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Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Kira's Feeding Fantasy 2 by dmarsh07 (SSBBWs, XXWG)

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Dec 6, 2005
Just a note at the start - this isn't my story. It was written by 'dmarsh07' on deviantArt, whose account very suddenly vanished a couple of years ago. He had a lot of very well-written XWG stories centering around various female characters from TV and film, including some Star Trek. Stupidly I didn't think to save much of his work, but I do have 3 of his Deep Space Nine stories and thought they deserved a wider audience. Major Kira was always my fave character on the show so these are really wonderful to me. :smitten:

Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Kira's Feeding Fantasy 2

by dmarsh07

This is a Star Trek DS9 weight gain fanfic. It's actually a new version of "Kira Feeding Fantasy". If one woman is good, two is better.

If you don't want to read about Star Trek women being forcefed, overstuffed, and gaining huge amounts of weight, don't. If you do anyway, don't cry to me; it' your own doing.

I finally got up the courage to try the holosuite program I'd written. I went through it five times, making sure that all the safeguards against eavesdropping were in place; first a quick scan for any listening or watching devices, and a sub-program broadcast right in front of them, with a boring, normal fantasy setting. Also, if anyone used an override to get in during the program, it'd stop and clear instantly. I like my privacy.

Anyway, I finally got the courage to use it. I bought two hours time in a 'suite, and brought in my program. I locked the door, and started it up.

I was standing on the Promenade, alone. There were less people than usual around, but there were people; I wanted as real a setting as possible. Besides, they'd leave gradually, and no one would return or replace them. But first...

The turbolift I was loitering next to opened, and Major Kira Nerys barreled out towards me, out of breath. "Sorry I'm late. You're the one I'm supposed to give a station tour to?" she asked me, panting.

"Yes," I said. "And you're not late; I just got here myself. We can do this another time, if you're tired."

"No, it's just that Ops was a madhouse today; I was going nonstop from the second I got on-shift. I didn't even have time for lunch. Would you mind if we stopped at the Replimat first, so I can grab a bite?"

Of course, I wouldn't mind; that was the whole point. "No, not at all. May I join you?"

"Of course." As we walked across the Promenade, with Kira starting the 'tour' by noting some of the features to me, the 'extras' started to drift off. By the time we reached the 'Mat, we were the only ones visible.

"Hasperat," she ordered from the computer. Then she reconsidered before the computer could fill her order. "No, wait."

She turned and looked me up and down for a few moments. "I think I can trust you with little secret of mine," she said finally.

"If you want to share a secret, of course I won't breathe a word to anyone. But why would you want to tell me anything? You hardly know me."

She thought for a moment. "Maybe, but I have a good instinct about people, even non-Bajora. I think you won't tell anyone, and might enjoy it yourself. And it's been far too long since the last time I did this and I want to desperately."

I raised one eyebrow. "Did what?"

She looked around, as if afraid someone would appear from nowhere and ruin her plan. Seeing no one, she walked to a table and sat down. I sat across from her. "Computer, replicator sequence program Kira-one," she called.

In response to her command, instantly our table was covered, completely covered, with food. I started to fidget. She looked at me for a moment, the went on. "In the resistance, we never knew when our next meal was. So, any time we got some food, we'd stuff ourselves with as much as we could hold, and sometimes more. Well, one time, we took out a big group of Cardassians that were holed up in a cave near our base. When we went through their stuff, we found orders that they were supposed to stay there and hide out for a month with a complete communications blackout and enough supplies to make their stay comfortable. The orders were dated a week before, so we had three left before there would be trouble. Shakaar decided that we could stay there, for a while anyway, and we settled in.

"They had more food than I'd ever seen in one place before. It was late, so we set up guard shifts and went to sleep. When my shift was over, I couldn't stop thinking about all the food we'd found. Before I went back to sleep, I went into the food stores, and, like always, began to stuff myself. But this time, there was enough food to last twice as many people as we had for weeks. I knew that I'd never be able to finish it all, or even much of what was there, but I kept going, stuffing myself with more and more food, going faster and faster so I could finish before anyone woke up and caught me. I couldn't stop. I just kept eating and eating, filling up my belly, and stretching it out, bigger and bigger. Finally, as a compromise to myself, I took as much food as I could carry back to my cot, and finished there. By then, I was so stuffed that I literally couldn't move."

