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Oct 12, 2005
BBW, Dining, Sex, WG: Part Seven in the continuing saga . . .

Today is My First Day at Work
by lghshortstay

Part Seven​

That night Bill could not keep his hands off me exploring every crevice and roll of fat. I felt like the sexiest woman alive all 784lb of me, I knew that I was fully on the way to immobility like I had always dreamed of, we chatted about how much fun the honey moon had been and until I was bed bound we needed to do a good holiday each year, I expressed the need for an electronic wheelchair as due to not swimming and the extra weight walking was getting harder Bill promised he would buy me one the very next day and I vowed to start swimming the next day too. I loved my size and still wanted a lot more but I wasn’t quite ready to be immobile just yet we had a restaurant to sort out!

Oddetta arrived at breakfast time the next day well at 11am breakfast started at 8 am but she knew I’d be about done by then.
She whistled when she saw me.

“Woo hoo you sure had a good holiday…….gained a couple a pound or is that a hundred girl! She came and hugged me.

“Well almost 200” I grinned at her, Oddetta knew me in my thin Days well from 350 upwards anyway lol not many of my friends remember the thin days I hardly remember them now even though they were less than 2 years ago. I had changed so much and all for the better. 600lb since I started my first day at work, we reminisced about what I was like in those days and what a good friend Rosie had been and how the horrible Pauline had teased her. Oddetta informed me Pauline was one of her clients now since leaving my place of work she had grown quite large herself and Oddetta thought she must be about 500lb herself now. Sadly she hadn’t been employed since Bill had sacked her at our Christmas party. I felt bad about that and stored the information away as I had a plan forming but needed to talk to Rosie first.

When we had finished talking about clothes and what I wanted. I admit to have mainly trousers made now as I needed some thing to separate my legs to stop them becoming sore, but still had a couple of minis ordered for when we went out clubbing, I didn’t want to hide away after all. Some really sexy tops ideal for business meetings. And a few little (!) sexy out fits to tease Bill in at night. I was hungry again. But it was time to go and meet the girls at the development site. My cook knew me so well she had arranged for the chauffer to take me and had stored 6 bags of food in the car for me to eat on the way.

“Thank god for good home help,” I told her as I sat in the back seat and started eating. Within half an hour all the food was gone and we were there.

All the couples were there and I could see Ben coming out of the shop with a bag of candy for Jo and another for me and Rosie to share. What a babe! I remembered our date such along time ago now, and new that Jo was with a kind person and that soon she would get to 300lb like the rest of us. Bill arrived in his truck and wheeled a scooter off for me; bless him he had remembered our chat last night so I was able to keep up with the crowd as we walked around. It was the perfect site, 3 storeys with a large lift to each floor. Not one step for anyone to have to climb, if they didn’t want to, there obviously was a stair case but hey we didn’t want to use stairs, I don’t remember the last time I walked up stairs I occasionally came down them. But even at home and the office there were lifts.

The kitchen was fantastic it was the size of the ground floor eating area and then some, Bill told us some one else had had the same idea as us but had gone bust when doing the site up, We had paid him a good rate and could use the equipment as it was now ours. We all had plans as to what we wanted so we went to the local diner where Sue worked she was very pleased to see us and moved furniture around so we could all sit together, she kept a never ending supply of food going while sat a discussed ideas. There were a few ideas that bombed, but on the whole we were all thinking a long the same lines, but ultimately Bill and I had the last say, as we owned the most shares.

We decided on a themed night for each day and Bill would head hunt (he was good at this as he had headhunted me) the best chefs to do a night a week i.e., Monday Chinese, Tuesday Italian, Wednesday Mexican etc. I desperately wanted Sunday to be curry night, no one but Bill knew what I was talking about so I arranged to have a night at ours so they could sample it. This was going to be tricky but I knew somehow I could pull it off. We also decided that Ben could over see the project, and Jo would be manager once it was opening, we told her she had to be 300lb by then as it was to be a big persons restaurant and no one was to feel intimidated buy the staff. I could se the look of pure pleasure as this was added to the minuets. She knew she would do it and with Bens help she would get to 400lb. We also stipulated that the boys also had to get to 300lb for the same reason. Paul looked a little shocked at this but he was ok when we said it could be muscle, he still went to the gym a lot and worked out, but was happy to gain muscle as well as girth. I could see excitement in all the girls eyes at the thought of as all gaining a little bit more.

