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Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Kira's Feeding Vacation by dmarsh07 (USSBBW, XXWG)

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Dec 6, 2005
Another Deep Space Nine story from dmarsh07's old account...

"Kira, wait!" called Jadzia Dax, jogging to catch her friend, who was heading for a turbolift. "Do you have any leave time coming?"

Kira Nerys held the lift when she heard the call. Jadzia slipped onto the lift as she asked. Kira let the doors close and answered. "Actually, yes. I have two weeks coming. Why?"

Jadzia smiled wickedly. "Because I just found a little out-of-the-way planet with lots of wide open space, barely two hours away at warp. And I figured out a way to supercharge the replicator on a runabout."

Now Kira smiled too. "Hold lift. We won't be disturbed on this planet of yours?"
Jadzia's smile got bigger. "No. And I also figured out a way to hold a person's physical transporter pattern and use it as a template for the transporter cycle. So, if I have a pattern for the person, any changes to their body will be ignored, and when the cycle is done, they'll have a body matching the pattern in memory."

"So any physical changes..."

Jadzia nodded. "Will vanish when we beam onto the runabout."

As their runabout approached the planet, the two went over their plan. "So, once we're down," said Jadzia, "I'll hook up the pump system. While I linger around and watch, you'll be pumped full of food, nonstop, from then until we leave, two weeks from now. And I brought enough of that drug you found to keep it active in your system the whole time."

Kira was fidgeting. She loved being stuffed with food, until her body swelled so big she couldn't move. This would be so much more than she'd ever had.

"How fast will the pump work?"

Jadzia shrugged. "That's up to you. The maximum speed works out to an increase of about a pound of weight a second."

Kira's eyes went wide. "Do we have enough basic material for the replicators for that?"

Jadzia paused a moment and did a quick calculation. "Do you really want that? That would mean a total weight gain of well over a million pounds for the two weeks."

Kira's eyes lit up. "Oh, I don't know about that," she said, keeping her voice studiously casual. "I'm just curious if there's enough to do that."

Jadzia did a few more calculations. "Barely, but there's enough. How do you want to handle this?"

"What do you mean?"

Jadzia paused again. "Well, I thought of a -- scene that we could use to start out."

"A 'scene'? What's that?"

"Well, if it wouldn't bother you, we could play it like... well, I'd dominate you, and sort of force the food into you."

Now Kira paused, taken aback by the idea. Then, slowly, she seemed to reconsider. "Maybe. But what if something goes wrong?"

"You'll have these on the fingers of one hand," Jadzia said, holding up a pair of electrical contacts. "When you brush them against each other, they'll signal my comm badge." She demonstrated, triggering a chitter from her badge. "Then I can ask you yes or no questions. You can answer me by signalling: one for yes, two for no."

Kira nodded. "That works. Now about this 'domination' thing..."

"It wouldn't start until we're ready to actually start feeding you. The set-up will be just like always."

Kira considered again. "Maybe."

They landed the runabout in a small clearing near a much larger one, easily a hundred times the size of the Promenade back on the station, within an ancient forest; the trees stood easily two hundred feet tall. Kira and Jadzia started to unload their gear and lay it out in the large clearing: a mid-size pump, a few lengths of clear plastic tubing, a huge flat sheet of metal rolled into a cylinder, and a computer readout.

"Should I strip for this?" asked Kira.

"That's up to you," said Jadzia, smiling. "If I know you, you'll want to grow so fast that you'll shred your clothes in a few minutes anyway."

Kira smiled. Jadzia knew her so well. So, while Jadzia unrolled the sheet and attached the readout to it, Kira stripped off her clothes, revealing a slim figure, lightly tanned. She ran her hands over her body. "Slim," she muttered. "Not for long." She imagined how much bigger she'd be by the end of the trip. She could almost see her new body, grown to incredible size, stretching as far as she could see.

Jadzia tapped her shoulder and she jumped. Jadzia grinned at her. "I've got the scale hooked up, and the pump's ready to go. Want to get started?"
Kira went and lay down on the metal sheet. The readout displayed her present weight: 110.

"Where's the drug?" she asked.

