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Oct 12, 2005
BBW, Dining, XWG: Part Six in an ongoing series. (Check the Weight Room Story Archives for Parts One Through Five.)

Today Is My First Day at Work
by lghshortstay

Part Six​

When we last met, I was about to walk Sian down the aisle, a month before my own wedding.

Let me tell you about that glorious day and other events that followed.

Sian was to be married in our gardens under a stunning silver canopy.

Sian was looking resplendent in a silver fitted fishtail dress so tight you could see every curve of her body. And, boy, were there some curves - rolls and rolls of them. As I watched her dress, I remembered how she looked a year ago when she turned up on my doorstep. She must have been a size 14 back then, at around 150lb; now she was heading towards 400lb. I knew within another year she would be there and probably over. And it was all my fault, LOL. I was so proud of her. She had fed me up to and over 500lb. Now I had Bill to help me towards our dream, immobility for me. As I was growing, so had she - not with good grace, I have to admit at first. But with the love of Paul, she grew more confident with every pound that went onto her ample but stunning frame.

I was wearing a specially made tux. I felt, as I was giving her away, I wanted to look different, and, as I was getting married myself next month, I was saving my dress until then. Rosie was there also, having much difficulty in standing due to her size. She was expecting twins any time now and was massive. Her beautiful round ass was as large as her fully round tummy. Steve had managed to get a wheelchair for her to get out and about in.

All Sian’s friends from the office were there, as well as some she had kept in touch with from home. I knew she was nervous at meeting these, as she had only kept in touch by phone. None of them had seen her for a year, some more. I knew that both our sizes were going to be a shock to them, but I made her laugh by telling her at least she still looked like Sian, where I was unrecognisable as the Kim they had last seen. In little over a year I had gained 500lb. I loved the way I looked. More to the point, Bill loved the way I looked and the way I felt. All the soft fat was so pleasing to his and my touch. I could get him aroused just by trying to stand up!

Anyway, more of the wedding.

She had no reason to worry when she walked down the candlelit path to meet Paul under the canopy. There were gasps from her friends, but no one said, “Oh, my God, how fat!” Instead, they all said, “Oh, my God, she looks beautiful!” And the look on Paul’s face confirmed this. He had to adjust his trousers twice during the ceremony, LOL

It was a fantastic day; lots of dancing, and the food was the best, as always. We had used the chef from Ben’s restaurant.

All her friends told her what a dreamboat Paul was. And how being curvy suited her. (Why is it girls never say fat?) and that they thought they ought to move here, too! Her best friend from home, Jo, kept looking at her, and I recognised the look. She wanted to look like Sian. She didn’t take her eyes off all of the fat people here, and I observed her eating all day. I had a plan for Jo, if she was willing, as I remembered what it was to long to be so curvy, and I had lived and still was living my dream. We exchanged phone numbers, and I told her to ring me if she was serious about moving here, that I would be able to offer her employment soon.

Just as I was talking to her, I heard a scream, and everyone stopped what he or she was doing and turned to look where the scream came from. Rosie was sitting at the buffet table, holding her tummy. She let out another scream. Steve looked at me as I tried to run to her side. Eventually, I got there; out of breath, I asked her what was the matter.

“The babies………..I …. think they are coming!”

I turned to look for Bill, but he was behind me on his cell phone, ringing 911.
After what seemed like hours - but I'm assured it was only minutes - the ambulance turned up to take Rosie and Steve to the maternity hospital. As I waved them off, Sian was behind me, telling me to go with her.

“But it’s your wedding! I can’t just leave you,” I said.

“Yes, you can. Rosie is like a sister to us both; you go - just make sure Bill rings us with updates!”

I kissed her and Paul - and I set off with Bill to be with Rosie and Steve.

Four hours later, after some screaming, puffing and panting - and that was just me! - Rosie gave birth to two little girls. Little Kira weighed 11lb 7oz and Drew weighed 12lb 1oz. No wonder Rosie hadn’t been able to walk! They were the most beautiful little girls I had ever seen, and there were many tears and lots of champagne that night.

