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Oct 12, 2005
Both, Dining, XWG: The conclusion to this eight-part saga . . .

Today Is My First Day at Work
by lghshortstay

Part Eight​

I was awoken at 10:00am by the maid telling me there was an important telephone call. As I struggled to sit up I took the call on the telephone next to me, it was Paul.

“We are at the hospital……… The baby is on its way”

With this I was instantly awake, nudging Bill to wake him up too.

“What what what “ I stutter.

“Since when “

“Only an hour ago, she wouldn’t let me ring you as we were all so late going to bed, but now she wants you”

“We are on our way I’ll be there as quick as I can “

Bill by now was awake and when he had heard what had been said he had pulled on his jeans, and was on his was round to help me to get out, as he did I felt an immense pain in my own tummy it completely took my breath away, stitch from moving to fast, not good for a fat girl moving fast! It didn’t take long to get dressed and into the car, yet again I thanked god for perfect staff, as the car was laden with food I would be no use with out food! Bill drove and I ate shovelling it in as fast as I could, until again I had immense pain in my tummy, I slowed down my eating and starting sharing with Bill so not to get indigestion again!

We got the hospital in record time. I was impatient to get in and started walking fast towards the door, going up 5 steps in my haste!

“Owwwwwwwwwwe” another pain shot through me, teach me not to wait for Bill to unload the scooter, I stood gasping as Bill caught me up and settled me on to the scooter,

“Now slow down princess or you will be no use to your sister” Bill smiled at me her knew how excited I was at having either a niece or nephew.

As we got to reception another pain ripped through me but I griped my teeth and asked for the delivery suite.

“When are you due madam and who is your consultant” the receptionist asked,

Bill laughed and declared.

“Its not my wife she is her to visit her sister” it amused us both at the thought of me pregnant, woman of my size don’t have babies. it was something we had decided when we met, we had each other and that was more than enough, my hunger was our baby it needed nurturing and looking after just like a baby!

The receptionist blushed took Sians details and told us which room she was in.

As we moved along the corridor another pain took hold of me, this time much worse causing me to sweat. Bill was concerned and wanted me to see the Dr before getting to Sian, silly boy! Although I was beginning to think it wasn’t indigestion any more.

Sian was so pleased to see us and held my hand with each contraction, as her contractions got worse so did my own pain. I wouldn’t tell any one as I knew it would be gall stones, the amount of fat over the years I had consumed it made perfect sense, once Sians baby was here I would see the medic’s. I knew they would take one look at me and insist I dieted before surgery so a few more hours wouldn’t make any difference,

The midwife was checking Sian again, her legs were up in stirrups, due to her size she wasn’t able to walk around and no one could hold her legs apart as they were so heavy, Paul had taken Bill out side for this part. Men such wimps!

“Umm 10cm dilated now” she stated, “almost time to start pushing”

She went and fetched Paul who despite his bulk he ran in to the room. Bill chose to stay out side, Sian began pushing bless her the concentration on her face was a sight to be seen. I stayed with her and held her hand as Paul helped the midwife part her immense thighs to allow room to deliver the baby. I could see the look of joy and horror on his face. I was beginning to feel very unwell my self now the pains were coming every 3 minuets now but I couldn’t let Sian down, she had always been there for me, never batting an eyelid when I told her my dreams in fact helping me towards them, within 30 minuets of pushing Thomas John Ragan was born weighing in at 17lb 8oz Paul had had to catch him as he was to heavy for the midwife. We all cried at the sight of this perfect little boy, I wheeled my self out to tell Bill the good news, but the look on my face scared him.

“Honey what is the matter.”

“Its nothing, I just have tummy ache”

“Babe you had that 6 hours ago why didn’t you tell me.”

“NURSE” he bellowed as slipped in to a faint. I don’t remember much after that until I came round on a bed in a room of my own. A very nice man looking at me with some concern,

“So Mrs Wanner tell my about this pain,”

I explained how it had been the all morning ever since waking up, and that I had put it down to indigestion, but through out the morning/day it had got worse. I explained I knew it was gallstones as he could see I liked my food and it was only to be expected!

