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Subjective signs of weight gain

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Apr 2, 2021
My wife seems to have gotten fatter although I don‘t have the numbers to prove it because she doesn‘t weigh herself regularly. Overall, she appears much larger compared to the last time she weighed herself. This impression is of course subjective and could be subject to bias and wishful thinking.

However, just recently, she „complained“ for the very first time that her belly gets in the way of things when she‘s lying on top of me and I also had to work harder than usually to withstand her weight. She also has difficulty to withstand my weight when I am on top of her although I didn‘t gain any weight.

In addition to that, she must have grown more side fat. Her bras have always cut into it but recently, I discovered a significant fault of side far and I thought it was the bra causing it. But she didn‘t wear a bra.

Her upper belly roll overwhelms the lower one and my hands are way too small to fully grab it. When lying on her back, her small breasts swim in a sea of fat, even her lower belly roll has two distinct layers in this position. There‘s also more belly between when we hug.

What do you think, real or imagined? How do you tell whether or not your SO has gained weight and fat mass without having the objective numbers to prove it?

Of course, I am absolutely thrilled and those perceived gains might well be real because she eats a lot.
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