Jadzia pointed. "Already in the pump. It's programmed to give you a dose every 4 hours."

Kira smiled and began to squirm.

Jadzia brought up the tube running from the pump. "Do you want it all the
way into your stomach, or just into your mouth?"

Kira thought about that. In her belly, the inflation would go faster, but she loved the feeling of her mouth full of food. "Just in my mouth, I think."

Jadzia considered for a moment. "You'll need a tube to breathe through, you know."

That stopped Kira completely. "I hadn't thought of that." Then she smiled a bit. "I probably should breathe, shouldn't I?"

Jadzia carefully placed a breathing tube in Kira's nose, then put the feeding tube into Kira's mouth, with a plate wedged between her teeth and lips, to hold it in place. "You okay?" she asked.

Kira signaled yes with the finger plates. "Good," Jadzia said. "Here's the remote control for the pump," she went on, holding up a small hand-held device. "Do you want the scene?"

After a long period of thinking, Kira signalled yes again.

"Okay, then. If it gets to be too intense, at any time, signal three times."
Then her face hardened. When she spoke, her voice was cold. "So, you like food, do you?" Kira's eyes widened and she nodded meekly, surprised at the change in Jadzia. "Well, you'll get food," Jadzia went on. "I'll give you so much food you'll think you're going to burst."

She turned on the pump, very slowly. Once the paste reached Kira's mouth, Jadzia altered the speed so that it was exactly the rate that Kira could swallow unassisted. Kira gulped the paste down, preventing her mouth from filling up. She was a little disappointed; she loved the feeling of having her mouth overflowing.

Jadzia allowed herself a cold smile. "Well, is that fast enough for you?"

Kira signalled no. Jadzia's eyes got even colder. "No?" she said with menacing sweetness. "Well then, let's speed it up." With that, she turned up the speed until Kira's cheeks were filled and stretched to their limits, then turned it back to just a little faster than the first setting.

Kira greedily sucked at the tube, swallowing huge mouthfuls, but she couldn't empty her mouth of food.

After five minutes or so of this, Jadzia turned the pump's speed up a notch. Kira closed her eyes, to better enjoy the feelings, and relaxed her throat to let the pump force it down into her belly, and let the drug take it to all parts of her body. Every five minutes, Jadzia would speed up the pump a little bit more, forcing the food into Kira a little bit faster. At each increase, Kira would moan slightly around the food and the tube in her mouth.

After an hour, the pump was barely at 5% of its maximum speed. Jadzia grabbed Kira's head and made her look at the weight readout. It was climbing slowly but steadily; Kira had already put on 300 pounds. Jadzia turned Kira's head to make her look at her own fattening body. Her entire body was already four times its normal size, and steadily growing bigger and bigger.

"Look how fat you're getting. Look how fast your body is swelling up. Are you satisfied now?" Jadzia challenged, sounding a bit angry.

Kira signalled no.

Jadzia seemed to get even more angry. She stared coldly at Kira, but in reality, she was remembering Kira's look when she heard the weight she'd be if the pump was on maximum for the whole time. Finally, she said, in her coldest voice yet, "All right, you greedy bitch. You'll get more. You'll get so much more that you will pop! I've got so much food to stuff you with; more than you've ever seen! Tons of food. Hundreds of tons. And every last crumb is going right -- in -- there," she continued, poking Kira's expanding belly roughly with each word. "Let's see if you can hold it all!" With that, she snapped the pump's speed directly to maximum.

As the pump jumped to its maximum speed, Kira's cheeks swelled even more, before she could relax her throat further to let the paste down into her belly. She moaned loud and long as she felt her whole body suddenly inflate, faster and faster. Laying her head down on the scale, she could still see her body growing upwards, higher and higher as she grew bigger. She looked over at the readout; it was increasing by the second. Already, it told her she weighed over five hundred pounds. She'd grown by a hundred and twenty pounds in barely two minutes! And it was still only halfway through the first day...

For the rest of their time on vacation, Jadzia would go exploring, or read, or enjoy other pastimes, while Kira was stuffed constantly, without a break. She reached climax after climax, sometimes one following another so closely that they seemed like a single one. Even when she fell asleep from exhaustion, the pump forced the paste down her throat. When she woke, she would see how much bigger she was, and would often orgasm just from seeing it.

