Stormbringer - by samuraiscott (Poem)

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True Story
Jan 8, 2007
It's Never Easy With You
Rough Weather, Rough Seas
Something About Unsettling Weather
Always Happens In Your Midst
But I'm Tired Of Cleaning Up After Your Tirades
Tired Of The Storms You Bring.

Times With You Are Always Dramatic
Never Peaceful, Never Serene
Worse Than Any Force In Nature
Your Harshness Is Unforgiving
The Devestation You Bring Is Absolute
Ucaring, Unwavering Ahnnialation
The Storms You Bring.

It's Time To Change Course, Time To Move On
Try To Find A Safe Haven, A Better Place For Me
So I Have To Leave You And Our Memories....

I'm Tired Of The Heartache And Sorrow
That Follow You
And The Storms You Bring.

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