Sue out did herself we were there for 6 hours and never once did I see and empty plate she silently just kept filling them and moving others out of the way. I came up with a great plan and suggested it there to the others.

“Why don’t we ask Sue to be our head waitress and help employ good waitress who are polite fast and enjoy food!”

The others liked this idea as Sue had never once ridiculed any of us, and she did remember me thin!

Sue was very pleased to be asked and when Paul mentioned her wage she cried. We had our first employee.

For the next few weeks’ life began to change first Rosie and I left the company, Both Bill and her still owned it but Bill was to carry on with the running of it while we concentrated on the restaurant. We needed to shop! We needed to find a carpenter who could make extra large extra strong chairs and tables, Jo and Sian were to shop for accessories once the colour scheme had been agreed we, chose gold and blue, a really rich midnight blue and a colourful gold to complement it. Paul and Steve had to go to every restaurant in town and sample the food, this was the best part, and each one took one of us girls with them. Once we decided which restaurant had the best food it was left to Bill to get them to give up one a night a week to come and work for us, Ben had to find commy chiefs who would be the main stay of our kitchen.

A couple of months in to the project Sian and Paul informed us they where to become parents Sian was 4 months pregnant that put it down to when we were on our honeymoon, we where ecstatic for them and Rosie and I took some of Sians work load of her.

All this extra work did amazing things for me, firstly all the extra moving around began to change my shape. I still felt like I weighed almost 800lb but I was able to walk more due to the extra exercise I was getting and as I found swimming the best place to relax after a day charging about. I noticed some definition coming back to my legs, the layer of fat from my ankle to the floor disappeared, I wasn’t exactly happy about this but knew once the restaurant was opened I would gain some more. The extra movement was a small bonus. Bill noticed a change in my shape too. My waist became rounder instead of flabby and my breast became firmer. It was strange but hey any excuse for Bill to examine my breast was good for me! Lol.

They others hadn’t let me for get about my promise of an Indian night but this was proving harder than I thought and in the end I telephoned one of the restaurants in England. It was amazing; it turned out the chef’s brother lived near us and was trying to break in to the home delivery side of fast food but wasn’t getting on very well. I took his number called him and asked him to visit with some samples of his cooking. He arrived the next with many different dishes for me to sample and sample them I did, I don’t thing he expected he to manage it all lol but this was to be expected as he had never met me before. He was an excellent cook all the food was superb, I explained about our restaurant and how if my friends enjoyed his food he could have Sundays as his shift and we would be happy for him to leave his calling cards so that those who enjoyed it knew where to contact him. He seamed overjoyed at the idea, but calmed down when I told him he had to persuade my husband and friends that he was good enough. I arranged for him to come and cook the following Saturday using our kitchen at home so that we knew it was him cooking. I was really excited when he left, and hungry, all the curry had made me thirsty so I drank 5liters of coke and then a bottle of wine, and enjoyed a very large afternoon feast; all growing girls need to keep up their strength! I was quite sleepy after this so went a laid down for a while, it was dark when I woke up and I could smell cooking. I went to the dinning room and Bill and Jo were there eating with paper work all over the place. There heads together discussing our restaurant, I was so glad Bill and Jo got on, as it was me that invited her to stay.

“Babe your awake, I tried 2 hours ago to wake you but you just wouldn’t stir so I left you to sleep. Cook saved you some food and we have not had dessert yet!” Bill opened his arms and I snuggled in close.

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Oct 12, 2005
Cook soon arrived and I sat eating for at least 2 hours while they sat talking about the chefs, waitress’s, etc, Ben was coming over with a wine list from a supplier and some samples! Once I’d finished my fish, soup, full meal of mixed Cantonese and Chinese I was ready for pudding and as it was a couple of hours since Jo and Bill had eaten they too were ready. I was in a teasing mood and challenged Jo to a eating competition, she took me up on it and slice for slice she matched me, 1 cake gone 2 cakes gone, Bill sat watching as he had had his own pecan pie and cream and was enjoying watching us eat, Ben arrived as we were in the middle of our 4th cake. Bill explained what was going on, so Ben sat next to Jo massaging her swollen tummy I could see she was beginning to waver. But bless her we managed the 4th I chose lemon tart next to take away some of the sweetness of the cake. Jo really began to struggle half way through her half, so I started on the strawberry cheesecake. I knew she was beat. Once her last mouth full was gone I offered her some cheesecake. She just held her hands up in defeat to full to even speak. Bill told Ben to take her home and rub her tummy until she felt better, and to leave the wine list with us he knew I was good for another hour of eating yet. I changed to cheese and biscuits and sampled the wine marking those that we liked, we sat there until 4 am me eating and Bill feeding me until I to was to full to speak, how I loved these nights the look of lust in Bills eyes at the sight of my swollen body, it made me so proud to be his.