He gave a wry smile at this and asked my permission to be examined, as another pain ripped through me, I agreed as long as he would take away the pain after, he called for a nurse to get some morphine, 25miligrams as I was a big girl! Bill was pacing up and down looking like a very lost little boy, with worry and concern written all over his face.

My legs also had to go it to stirrups for examination. All big girls should take ill here I thought, as they are equipped for us. After a couple of minutes his head appeared over my vast stomach through where my legs were apart for the longest time in years,

“Well Mr and Mrs Wanner I have to tell you this isn’t gall stones” he said gravely.

Bill took my hand and looked terrified.

“In less than an hour you will be parents!

Bill collapsed to the floor! Both of us fainted in less than ½ hour what a place.

“What! I’m to fat to have children.” I stated a matter of factly.

“Well yes I would have told you that if you had come to see me, but the facts speak for them selves there is a baby in there trying to get out.” With that he pulled the emergency button and all hell seam to break loose, Dr’s and nurses came running, and this nice Dr started barking orders at them, scanning machines were brought in and a scan was performed.

Bill by now had recovered and sat holding my hand, while this was done,

“ummm…..ummm… yes… well, arh”

“Not one but 2 heartbeats. Well I’m afraid there are 2 babies trying to get out Mrs Wanner.”

I thought Bill was going to pass out again, the pains where now every minute, one of the nurses had kindly told Sian and Paul what had happened. And Paul came and sat with me while Bill watched the team of Dr’s deliver our babies, Isaacs Paul Steven was born weighing 13lb 10oz and Tia Rosie Sian was born weighing 16lb 3 oz (a girl big just like her mom) just the placenta to deliver now!

After a while Mr James (this was the consultants name) face became concerned.

What’s the matter I asked, as I lay exhausted on my pillow wondering when this pain would stop.

“I do believe there is another one” and sure enough I had to endure the pain for a while longer until little Gemma Jo Oddetta was born weighing a slight 10lb 1oz.

“I'm sorry I missed the third heart beat, due to the size of the other 2 and of your self I was unable to hear it” Mr James apologised

I didn’t care what he had missed, I was the mother to 3 beautiful babies, and not even realising I was pregnant. Sian was wheeled in and we both cried with each other at the joy we both felt for each other and for ourselves, by this time Rosie, Steve, Jo and Ben had turned up to see Sian and were in total shock of the news not only had Sian given birth but so had I.

We sat chatting for a while then Ben and Jo had to leave to go straight to the restaurant. Promising to tell everyone the good news,

When all the visitors had gone and Sian and Paul were back in their room and just Bill and me and our beautiful babies were in ours, we worked out that the night in England when I had gone out with Gemma must have been the night I conceived, hence the name Gemma after the lovely lady who had befriended me, she would be so pleased when I rang and told her. The telephone rang. It was the media, they had heard that I was the fattest woman ever to give birth and would we talk to them?

Bill asked them to ring back, and spoke to the manager of the hospital, it turned out the receptionist went out with a journalist and she had told him about me, the manager promised to dismiss her, but we said not to as this would give great free coverage for the restaurant!!!!

When they rang back we agreed to sell our story for a large sum of money for each baby and a few adverts for the restaurant very week for a year! This was soon agreed too, and the next day he arrived with a photographer, Sian and Paul were to be included of course as She too was a very fat mom and 2 in one day was to good a story to miss, and of course more money for Thomas.

The next day we made front-page news, a picture of me in my full glory on the front page looking so content holding one of the babies, Tia. Bill holding Gemma and Isaacs on page 2. Sian and Thomas on page 3 a huge picture of our restaurant on page 4. What a start to our company free advertisement and we knew that people would want to come and look at the fattest mom and auntie ever!

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Oct 12, 2005
When we left a few days latter more press where waiting flashes from flash bulbs going off left right and centre. I was beginning to feel like a celebrity all these people wanting to talk to me. Even the TV film crews were there. That evening after feeding my beautiful children 2 on me Bill bottle-feeding the other, we got down to some serious Internet buying! During my stay in hospital Bill had arranged for us to interview nannies the next day, we really did need help with our instant family, I looked around our usually clean house at nappies, clothes prams etc and realised life really was perfect now. I was ecstatic to have 3 children knowing we were rich enough for lots of help with them. And safe In the knowledge Bill loved me no matter what. He had looked so scared when we thought I was ill.

