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Stressed men drawn to heavy women

Dimensions Magazine

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Oct 14, 2005

When placed under stressful situations, men rate larger women as more attractive, new research has shown.
British researchers found that men exposed to tasks that were designed to put them under pressure preferred a wider range of female body sizes.
They conclude that stress can act to alter judgments of potential partners.

So what do you all make of this?

I think that while it isn't true for me (i.e. when stress-free, I am still drawn to larger women) there might be something to this.

The researchers are legit and have credibility in their work in this field. PloS is a serious journal too and they have some pretty high standards for methodology.

Part of me thinks that there's some confirmation bias going on here - by which I mean that the prior assumption was that when men get stressed out they run to mommy... with the thinking that mommy = heavier/more mature figure...

Again... it doesn't feel true for me - nor, I imagine, for FAs as a group - but it is interesting to consider as a general effect on all men in a population (as I believe the study aimed to do).

Thoughts? Does it ring true in your experience?

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