In the morning we slept in until 11am thankfully it was the weekend and Bill didn’t need to go to the office. Over brunch I told him about Raj and his fantastic cooking and how next weekend he was going to cook for us all. Bill laughed and asked if he knew how much we ate, I’d forgotten to tell him this so Bill arrange to ring him later, we spent a lazy day swimming eating and making love, in fact the whole weekend was spent like that. Pure heaven.

The following week was fun I spent everyday with Rosie, Sian, and Jo sometimes we didn’t even manage to get our shopping done as we spent so much time playing with the twins, they were growing so fast I couldn’t believe they were over 4 months old, Rosie was a doting mum but didn’t let the girls get in the way of to much work! We started shopping on the Internet, why we hadn’t thought of this before I don’t know. Soon samples were being delivered everyday. We took it in turns to hold the talks at our houses mine one day Rosie’s next. As Jo was still in our apartment we just used my house.

“Let my cook doing the cooking and us do the eating “I said when Jo tried to protest, Rosie said the same to Sian who was getting rather large with her baby bump! (And the fact that Paul wouldn’t let her lift a finger so all she was doing was eating and sleeping in that order) we were all excited at the coming curry night I told the girls to glam up for a great night.

At 7pm that Saturday night we were all sat at our house smelling the most delicious smells ever. I noticed how every one had made the effort to dress up and how the boys had as promised gained weight, and so had the girls. I was very excited by this and asked if we could all weigh again on Sunday after another meal here.

Suddenly a strange rhythmic music started and all these voluptuous women came in dancing wear the most fantastic costumes ever. Trousers in a floaty chiffon with splits up the legs. And cropped bras all in resplendent purples and gold’s. In each of their tummies was a jewel. They danced swaying their hips and tummies in time to the music. It was fantastic. The girls being larger than average had so much on offer I had to keep an eye on the men! They couldn’t take their eyes off them but none of them looked like they really wanted them. So I felt reassured for my friends, I knew they were to skinny for Bill taste!

Once they had gone the food was brought out. Bowls and bowls of it. Many different coloured rice’s and curries, flat bread that was called Nan bread very tasty. Some had garlic in some had bits of meat some were plain. One of the curries was very hot and had so many chillis in it, I wouldn’t even try it. Ben really liked that one, over a matter of 5 or 6 hours we ate chatted and drank wine from the supplier, if this was this was the sort of night our restaurant was to have then we were going to be a huge success. Huge being a good word to describe it! Bill went out to the kitchen once we were all full to discuss business. Including the dancers as we had been enthralled by them, but all of us safe in the knowledge they were to skinny for our men.

The next day was bright and warm and we all lounged about the pool enjoying each other’s company. Helping Rosie with the girls and eating of course. Cook decided due to the weigh in at 9pm to start our evening meal at 5pm, none of us bothered getting dressed and sat eating in our bikinis and swim shorts. What a fantastic sight we must have been, no one looking like they weighed less than 300lb and a few of us looking like a whole lot more. Finally Bill got up and went and got the scales, we decided to weigh in the same order as last time so Ben got up first.

Last time he weighed 205lb this time……310lb woo hoo. In 6 months he had gained 105lb he got a round of applause for that one which he took with a bow.

Next was Paul 238lb last time this time 340 another 100+ gain our men where doing us proud.

Steve was next you could see he had gained he had an enormous paunch of a belly and a double chin that was making mine look like it could be caught up! Last time he was 245lb this time he was 400lb he got the biggest cheer, Rosie looked so proud of her man. 155lb in 6 months well done Steve.

My Bill was next I knew had had gained a little but as he was over 300lb to start with there had been no need for him to eat as much! 390 a gain of 40lb he smiled and looked pleased, as was I. But I could see an extra glint in Rosie’s eye, as she was so proud to have the fastest man as her own. I knew that look as Bill wore it whenever we were out together, it said look I what I have and its all mine, lust, love and pride all rolled into one.