As we lay in bed watching me on telly coming out of hospital I noticed how thin I looked, id not looked that thin since my wedding day. I commented on this and Bill agreed he thought how thin I was and was worried I fancied one of the Dr’s and was trying to loose on purpose. Men don’t they know when they are worshiped. I commented he too looked thinner, was he after one of the nurses! We both laughed and realised it was having 3 children that had made us to busy to eat, we promised to weigh in the morning, I wanted the others her as we always weighed together and it had been a while since we had got on the scales. I contacted our house keeper who I knew would rise to the challenge she enjoyed seeing us all together especially eating. We slept in each other’s arms so happy to be together.

In the morning we rang everyone and invited the over for a meal at lunchtime as until we found a deputy manager Jo and Ben needed to be at the restaurant,
We spent a beautiful day eating and admiring each other’s children, Jo looked quite happy too, as if she was bursting with news, we teased her but she said once we had been weighed all would be reviled.

Our cook had surpassed herself, as it was so warm she had arranged for a spit roast with 5 pigs roasting the smell at 7am when they started was enough to drive a girl to the candy bowls every 30minuets! Chocolate bar after chocolate bar went down, with chips and cookies until at last it was cooked and we gorged on hot pork, fat dripping between swollen fat fingers, dribbling on to naked flesh so abundant with rolls and rolls of fat, I loved being with my friends no inhabitations in our crowd, and bikinis are so much less restricting, and swim shorts for the men, Steve was strutting around like an over stuffed peacock, his belly had drooped with its gain and rested just below his knees now, he truly was the fattest man I knew, and was very very attractive for it. I was pleased for Rosie as they were true sole mates, she was in a new bikini and her breasts seam to have shrunk but I knew it was because the rest of her was so vast, I was wearing a little number id not worn since I first met Bill. In floral print feeling to my dismay thin compare to my friend. Sian just wore a sarong around her waist; she had regained the weight that was lost after Thomas popped out at 17lb! Paul to looked flabbier rather than toned but it suited him. Jo looked very different I knew her new job was suiting her as she was in the same bikini as last time and the seams were beginning to give, But Ben was very attentive and kept giving her food when he saw her plate was empty, or calling for the sweet bowl to be toped up, he too had gained but of the two of them it was Jo who was gaining the most.

At last we were all full, Ben had asked Sue to open up as only 100 guests were booked in he would arrive later in case in got busier. It usually did around 12 am.

As always Ben got on our scales first. Last time 310lb this time 350lb a nice gain in a few months. We were all very pleased for him. Paul was next last time 340 this time 399 he seamed a little sad at this but said he would tone up when life returned to normal! Yeh right life isn’t normal with children! Steve was next even though he was fatter than Bill we kept it in the same order. Last time he was 400lb this time 576lb wow now that was a gain! Those shakes were doing him the world of good. He was so proud he tried to jump up and down but cracked one of our slabs to our great amusement so he didn’t try that again. Rosie was ecstatic for them both and couldn’t keep her hands of him. Pinching the rolls as he sat down. Bill was next 390 last time 340 this time a loss of 50lb people were staring at him mouth open. a loss! He shrugged his shoulders, and admitted he hadn’t eaten while I was in hospital as he had missed me so much, and before with the office and restaurant to sort out he hadn’t found time to snack as much, but now I was home with the children it would go back on. Bless him I didn’t realise how much pressure he was under.

Now it was the girl’s time. I knew there was some good gains coming as all looked resplendent and fat.

Jo first. As she walked to the scales I saw her from the side, the first time in months as usually we were opposite each other, she was massive as round as tall, as I new Oddetta was now dressing her I had a slight guess of her weight but boy was she fat, ripples and ripples leading to rolls the lower down the body you looked. So much fat hung down from all over her body and as she walked it all bounced, it reminded me of my days of growing and how excited I used to get watching myself in mirrors and remembered my last bath I must have been about Jo’s size then. She stepped onto the scales looking very excited.