Once they were home and Sian and Paul were back from their honeymoon, we all met up at Rosie's house. She invited us over for a meal; lucky for her, she had a house full of maids and a nanny for each child, although she was breastfeeding them, so was very much a hands-on mum. The reason for the meal - not that we needed a reason – was that Steve had something to ask us all. We ate first. As always, I was hungry and they knew that until I had eaten I would not listen properly. It is so nice to have friends that understand. We ate for a few hours – well, they ate for two hours; I ate for four hours until all the food was gone and I felt pleasantly full. Steve then stood up.

“Welcome to our home, friends!”

I looked at Rosie thinking wow this all a bit formal. She just smiled and carried on feeding Kira.

“We have asked you here today not just for a chat and a meal we can do that any time but to ask…….umm….. To ask if each couple would be god parents to our daughters”

With a stunned silence, followed by big screams from my self and Sian it was agreed that we were immensely proud and honoured to do this for them.
Myself and Bill were to be god parents to Kira Kim Homey and Sian and Paul were to be god parents to Drew Sian Homey. What a fantastic night.

By now I only had a week to go to my wedding to my fantastically gorgeous Bill. As always Oddetta was to make my dress. She always made my clothes now as I had out grown all shop sizes, well being 5”3 and 670lb I was rounder than I was tall. I still enjoyed wearing fashion but no one stocked clothes to fit. I would show her pictures and she would make me them. Always stretch and usually trousers as like I said I was saving the dress’s until my wedding day; my favourite out fit was my fitted jeans and a pink crop top. When I got in from the office my trouser suits would come off and I’d put this on so Bill would be teased when he got home lol. He also adored me in that out fit. I decided not to wear it at all the week before the wedding and slopped around at night in gym pants and t-shirts so that I would look even more beautiful on our wedding day.

I still continued to swim most days usually naked. So I could see my self-reflected in the glass doors of our conservatory. I enjoyed this part of my day the best. I was truly truly fat now. My breasts had started to sag with the weight but they were still firm. My chin never moved off my chest now and was turning into its fifth roll. My arms were now the size of most football players thighs. Full and flabby and no matter how high I lifted my arm the fat never truly left my side. I had 6 beautiful rolls of fat that was my tummy, when I stood if fell below my knees. Thank god for big pants lol. Oddetta had some how made superb ones that when I was standing it stopped this from happening, my tummy stood out firm and proud, but looking at myself naked I could see how low it was getting. It turned me on immensely. My thighs never parted! From my calf to my crotch my legs touch and at last I had cankles! Yes despite all my swimming my calf and ankles were as one. I could stand looking at myself like this for ages but usually Bill came home and we would end up making love in the pool.

I stopped swimming the week of our wedding so he didn’t see me naked for a week. I also made a conscious effort not to eat quite as much during this week so my dress would be slightly lose. My plan was that following our honeymoon it wouldn’t fit! It was the hardest week of my life, I’d never dieted before and by normal peoples standard I didn’t truly diet that week but I cut my meals down to 4 a day and our evening meal was only 4 course instead of the usual 8. At night I couldn’t sleep, as I was so hungry. But I wanted to do this for one week only. Some how I managed it. Not making love and not eating was killing me.

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Oct 12, 2005
But on the morning of our wedding I woke up and got on the scales. 605lb in one week alone I had managed to lose 65lb. I felt very thin and very hungry but it had been worth it. I knew my dress would be loose and the fun Bill and I would have filling it again.

Bill had stayed at Rosie’s that night and was coming back for the wedding. I had had Rosie, the twins, Sian and Jo, Sians friend over the evening before. They one by one came into the dinning room, where the housekeeper kept a steady flow of food coming all morning. I only picked at the food as I still wanted a loose dress it was hard and I could see the funny looks I was getting from the girls so I decided to put them out of their misery and tell them my plan.

“Thank god for that “ they were worried I had changed my mind about Bill, and Jo who really didn’t know me that well thought I had chosen not to be fat anymore! God love her! Rosie laughed so hard at this comment she wet herself.