Now and then, Jadzia would come to her and continue the scene, mocking Kira's unbelievable size and her rate of increase.

"Look how fat you are now! You're bigger than the runabout!" Kira somehow managed to turn her head and look at the ship, and found that Jadzia was right. She orgasmed instantly, and it lasted for several minutes. "You think you're huge now? Just wait; I'm not done with you yet. Soon you'll be so big this will seem like nothing."

"You already weigh 10 tons; 20 thousand pounds! Still you want more?" Kira, of course, signalled yes. Jadzia answered, "we'll see if you still say that when you weigh a hundred tons."

"Look at you now! I bet I could use your belly for a shuttle deck; I could park two runabouts in there and still have room!"

"Well, you did it. You're a hundred tons. I must admit, I'm surprised. I'd have thought you would have popped by now. I wonder how much you can hold? Two hundred tons? Five hundred? A thousand? I think I'll find out. How big do you think you'll be when you weigh thousand tons?"

And through it all, even when Jadzia wasn't there reminding her of how immeasurably fat she was and how fast she was growing, Kira could watch the numbers on the scale spiraling higher and higher with each second: 200,000; 300,000; 500,000...

By the end of the two weeks, Kira weighed in at 1,123,610 pounds. She now completely filled the clearing and rose above the tops of the trees. Her limbs had been engulfed by her expanding body by the end of the first week, but when she concentrated, Kira could feel them. She imagined that each one by itself was bigger than their runabout. As Jadzia packed up their gear, Kira lay there and lost herself in the sensations of her immense figure. Finally, the runabout took off.

Too soon, Kira felt the transporter cycle. When she rematerialized, she was back to her normal figure. She put her clothes back on, and crossed the cabin. With a sigh, she wistfully rubbed her suddenly tiny belly. She collapsed into the chair next to Jadzia. "By the Prophets, that was incredible. Next time, I want to stay longer."

Jadzia looked over at her and smiled. "Greedy bitch," she said gently.

A few months later, the two got another two-week leave. On the way to 'their' planet, Jadzia suggested to Kira that she let Jadzia transport her down, and that she strip and lay down on the pad. "Why?" Kira asked.

Jadzia grinned. "Trust me. Oh, and put the contacts on your fingers, too."

When they arrived, Kira stripped and laid down on the transporter, with the signalling contacts on her hand. Jadzia worked the controls, and Kira vanished.

When she arrived on the planet, she suddenly realized that Jadzia could save any transporter pattern to use later, and that she again weighed 1,123,610 pounds, just like when they'd left the last time. The runabout landed, and Jadzia approached.

"I thought you'd like to finish what we started last time," she said. Without any further conversation, Jadzia hooked up the tubes like before, and went right into the scene. Her face hardened again. "Surely you didn't think you were done, did you? You're barely half as big as I want you. And I brought a bigger pump this time. Its maximum speed works out to 5 pounds a second; I decided that you should be bigger, since you had that break."
With that, Jadzia immediately snapped the pump to maximum.

This time, as Kira was inflating with food, Jadzia didn't mock her with a running tally of her progress. This time, she taunted Kira with her continuing plans.

About halfway through the first week, Jadzia said to her, "you're already by far the single fattest humanoid ever; I checked. You're almost 5 million pounds, 2500 tons, and still going faster than ever. In fact, you're doing so well, I don't think I'll stop at 3 thousand tons. I think I'll keep stuffing you until you're the size of a planet. Imagine that: your body blown up big enough to be seen unaided from hundreds of miles away. And why stop there? By then, I could have a whole ecosystem set up on you, and I could stuff you with food from that. I could even grow the basic materials for your drug, and set up a plant to make it. Your feeding could be self-sustaining; you'd never stop growing! You'd swell from the size of Bajor, to a huge gas giant, maybe even bigger than stars! Your weight would be unmeasurable, but it would have to be in billions of tons. At least to start with. Your body would be millions of miles across!

And still growing faster and faster. Eventually you could be the biggest single thing in the whole galaxy!"

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