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Mar 19, 2017
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The intergalactic war finished by years ago..but the cruel stones planet for livfe not benevolent is still active,now more then ever ..the biggest intergalacttic kriminal groups and secret gouverment servise still using huge and only buildings for few reasons,hideing weapons,creatures,animals,humans,living beings from other dimensions,mystical and dangerous stuff and so..Every regular beings who is not a part of the evil and transparent consiracy from the planet,if visit for any reason,just never come back and that is also a bit of conection to the story...Here is included next,,Squashing,fat fetish,romance,erotic,hc sex,domination, gain,human,animals,aliens,weirdo,expansions,grow,giants,and many more stuff and fetish,My idea is to bring it creative,not just focus on adult context and bring cheap story with erotic elements,It can be a big writing journey for every member,

Some of the Charachters .

Captain Jepo iron cyborg mutant ,
Fat giant Mrva desert mechanic
Vlad superobesse muscule 19 years old secret weapon
Thomas prison security guy rude bastard
Eli beautifull busty girl prisoner with hiden special powers
Oxymoron lighting creature who can be captured just in one way.
Plecko scientist and shaman treating creatures with supplemental message
Gidra she is a leader of new expanding reality traveling horizonts cult
Procs is a famos desert shutle mostly used by fugitives,rebels,desert people Give me some feedback if you have some more better wiew on this topic and now i must
KAti ssbbbw mechanic
Supa Neanderthal woman all ass ant mamouth tits live in the desert caves,ssbbnw


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