“No way girl I know Kim no way would she go back to being thin. But she had me worried about Bill although I couldn’t understand why as they are a perfect match”
I gave her a big hug for this.

At 13.30 I began to get myself ready with Odetta’s help. She had made a replica of the out fit I had worn for my works Christmas doo the very first night I had met my Mr W.O.W. only instead of it being midnight blue it was in old gold. Matching the colour of our canopy perfectly. I also had Bills cumber band made out of the same material. The girls were in silver as my bridesmaids, including the twins they look beautiful. Jo as wedding planner had organised the seating and tables brilliantly as there was to be over 200, guests. Yet again I had friends coming over who hadn’t seen me in a while. But I had no nerves like Sian a month before as I knew I was gorgeous, I only had to look at my friends faces and remember all the dances at Gail’s to know I was desired but I only had eyes for one person and that person was to meet me under a canopy at 15.00. By 14:45 I was ready hair perfect, make up perfect, dress perfect, figure, room for improvement but almost perfect lol. The corset of my dress had to be pulled in tighter to stop it from falling down and the skirt was obviously to big but I knew not for long.

Thank goodness for waterproof mascara as all the girls were crying when I walked out of my room.

“You look like a big fat stunning film star,” gasped Sian.
What a complement and with that I glided down the steps down the path into the waiting arms of my man.

The look on his face as I walked towards him was a mixture of love and lust, we had never gone so long with out making love so to see the woman he adored walk down the isle with all her assets on show was driving him wild.
I flashed him my stocking top as I stood at his side, which caused a ripple of giggles throughout the congregation. We said our vows declaring our love for each other and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place us included. As we walked back down the isle to the applause of our friends Bill slipped his hands around my waist and wisped.
“getting kinda skinny Mrs Wanner…….. Not planning on wimping out on our love deal are you”

I knew he was teasing me, and I also knew that if ever my some kind of miracle I did chose to slim he would still love me.

“Nope just thought I’d lose a couple of pound so that we have the fun of putting all back on again” I bumped him with my hip as he let out a raw of laughter.

“That’s my girl,” he whispered as his arms enveloped me.

For the rest of the day he made sure my plate was never empty. We had the best chefs from every restaurant in town working for us that night, Mexican, Italian. Chinese, fast food burgers being served every 100 yards or so, so that no one had to move if they chose no too.

For a while I circulated speaking to friends of ours all of them were there, form Rod and Tim, girls from the office and Sue and some of the girls from the diner, even Gail herself had come the night club was closed for the night and her dj was doing the music, I knew we were in for some hot music. Lots of the people from Gails came to, as we knew so many of them from going there so often. It was a F.A’s heaven.

Eventually I sat with Rosie as she fed both twins they were 4 weeks old now and were growing well, both gained a 1lb a week, and Rosie struggled to hold them unless they where propped on a pillow. She looked fantastic in a green clinging dress, which should of every lb of her 350 lb. She had lost some since giving birth but I was delighted to see her tucking in to the Mexican with gusto.

“Steve is giving you such hot looks I think I have to do some thing about it,” she said looking at me as I watched her eat. I smiled and replied
“Well when you have it girl you have to flaunt it”

Then I noticed she wasn’t smiling.

Were there problems I wondered? Just as I was thinking it she spoke.

“He keeps moaning about how I’m getting skinny. That he misses my belly now that the girls are out. I’m worried he will find someone else”

I smiled at her and put my arm around her.
“That’s the baby blues coming out honey, he would never leave you he loved you skinner than this”
She smiled as she remembered.

“Truth be known I miss my belly since the girls came out too, I was kinda thinking of restarting the gaining again”

“Woo hoo” I called

We both sat laughing as everyone stared at us.

I called the waiter over and told him to ensure our table was always full. So what with Bill sending food and our own waiter bringing food I didn’t stop eating for 5 hours by which time id had to let the corset out a lot!

While I was sat there content with my life Jo came over to join us, she sat and ate with us trying to keep up but not able too. We laughed with her and called her a lightweight. I could see the longing in her eyes as she watched all the fine fat Asses and bellies waddle by.

“Can I ask you a question?” she asked going red in the face.

