what size or shape she is, I just want her to be happy and healthy).

Anyway, this involved weigh in, photos, and measurements. Boy, was I happy to help! Weight first: 215lbs. More than I thought; she carries it well. Height is 5' 5", the other week a stranger implied she was pregnant (she's not) which was a nice moment for me, she does have a prominent belly in some outfits.

Those numbers put her BMI at nearly 36, well into the 'obese' range. I remember years ago her being upset at being told that, so I said nothing. She said "this is the heaviest I've been for a long time", by that I think she meant the heaviest since she was in fact pregnant, which basically means this is her at her biggest ever. Sorry, won't be sharing the photos, but in them her belly dominated the picture, especially side on - we could have put a family size bag of popcorn on the shelf behind and it would have been well hidden. She volunteered that she had been shopping earlier and tried on a size 16 skirt (size 12 US) that barely did up. Since she's been size 14 most of her life, to think she's basically size 18 now was delightful.

Measurements next. As you may have guessed by now, she's a classic 'apple': chest 46", waist 44", hips 46". All bounteously wonderful, but waist was my favourite. Her 44" belly is a small mountain of joy. Like most people, she just likes food more than being skinny, and it shows. I don't feed/encourage her, just support whatever decisions she makes.

When we got into bed I couldn't resist showing my appreciation of what I'd just experienced. "You are such a goddess and I love you" I whispered. Managed to arouse her interest despite herself, which made for a very satisfactory end to the evening.

Funny how for some people (me included), the numbers themselves just add to the hotness. Sorry this got a bit long; hope some people enjoyed it almost as much as I did.


Aug 22, 2021
Nice to hear you are so wildly attracted to your wife! And I bet she appreciates it as well.

This is on your side:

"Like most people, she just likes food more than being skinny, and it shows. "

Biologically speaking, time is on your side. The body LOVES to hold onto fat, especially as we get older. Without a massive, consistent daily effort to excercise vigorously plus an absolute iron will when it comes to food, the pounds come back and anyone here including me can tell you that when they come back, you get an extra 10 or 20 pounds for your trouble.

It makes some people sad, but it makes us FAs overjoyed.

When I was fat, I just surrendered to it and let my partner enjoy it to her heart's content. Putting her hands in my folds in the car. Eating two desserts "just for her." Letting her surprise me with ice cream at 11 PM, never saying no, knowing it would make me fatter. Lying on my back in bed and letting her play with my belly for hours, seemingly, poking it, rubbing it, mashing it together with two hands and letting go so it would wiggle, and whispering "fat boy!" in my ear.

I knew I would eventually lose it but while I had it, why not let someone who loves it go nuts??


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