“Well done babe,” I whispered to her as she walked past me to hug her enormous mountain of a man.

It was the ladies turn next. Jo got up first.

Last time 225lb this time 345lb an excellent gain of 120lb in 6 months at this rate she would retch her goal of looking like me in no time. Ben hugged her and had the true look of a man besotted with his girl.

Sian last time 350lb this time with only a matter of weeks before she gave birth a whopping 500lb, no wonder she was out of breath when walking. 150lb gain superb performance, Paul look so very proud of his immensely fat pregnant wife and I knew they were both content with their lives and when baby came along it would enhance their lives even more.

Rosie was next she looked very excited and judging by her size I knew she had ever right to be.

Last time 448lb this time a totally sexy 607lb of pure glorious fat. 159lb of extra glorious soft sensuous wobbling fat. Another round of applause was given. And Steve lent to kiss her he had to do so from the side as now they were both so fat they couldn’t retch when they stood in frount of each other.

My turn next I knew I hadn’t gained much due to all the extra exercise I was getting before the restaurant I wasn’t walking very far at all, and even though I now had my scooter I did far more walking and swimming than I had done in the last year.

Last time I was 784lb this time I was 792lb I could see Bill looked a little surprised, at such a small gain, as did the others. I explained due to all the extra work I wasn’t able to eat as much for as long to maintain a good gain. Bill asked if I wanted to reduce my work load but I soon satisfied him that once the restaurant opened next month I promised I would gain a lot more. He seamed happy with this as knew I would never lose at all as I enjoyed my food too much and revelled in my sexiness.

Rosie and Steve came over to say good-bye the girls were in the car with the nannies. I could see from the look in both there eyes a lot of fun and love making was going to be had as soon as they got through the door, Steve really was an incredibly sexy man with his huge belly peeping out of his shirt after all the food and drink two buttons had popped off and I could see a glorious belly full of red stretch marks, the sight of it was making me very horny indeed. I knew I had to either have Bill or pleasure my self, I could see that Bill and Paul were deep in conversation and so were Jo and Sian, I struggled to get to my feet but managed, this alone was almost enough to tip me over and orgasm there. But I knew I had to get to the bathroom. Finally I was there I propped my self on the sofa that was there and imagined Steve and how fat he was, the size of his thighs through his swim shorts you could just make out the beginnings of a third roll of fat I had never seen this on a man before only girls, his butt was huge, like carrying your own sofa around with you, his arms beginning to lose definition under flab when he had been in the pool these had fascinated me they were like wings, I tried to lift my arms to admire my own as always the fat didn’t move away from my side it was such an erotic sight as my rolls quivered as I put my arm down, I was to fat to put my hand inside myself but I could imaging myself doing this, I retched for my thighs and felt their warm and their softness and knew that this was my ideal life, as I shut my eyes Steve became my Bill with his sensuous large but not massive tummy and I climaxed leaving my self exhausted, half on the sofa half on the floor, as I adjusted my bikini the sofa legs gave way and I crashed to the floor, laughing as I did so.

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Oct 12, 2005
With in seconds Bill was by my side checking I was ok. Looking for cuts and bruises, all this touching was turning me on again, when the others arrived I told them to leave us alone for a while and we would shout them when we needed then, I winked at Sian and she knew what I meant and herded the others out. Bill by now knew what I wanted, and as I described to him what I had been doing, he became as turned on as I was, I had managed to get on all fours and he took me from behind getting even more excited as I told him my tummy was touching the floor and if we weren’t careful I was going to get carpet burns! Once we had finished our love making, Bill got me a table to lean on and together we managed to stand me up. I was very sleepy now 2 orgasms in ½ hour takes it out of a girl and I hadn’t eaten for nearly 2 hours!

Bill went and said good-bye to our guest and I went to our room, where when I was in bed Bill came in followed by the maids each carry trays full of food, I knew my third orgasm was defiantly on its way!

The next few weeks flew by in a flurry of work getting the restaurant finished in time for opening night, all the invites had gone out to our friends and their families, the first night was to be on us for the hard work they had done. All three floors were ready although the top floor we had turned in to on-suite rooms as I knew when I was so full loving was on my mind so for a few more dollars they could say the night, but breakfast would have to be had a the diner. (For now at least) as our staff only worked in the evenings and as we intended to stay open until 6am they had enough to do with out breakfast as well. We planned to open at 7pm to catch those who wanted to eat before going to Gail’s as well as those who were hungry when it shut at 2am. The Night of the opening Gail herself was coming so the club was left to its managers to run. She was expecting a quiet night as most on her guest list were on mine too. Lol.