Last time she weighed 345lb this 526lb. Oh my god she had done her self and Ben proud. As we all whooped and congratulated her, she looked and Ben and struggled to one knee.

“Ben I love you I know you love me, now I’m the woman I always dreamt of I hope I’m the woman you dream of, you are the man of my dreams and I would love to spend the rest of my life with you. Ben Marshall will you marry me and make me the happiest woman alive?”

We were all silent as we turned at looked at a now beetroot red Ben.

“Yes yes yes. Babe I’d be the happiest man alive if you were my wife”

He ran over to her and they embraced in the longest snog in history! Bill walked over and gave Jo a box, which she presented to Ben inside, was a beautiful signet ring, we all cheered and they sat down talking about shopping for a ring for her tomorrow.

We had others to weigh so Jo told everyone to shut up so we could get on with it.

Next was Sian last time she weighed last time 500lb but since then she had given birth to a 17lb baby boy. This time 540lb well done, even with the loss of the baby weight inside her and breast-feeding she had managed to gain a good deal.

Rosie’s turn now I was very excited by this as I knew her secret, the shake containers!

Last time 607lb she was struggling to get up and it took 3 of the boys to help her. I knew looking at her that within a month or so walking would become a rarity, she was vast. I’d not noticed this before, funny isn’t it how you can spend so much time with people and not realise they were changing. Her features where begining to alter with all the fat, although she was still beautiful. Fat was over taking everywhere. Fat touched the floor when she walked from her legs, although she didn’t have cankles she did have rolls of extra fat every where on her legs even behind her knees hence she could only lumber from side to side. The scales rose 600lb gone 700lb gone 800lb gone 900lb it swung for a while between 900lb and 920 and settled at 917lb. My god she really was huge, my best friend was for the second time in our lives fatter than me! She screamed with delight when it had finally sunk in how much she weighed. Steve had clambered to his feet and was cheering loudly too. What a couple they made. Both massive and so into each other. Enjoying pushing each other to extreme weights. I got up and helped her over to her chair sat her down hugged and kissed her and whispered I’d catch up! She laughed at this stuck her finger in my belly and said “ I don’t think so skinny girl, you looked in the mirror lately!”

It was my turn to get on. I was able to manage this myself unlike last time.

Last time I weighed 792lb this time the scales didn’t even hit 600lb! I was a very skinny 567lb it had been over a year since I was this thin. Everyone was gob smacked except Bill and myself. We knew since having the triplets I’d lost, time just wasn’t mine any more; I just seemed to feed the children. But not quite this much 225lb is an awful lot of weight.

“Oh my god are you ill” Rosie asked her voice shaking.

“No I just need a shake container,” I laughed

“Thank god for that. Steve go and get them from the car”

Steve went and fetched them Paul went with him, as there were a couple of boxes to carry. When he was back Rosie explained to the others what they were.

Ben and Jo took theirs and had to go as it was time to relive Sue at the restaurant. I promised once the children where bigger and not being breast fed id take over a few shifts, but Bill went one better and told us to sort out an advertisement for a new manager. They had a wedding to plan.

Sian and Paul looked them over I Knew Sian would use her’s with Paul’s help but didn’t think Paul would he liked to be muscley not just fat!

Bill was intrigued by ours I know him well enough to know that his would be used but not for him! I would be using both at once! But I had plans for a trip to India before that happened. But knew id use mine when the children where being fed at lunch so we could sleep together in the afternoons. I made a mental note to express more milk, in the afternoons I could eat while the nannies fed the children. I wasn’t use to being skinny and I didn’t like it!

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Oct 12, 2005
When our guests had gone I told Bill how Rosie and Steve had gained so fast explaining that they added extra sugar and cream to there shakes, but I didn’t mention the butter as I wanted my trip first! Then boy I was going to beat Rosie in to bed first! Lol.

