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kilo riley

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May 13, 2006
I wonder how common this phenomenon is. I think most FFA's tend to be slim and like the size difference of a heavier man. Likewise, I think most FA's like their women to be much heavier than them. I think in both these cases the women tend to be submissive(not always of course, but i think in most cases).

What got me thinking about BBW and SSBBW that like to get their men fat is something I noticed with real life friends. My now ex-girlfriend and I were friends with this couple who would have fit into the average sized boyfriend and very fat girlfriend paradigm. Lets call them Ron and Deb. I'm guessing, but I'd say Ron was about 190 lbs and Deb was about 400. So I was pretty shocked recently when I saw them both and Ron was really frickin fat. He was fatter than Deb, who looked like she may have lost about 50 lbs. But yeah, Ron was a good 400 lbs. He had this huge belly apron that when he sat down it just looked like his trousers were filled with helium. I hadn't seen Ron in ages (maybe 6 or 7 years) but I thought, "damn dude, Deb must be a good cook."

So I called my ex-girlfriend to get the 411 on the whole Ron and Deb thing and she told me that Deb was a dominatrix feeder. Both my ex-gf and Deb had been in the BBW scene for awhile but i always suspected that Deb, like my ex-gf, was a feedee.

I guess not though. She's a SSBBW Dominatrix feeder. Is that a rare combo or no?


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Dec 14, 2012
Interesting topic. I have to disagree with the whole idea of women usually being submissive in any couple with a size difference though. From what I have seen of the BBW on this very forum most of them are far from the submissive type! And although my own boyfriend is about 250lbs heavier than me I am not submissive in relationships and neither is he, we are one of those couples who genuinely are equal in terms of dominance.

As for the SSBBW feeder idea, well, if you look on the paysite board you will find that there are plenty of them that like to dabble in the idea at the very least. Also, I am a petite BBW (5'2 and about 175lbs) and I enjoy being the feedee but even more so I like being the feeder! Thankfully my boyfriend likes both roles as well!

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