A couple of days before opening night Sue rang with a problem. On of the waitress’s moms was really ill and she had had to fly home to be with her, did I know any one who would help out until she returned, suddenly Oddetta conversation about Pauline, how fat she had gotten and that she hadn’t had a job since Bill had fired her, as much as she had been a been a bitch to Rosie I did feel sorry for her. I telephone Rosie to check she was in and if it was ok if I went over, she said to come on over she was next to the pool.

When I arrived the maid took me around to the pool side where the nannies where having baby swimming lessons while Rosie lay in the sun watching and eating, she look so perfect in her red bikini bottoms only! You could see where the extra weight had gone as her tummy was so round and so soft it reminded me of a mountain of butter only lightly brown! Her immense breast had grown even more which I knew Steve would be happy about. As I watched her I noticed she was sucking on some thing, as I approached her I saw it was a container of what looked like weight gain shakes, I loved these! Lol. Know wonder Her and Steve had gained so much. Lucky devils.

“So are you going to share that”?

“Nope you can have your own” she laughed and called for the maid to make me up the same as hers in Steve’s container. This was going to be a good afternoon! I settled my self down in to a sun lounger. Our carpenter had not only kitted out the restaurant but had done us all patio furniture, he said the amount we paid him he could retire, I’d made him promise, always to make our furniture he had agreed, it turned out his wife was a Foodie and had broken all their furniture and he had to make all their stuff and that’s how he had set up his own business, as no one else had caught on to the fact we needed bigger stronger furniture, any way I digress back to Rosie and I.

As we sat waiting for the maid I made Rosie tell me about the feeding containers, it turns out while she was on the internet she had found these items in a specialist F.A’s site, with extra strong gaining powder and these, feeding containers all you had to do was mix the stuff up get comfortable and drink as much as you wanted, within an hour she was always full and always needed to sleep, Steve also had seen what she was doing and tried hers and enjoyed it so much he had his own. The instructions said to mix with milk, but they always added extra cream, sugar, and melted butter to help add extra calories and as we had seen from the weighing it had helped. After the sleep they always woke up ravenous and would sit down and eat until bedtime. She said most days she was having shakes for breakfast, lunch and high tea, one when Steve got home together so when they awoke supper was ready and they sat in the dinning room until bed time, they had converted the dining room in to part den so TV’s and sofa’s were in there also. By this time my shake had arrived and I began to drink. It was like drinking nectar, a mixture of flavours at each different suck, Rosie told me she had ordered one for each of us and was waiting until the night after the opening to give them us bless. I asked about the girls and she explained she always did it just before it was their naptime so they all slept together, so she wasn’t missing out on any of their growing up.

I was beginning to feel sleepy but knew I had to tell her about my plan so stopped drinking long enough to tell her what Oddetta had told me. And asked if we could offer her a job as a waitress on a short term contract, if she was mean then she went if she was good at her job she stayed, but I hated the thought that we had been mean enough to make some one unemployed for so long. Rosie had to sit up for this, this was a feat in its self as her belly was so distended from shake it didn’t want to bend, but as rose higher it eventually had to place its self in to rolls and rolls of glorious soft fat. No wonder Steve loved her so, she was beautiful. She could see I had drank all 10 liters of shake and knew I would need to sleep so she said she would think about it as I slept. A little over 2 hours later I was awake and as Rosie had said starving I felt like I hadn’t eaten for a week. Rosie was sat at the table eating so I asked for some assistance and her maids helped me up and I joined her, we both ate in silence for an hour trying to satisfy the immense hunger that was inside, plate after plate was consumed, I don’t think I had ever eaten so much and knew I wouldn’t be satisfied for a good few hours yet. I was beginning to drop food on myself in my hast to fill the void in my tummy I now knew why Rosie was in her bikini she just wiped herself grinning at me, “Its great isn’t it. I knew once you tried it you would love it.”

“Yes its fantastic but I need to go to India once before I start doing this more than once a day” I replied making a mental note to book a holiday once I got home as I knew that within the year I would probably be immobile. I had butterflies in my tummy at this exciting thought.