“Sure” I replied.

“Umm…… how did you know………you wanted to get so …………………..fat.”

“Well I had seen that coming but not today.” I laughed.

I explained at how for years I longed to be fat how I find it so sexy and erotic, but I’d never had the courage to do it until I moved here and met Rosie who took me to Gail’s night club and I learnt all about F.A’s and feederisum. That with the help and support of my friend’s id set myself a goal to become immobile one day. Even if I’d not met Bill I would have hit 700lb eventually. But with his love I knew I would be taken care of. And that it gives us both so much pleasure watching me grow. I get the pleasure of eating all the time, and seeing each new roll is its self like an orgasm. At this she smiled quietly.

I lent towards her took hold of her hand and asked if she knew what I ment. She nodded shyly blushing.

“Would you like to live here and work for me “?

She looked up as if she couldn’t believe what I had said. I assured her I meant it, at that time I wasn’t sure myself what job she would do, but I knew she need to be round people who would love her for herself no matter how fat she was.

She was so excited she thanked me and accepted my offer, and ran off to find Sian to tell her the good news, leaving me and Rosie to eat some more.

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Oct 12, 2005
After a long night of dancing and eating and drinking it was time for myself and Bill to leave for our hotel, we said our good byes and drove to the best hotel in the city, we had the honeymoon suit, the lift being out side the door so I didn’t have far to walk I was shattered extremely happy but shattered. Bill helped me undress as each layer of clothing was removed his penis grew. Until he couldn’t take it anymore. I was laughing with him so hard I was sending immense ripples across my body, this excited him even more. And our love making didn’t last long as we were both so excited. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning I explained why I had lost weight and told him it was his job to make sure I gained as much as he wanted this was my wedding present to him my body my appetite. He was in tears after I finished telling him this knew then how much I loved him, to give all that was precious to me, I gave it to him.

As we sat eating breakfast he presented me with an envelope. I opened this with excitement.

“Oh my” I gasped it was a six week trip around Europe. Flying first class in fact he had booked 3 seats so I would have enough room. I was so pleased and excited a tried to jump up and down but my feet didn’t leave the ground but the rest of my body looked like they had.
The problem with eating in the nude is that my Husband (oh that sounds nice) gets very turned on! And seeing my fat wobble so much meant a longer love making session was the order of the rest of the day, only stopping for him to feed me, which did on occasions mean we stopped for a couple of hours lol.

The next day I telephoned Rosie to tell her of our trip. Which it turned out she knew about all along, as she needed to cover my work load Sian and Paul were really thrilled for me, Paul asked to speak to Bill. So while he chatted I started eating. After an hour Paul got of the phone and joined me not that I had left him anything so he just reordered the whole menu again, I was intrigued as to why they had chatted for so long as was told it was business this wasn’t unusual for them so I left it. I told him about Jo coming to live with us and he was more than happy as our house had a spare apartment, which she could use. Only she was banded from using the pool after 7pm lol that was out time!

After ringing other friends to tell them our news I began to panic about clothes as they were all back at the house, but Bill just laughed when I expressed this to him and told me to go naked. I playfully thumped him then spotted a set of cases in the hotel room lobby. He rawed with laughter and told me that Oddetta had brought it over while I was sleeping my 4-hour breakfast into wonderful fat.

We had a limo to take us to the airport. I struggled to get out but with some pulling from Bill I was soon walking slowly in to first class. Wow it was like being in a shopping mall. All designer stuff nothing big enough to go around my ankle let alone my waist. But I managed to buy some perfume and sunglasses and got bill some lovely items. He was still my Big handsome man and in the time I had known him he had only gained 20lb, he didn’t want to become too fat and I was happy to eat for us both. It felt so right being with him our sizes complemented each other we got some hot looks between us, the girls were giving him the eye and I had my bottom pinched a few times! The airhostess let me on the plane first and settled us both down and then let the others on I felt like royalty. Lots of people came up to congratulate us as word got round we were on our honeymoon, and the airhostess ensured I was never with out food, I’d also had the good sense to bring snacks with me. These aeroplane meals do not I repeat do not fill any one up let alone a big girl like myself.