As the months went past life began to feel like my own again at 4 months I stopped breast feeding and this helped my weight an awful lot, it began to come back on in a great rate, I went to the restaurant every evening to help out, eating before I went and again while I was there, and once home there was always a meal left out for me. We managed to find managers with out putting out an advertisement a great couple that came as a surprise to a few.

Pauline and Sue became our managers; we noticed that they had become close, and that they both were very happy. Pauline never once let us down and continued to work hard and steadily gained weight, keeping Oddetta Busy letting out and making new uniforms, We noticed Sue plumping up nicely too, I walked in the kitchen one day to find a delightful sight of Pauline feeding Sue a full chocolate cheese cake as part of their allowed meal, they looked a little sheepish and admitted they were lovers. Pauline had never had a girl friend before but Sue had. She enjoyed the curves of big girls and knew as soon as she met Pauline she was the one for her, it had only taken a couple of weeks before Pauline began to feel the same for Sue, she had struggled with her feelings at first but together they had worked them out. I was very happy for them both and told them as they had been so professional about it, it would not ever be a problem at work, they admitted to moving in together that weekend and would we be able to help. So with the extra help of Bill and Paul they moved into a new spacious apartment. Life seamed to suit them both, and as they had been loyal and hard working over their allotted schedules, during this time with them Bill offered them the assistant managers posts, with an increase in wage of course. When they accepted that night, we were all ecstatic, not only could we all get together more with Ben and Jo free now, but they had more money to feed each other. I knew our customers would stay happy with fat managers.

We booked our holiday to India leaving the Children With Jo and Ben for 2 weeks we knew it would be hard but we also knew I wanted to gain again and Bills container kept teasing me!

While we were there I ate non-stop I adore curry, and the hotel we were staying in treated us like sultans. Whenever I sat by the pool immediately food was brought to me, bowls and bowls of the stuff, locals began to bring me Indian sweets to try some I liked, some I didn’t but out of politeness I always ate them all. Bill enjoyed watching me eat as it reminded him of our honeymoon. And what fun we had had and how much our lives had changed since then. The children brought joy to our lives. And with the help of nannies I was at last beginning to regain my figure.

When we returned it was with the pleasure of knowing we had enjoyed ourselves on our last holiday abroad as I now wanted to live the dream. I was aiming for immobility. We had our business. We had our children and we had our friends, I just needed to tell them my plan.

We arranged a meal of course at our house when we had been home for a few days with all of our friends their. Rosie really was struggling now and I knew soon she would be immobile too. So I had yet another plan.

During the middle of our 8 hour eating session I brought up the subject of my dream, immobility, and that as Rosie was almost there we needed to do some thing so we could still see each other, would they consider leaving their apartment, and living in our grounds, we wanted to extend our property so that we all lived together but separately, each having their own quarters ground floor level and a massive lounge where beds could be wheeled too. So we could still meet up.

We had acres of land and enough money to do this, the children would grow up together, and we could live out our lives happily together.

Rosie spoke first saying she to had been thinking the same as she wanted to carry on but didn’t want to not see us, she had even slowed down the shakes so as to talk this through with me! Sian was really really happy she knew we could live together as we had done before, Jo was surprised to be included for although she had known us for a long time she thought once she and Ben were married we would expect her to move out and secretly had been dreading that bit, the boys knew it made sense as the bigger we got the more help would be needed. Looking at Steve I knew it wouldn’t belong before he caught up with Rosie.

The restaurant was in safe hands, Gail’s customers kept us going after 2 am and our customers were introduced to Gail’s. And as society on the whole was getting fatter we knew soon another restaurant would be opened. Bill also announced that he and Rosie were selling the office business each making 2 billion pounds so money was no object.

It was decided then we were doing it. But before the building work began Jo and Ben had to get married!

