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Mar 19, 2017
, male
The intergalactic war finished by years ago..but the cruel stones planet for livfe not benevolent is still active,now more then ever ..the biggest intergalacttic kriminal groups and secret gouverment servise still using huge and only buildings for few reasons,hideing weapons,creatures,animals,humans,living beings from other dimensions,mystical and dangerous stuff and so..Every regular beings who is not a part of the evil and transparent consiracy from the planet,if visit for any reason,just never come back and that is also a bit of conection to the story...Here is included next,,Squashing,fat fetish,romance,erotic,hc sex,domination, gain,human,animals,aliens,weirdo,expansions,grow,giants,and many more stuff and fetish,My idea is to bring it creative,not just focus on adult context and bring cheap story with erotic elements,It can be a big writing journey for every member,

Some of the Charachters .

Captain Jepo iron cyborg mutant ,
Fat giant Mrva desert mechanic
Vlad superobesse muscule 19 years old secret weapon
Thomas prison security guy rude bastard
Eli beautifull busty girl prisoner with hiden special powers
Oxymoron lighting creature who can be captured just in one way.
Plecko scientist and shaman treating creatures with supplemental message
Gidra she is a leader of new expanding reality traveling horizonts cult
Procs is a famos desert shutle mostly used by fugitives,rebels,desert people Give me some feedback if you have some more better wiew on this topic and now i must
KAti ssbbbw mechanic
Supa Neanderthal woman all ass ant mamouth tits live in the desert caves,ssbbnw


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Mar 16, 2010
Becoming A Princess
Isabelle is a noblewoman faced with a life she never wanted. The daughter of a prominent noble, she's long been sought after by those who wish to gain influence. She has rejected all her suitors however, as she has no intention of getting married, as she's rather proud of her athletic figure, and doesn't want to ruin it be gaining a huge amount of weight (a fat noblewoman is a symbol of a lord's wealth). One day, her family is invited to the capital to celebrate the king's 60th birthday. During the celebrations, she meets a timid you nobleman named Francis, who invites her to sit with him. Only after agreeing, does she find out that Francis is one of the king's younger son's. Despite this however, she finds she gets along with him quite well. One night, near the end of the celebrations, she and Francis get drunk together and end up having sex.

A few weeks after the celebration, Isabelle starts to become ill. Consulting the physician, she find out she's pregnant. After talking with her father, she's thrust into an arranged marriage with Prince Francis, the alternative being disowned. Afterwards, she starts to gain weight, thanks to the machinations of the queen, something she's powerless to resist. By the time her twins are born, she's over 180 pounds, with her gain showing no signs of slowing down.

Deepest Desire
Sarah Charleston is a young woman in a confusing situation. Going to the county fair with some friends from her basketball team, she ends up visit the 'gypsy magess', who, she says, will help her unlock her deepest desire. A bit cynical, Sarah asks her what her supposed 'deepest desire' is, to which the magess replies, creepily, that wants to become a 'princess'. Scoffing at the idea, Sarah leaves.

A few months later, Sarah tears her ankle up at practice, which leaves her unable to play football for at least three months. Depressed at the sudden loss of her favourite pastime, she starts to struggle with her coursework, until one of her classmates, James, agrees to help her out.

Unfortunately for Sarah's waistline, James is a fairly chubby guy, so she starts to put on weight too. By the time the three months are up, her weight has risen from a a slim (for her 5' 5" height) 125 lb to a chubby 147 lb. Eager to lose the weight she's gained (never mentioning to James that she dislikes it, in case it hurts his feelings), Sarah starts to exercise again, but ends up pushing herself too hard, and damages her ankle, bad enough to need surgery this time, which the doctor says will take six to seven months to heal. Upset by this, she takes solace in one of the few things still open to her, James's doting on her, even including his tasty snacks (James' mother is a baker).

As the months pass Sarah thinks less and less about the possibility of rejoining her team, as her weight continues to climb. And truth be told, she doesn't care too much, as she has come to enjoy James's company. By the time the doctor clears her to start exercising after seven months, her weight is pushing 200 lb, and she can no longer find the motivation.

A couple of weeks later, the country fair returns, and Sarah and James visit it. Once again the 'Gypsy Magess' is there, and they go in, where she asks Sarah what she thinks of her new life, to which Sarah replies that she honestly is happier now than she was as a basketballer.

Three months afterwards, Sarah and James get married, and within a year, they have their first baby.

Learning A Lesson
Amelia Simpson is a former cheerleader with a big stomach-ache. A public fatphobe, she is derisive to anyone with even a little bit of extra weight. One day, she receives a present from a 'secret admirer', in the form of a gold necklace with an hourglass pendant, with a pearl in the lower half of the hourglass. Wearing the pendant that Saturday, Amelia is surprised to find that, despite eating very little, she spends most of the day feeling quite full, though she doesn't make the connection. Sunday is the same, if not worse, as she eats almost nothing, yet still goes to bed that night with a bloated stomach. Getting up Monday morning, she finds her weight has risen from a rigorously maintained 125 lb to 128 lb. this alarms her, and so she attempts to exercise it off, and does manage to shed 2 lb by the next weekend.

Despite Amelia's best efforts to keep her weight down, As the college semester progresses, she finds it next to impossible, and so, by mid semester break, she's up to 135 lb, and has been shifted to the bench. The break proves worse, however, as, wearing the necklace each day means that she spends most of it too full to really exercise, so that by the time she returns to classes, her weight has rocketed to almost 150 lb.

As the semester continues, Amelia's struggle to control her weight become increasing futile, as she regularly snacks during class. By Thanksgiving, her weight is up to 160 lb, and by Christmas, in large part to Thanksgiving, she's up to 185 lb. Just before she leaves for home, the necklace disappears, replaced by a note telling her that it's time to experience life on the other side of the bullying.

Christmas proves to be hell for Amelia, as she, indeed, gets teased mercilessly about her gaining. Nor does the next college semester prove much better, as her former team-mates (and indeed, many other students) tease her, while those she used to bully offer her no help.

Despite all her efforts, Amelia is too disheartened to lose any real weight, and so, by summer break, she gives college up, and tries to get a job, finally managing one at Macdonalds, though even here she's the butt of more than a few jokes.
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