We flew to Italy for our first part of the trip and Bill arranged for me to have an electric wheel chair so that we could go out and see all the sights, the Vatican, the coliseum, which did reminded me of a wedding cake, so Bill had to go and buy me a bakers shop full of cakes! Which we sat in a park and he very sensuously fed to me. It was so erotic sitting there with my immenseness surrounded by cakes, being fed by the one I loved I shuddered with an orgasm which Bill new I was having in public and we smiled to each other and went back to the hotel to feed me some more, and to make passionate love together. I loved Italy the food the men (swoon) Bill was always being told how lucky he was to have me. I had telephone numbers given to me everywhere I went I was beginning to feel like a film star!

After a while we flew to France this time Bill had a larger car waiting for us so I could get in and out with ease. I enjoyed Paris the best in France, but I found the girls there very rude, I do believe I was the fattest person they had ever seen and they stared so very much. I just flashed my fat legs to them which made Bill laugh, and I too would join in great belly laughs causing traffic to stop, again many men where enamoured by my size and beauty, often in restaurants we didn’t have to pay as the managers explained they had never seen any one enjoy their food as much as I had, they expressed how French women would only pick at there food. What a shame for those women not to enjoy themselves as much as I did. I ended up pitying them far more than they did me. As I was living my dream.

England was next. I loved England with its warm people and I grew to love the curries, I’d never had one before and I made Bill promise when I hit 800lb we would fly to India for a month, he promised to do this and encouraged me to eat even more. I know it was the thought of an 800lb wife that spurd the extra feeding on. I could tell from how my clothes were feeling that he was weaving his magic over my body. Walking was becoming harder and I was missing my swimming but I knew after Germany we would be on our way home. Back to the life I loved. Being with friends, doing a job I enjoyed and swimming naked, I really was missing this part. I needed to see myself in our glass windows, nowhere had a mirror I could see myself in. and I wanted to see what I could feel. I knew how much fatter I was as I could no longer see my feet even when leaning forward, I just toppled almost over I had to stand near walls to even try this. I knew, as no bath in Europe was big enough for me. And most of all I knew from the look in Bill’s eyes each time I saw him looking at me. I became a mini star in London, we discovered a pub near our hotel it was what is known as a “local” and all the people who worked in our hotel would drink there, it was our chambermaid that invited us their one night. She invited her friends and we had a brilliant night drinking pints of larger and eating funny things called pork scratching. Bill was in touch with Paul most days and continued to tell me it was business. I chatted with the girls as often as I could and was really missing them. Gemma our chambermaid noticed when I got of the phone how sad I looked and I explained I was missing my clubbing nights.

She laughed and told me this was soon mended she arranged for me to go out with her friends to a club called passion. It was big girls night, she told me Bill was not allowed to come with us, he could go out with her boyfriend while I went out with her. Bill was happy with this and we agreed to meet up at the end of the night.

Well what a night. I was the centre of attention all nightlong. I was easily the fattest person there and easily the most chatted up. Everyone was so friendly the girls came over to chat and the men brought me food or drinks it was like being at Gail’s in the days before Bill, lol,

I danced a few times but to be honest I was very out of breath after each one so just sat and ate some more. But I did save the last dance for Bill when he came. My Mr wow was the most stunning man there and again I got lots of “lucky you” from the girls. Our dance was so sensuous just me and him on the dance floor. Me in my mini skirt and see through top gyrating together. I was so turned on I made him take me down stairs (using the elevator) out side and down a side street where, with a lot of fun and fumbling we had the best sex of our life together, and believe me that’s going some.!!! We returned very flushed to a huge cheer. We had been caught on camera! I was so embarrassed at first but after so many complements I knew that I had nothing to worry about.

When we went it to the pub the next day we were greeted with another rapturous applause. I didn’t want to leave London at the end of our time but Germany was calling and so was home.

Our time flew past in Germany and I was able to find a dress maker to make me some new clothes to travel home in, as I had out grown all the beautiful clothes Oddetta had made me, German women are bigger than most European women but I was still the biggest by far, we spent most of the time eating and making love and enjoying our last few days alone together before our trip was over and we had to return to work.