6 weeks later they were. Kira and Drew were beautiful flower girls Sian and myself bridesmaids, Rosie too but she was to fat to walk now so sat resplendent in a wheelchair at the side of the bride, Jo had chosen a rich crimson for us all to wear in a chiffon and velvet Oddetta out did her self, I felt like a princess a 700lb (again woo hoo) princess, Sian to had hit the 700lb mark and swayed along side me it was a very wide isle! Ben stood there waiting for his bride I don’t what it was, wether it was the extra wedding nerve’s but in the weeks before the wedding he gained at a rapid rate and on his wedding day his tux wouldn’t do up. He looked so cute stood there with a round butterball of a tummy standing proudly in front of him he was way over 400lb now probably nearer 500lb. Lucky Jo. When we moved out of the way so he could see her he gasped at the sight of his beauty, standing there in all her glory an ivory silk second skin enveloped her body showing every dimple and roll. The self of fat that sat on her bottom swayed as she walked and it was mesmerising, her chin sitting on her chest as she moved her head towards him smiling shyly beneath her veil.

“I’m the luckiest man alive,” he whispered to her as he took her had and turned to be married to this mountain of a woman that was his.

The day was fantastic another spit roast of 50 suckling pigs served with every roast vegetable you could think of. Curries just for me. Our chief was doing a fantastic trade but always put us first if we need him to feed us! He now was sending money home and to his brother in England! He was doing so well.

Tables and tables full of cakes, puddings. A stall of ice cream of every flavour. We stuffed our selves fit to burst that day Rosie didn’t even need to use her shakes and as she was up to 10 containers a day this was going some. At midnight we arranged for her to be taken home knowing that until she moved in with us it would be the last time she would be up and about. I was proud of her. But disappointed she got there first!

Building work started the next day and for 7 months we rented a place. Bringing all our helpers with us. It was hard work but we knew it was the right thing to do.

Finally it was moving in day. It was so exciting all of us together under one roof forever.

We agreed to meet in the lounge after the first day. The removals firms had unpacked. The children were in bed and it was time to eat. Rosie was wheeled in in her bed and lay at the end of the table, side ways in her bed so she could eat with us, Steve sat next to her so he could help feed her. I was the other side with Bill, and we also helped feed her too. Jo and Ben sat opposite with Sian and Paul at the other side and end. We all had our own chefs and they each took a turn supplying a course. Ours was the starters, so many it was hard to know where to start, but we soon found our way through them all, until sadly there were none left. Jo and Bens did the main course, plate after plate kept coming roast meat, cannelloni’s, fries, mashed potatoes they had done 70lb pound of potatoes, all mashed in butter and cream, some had cheese added, some garlic and onions, Some plain but all delicious, 12 turkeys lost their life too. Lol. It was feast fit for kings. Desert was Rosie’s forte, and everything you could imagine passed over our table that night. I alone ate 10 cakes and 8 cheesecakes 6 lemon tarts and of course I pinched one of Bills pecan pies! I was begining to feel a little full but ever since our honeymoon Bill and I had taken to eating cheeses and biscuits after a meal. This we had passed on to our friends and it was Sian and Paul’s chef that supplied these. Pounds and pounds of cheese were put on the table at one point we could hear it creak under the weight of it all. But until there was none left for even a mouse we ate. All of us had undone our clothing by the time the meal was over. And we vowed that twice a week we would eat together and clothes didn’t need to be worn!

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Oct 12, 2005
Now was the time for our first weighing our new life together.

This time we started with Rosie as she was beginning to looked sleeping having had 3 containers full of shake before the meal. It took all of the men to lift her out of the bed and we knew new scales would be needed. To weigh the bed as well as Rosie, Bill was looking into these as we were hoping I’d need them soon.

Eventually she stood just long enough for the scales to stop swinging, before she collapsed with the weight of herself, she giggled once back into bed at how fat she had become, the scales had read a massive 1070lb yes by all accounts Rosie would be classed as morbidly obese what a strange term but here she was every inch of her a quivering mass of fat. So beautiful to see, once she knew her weight she drifted of into a beautiful sleep we knew she would be gone for a couple of hours so carried on.

Ben went on next, he to admitted to using Rosie’s Shakes what a gift she had given us, last time he was 350lb this time he was 534lb he tried to lift his belly, but it was to heavy so he just shook it instead causing us all to giggle,

Paul next last time he was399lb this time 420 a nice gentle gain for the big man I knew this would suit him better as truthfully it was Sian he liked to feed but he couldn’t stop him self from eating with her too.