"What happened the next day?" I asked.

She chuckled. "Oh, no one said anything. They'd all been through that one time or another. But I never forgot how... good it felt to be stuffed that full. There weren't many times during the Occupation, but whenever I got the chance, I'd hole up somewhere and stuff myself like that again."

"And now that the Occupation's over, and you've got this job," I said, gesturing around the station, "you get the chance more often."

She almost blushed. "Yes."

There was a short pause as we stared at each other. Finally, I said, "you're right. I won't tell anyone. And I think I'll definitely enjoy watching. If you don't mind."

She stared at me for a moment, then said, "no, I don't think I'd mind at all."

With that, she picked up a whole plateful of something Bajoran that I couldn't identify, and stuffed the whole thing into her mouth. Moments later, she swallowed it, and rammed something else even bigger in to replace it. As she did, she looked over at me. I was staring at her, not blinking. "Yes," she
muttered, "I think you do like watching this."

She started fairly slowly, savoring each taste. But as she kept going, she sped up, first just taking handfuls faster, then using both hands separately, one after the other, then taking bigger handfuls. Some time during this, my hand drifted down into my lap. I kept my pants closed, but I began to rub myself as I watched her stuff herself faster and faster. After maybe half an hour, she had eaten every last crumb on the table, and her belly was completely full and stretched out at least twice as big as at the end of her pregnancy. She sat back, and sighed contentedly, rubbing her belly.

"Mmmm." She looked over at me for the first time since she started, and looked me up and down. I guessed that she couldn't see my hand, since it was below the level of the table, but she knew what I was doing. "I see you like it, too," she said, smiling. I licked my lips with a dry tongue, and whispered, "yeah, I did. Thank you for sharing that with me."

Her eyes got darker and seemed to catch fire. "You know," she said, studiously casual, "there's something else I've thought about over the years. I've even planned it out, but I never had the guts to try it before. I think I will now."

My eyes must have widened, because she laughed. "Just wait. Computer, replicator sequence program Kira-two!" As before, the table was instantly covered with food.

"What's the difference?" I asked.

"Two things," she said. She picked up a small vial filled with a liquid from a corner of the table. "First, this: a drug that will speed up my digestion and slow down my metabolism--"

"Which means that everything you eat will be--"

She smiled again. "Nearly instantly packed on me as weight. And second..." She picked up a bit of food from the table and ate it. The empty place where it had been was instantly refilled by the replicator. My jaw dropped.

"Yes," she said. "This little drug will keep me from completely filling up, and the replicator will keep adding new food until I tell it to stop."

"So, you'll be able to eat as much as you want without running out of food. Or room." She nodded.

I thought for a minute. "You realize that you'll be absolutely enormous by the time you're finished, right?"

"Yes," she answered. With that, she tipped her head back to drain the vial. But before she could, a voice called from behind me, "Kira! You promised that you'd tell me when you tried your new program!"

Jadzia Dax walked up to the table and stared at Kira. Kira put down the vial and said, "sorry, Jadzia. I was just enjoying it so much that I decided to do it on impulse."

"Well, you could have called me." Jadzia paused and looked her up and down. "How many this time?" she asked, smiling.

"Just one," Kira answered. Then she turned to me, again almost blushing. "My record is four tables."

Jadzia looked at me too. "Only with help from me. After two and a half, she started to moan that she'd never be able to finish it, so I helped her out, by feeding her the rest of that one. And...convincing her to try another."

Kira's eyes glazed over a little and she absently rubbed her swollen belly. I stared at her, imagining her belly stretched out four times bigger than it was.

Jadzia continued, "since then, we've had regular sessions every few weeks. I even let her feed me a few times. Now I realize why she loves it so much; it gives such a feeling of safety and well-being."

Kira snorted. "Don't intellectualize it, Jadzia. It gets you as hot as it does me."

Jadzia smiled slightly. "So it does. Finally, together, we came up with this little scheme." She gestured at the table. "We were going to have a little race to see who could eat the most, fastest." She got a wicked grin on her face and gently rubbed Kira's belly. "It looks like you've got a bit of a head start, but that won't help you."

Jadzia stood back, watching her for a moment, then went over to a table on the other side of the Replimat and called, "Computer! Alter running replicator sequence program to Kira-two-alpha!"