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Oct 12, 2005
The flight home was uneventful and we slept most of the way, getting back to the airport we were greeted by cheers as our friends were at the gates waiting for us, I could see that the girls too had been busy gaining in my six weeks away and I was very pleased to see Jo was defiantly beginning to fill out.

We all came to Bill’s and my place to help me unpack and Paul, Steve and Bill had bussness to discuss again!

Us girls congregated in around our pool I was longing to get in it after being away for so long. As I was with friends a striped off to get in in my usual nakedness.

“Wow.” Was the gasp as I striped off, all the girls were looking at me with pride in their eyes, I slowly turned around to look at my reflection,

“I'm………..truly fat now………I’m beautiful” I whispherd as I stared at my naked body.

The 6 week honey moon had paid off, I was massive starting from my face, my eyes were beginning to be lost in the fat of my cheeks, but their colour was still shinning through, my chin now rested on the top of my breasts, these were enormous I had red weal’s where my bra had been, they just lay the almost covering the top part of my belly, I loved my belly before but my god now it was down almost to my calf’s, It was dimpled full and immense, as I turned slowly around I could see my butt although massive hadn’t managed to keep with up with my belly and I appeard to go in a little, leaving a shelf of fat where once was hips, my back I could see had extra fat pads, under where my bra strap had been where there had been 2 extra large ones they had divided into 4 massive ones. My legs well how to describe this, my feet were place further apart them my massive shoulders and they were stuck together all the way up. I had rolls of fat at my ankles, which were almost touching the floor. I looked at my hands properly for the first time an noticed the ring that Bill had only put on there 6 weeks a go would need to be cut off that week, my arms I could longer lift above my head due to the weight, all the feeding Bill had been doing I hadn’t notice how little I was using them,

“Mamma mia” I turned to see Bill and the boys standing at the open door way,

“You are one lucky son of a gun,” Paul said looking at Bill.

“Don’t I know it! She is beautiful and ladies and gentlemen could you leave me and my wife alone for a hour or 2.lol come back this evening and we will have a weighing for all our girls, that includes you Jo, and then we can tell the girls our news”
With that they left, as much as I wanted to know the news I wanted my husband even more. I was so turned on by the sight of my self I knew one touch and I would explode with ecstasy.

We made love on the floor by the pool for an hour, then when Bill went to see where the food I was, I had a swim, god I was so unfit. Before our wedding I could swim 50 lengths easily after 4 I was exhausted, thank god for the electronic swing we had fitted to get me out. I’m sure I would have never managed it if I had had to climb. As I lay panting on my lounger Bill came with a tray of cakes for me, including 2 massive chocolate ones with double cream, 2 cheesecakes, and fancies, he sat the chair next to me and slowly fed them all to me while I got my breath back. After eating the tray full of cakes and the tray of snacks that the maid had brought I felt able to go into the house to dress for our guest that night.

I saw my wedding dress laundered and hanging from my wardrobe, I was tempted to try it on but knew I would treat my friends tonight to seeing me do that so I slipped in to a negligee and robe. Both were snug and showed my figure of beautifully. I called Oddetta to see if she was free tomorrow to come over to measure me for some new clothes, she laughed and said she had kept the week free knowing I would be needing some after the honey moon, what a star.

I went to the lounge were Bill was mixing drinks and sat eating nuts and crisps until our friends arrived, Bill would not tell me any of the plans until they got there so I was sulking a little when they arrived.

We decided to eat before our grand weighing and Bill promised while we where eating to explain all,

The cook had out done herself and we all tucked in to a full Christmas dinner even though it wasn’t Christmas she provided 6 turkeys which we soon demolished all the potatoes and fries and vegetables soon went and buy the time dessert came we had been sat eating for 3 hours, I was still hungry but I could see Bill was itching to tell us, so I allowed him to interrupt my eating to tell us all.

“Well as you know a while back Ben put a propastion to us about going in to business with him, running a F.A’s restaurant…… well while we have been on honeymoon the boys have found a property next door to Gail’s that……… we have managed to purchase.”