“Well what do you think to my plan?” I asked hesitantly

“Good! While we slept I dreamt about her and how unhappy she had made me, and how now she had known what it was like to be so unhappy, so I decided to forgive her! When I woke up I rang Oddetta to see if she would bring her over today, they should be her any time now”

“What I can’t look like this I cried” looking at all the food stains down myself, it was fine for my friends to see me like this but not at a business meeting.

“Calm down” Rosie laughed as her maid came out with a new dress for me to wear.

I stood and striped off where we were, the maid was used to me by now and didn’t bat an eyelid, and she took my clothes from me to launder. Rosie dress was a clingy little number in white lycra, it showed off every single pound I had gained since I had last seen Pauline, Rosie went and changed in to the same dress only in red. We looked brilliant. And I made Rosie promise to let me borrow it for the night I wanted Bill to see me in it. As she was agreeing Oddetta and Pauline were brought to us. Oddetta hugged us both and sat down telling us how fine we looked. I whispered she needed to make me a few of these dresses!

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Oct 12, 2005
I asked Pauline to sit down, and watched her as she did so. She had the grace of a lady who had accepted her self, although obviously nervous, I sat with my fat hands on my belly with fat legs showing through the splits feeling very confident and very sexy. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Rosie was doing the same. Pauline didn’t say any thing she just bent her head.

“I expect you wonder why you are here don’t you?” Rosie spoke first. Pauline just nodded.

“Look at me please” I asked. She did so.

“When we last meet you, you had spent almost a year being a bitch to me. And had spent almost 3 years being a bitch to Rosie you tried to ruin her relationship with Steve and made sure no-one was her friend.

Pauline began to drop her head again with what looked like embarrassment. Again I asked her to look at me.

“Thankfully you didn’t succeed in your lies and Steve and Rosie are married with 2 children and are very very happy. However you did lose you job over this, firstly before I give you my proposition I’d like to hear what you have to say about all this”

Looking me in the eyes still she muttered.” I was jealous!” wow I was not expecting that.

“Jealous you…………. You did nothing but ridicule us about our size” Rosie cried

“I know…………you see………..you see I used to be fat, well not as fat as I am now but when I was younger I was about 300lb. I enjoyed being this fat I enjoyed its sexiness….. But no-one else in my family understood this and they ridiculed me, told me no one would like me let alone love me if I stayed fat, I didn’t have many friends because I was so fat. my friend was food. ...I was happy like this but the pressure they put on me I began to diet. As I lost the weight people began to notice me. They were starting asking me to go out for drinks with them. I became in my eyes popular, I even managed to get a job…….yes with you Rosie, and then all of a sudden all this effort didn’t seam to count, as there was this beautiful fat girl with so many fiends who loved her. And I didn’t like it. I couldn’t cope with the fact you were living what should have been my life….if only my family would have let me,” she paused for a second and then continued.

“I turned in to super bitch then and decided if I couldn’t be fat and happy then why should you be allowed. And slowly I told lies about you to your friends, stole from them and then put it in their lockers saying it was you……….I’m so so sorry…. The worst was when we went out that night and it was so obvious that Steve fancied you, and it hurt, it hurt like hell. Here I was thin and supposedly sexy but no one asked me out on a proper date, only scum who wanted what they could get and when I wouldn’t give it they disappeared….. That night you looked fantastic when we met you I was such a bitch I made you go and change, even then Steve only had eyes for you. So when you went to the toilet I made a pass at him, you caught me as I intended and left. Steve couldn’t understand where you had got to. I told him you were gay!…I’m sorry…but even then he wouldn’t go out with me as I wasn’t his type!….so I made up stories which eventually caught up with me and I was fired…… I’m so so sorry, I hope one day you will forgive me for how I treated you both, but mostly to you Rosie. Getting fired was the wake up call I needed I realised I wasn’t living my life I was living my families life. I went to a psychiatrist who helped me to work out my problems and slowly but surly I gained confidence and obviously weight lol although that not so slowly” she paused to rub her immense belly, with a look of love in her eyes as she looked at it.

“I knew you and Steve were married I saw it in the paper, I also knew you were married too Kim, I wanted to send cards but felt you would return them and I couldn’t cope with that. I knew Oddetta worked for you and always asked after you both. Genuinely wanting to know you were happy, I can see you both are” with this she looked down and didn’t speak for a while. I looked at Rosie and she looked at me. It was time to bury old feelings and forgive her. We both rose at the same time and waddled over and hugged her. This shocked her and she burst out crying,

“Thank you thank you “she sobbed.