Jadzia's table was covered in food too. She held up a vial similar to the one still in Kira's hand and toasted both of us. Kira returned the toast, then both women drained their vials in a single gulp. Kira's belly shrank back to normal, but when I looked closely, I could see a little extra flesh in her curves.

They both smiled widely. "Now the fun really begins," said Kira. Jadzia nodded. With that, both reached for handfuls of food.

They stuffed bigger handfuls than Kira had into their mouths, going much faster than Kira had alone. I guessed that in only a few minutes, Kira would have emptied her table, but the replicator refilled each space she made as soon as it appeared.

After a few seconds, Kira's body began to swell, like a balloon inflating. With each mouthful, every part of her body grew visibly. I looked over at Jadzia, and she was keeping up with Kira bite for bite, and swelling just as much. Each one watched the other out of the corner of her eye, and drove herself to eat faster and faster, trying to outdo the other.

This time, with two women blowing up in front of me, I didn't kid around. I yanked open my pants and started stroking myself vigorously.

It was incredible. After only a few moments, their bellies were easily six or seven times their previous sizes, and still expanding. Their breasts, too, enlarged, resting on their swollen bellies. They were raising up from their chairs as their rears puffed up. I could see their legs under the tables, growing so big that their own size forced them nearly into splits, and their knees were forced straight by the extra flesh packed on. Their arms were in a similar state, bloated and pushed straight out from their bodies by their size, but still, somehow, they managed to keep stuffing themselves.

After about half an hour, they both turned so that they faced each other, rather than their tables, as their bellies started to push the tables away.

For nearly an hour, they kept going, keeping pace with each other, until finally, their arms were too bloated to reach the table for more food. Their bellies were so huge by that time that they reached completely across the Replimat and nearly touched.

Kira stared straight ahead with glazed eyes, moaning softly. Jadzia said, "I told you I could keep up."

Kira stirred. "It's a draw then?"

"Sure. But don't tell me you're finished already."

Kira looked at her own tremendous, bloated body. "Oh, no. I still want to keep going. But I can't reach."

Jadzia smiled. "Neither can I, but I've got a solution for that. Computer, replicator sequence program Dax-two, slow!"

Jadzia's table was suddenly empty, and a pump sat on it. A tube led to it from the replicator, and another led into Jadzia's open mouth. Some kind of paste was slowly being pumped through the tube towards her. Shortly after it reached her, her cheeks puffed out as the paste filled her mouth. After a few moments, her cheeks reached their limit, and her body started to expand again.

Kira stared wide-eyed at the set-up for a few moments, watching Jadzia swell. Finally, she found her voice. "Did you make one for me too?"

With her mouth full to overflowing, Jadzia nodded. Kira grinned widely. "Computer, replicator sequence program Dax-two-alpha, medium!"

Another pump appeared, and paste flowed through it into Kira. I noticed, with interest, that not only was Kira's pump working faster than Jadzia's had been, Jadzia's sped up too when the new program started.

Seconds later, their bellies not only touched each other, but grew sideways, getting wider and wider. Their entire bodies swelled, slowly but noticeably.

They kept this up until Jadzia's belly reached one of the walls. Then, she stirred. Nervously, she suddenly realized that she couldn't order the computer to stop the pump with her mouth so full. She tried, but whenever she'd open her mouth wider to try to talk around the flow of paste, more would force its way in. Soon, her cheeks were stretched insanely, four times the size they were moments ago. She looked anxiously at Kira, who tried to stop the computer, but with no more luck, and her cheeks soon swelled as much as Jadzia's. They both looked over at me, pleading. I just let them inflate for a few more minutes, enjoying the show.

Finally I spoke up. "Computer, replicator sequence program Dax-two-alpha, fast!" With those words, both Jadzia and Kira looked at me with surprise and a little alarm as their pumps sped up even more. Soon, their bodies were growing very fast, enveloping their limbs and filling up the entire Replimat.

Their inflation kept going until I ran out of time in the suite. As they kept swelling bigger and bigger, I brought myself off three more times. My last image of the two of them, before the program shut down, was of their heads peeking out from the top of huge bloated bellies, still expanding, reaching to the limits of the Replimat and spilling out into the Promenade.

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