There was silence around the table I had even put my spoon down to listen a very rare thing!

“We are to go into business as partners, Sian and Paul have 15% Rosie and Steve have 15% and Ben and Jo have 15% we my dear have the rest” he turned to look at me.

“That was what all the telephone calls were about whilst we were away, you ladies can come and visit tomorrow afternoon, and make plans then”

I didn’t know what to say I could see from my friends faces that it was only the boys that knew about this, all of a sudden pudding was no longer needed we were all talking at once all very pleased with the news.

I was intrigued to know about Jo and Ben! They both had 71/2 % but as they had just started dating pulled it together. I was so pleased at this news and hugged her to me.
“I knew you moving here was the right thing to do.” I said

“I knew it was too. Ben and I met at Sians wedding, we spoke on the telephone a lot but when I came for your wedding we knew it was something special, what makes it even more special is he loves big girls and keeps teasing me for being skinny.” She patted her tummy.
“This I hope one day will match yours.”

“I hope so too honey,”

After I had got over the shock and had managed another 2l cakes we decided to try my wedding dress on,

Bill went and got it for me and the girls helped me into it, or should I say tried to help me into it. The top well the armholes would only go up to my forearm now, and even only using two holes to threat the cord it the back remained at my sides. The skirt that only 6 weeks ago was too lose wouldn’t go past my knees. We tried over my head but no way was it going past my bust, we were all delighted, I was exhausted after all the pushing and pulling and needed to sit down for a while. Of course with a snack to keep my strength up!

Bill went and wheeled the industrial side weighing scales in to the room, we let the boys get on first, starting with the skinniest this was Ben Jo had telephoned him to come over once I knew they were an item,

Ben Height 5ft 9” weight a skinny 205lb

Paul height 6ft.0” weight 238lb

Steve height 6ft 1” weight 245lb

Bill height 6ft 3” weight 350lb

Bill was a little shocked at this as he had gained 60lb since we met, I just rubbed his sexy belly and told him I’d love him at 750lb which he laughed at and said he would love me if I fed him up to 750lb lol, we all agreed that Ben needed to gain some to be a true member of our group. He laughed and said he was sure with Jo’s help he would soon fit right in. next it was the girls turn starting with Jo.

Jo height 5ft 2” 225 wow way to skinny but in 6 weeks again of 35lb. She seam pleased with this and Ben gazed in to her eyes and said it would soon be more.

Sian height also 5ft 2 weight 350lb

Rosie height 5ft 7” weight 448lb

Both Sian and Rosie were pleased especially Rosie who since having the twins had lost some weight. She admitted to stopping breast-feeding as it was making her lose weight and in 6 weeks she had gained almost 100lb Steve was ecstatic for them both and all night kept his hands on her curves and always made sure she was eating. Sian although pleased was disappointed to be so far behind Rosie and vowed that at the next weighing she would have caught up. Paul laughed and said he would feed her so that she would over take Rosie. This pleased Sian a lot and she stopped sulking and started eating. Now it was my turn everyone stopped talking as Bill and Paul helped me to stand. 6 weeks ago on my wedding day I weighed 605lb. I was so excited to see how much I had gained I was trembling with excitement I could see from Bill’s eyes he too was excited.

I clambered on and watched as the scales flew round. 500lb gone 600lb gone 700lb gone 800lb stopped then dropped a little it finally stayed at 784lb. In 6 weeks I had managed to gain a wonderful 179lb. Bill was crying with happiness and could not stop hugging me. Once off and sat down all the girls came over and hugged and kissed me and told me how proud they were of me. But no was prouder than myself. As I gazed into Bill’s eyes I knew what living was all about. It was about living life for yourself with someone who loves you for who you are and I had it all. Great friends, a fantastic husband and a body to die for!


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Sep 29, 2005
It was great reading the first 5 Parts and this was a great finale, I really like reading such an epos

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Oct 12, 2005
Just to letcha know, BTB, there are two more chapters to go that'll probably go up over the next few days . . .