Once she had calmed down we began to explain why she was here. In between eating of course all that emotion had made us all hungry! I told her how Oddetta had told me about her, and that she couldn’t get a job. And that we were in the position to offer her employment at first on a short term contract but hope fully if things worked out a permanent one. We told her about the restaurant and she would be a waitress working the night shift from 12 midnight to 7:30am when all the clearing away and resetting was done. She could have one meal a night free as part of her wages either at the start of her shift or the end. She laughed at this and asked if we were sure as she could eat a lot. We rawed with laughter and declared not as much as us! As it was to be a big persons restaurant we would be used to big healthy appetites. When she arranged to do it we explain wages etc and again she began to cry as she was on the last few hundred of her life savings and we were saving her from a life of thinness again. Thank goodness we had called for her! We shuddered at the thought.

Oddetta measured her up for a uniform and agreed to have it ready for the opening I also wanted a dress like the one I was wearing only maybe a little loser so I had room for growth lol. That was easy to arrange.

Opening night was amazing we all pulled out the stops, and Oddetta was very busy with adding changes to uniforms and all our glamorous dresses, the men were in tux’s and look so big and handsome, Sian was due to give birth 2 days after the opening and couldn’t walk any more she was so fat. She too had a scooter to get about in Oddetta had made her a glorious shocking pink pair of dungarees in satin with showed off her size to all, with a baby pink top underneath she looked like all expectant mothers blooming, I was wearing a new dress like the one Rosie had lent me in bright red, it was a tube dress with a deep v to show off my magnificent crevice where my breast met, with splits at each side to mid thigh due to the material it clung to all the right places and when I walked each ripple was seen by all. Rosie had the same style but in apple green and she look fantastic, the extra shakes had now made her belly even bigger than her breasts, when she sat rolls and rolls of fat could be made out under the soft material, Jo had opted for a very short denim mini, which should of her delightful cellulite thighs off for all to see, and a crop top in pink leaving nothing to the imagination rolls and rolls of dimpled fat on show. Bang on 7 pm we opened the doors of KBRSSPJB RESTURANT to all our friends and welcomed them in, we didn’t get time to think, flitting from one table to the next. Making sure every one was fed and happy. Checking with the waitresses that they to where enjoying themselves we wanted a great atmosphere. Sue and Pauline had clicked the day they met and worked like Trojans, smiling and happy for the full shift. Food after food was consumed slowly a silence came over as people concentrated on their food rather than talking. A sign that the food was excellent. Each chief had worked that night each doing different courses so our punters could sample everything. I wonderd how this was going to work but work it did. Eventually at about 2 am the hum of voices began and we knew they were beginning to become full. Gail stood up slowly and taped her glass for silence.

“I would like to propose a toast to the fantastic friends we have, who have made this THE most enjoyable meal I have ever had, and that is a huge complement in case some of you didn’t know I like my food” the was a ripple of giggles at this as Gail rubbed her immense thighs she was a huge woman of afro Caribbean decent and she must weigh 700lb most of it on her ass and thighs,
“I have never been so comfortable in a restaurant not only because i'm with friends but because I fit into the furniture, the waitress smile at me, And some are big like me! The atmosphere is an extension of my own club; I will be joining you every night, so Kim be warned I will catch you up. Raise your glasses to the A team” a huge raw of approval went round and everyone stood and clapped,

Bill stood up and thanked everyone for coming to the restaurant, for making our dream come true and hoped that next time we saw them they would be paying guests! Everyone laughed at this last comment. Thankfully with in the hour the restaurant was empty except for our selves and the staff, Paul told the staff to keep on cooking and we all sat together and ate in our very own restaurant, and how we ate, I think we ate as much as 200 hundred people had that night, all the weeks of stress! Had been worth it. At 6am we decided to let the others finished their shift and we would go home. I went to find Sue and Pauline to thank them for their help. They were sat chatting like they had know each other for years they both got up to hug me, and Pauline cried again with tears of happiness at our friendship and forgiveness.


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Sep 29, 2005
Karma, you gotta love it. After replying to nearly all stories here(if I didn't just wasn't my kind of stories), being rewarded with 7th Part.
I wonder what would happen if adopt an orphan, would Wilson Barbers inscenate an Episode of the Gilmore Girls?