Bill went next as Steve took so long to stand up. Last time 340lb this back to 390lb much better in my view I do like something to grab hold of.

Steve was finally standing and waddled over to the scales, he was simply massive, and his thighs filled his trousers to bursting. His belly way down past his knees, his girls used this as a slide it was so huge! 576 was his last weight but tonight he surprised even himself 869lb, wow those shakes were so doing it for him between him and Rosie they weighed a grand total of 1939lb of pure wonderful soft fat. They were so in love with each other and themselves, it was what I aspired too, but knew Bill wouldn’t get so big until the children left collage this was a discussion we had had in India. It wasn’t any wonder they both had queen-sized beds next to each other. As they filled them up them selves.

Ladies next and as always Jo first although you couldn’t call who was smallest anymore! Last time she weighed 526lb she to had expanded everywhere since being married it so suited them both she came in at a glorious 798lb. It had taken her less time than me to reach this weight lucky lucky her! I started to think soon we would all just have Bill to look after us! Lol and the army of staff we all employed.

Sian struggled to her feet swaying before she caught her balance again another one on the shakes by the looks of things, last time a grand weight of 540lb this time she too weighed 798lb, both her and Jo squealed with delight at weighing the same. Now it was my turn. I too had taken to shakes like at duck to water and new it was going to be a good gain. Last time I had been a super skinny 567lb now a much better 854lb, I had the greatest gain of everyone and I was cheered and applauded as I gently stepped of the scales, trying to find my hips to my hands I strutted my stuff as I went to my chair. Bill was jumping up and down with delight and promised me a surprise when we got to bed.

We chatted for a while until Rosie woke and declared herself hungry again. Lol so as not to be rude we all joined in for another 4hours of chatting and most of all eating.

Gradually we went back to our own quarters and I went to our bedroom, as I wanted to make love to my big handsome man. As he laid me on the bed he pulled a cord and the curtain behind the bed moved to show a beautiful site, my very own shake machine that held 200liters of shake which I could suck at my will. Not one of the others had this device just me, Bill had wanted to save it until I hit 800lb, but as I was past that he knew it was time to set it up.

That was 8 months ago and I lay here in my bed telling this to you, I haven’t been able to get out of it for the last 6 months, I’m heavier than all of my friends not even Rosie much to her dismay, she is a light weight at 1340lb, we still speak to each other on the telephone each day but only on our twice weekly meets do we see each other. Jo is almost at the grand 1000lb mark at 989, give a week or so and she will be there, so too will be Sian she just outweighs Jo at 999lb tomorrow she will be there!

Bill remains the only skinny boy at a solid sexy 500lb. Its slowly coming on I think the girls wont have left collage when he joins me in bed but they are well looked after and we video all what they doo so we don’t miss out at all.

Ben continues to grow and still looks as cute as ever at a lovely 802lb and Paul finally gave up training and hit 700lb with ease and good grace. Steve is in bed next to Rosie now still enjoying each other and having fun at a lovely 1145lb there is still more to gain he says.

And as for Sue and Pauline well they moved in to the master suite at the restaurant where Sue continues to manage it. Pauline too is bed bound at a lovely 1009lb she still helps out by ordering wine etc. so still gets a wage, they remain best of friends and very much in love.

Oddetta only works for us now. She sorts out the table clothes etc changes the colour schemes at our request. And dress the boys and our entire waitress’s. We don’t have a waitress under 400lb they all grew with the restaurant; we opened 3 more last month in separate cities all are thriving. And thank god for the Internet!

And now to finish my tale I’ll tell you my weight can you guess. I don’t think so. I am a healthy 1756lb of pure fat. I have to tell this to my writer, as I can no longer write as my fingers are to fat. I have a special bed that helps me move, and I fill my double queen bed that was made for me, tomorrow Oprah is coming to film me as I’m not only the fattest mom in the world i'm now in the record books as the fattest woman in the world. And with Bills love and adoring hands I am living my dream to be completely and utterly immobile, now pass me that tube I have a drink to drink!

The End​

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